10 Best 360 Degree Feedback Software For Employee Reviews In 2022

360 degree employee reviews, also known as 360 performance reviews or 360 assessments, involves collecting feedback on an employee from the people who know them best: their manager, direct reports, team members and occasionally external colleagues. A true 360 degree feedback program also includes the opportunity for employees to provide upward feedback about their manager. 

To help you find the best 360 degree feedback tool, I’ve compiled a list of feedback survey tools that offer unique features, are easy-to-use, and will help you improve your workflows and overall employee experience. While I haven’t had the chance to use all of these tools myself, in a previous role I prepared over 1,000 performance reviews, and I know these tools would have made that process a lot easier. 

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The Best 360 Degree Feedback Software

Here’s the list of the best 360 degree feedback software that I’ll cover in this article:

  1. Leapsome logoLeapsome

    Best for connecting the dots between performance, engagement and development

  2. SurveySparrow logoSurveySparrow

    Smart feedback software with survey tools that compare self- vs peer reviews for better employee self-awareness

  3. Qualtrics logoQualtrics

    Enterprise-grade 360 degree software with customizable plans for personal development

  4. Culture Amp logoCulture Amp

    Best software for a holistic performance management approach

  5. Lattice logoLattice

    Useful performance management and engagement tool system with robust integration abilities

  6. BambooHR logoBambooHR

    Intuitive performance management software for small to medium businesses

  7. 15Five logo15Five

    Comprehensive performance assessment tool that includes upward reviews of senior staff in the 360 review process

  8. Eloomi logoEloomi

    Best 360 feedback platform for companies that require an internal LMS or training and compliance tracking capabilities

  9. Kazoo logoKazoo

    All-in-one employee experience platform with helpful pre-purchase resources and buyers guide

  10. IntelliHR logoIntelliHR

    Best for automating performance reviews with one click, including all historical data

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best 360 degree feedback software? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I look for a visually attractive, clean and colourful interface that makes it easy and fun for staff at all levels to use. 
  2. Usability: I look for systems that offer pre-loaded templates, options to customize content and include company branding, a variety of rating scales and output formats for final reports, and options to automate parts of the review cycle process to minimize administrative set-up time. 
  3. Integrations: I look for systems that can connect with existing HRIS/HCM software and commonly used social media and communication tools. Bonus points for any systems with APIs that can be configured to automate data uploads and downloads from custom software.
  4. Value for $: I look for a reasonable cost per user, and options to customize a product based on the needs of the company (i.e., modules that can be added on, or excluded, as needed). Bonus points for any programs that offer a free trial.

360 Degree Feedback Systems: Key Features

  1. Multi-rater feedback aggregation: Combining feedback from multiple sources is the crux of a strong 360 degree feedback program. Key stakeholders include managers, direct reports, co-workers, and strategic external contacts.
  2. Upward reviews: To facilitate the flow of feedback in all directions, employees should have a chance to provide constructive feedback on their manager too – often anonymously to improve honesty and avoid uncomfortable situations.
  3. Development plans and actionable feedback: The ultimate goal of the 360 degree feedback process is to help employees identify skill gaps and create actionable plans for how they can address these areas to be more successful in their roles.
  4. Visualization tools: Reports that include a variety of visuals such as line graphs, bar charts and radar graphs are easier and faster to digest and make year-over-year comparisons simple.
  5. Templates: Many systems include a library of survey templates and research-backed questions to help human resources teams initiate a new review cycle with ease. 
  6. Scheduling customizations: Having an open feedback cycle allows employees to give and request real-time feedback when it makes the most sense, rather than limiting checkpoints to once or twice per year. 
  7. Automations: Some aspects of running a performance management cycle can be tedious when they’re completed manually (i.e., tracking key dates, adding and removing employees, changing manager assignments, and sending invites and reminders) so any ability to automate these processes is appreciated. 
  8. Team review functionality: Some systems go beyond individual reviews to provide directors and department heads with a birds-eye-view of the skill breakdown for an entire department or team.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best 360 Degree Feedback Software Systems 

Here’s a list of 10 performance management software options that include 360 degree feedback solutions. Each piece of software is unique so I’ve highlighted each tool’s best-case use, plus some noteworthy features and screenshots to give you a snapshot of the user interface.

  • From $6/user/month (billed annually)

Leapsome - Best for connecting the dots between performance, engagement and development

Leapsome enriches review cycles through automation, expert templates and powerful analytics.

Leapsome is an all-in-one tool that helps organizations enhance their management processes. Trusted by companies like Spotify, Northvolt, and Babbel, Leapsome enables a continuous cycle of feedback, appraisal, and learning throughout the entire organization.

