The 10 Best HR Software For 2022

Throughout my career in People and Culture, I’ve relied on various types of HR software to support my teams and help move the organization forward.

The tools below will make your processes more efficient and help you to attract, hire, develop and retain top talent.

Top 10 Best HR Software Tools


    Best for customizable HR forms, surveys, & templates

  2. Eddy logoEddy

    Best for hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying employees in a small business

  3. intelliHR logointelliHR

    Best HR Software for performance & people analytics

  4. Factorial logoFactorial

    Best HR software for small business


    Best HR for startups

  6. Zenefits logoZenefits

    Best HR onboarding software

  7. Kronos logoKronos

    Best HR software for enterprises

  8. Rippling logoRippling

    Best HR & IT management

  9. Paycor logoPaycor

    Best payroll software

  10. Workable logoWorkable

    Best HR recruiting software

Comparison Criteria 

Here’s what I look for when I’m assessing HR software solutions:

Automation: A major benefit of HR software is the automation of mundane, repetitive administrative tasks.

User-friendliness: HR professionals and employees should be able to easily learn and use the platform.

Integrations: Does the HR tool connect with other workplace software and/or hiring process solutions, like Gmail or Slack (communication), Asana or MS Projects (project management), LinkedIn or Indeed (job boards), Twitter and Facebook (social media), QuickBooks or Xero (payroll processing), and others?

Transparent pricing: Something to look out for in any HR software solution is fair, transparent, and scalable pricing. Ideally, entry-level as well as enterprise plans will be available. Free or paid add-ons for additional functionality are a bonus.

Mobile App (bonus): Having a mobile app (or at the very least a mobile-optimized website) will help improve the overall employee experience.

Key Features

Here are some of my favorite features of HR software:

Employee self-service: Empowering employees to update their info and book time off greatly reduces friction.

Templates: Whether it’s job postings, welcome letters, or handbooks, a lot of tools will have templates that you can customize for your people management processes.

Data visualization: Being able to easily collect and interpret data from across the different functions is super useful for performance management.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best HR Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the HR Software on my list showing what it does best, plus screenshots to showcase some of the features.

  • freemium version
  • 14 days free trial
  • From $8/user/month - Best for customizable HR forms, surveys, & templates customized and automated workflows can be used to build a comprehensive recruitment pipeline with status updates, notifications, and progress reports. is marketed mainly as a workflow tool for scaling an organization, but they’ve also built features that HR teams can leverage for their daily work. It’s not a pure HR tool but it’s a useful tool with a lot of the basics. Because of its low price point, you can even consider using it as a supplementary platform to whatever else you use daily for core HR.

The software offers the ability for HR teams to design surveys for custom-built employee feedback or 1:1 performance reviews. They can also be used to automate workflow processes for hiring, onboarding, training, or performance reviews with tools for reminders/alerts, shared calendars, assigned tasks, and project templates. forms can capture candidate applications from your website and then add them to your workflow, pinging the right people immediately as the data enters the system. You can also track employees’ time, plan and measure KPIs, and access hiring referral program templates.

The platform integrates with project management apps like Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform and many more, accessible through a paid plan with Zapier. costs from $8/user/month and offers a free trial.
  • From 8/employee/month

Eddy - Best for hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying employees in a small business

The Eddy directory has a modern interface that boasts simplicity while prioritizing functionality.

Eddy is an HR suite built for small businesses that let you manage people, payroll, and HR processes. With Eddy, small businesses can hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees within one software.

Key features include job posting management, tracking incoming candidates, and an applicant tracking system (ATS). The onboarding system lets HR managers create custom onboarding packages, assign tasks, and collect digital signatures on contracts.

On Eddy, you can access company directories and store important employee documents, notes on performance, and training and certifications in employee profiles. You can also create custom PTO policies and approve or deny requests. You can also tap into their time tracking tool, which allows employees to clock in and clock out; and navigate payroll processes using Eddy’s in-house, a full-service system that includes support for multiple pay periods and end-of-year W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution.

Eddy starts at $8/employee/month and offers a free demo.

  • 30 days free trial and free demo
  • From $3.90/user/month (annually)

intelliHR - Best HR Software for performance & people analytics

intelliHR lets employees access a personalized dashboard populated by individual goals, tasks, reports, and engagement systems.

intelliHR is a people management and analytics platform built for organizations to centralize performance management, employee engagement, core HR processes, and people data analytics. intelliHR provides best-practice tools for HR and managers to align, manage and enable a people and culture strategy within a broader business strategy.

Where intelliHR notably adds value is through the automation of traditionally manual HR processes, such as onboarding and compliance management, while capturing critical people and performance data that’s not typically visible. This data provides deep insight into issues and opportunities that HR managers can use to inform decision-making.

One of the biggest points of difference is intelliHR’s in-built people analytics. The analytics features allow organizations to gain a firsthand view of their people’s happiness, engagement and wellbeing through a wide range of easy-to-use interactive dashboards, capturing insights across training investment, team sentiment, attrition, performance, and employee satisfaction. Managers can use the analytics feature to keep up to speed with their team through features like goals, feedback, and regular check-ins.

intelliHR has an industry-leading NPS of 61, with an award-winning customer support team experienced in HR and change management. The team uses design thinking workshops, tailored to each customer, to ensure the software is launched smoothly, with a high adoption rate.

intelliHR costs from $3.90/user/month (annually). They also offer a free demo and a 30-day free trial of the employee engagement product tier.

