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One of the best ways to ensure a great candidate experience is to be prepared, so we’ve made a downloadable template for you to help break down your thinking for each interview and prepare yourself and your interviewing panel. 

How to Use it

This form goes through questions one-by-one, especially questions the hiring manager is leaving to others in the interviewing panel to ask. 

This doc also allows the hiring manager to collaborate with subject matter experts. For example, if the role you’re hiring for is a hybrid role and the hire needs to have understanding of a couple of areas (e.g., an implementation manager needs to have technical and account management skills), be sure to involve someone from the relevant department (e.g., sales or product).

While this may seem long at first, soon you will do this instinctively. It is essential for everyone interviewing to be on the same page. Otherwise, you will be interviewing the same candidate for very different things and no one can be everything to everyone!