Their 360-reviews are fully customizable and easy to set up. Highlights include anonymous/non-anonymous feedback, expert templates, skill frameworks, development paths, automations, and powerful analytics.

Leapsome also offers meeting management to conduct effective 1-on-1s or team meetings with any employee in your organization, driven by a well-structured agenda and talking points.

Leapsome integrates with Personio, BambooHR, HiBob, Workday, Rippling, PayFit, ADP, Active Directory, SFTP Integrations, Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, calendar apps, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Leapsome costs from $6/user/month and offers a free trial.
  • 14 days free trial
  • From $79/subject (2 users included)

SurveySparrow - Smart feedback software with survey tools that compare self- vs peer reviews for better employee self-awareness

Set assessment benchmarks for important skills and track employee improvement via leadership-, self-, and peer ratings.

SurveySparrow is a 360-degree feedback software that helps you put an arm around your employees’ shoulders and guide them in personal development. With SurveySparrow, you can guide your employees to be self-aware, enunciate growth plans, and design assessments beyond just a need for traditional performance appraisals.

SurveySparrow comes with a dedicated employee portal to manage and access the assessments in a single platform. While you monitor the employee engagement index for business needs, a detailed assessment would uncover employees’ strengths, weaknesses, hidden strengths, and blind spots.

Similar to its anonymous feedback tool, you could have anonymous evaluators for the employees and present the feedback honestly. A detailed gap analysis would help the employee understand different perspectives and polish their skill set accordingly.

SurveySparrow also lets you configure the feedback software to allow the employees to choose their evaluators apart from having a default set of people evaluating them. To ensure a fair process, you could have an approver for the same. Sometimes it’s natural that an evaluator might miss taking multiple assessments. You’ve got that covered by sending prompt customized notification emails.
SurveySparrow integrates with tools Like Slack, Microsoft Teams,, MailChimp, Active Campaign, monday.com, People HR, Recruitee etc. They also provide custom integrations using Zapier

SurveySparrow starts at $79/subject for 2 users and comes with a 14-day free trial.

  • Pricing upon request

Qualtrics - Enterprise-grade 360 degree software with customizable plans for personal development

Qualtrics’ 360 reviews provide employees with a personalized list of actionable items and links to further learning resources in an internal Learning Management System (LMS) to help address skill gaps.

Qualtrics’ 360 Development is a top-shelf employee development program designed to help large-scale enterprises identify future leaders and help with succession planning. It includes visualization tools to help you identify trends and measure the effectiveness of your employee development program. Employee feedback is collected from all levels of staff – managers, peers, direct reports and others – and anonymized to ensure rater confidentiality among co-workers (this is most effective when used in large team settings). Reviewed employees receive customized development plans with actionable feedback to help them address any skill gaps. Development plans can also be linked to an internal Learning Management System, or to external courses such as LinkedIn Learning resources.

The Qualtrics system comes with pre-loaded 360 degree templates, or you can use your own proprietary content. Their website includes helpful articles on how to create questionnaires that are relevant, focused on employee attributes, and research-proven to be effective at uncovering blind spots. The platform includes a range of 8 rating scales (i.e., multiple choice, matrix rating, slider scale, rank order, etc.) with advice on how those formats can be represented graphically in the final report. For ultimate enterprise-level customizations, more advanced features include survey flow and display logic options, plus skip logic and question branching.

Qualtrics’ 360 Development offers a long list of integrations for commonly used programs such as Adobe Analytics, Hubspot, Jira Software, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier and Zendesk.

Pricing is available upon request. To watch their demo videos, you must provide your contact information for sales purposes.

  • Pricing upon request

Culture Amp - Best software for a holistic performance management approach

Culture Amp’s Individual Effectiveness 360 Survey organizes feedback for the recipient based on the type of team member responding.

Culture Amp is a complete employee engagement platform with a full suite of performance and development tools including their Individual Effectiveness 360 Survey module. Their website includes supportive instructions and tips for how a newcomer to the 360 degree feedback approach can develop a simplified but effective review cycle using their built-in templates as a starting point.

Culture Amp’s 360 degree feedback process can be configured as either employee-driven (requested by them), or admin-driven (requested by management or human resources). Reviewed employees also have the option of using a Coach (either their manager, a trusted colleague, or someone from HR) or running through the process coachless. The coach’s role is to support the employee throughout the process, discuss the feedback with them openly, and ask questions to help them determine future actions.