  • 14 days free trial
  • From $3/employee/month

Factorial - Best HR software for small business

Visualize and keep track of employee schedules in one view.

Factorial is a super-affordable HR software used by teams from companies like KFC, Century 21, and This tool can handle paid time off (PTO) tracking, time tracking, payroll variations, document management, applicant tracking systems, employee onboarding, and even performance reviews. This makes it a great choice for small businesses.

Factorial also offers an app for employees for iOS and Android. Within the mobile app, employees have access to self-service items like leave requests, the ability to check who’s in/out of the office, birthday announcements, and staff anniversaries. To protect your data, they employ single sign on (SSO), data encryption at rest (AES-256), and a security firewall.

Factorial costs from $3/employee/month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

  • From $5 per month $60 per year - Best HR for startups

Users can set up alerts for upcoming leaves, probationary periods, contract expiry, legal document expiry, and more. is a multilingual, free HR software with online HR & payroll, expense claims, a leave management system, time clock & attendance, and document management. They offer an app for both iOS and Android smart devices. Signing up for an account entitles you to unlimited data storage and unlimited employee employee profiles.

Startups can leverage for additional office management systems like employee discussion forums (perfect for a remote or hybrid workforce), feedback surveys on company direction or initiatives, and an easily searchable database of all past conversations and notes. Their free attendance management solution even has selfie and geolocation options. is free to use.

  • From $8 a month per employee.

Zenefits - Best HR onboarding software

Manage payroll by setting pay periods, setting up draft payroll, and running payroll.

Zenefits is an HR solution primarily targeting entrepreneurs and employees in small and mid-size businesses. They offer integrated HR, benefits, and payroll services in one streamlined platform. This means that things like PTO requests are automatically linked to payroll, saving administrative and accounting personnel time and energy.

Zenefits has an easy-to-use and comprehensive onboarding system that is entirely online, mobile-friendly, and ridiculously intuitive for the end user. Here, HR managers can create a compensation and benefits package, request a background check, and auto-send offer letters to new hires—to name just a few key features.

Zenefits costs from $18/employee/month (min. 5 employees) and offers paid add-ons for payroll, advisory services, and benefits admin using your own broker ($5-8/employee/month per additional service). They offer a free demo.

  • From $6 per employee per month

Kronos - Best HR software for enterprises

Keep track of employee hours, time-off requests, schedules, and more.

Kronos’ HR suite may seem a bit price-inhibitive but they truly do pull out all the stops for a complete workforce-ready human capital management solution. They can help source, track, and evaluate potential job candidates; optimize staff engagement and satisfaction; automate benefits and compensation administration; and store and track employee information.

Kronos is great for enterprises for several reasons. First, they reduce reporting complexities and automate workforce analysis to better serve large and growing organizations. Second, they minimize compliance risks by supporting proactive compliance with changing labor laws and regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Kronos offers customized pricing upon request. You can expect to pay $5,000+ to get started.

  • From $8 user/month

Rippling - Best HR & IT management

Run payroll for employees with salary, bonuses, commissions, and reimbursement.

Rippling is a unique solution that combines HR and IT management by letting you manage your employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, and apps in one system. Don’t fret, they still do all the core HR basics: payroll, benefits, time and attendance, talent management, risk mitigation, and so on.

Rippling stands out because they build apps and devices management (basic IT) into their HR platform, which is appropriate for the modern, online, all-digital workforce. You will be able to remotely manage and protect employees’ devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets) as well as easily manage workforce apps like Google Workspace, Slack, and Office 365.

Rippling costs from $8/employee/month and you can request a free 30-minute demo of the platform.

  • From $11.15 per user/month

Paycor - Best payroll software

In addition to tracking employee work and hours, users can view overtime by week, month, department, and more.

Paycor is a human capital management (HCM) software used by over 40,000 businesses including the likes of The YMCA, Wendy’s, The Detroit Zoo, and Two Men and a Truck. They provide assorted HR solutions around coaching, development, payroll, and retainment. Users commend easy recruitment tools and intuitive onboarding functions as a few standout features.

Paycor makes payroll easy to set-up and run, leveraging their own tax and compliance expertise to ease your company’s risk management pain points. Their payroll software solutions boasts general ledger integration, employee self-service, powerful reporting tools, and helpful HR resources like templates, law alerts, and how-to guides.

Paycor costs from $11.15/employee/month + an annual processing fee of $25.33/employee/year.

  • Offers one job posting free to try it out
  • From $11.15/employee/month + an annual processing fee of $25.33/employee/year

Workable - Best HR recruiting software

Applicant tracking features assist with sourcing and hiring for open positions.

Paycor is a human capital management (HCM) software used by over 40,000 businesses including the likes of The YMCA, Wendy’s, The Detroit Zoo, and Two Men and a Truck. They provide assorted HR solutions around coaching, development, payroll, and retainment. Users commend easy recruitment tools and intuitive onboarding functions as a few standout features.

