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There are so many different Canadian HR software solutions that making a shortlist of the best can be tricky. You want to cater specifically to the unique HR management needs within Canadian organizations, complying with Canada's specific labor laws and regulations—and now need the right tool for your company and team. In this post, I share from my personal experience as an HR expert using many different Canadian HR tools with teams of all sizes, and recommend my picks of the best Canadian HR software overall.

Why Use Canadian HR Software?

Canadian HR software is a specialized digital tool designed to manage human resource functions in compliance with Canada's specific labor laws and regulations. It encompasses features like payroll processing aligned with Canadian tax requirements, employee information management, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and benefits administration. This software is tailored to meet the unique needs of Canadian businesses, ensuring adherence to national employment standards and tax systems.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Canadian HR Software Systems

Here’s my assessment of each top 10 tool I chose for this top list, plus a summary of what I think it does best. Keep reading to find additional bonus picks at the bottom of the list.


RUN Powered by ADP

Best for stress-free tax filing

Free demo available

Pricing upon request

RUN Powered by ADP is a payroll and HR management software solution designed for small businesses. RUN Powered by ADP aims to simplify the complexities of payroll, tax filing, and HR processes, providing business owners with a platform to manage these functions efficiently.

Why I picked RUN Powered by ADP: I chose RUN Powered by ADP for this list because it simplifies and streamlines the entire payroll process, making it easy for small businesses to manage employee compensation efficiently. With RUN, businesses can calculate and process payroll accurately, automate tax deductions—including federal, state, and local taxes—and generate pay stubs for employees. By simplifying payroll and tax processes, RUN powered by ADP helps small businesses focus on their core operations and ensures compliance with payroll and tax regulations.

RUN Powered by ADP Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include the generation and filing of tax forms, including W-2s and 1099s, as well as an employee self-service feature, time and attendance tracking, new hire reporting, employee benefits administration, garnishment management, and employee onboarding.

Integrations include Quickbooks, TSheets, BambooHR, Salesforce, Expensify, Deputy, Concur, ADP Time and Attendance, Zenefits, and ADP Marketplace.


  • Scalable for growing teams
  • Updates consistently
  • Includes a mobile app feature


  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Customer support services could be improved


Best personalized HR management system for Canadian businesses

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
62 reviews

90-day free trial + free demo

From $6 CAD/employee/month

Rise is an all-in-one HR software designed to simplify and personalize HR processes specifically for Canadian businesses. This tool is devised to manage HR, benefits, payroll, and time off, among other functions, enabling organizations to place their focus on their people.

Why I picked Rise: I selected Rise for its detailed orientation towards the needs of Canadian businesses. It stands out for its compliance with Canadian payroll regulations, which is vital in reducing errors and avoiding potential penalties. Additionally, it offers affordable health benefits, which is a crucial feature for attracting and retaining talent in the Canadian market.

Rise Standout Features and Integrations:

Standout features include an HR solution designed to support the entire employee lifecycle, ensuring efficient management of all HR-related tasks. Additionally, the payroll software automates compliance processes and minimizes errors for streamlined payroll management for Canadian businesses.

Integrations are available with Xero and other HRIS systems. Rise also has API integrations with other platforms, and can automate processes through a connection to Zapier.

Pricing details: Rise costs from $6/employee/month and charges a $30/mo base fee for companies with less than 20 employees.


  • Easy to use
  • Mobile app
  • Ensures payroll compliance


  • No free plan available
  • Limited integrations


Best for collecting unbiased 360-degree feedback

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
22 reviews

30-day free trial

From $159/month for up to 25 users

Primalogik is a performance management system designed to collect input from multiple sources. It uses analytics to identify and mitigate potential bias, thereby promoting fair and meaningful conversations between managers and employees.

Why I picked Primalogik: I selected this software for its dedication to collecting feedback from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive, unbiased view of employees' overall contributions. The system provides a platform for conducting performance reviews, allowing managers and employees to assess performance, set goals, and exchange feedback. The platform facilitates ongoing performance conversations and aligns individual goals with organizational objectives.

Primalogik Standout Features & Integrations

Features include setting and tracking goals and OKRs, performance appraisals, real-time feedback, and opinion and engagement surveys, which are essential for effective performance management and employee development. Primalogik also offers resources and support tailored to the Canadian HR landscape, including compliance with Canadian employment laws and regulations.

Integrations include ADP Workforce Now, Okta SSO, Azure AD, Google Workspace, and Bamboo HR.