Culture Amp can be integrated to automatically sync with common HRIS software systems such as BambooHR, Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Namely, Rippling, and Personio. To simplify the feedback process, Culture Amp also integrates with common communication programs like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Chrome. They also have an API that can be configured to integrate with many other systems.

Pricing is available upon request. To watch their demo videos, you must provide your contact information for sales purposes. Before you commit, visit their website’s support page for lots of useful information on how to configure this product to ensure it will satisfy your needs.

  • From $9 USD/user/month

Lattice - Useful performance management and engagement tool system with robust integration abilities

Lattice’s performance management and engagement system enables real-time feedback from co-workers, project team mates, managers, and the employee themselves, creating a holistic view of how each person is developing in their role.

Lattice was designed with a focus on helping people become high-performers, and supporting them to achieve their personal goals. The three pillars of the Lattice platform are Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Employee Development. Their 360 degree review feature is one portion of their performance review management process. To find out more about Lattice and how their software supports purpose, growth, and community, listen to our podcast with Jack Altman, CEO of Lattice.

Performance reviews prepared using Lattice incorporate a blend of feedback sources including the 360 degree feedback (from self, managers and direct reports), and project-based reviews to solicit feedback from a wider pool of team members beyond the traditional org chart.

Lattice integrates with common HRIS and HCM software such as BambooHR, Namely, Workday, Zenefits, Rippling, ADP and Personio. If you’re using a different HRIS or HCM product, you can often still automate your user management information using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) to reconcile information in Lattice with a recurring data grab (i.e., no need for you to enter your data manually – you can port it over using SFTP).

Lattice makes sharing feedback easy for employees by integrating with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Jira and other common communication platforms like Gmail and Outlook. They also have a mobile app.

Pricing for Lattice starts at $9 USD/user/month with a starting annual agreement cost of $4,000 USD.

  • A free trial is available
  • Pricing upon request

BambooHR - Intuitive performance management software for small to medium businesses

Performance reviews with BambooHR combine goal-tracking with 360 degree feedback from managers, team members and self-assessments.

BambooHR’s Performance Management tool is part of their all-in-one HR software system. Their goal is to support small to medium businesses with intuitive software that streamlines internal HR processes, improves efficiency, and encourages employee self-service functions through a user-friendly mobile app. All performance reviews generated with BambooHR’s Performance Management system include 360 degree feedback tools designed to integrate manager and self-assessments with peer feedback and goals.

BambooHR’s Performance Management system has built-in review cycles that can run annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or at your discretion. The user-friendly template includes four simple, pre-designed questions designed to limit subjectivity and help managers stay objective in their answers. Each review cycle includes feedback from two peers, which is only seen by the manager. By keeping feedback anonymous, this improves the level of honesty in the feedback that’s provided.

You can watch numerous instructional videos on their website to get a sense of their sleek and cheerful user interface. As a bonus, you don’t need to provide your contact information to watch any of their videos.

BambooHR has an open API that allows for integration with other HR software tools. Their API documentation is readily available on their website before you commit (software developer required). Support and configuration tips are available on their website for no charge. They also integrate with many commonly used programs including Slack, Checkr, GoodHire, Indeed, Lucidchart, Officevibe, Okta, PayScale, TalentLMS, Workable and Zapier.

BambooHR is customizable with a long list of add-on features. Pricing information is available upon request, and a free trial is also available.

  • 14 days free trial
  • From $8 USD/user/month

15Five - Comprehensive performance assessment tool that includes upward reviews of senior staff in the 360 review process

15Five’s 360 Best-Self Review software is grounded in cutting edge psychological research to help employees foster a personal growth mindset and achieve high performance.

15Five has developed a 360 review process called 360 Best-Self Review (part of their Perform product). Their performance reviews include a focus on objectives and key results (OKRs) to assist in goal-setting. Their research-based design is meant to develop a personal growth mindset among employees, giving managers a set of special tools to maintain high-performing teams and encourage their employees to self-actualize in their careers. The 15Five system also supports leadership development planning by identifying future leaders early on in their career.

The 360 Best-Self Review module includes the typical feedback levels of self, manager and peers, with the addition of an optional upward review feature where the employee can offer constructive feedback to their own manager confidentially (upward review feedback is sent to their manager’s manager). It supports multi-rater feedback from peers and managers, and you can set up the performance review cycle to check-in either quarterly or bi-annually.

15Five is integrated with Slack, as well as popular HR systems like BambooHR, Workday, Gusto, Namely, Sapling and Rippling. 15Five also has an API and certain features can be configured to run with Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Salesforce and Jira Cloud. Customers will also benefit from their free mobile app for Android and iOS.

