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People Managing People’s Editorial Standards and Values

People Managing People’s Editorial Standards and Values

Launched in 2019, People Managing People has grown into a leading publication and community space for human resources and people leaders.

We have built an extensive network of expert contributors who bring a vast range of people leadership experience across myriad industries and organizations of all sizes.

Our mission is to provide our audience with engaging, fun, forward-thinking, practical, and actionable content focusing on the “how” of people management and leadership.

Our Commitment to Quality and Trustworthiness

At People Managing People, we set an unwavering standard for quality and trustworthiness in our content.

We understand that our readers rely on us for expert insights and practical advice in the fields of people operations and human resources.

Our commitment is to deliver content that not only informs but also empowers our audience with authoritative reporting and in-depth analysis.

Expertise and Authoritative Reporting

Our content is the product of rigorous research, crafted by writers and editors who are not just observers but experts in their respective fields.

We ensure that every article, guide, and report is infused with a level of expertise that speaks to the heart of our audience’s pain points as well as industry challenges and trends.

We offer comprehensive, current, and actionable reviews and insights, aiding decision-makers in assessing software options for more informed purchases. Utilizing a meticulous software methodology, our evaluations delve deeply into each software’s features, ensuring thorough analysis for optimal decision-making.

This dedication to authoritative reporting is foundational to our mission.

Fair and Inclusive Content Production

Inclusivity and fairness are at the core of our content production methods.

We strive to represent diverse perspectives and voices, ensuring that our coverage is as varied, innovative, and comprehensive as our audience.

This approach allows us to create content that is not just informative but also reflective of the diverse world of human resources and people management.

Independence and Editorial Integrity

Our publication stands as an independent entity, committed to maintaining the highest standards of editorial integrity.

We are not swayed by external influences or interests. Our allegiance is to the truth and to our readers, guiding every editorial decision we make. This independence is critical in upholding the trust our audience places in us.

Commitment to Premium Insights and Thought Leadership

We take pride in publishing premium content that stands out in the realm of people management and human resources. Our staff is dedicated to delivering best-in-class insights and thought leadership.

Every piece we publish aims to contribute valuable knowledge, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire our readers towards excellence in their professional lives.

Rigorous Fact-Checking

Fact-checking is not just a process at People Managing People; it is a cornerstone of our editorial philosophy. We understand the importance of accuracy in building and maintaining the trust of our audience.

Our rigorous fact-checking procedures ensure that every piece of information we publish is verified, reliable, and trustworthy.

By adhering to these values and standards, People Managing People reaffirms its commitment to being a leading voice in the world of people operations and human resources.

We are dedicated to bringing our readers the most reliable, insightful, and thought-provoking content, reinforcing our position as a trusted and authoritative source in the industry.

Our Editorial Staff

David Rice, Senior Editor

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.

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Finn Bartram, Editor

Finn is an editor at People Managing People. He’s passionate about growing organizations where people are empowered to continuously improve and genuinely enjoy coming to work. If not at his desk, you can find him playing sports or enjoying the great outdoors.

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Kim Behnke, HR Tool Expert

Kim Behnke is an HR Tool Expert & Writer for People Managing People. She draws on her 9 years of human resources experience and her keen eye for systematic processes to support her analyses of the top HR tools on the market. Kim’s HR experience includes recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, policy development and enforcement, and HR analytics.

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