Interactive Workshop

December 8, 2021 @ 10am – 11:30am PST / 1pm – 2:30pm EST

How to Proactively Approach Employee Burnout

An interactive workshop to connect with others and co-create the playbook on how to approach burnout.

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Benefits for Attending

Learn about the causes of burnout and its impact on people and organizations

Connect with others passionate about building healthy, productive workplaces

Learn how to proactively approach burnout in your organization

Receive a crowd-sourced, digital playbook with ideas taken from the session

The Event

Employee burnout is on the rise. In a recent study from Indeed, 52% responded that they are experiencing workplace burnout.

But what are the potential causes of burnout? Can you spot the signs in your own team members? Do you know how to deal with a burnout situation? What are you doing as a leader to approach burnout?

We believe burnout can’t be prevented. However, as leaders, it’s vital we can spot the early signs, be proactive in preparing for it, and know how to manage it when it happens.

In this 90 minute interactive workshop, we will work together to answer the question: how might we proactively approach burnout in our organizations?


Meet Our Host

Tim is the co-founder and General Manager of People Managing People, an online publication focused on building a better world of work. He is experienced with people & culture, leadership, business strategy and operations. He’s passionate about helping build great teams who are excited about their craft and their organization.

With over 15 years of leadership experience, Tim has always been guided by his core values: faith, family, curiosity, and fun. He is a coach, mentor, speaker, advisor, and an active volunteer in his community.

Tim Reitsma
Karen Weeks - SVP of People at Ordergroove

Meet Our Guest

Karen is the SVP of People at Ordergroove and the Founder & Principal Coach of KDW Coaching. Making a career change from theatre to HR, Karen found her purpose in helping organizations build amazing cultures while guiding individuals to find fulfillment in their careers.

Karen is a career coach, award-winning people & culture advisor, speaker, published author, and podcast host. She lives in NYC with her husband and furry babies.

Meet Our Sponsor

CheckingIn is a quick, easy, accessible tool to support mental health and emotional intelligence.

Empower your team with a simple, fast, and approachable tool to assess and respond productively to their feelings. CheckingIn offers real-time employee sentiments, promotes a culture of psychological safety, and delivers measurable ROI.


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