The Perform platform – which includes the 360 degree feedback module – costs $8 USD/user/month and is billed annually. A 14-day free trial is also available.

  • Pricing upon request

Eloomi - Best 360 feedback platform for companies that require an internal LMS or training and compliance tracking capabilities

Eloomi’s My360+ performance management software includes an opportunity to request feedback from external respondents, and provides managers with insightful graphics highlighting skill gaps.

The award-winning Eloomi platform is a combined Performance Management System and Learning Management System (LMS). It’s specifically designed for organizations that need customized internal training processes where compliance tracking is important. The My360+ module is the most recent addition to their Performance Management suite of tools. It’s an extension of their already established performance management system that allows managers or employees to initiate a “coaching conversation” at any time, rather than limiting feedback to once or twice per year.

Within their My360+ product, employees or managers can determine who they want to request a skill assessment or long-form feedback from. They can also request feedback from key stakeholders who reside outside of their organization, to capture a true picture of their competencies from an external perspective as well. For those providing feedback, they have the option of using a 5-point star-rating scale, adding long-form comments, or marking “not applicable” as needed. They can also choose to make their feedback anonymous.

The survey output includes a helpful radar chart (also known as spider charts, polar charts, web charts or star plots) to help identify any skill gaps and determine what they should be learning next. Opportunities for further skill development can also link up to customizable internal information within the Learning Management side of the Eloomi platform, depending on company configuration (i.e., the Learning module is distinct from the Appraisals module and they can be purchased independently of each other).

Eloomi can integrate with Natural HR and Sympa HR, and with other HR systems using their API. The Eloomi platform also has a convenient mobile app, and supports single sign-on (SSO).

Pricing is available upon request and can be requested for their complete platform, or individually for their Appraisals, Development and Learning sub-platforms.

  • From $9 USD/user/month

Kazoo - All-in-one employee experience platform with helpful pre-purchase resources and buyers guide

Kazoo’s customizable employee experience platform allows users to request 7 distinct types of real-time feedback when they need it - not limited to annual check points.

Kazoo’s employee experience platform creates a holistic environment for giving, receiving and acting on employee feedback. Their 360 degree feedback process is just one of seven types of feedback available in their platform, including: coaching, mentoring, anonymous feedback, project retrospective, peer-to-peer feedback and bottom-up feedback. To improve employee satisfaction with the performance review experience, Kazoo recommends incorporating the 360 degree feedback with peer-to-peer and management input to create a comprehensive performance appraisal, ideally on a quarterly basis.

The Kazoo library has a lot of helpful resources to help you overhaul your people management processes, including a downloadable Employee Experience Buyers Guide and a Pre-Evaluation Checklist to help you understand your current challenges and your desired outcomes from a new program. A nice bonus is that these resources are free to download without providing your contact information for sales purposes.

Kazoo can integrate with HRIS/HCM programs such as BambooHR, ADP, Workday, Namely, SAP SuccessFactors and Rippling. It also integrates with popular communication tools such as Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Salesforce, Teams, and Yammer. Users will also appreciate their iOS and Android mobile apps and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Kazoo has several different pricing levels depending on the size of your organization. The cost for the Performance platform (which includes the Feedback and 360 degree review features), starts at $9 USD/user/month and is billed annually. A free demo is also available.

  • From $6.50 USD/user/month

IntelliHR - Best for automating performance reviews with one click, including all historical data

intelliHR drives continuous feedback forward by combining 360 degree feedback with 1:1 check-ins, cascadable goals and OKR tracking.

intelliHR has developed strategic HR software that transforms manual processes into automated workflows, eliminating manual calculations and intrinsic biases. Their Performance Enablement module combines 360 degree feedback with 1:1 check-ins to create a comprehensive loop of continuous feedback, improving the employee experience and employee engagement. The platform can be customized and is used across a wide range of industries including technology, medical and health, accounting, legal, education, engineering, hospitality and non-profit.

Using the intelliHR Performance Enablement platform allows managers or HR team members to access an individual’s entire performance history in just one click, thanks to their system’s automated data-aggregation capabilities. Performance report cards also incorporate easy-to-understand visuals to help management teams understand performance at the individual, team and whole-of-business levels. Another useful feature is the up-front tool comparisons available on their website showing how their software compares to BambooHR, Employment Hero and enableHR. The fact that you can download these resources – and others – without needing to provide your contact information is also an added bonus.

intelliHR currently integrates with several widely used software platforms including Microsoft Power Automate, DocuSign, JobAdder, Go1, Google Suite, KeyPay, PandaDoc, Slack, Tanda, Xero, Workjam, and Zapier. Customer support for all new clients includes a dedicated account manager to help customize the platform for your organization’s needs.