Paycor makes payroll easy to set-up and run, leveraging their own tax and compliance expertise to ease your company’s risk management pain points. Their payroll software solutions boasts general ledger integration, employee self-service, powerful reporting tools, and helpful HR resources like templates, law alerts, and how-to guides.

Paycor costs from $11.15/employee/month + an annual processing fee of $25.33/employee/year.

Best HR Software Summary

Software Overview Free Option Price Site logo Read features & functionality Freemium version

14 days free trial

From $8/user/month Check out
Eddy Eddy logo Read Eddy features & functionality Not Available From 8/employee/month Check out Eddy
intelliHR intelliHR logo Read intelliHR features & functionality

30 days free trial and free demo

From $3.90/user/month (annually) Check out intelliHR
Factorial Factorial logo Read Factorial features & functionality

14 days free trial

From $3/employee/month Check out Factorial logo Read features & functionality Not Available From $5 per month $60 per year Check out
Zenefits Zenefits logo Read Zenefits features & functionality Not Available From $8 a month per employee. Check out Zenefits
Kronos Kronos logo Read Kronos features & functionality Not Available From $6 per employee per month Check out Kronos
Rippling Rippling logo Read Rippling features & functionality Not Available From $8 user/month Check out Rippling
Paycor Paycor logo Read Paycor features & functionality Not Available From $11.15 per user/month Check out Paycor
Workable Workable logo Read Workable features & functionality

Offers one job posting free to try it out

From $11.15/employee/month + an annual processing fee of $25.33/employee/year Check out Workable

Other HR Software

  1. Bitrix24 –  Free open source HR software that is highly customizable, hugely scalable but requires some advanced tech knowledge to get the most out of it.
  2. Zoho – HR cloud software suite and SaaS application with additional first-party solutions for CRM, marketing, sales, customer service, and more.
  3. Collage – Easy to use, all-in-one HR software for small business with a core HRIS solution that costs only $7/user/month to start.
  4. Core – HR software with automation capabilities to reduce admin task overload + iOS and Android apps for on-the-go employee self-service.
  5. Namely – HR, payroll, benefits, and talent management platform best for mid sized businesses of around 25-1000 employees.
  6. ClearCompany – Leading ATS software and talent management with performance management, employee engagement, and workforce planning & analytics.
  7. JazzHR – Award-winning recruiting software for SMBs that starts at just $39/month for unlimited users (a rarity in this software space).
  8. BambooHR – HR software for small businesses with a huge apps marketplace for advanced integration and additional platform functionality.
  9. SutiHR – Integrated multi-sided workforce platform for end-to-end business process management with packages for core HR, talent management, and e-signatures.
  10. HR Partner – A super easy-to-use HR & recruitment platform with affordable pricing for small and medium sized businesses.
  11. OrangeHRM – Custom-built HRIS solutions that can include compensation, culture, talent & people management, and core HR tools.
  12. WebHR – All-in-one HR software available in over 30 languages with a long list of third-party integrations to connect your tech stack from top to bottom
  13. Qualtricks – Modern HR and workforce management platform with drag-and-drop dashboard/widget simplicity plus automated analytics.
  14. Freshworks – Smart and affordable HR software to manage your hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and people workflows in one place.
  15. Gusto – Easy payroll and benefits, access to HR experts, & compliance support for businesses or contract bookkeepers.
  16. ADP – Enterprise-grade payroll and HR that was named a 2021 Customers’ Choice for Cloud HCM Suites by Gartner Peer Insights.
  17. Workday – A modern digital workforce platform for finance, HR, and resource planning with a variety of mix-and-match feature modules.
  18. SAP SuccessFactors – HCM platform with a strong focus on employee experience + a huge marketplace of first-party SaaS solutions that compliment one another. 

Other Types Of HR Software

I understand that “HR software” seems like quite a broad category. Here are a few examples of HR software that attend to a specific function or need within an organization.

HR Software Niches

Recruiting Tools

Employee Performance & Engagement

Scheduling, Timesheet, & Payroll Solutions

Benefits Management & Compensation 

Other HR Resources

HR Software FAQ

How can HR software improve the HR process?

Ultimately, the aim of HR software is to make processes, for example payroll, more efficient and improve the overall employee experience.

There are specialist solutions and then bigger, more encompassing options with lots of features such as HRMSs.

What you decide upon will largely depend on the needs of your HR department and organization as a whole.

What is the typical HR software selection process?

Personally, I go through a nine-step process when choosing any software:

– Business needs and vision
– Identify pain points
– Current process steps
– Define measures of success (ROI – Return On Investment)
Get initial buy-In and approval
– Gather requirements
– Contact vendor
– Build business aase and get approval
– Make a decision

For more on this, read my article how to make a business case for HR software.

What is an HR database used for?

An HR database is used by the HR team to store employee data. They’re useful for keeping organized and also security.

What Do You Think About this HR Software Overview?

What do you think about the HR tools selection on this list? Is there anything you would add or remove? Do you have personal experiences with some of these HR solutions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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