  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Offers responsive customer support services
  • Helps build habits around providing feedback


  • Limited customization for graphics
  • Feedback organization can be confusing


Best for centralizing your people operations systems

Free demo available

From $8/user/month

Humi is a comprehensive HR software designed specifically for Canadian businesses. Its main purpose is to simplify intricate HR processes such as payroll, benefits administration, time off, hiring, and more, all in one place.

Why I picked Humi: I chose to go with Humi because their customer experience team is dedicated to providing personalized support. They understand the needs of Canadian businesses, and act as a partner and resource for your people operations needs.

Humi Standout Features and Integrations:

Humi has a comprehensive solution that combines payroll, HR, and benefits, which eliminates the need for multiple systems. It centralizes all employee data with reporting to help you make data-backed decisions. Humi’s platform is designed to streamline HR processes and reduce paperwork.

Integrations include Indeed, Voila, Workable, Greenhouse, and Xero. You can also connect Humi to a paid Zapier account to build additional integrations.

NOTE: Pricing shown in the sidebar is in USD. Please visit the vendor’s website to confirm Canadian pricing details.


  • Mobile app
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited integrations
  • No free trial


Best for health and safety compliance

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
53 reviews

Free trial + free demo available

From $4.08/user/month

BrightHR is a software solution for managing HR tasks in small to medium-sized businesses. Its purpose is to make managing employee data, schedules, absences, expenses, training, and secure document storage more efficient.

Why I picked Bright HR: I chose BrightHR because it provides expert guidance on employment relations and health and safety (through BrightSafe and BrightAdvice) to help businesses comply with Canadian laws and regulations. Additionally, it offers secure and unlimited document storage, which is essential for Canadian businesses to manage their data securely.

Bright HR Standout Features and Integrations:

Standout features include an innovative clocking app called Blip that allows employees to clock in and out of work without making contact. Additionally, the absence management system simplifies the process of tracking and managing employee absences, such as leaves, vacations, and time off in lieu.

Integrations include Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and PTO Genius.

NOTE: Pricing shown in the sidebar is in USD. Please visit the vendor’s website to confirm Canadian pricing details.


  • Secure, unlimited document storage
  • Supports Canadian legal compliance
  • Easy to use


  • Limited integrations
  • Not available in the US

Collage HR

Best for comprehensive HR management for small to medium businesses

Free demo available

From $8/user/month

Collage HR is a comprehensive human resources information system (HRIS) that automates and simplifies people management for small to medium-sized businesses. This tool is designed to replace manual tasks and spreadsheets with a user-friendly and feature-rich platform.

Why I picked Collage HR: I selected Collage HR for its commitment to following Canadian labor laws, which allows companies to effectively handle their core HR operations while complying with the country's legal guidelines. Additionally, Collage HR utilizes Canadian data centers, a crucial consideration for businesses with data storage requirements within the country.

Collage Standout Features and Integrations:

Standout features include a streamlined employee benefits management module that caters to Canadian companies offering diverse benefits packages. Additionally, Collage HR's time off management feature is tailored to meet Canadian employment standards, easing the administration of leaves of absence. Its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

Integrations include Slack, Gmail, Indeed, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Greenhouse, JazzHR, Green Places, and PTO Genius.

NOTE: Pricing shown in the sidebar is in USD. Please visit the vendor’s website to confirm Canadian pricing details.


  • Integrates with payroll solutions
  • Built-in benefits compliance
  • Complies with Canadian labor laws


  • No template option for surveys
  • No mobile app


Best employee scheduling software for Canadian businesses

14-day free trial

Pricing upon request

Celayix is a workforce management and employee scheduling tool designed to streamline and automate the scheduling process, improve communication, and enhance overall efficiency in managing workforce-related tasks.

Why I picked Celayix: I selected Celayix for its advanced cost-benefit analyzer that allows Canadian businesses to generate their business case in minutes. This tool helps businesses assess the potential benefits and return on investment they can expect from implementing Celayix's workforce management software.

Celayix Standout Features and Integrations:

Celayix stands out with its robust scheduling features, including self-scheduling, shift bidding, and real-time communication. These features help businesses save time and improve overall workforce management. Additionally, Celayix provides an advanced employee mobile app and supervisor platform that allows for efficient employee check-in/out using geofencing and real-time employee attendance monitoring. 

Integrations: Celayix offers a range of data connectors for real-time and batch modes, but for more details or specific inquiries, contact them directly.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Advanced mobile app
  • Simple scheduling


  • Limited integrations
  • Learning curve


Best for real-time data on employee productivity

Free demo available

From $2/employee/month

Synerion is a cloud-based workforce management software that’s designed to help businesses manage their workforce more efficiently by providing real-time data on labor costs, automating time-consuming tasks, and improving employee productivity.

