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Stop Complaining And Start Delivering

Whoa is me, I’m in HR but its not my fault. Please be gentle everyone hates me, can I have a hug.

From time to time I have the misfortune to either find myself in a conversation with an HR colleague along these lines, or more frequently find an HR related blog with this type of nonsense. How about showing some backbone and being honest with your clients, and maybe even a little honest with yourself. In HR we do crappy things to people. Sometimes these crappy things people bring on themselves, other times employees are let go because of the buyouts, layoffs, downsizing and any number of factors outside their control. This is what we signed up for, this is what we do.

As a balance to the above, we also get to do some stuff that makes someones day. Making the call and informing an applicant they’ve won the job is my favorite ‘make someones day HR event’. And really in HR, in the course of our duties we don’t have many bad days at all in terms of bad to us as professionals. The same as in Finance, IT or Marketing etc, those guys don’t really have bad days in the carrying out of their profession. However as an employee we can have terrible days, we can have days which start well and end up as the beginning of the end of our employment. What I simply don’t understand is the attitude of HR types that after handing out redundancy letters or firing someone, they somehow feel entitled to go home and tell their spouse or friends etc that they had a bad day. The person who you gave a redundancy letter or fired, they get to go home and do that. As an HR type, you get to come back in tomorrow.

So, instead of complaining about everyone disliking you because you’re in HR (or whatever other lie you tell yourself), or complaining about having a bad day because you did something crappy to someone, show some backbone and start delivering. HR just like any area has its share of complainers, regardless its still an exciting and enjoyable career that I enjoy most of the time, and is a topic I really enjoy writing about for you my reader.