The Performance Enablement package (which includes all features of their Employee Engagement model) starts at $6.50 USD/user/month. For their full enterprise-level solution, pricing is available upon request. A free demo is also available.

The 10 Best 360 Degree Feedback Software Systems Summary

Other 360 Feedback Software Options

Here’s a few more 360 degree feedback tools that didn’t make the top list.

  1. EchoSpan - Dedicated 360 degree feedback software with visually appealing reports, including a free 360 degree survey template
  2. Spectiv - Best for collecting candid feedback anonymously, with time-saving automations
  3. TalentGuard - Comprehensive talent management system including 360 feedback and performance benchmarking abilities
  4. SurveyMonkey Enterprise - Popular online survey tool with incorporated 360-degree template and custom question branching for evaluating supervisors, co-workers, or subordinates.
  5. StaffCircle - 360-degree review and appraisal software with built-in AI capabilities to help process company-wide feedback and highlight trends in a department or team.
  6. PeopleGoal - 360 review software solution that can automate custom workflows for feedback reports, and support anonymous feedback and feedback from external stakeholders.
  7. AssessTEAM - Holistic performance management system that allows HR management to view company-wide results and dive deeper into performance comparisons between teams and individual employees.
  8. Reviewsnap - All-in-one performance management software solution that incorporates 360-degree feedback with performance reviews, simplified goal management, real-time graphics, and raw data metrics to boost goal ownership and improve staff retention.
  9. Synergita - 360-degree software platform designed to heighten self-awareness and help employees identify blind spots and opportunities for improvement.
  10. Primalogik - Best for creating in-depth employee development plans based on 360-degree survey results, with a free trial available.
  11. Grapevine Evaluations - Best for complex HR management teams, this cloud-based evaluation-specific program allows an unlimited number of sub-administrator accounts with the ability to control their level of access.
  12. ClearCompany - Combined performance, engagement, and goals platform that supports 360-degree feedback plus 30-60-90 day reviews for new hires, competency and role-based reviews, and other review cycles that can be automated.
  13. Blue - Best 360-degree feedback software for educational settings, this platform enables competency development for students, staff, and instructors and produces reports covering all facets of an institution.
  14. Glint 360s - Designed to enhance leadership skills, this tool provides interactive online reports allowing participants to easily dive deeper into their own data and understand their future leadership potential.
  15. Empxtrack 360 Feedback - Best 360-degree feedback software focused on coaching employees on how to develop the skills that are most important to your organization, available as a free trial.
  16. Trackstar - Robust confidentiality settings allow HR managers to have full control over who feedback is shared with, ensuring total privacy for both the reviewer and the reviewee.
  17. Spidergap - Dedicated 360-degree feedback tool with transparent pricing model and free trial that can scale from 10 to 10,000 employees.

What Does 360 Degree Feedback Mean?

360-degree feedback describes the process of collecting insights on an employee’s performance from the people who work with them the most: their supervisor, any subordinates, other colleagues and sometimes external customers or clients. 

The ‘360’ aspect of the name refers to a full-circle approach. This means a 360-degree feedback program is striving to achieve a well-rounded assessment of an individual, considering their contributions and interactions from all angles. It’s also intended to describe feedback that flows both ways – from the top level to the bottom, and from the bottom level to the top.

What Are The Benefits Of 360 Degree Feedback?

Using a 360-degree feedback tool will ease the burden of the data collection process, automatically aggregate the results, and provide all stakeholders with a comprehensive and comparable report. To improve future employee performance, the reviewed employee receives feedback on their competencies as well as any skill gaps or opportunities for improvement they may be unaware of, with an actionable plan for how to improve in those key areas.

A well-executed 360-degree feedback system is an important tool to include in your performance management system as research has shown it will increase employee performance, communication, and trust within teams.

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What’s The Difference Between A Performance Review And 360 Degree Feedback? 

360-degree feedback is fundamentally different from a traditional performance review in terms of the outlook and output. A traditional performance review looks back on an employee’s historical performance and is intended to benefit the manager, allowing them to critique recent performance. A 360-degree review focuses on the employee’s future, clarifies where they can improve, and is intended to help the employee’s continued development in their role.

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What Do You Think About This List?

Now you have a good understanding of the best 360-degree feedback options on the market. What features sound the most exciting to you? Are you ready to enrich your employee experience and embrace a continuous feedback model? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

To further support your performance management system, check out this list of 10 Performance Management Tools and some more top-level HR software that might help. 

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