Graphics of Career Advice From The Axis Of Awesome

Career Advice From The Axis Of Awesome

Hi team just a short post today, tackling the career crisis in a different way. Now at some stage most if not all of us will have this, we wake up one morning and wonder if we’ll ever find another job, we wonder if our skills have become so generic or specialised that will anyone else want us. So to combat this here’s some humour with a bit of a message too about how you view your skills.

Axis of Awesome is a comedy group here in Australia, one of my favourite skits of theirs is actually a metaphor for our careers. The video clip below takes four chords and shows the variety of popular songs that simply use there same four chords in different arrangements. What does this have to do with your career you ask. The point is this, just like those four chords your skillset(s) can be applied across multiple areas.

Sometimes we can get into a hole with our skills – typically experienced as the career crisis, we see them in a limited way because we often use them across a limited range of activities – be it HR related, Finance related etc. Chances are your skills can be applied across a much wider range of roles and disciplines than you’re giving yourself credit for. At the end of the day your previous employers employed you for a reason, this may or may not be the same reason as your future employer will want you. The key is to first understand your skillset, and then ensure your future employer knows how you can add value – just like the songs in the video, your skills may be similar to others in the market, rearrange them and show with passion how they can be applied.