Why I picked Synerion: One of the reasons why I opted to include Synerion is because of its exceptional labor costing features. The software enables businesses to easily track where the most time is being spent on projects, allowing for precise and informed evaluations of profitability. With Synerion's Labour Costing software, you can compare planned vs. actual time to ensure projects stay on budget. It also allows you to accurately pay employees different rates depending on the tasks they perform, and to identify and take action to reduce non-billable hours. 

Synerion Standout Features and Integrations:

One of the notable features of Synerion is its automated timekeeping processes, which make tasks more efficient and reduces the risk of errors. The software's scheduling tools also improve shift planning and management, while its absence management capabilities ensure accurate employee time-off tracking. Additionally, real-time labor cost data helps businesses adjust their budgeting and profitability accordingly. 

Integrations include ADP, BambooHR, Ceridian, Deluxe, Desjardins, Nethris, Okta, Quickbooks, and Sage.


  • Offers payroll integration
  • Provides reports and analytics
  • Responsive customer support


  • No free trial
  • Slight learning curve


Best HR content library for Canadian businesses

Free demo available

From $699 CAD/year

HRDownloads is a software platform that offers a range of features and services to help businesses manage various aspects of HR, compliance, and workplace safety.

Why I picked HRDownloads: I selected HRDownloads for their dedication to HR compliance in every Canadian region. They provide a reliable service that helps companies stay up-to-date with the latest HR regulations, greatly reducing compliance risks. Moreover, their extensive HR content library is tailored to fit the unique needs of every Canadian industry and region, and it comes with a wealth of resources like training materials and job descriptions.

HRDownloads Standout Features and Integrations:

Standout features include HR consulting services, including expert advice and support for HR-related issues. They also offer a range of training programs that cover a variety of HR-related topics, including compliance, performance management, and leadership development.

Integrations include ADP Workforce Now, BambooHR, Paychex Flex, QuickBooks, and Sage HRMS


  • Provides HR training
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use


  • Some features have a learning curve
  • Limited customization options

Folks HR

Best customizable HR management solution

Free demo available

Pricing upon request

Folks HR is a comprehensive human resources management software developed for the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses in Canada. With a focus on simplifying HR processes and enhancing productivity, this cloud-based solution provides real-time HR data management, facilitates digitization of HR tasks, and ensures secure storage of critical information.

Why I picked Folks HR: I chose Folks HR for its comprehensive range of HR solutions and its capacity to tailor them to the unique needs of small businesses in Canada. Its software operates on the cloud, offering flexibility and convenience with continuous access available 24/7.

Folks HR Standout Features and Integrations:

Standout features include an innovative HR dashboard for real-time tracking of HR data and a paperless process approach that digitizes HR tasks. Folks HR also prioritizes data security, using advanced encryption algorithms to safeguard user data.

Integrations are available with payroll software like Optimum, and with leading third-party HR management tools such as Kissflow, HR Cloud, Zoho People, and ADP. Additionally, it can be incorporated with your existing business software to enhance current operations through an API.


  • Offers 24/7 access to HR data
  • High-level data security measures
  • User-friendly HR dashboard


  • Limited integrations
  • No free trial
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Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

Here’s a roundup of other Canadian-built HR software systems. I didn’t have room for a full review for each of these but they are still worthy of consideration:

  1. ADP

    Best for automated payroll tasks

  2. Avanti

    Best human capital management solution for mid-size Canadian businesses

  3. Payworks

    Best workforce management software for Canadian businesses

  4. Guusto

    Best HR software solution for employee recognition and rewards

  5. WorkTango

    Best for collecting employee feedback

  6. Vantage Circle

    Best platform for employee experience

  7. Achievers

    Best for employee management

  8. Workday

    Best for business financial management

  9. Ceridian Dayforce

    Best for HR analytics

  10. SAP SuccessFactors

    Best for employee learning and development

Selection Criteria for Canadian HR Software

Here’s a short summary of the main selection and evaluation criteria I used to develop my list of the best Canadian HR software for this article:

Core Functionalities

Through extensive research and personal testing, I have identified specific features that are crucial for effective HR management in Canadian software tools. I will provide more detail on these essential functionalities in the following sections.

  • Payroll management: Canadian HR software should be able to handle payroll calculations, deductions, and remittances in compliance with Canadian tax rules and regulations.
  • Employee information management: HR software should provide a comprehensive employee database to track and manage detailed employee information, including profiles, education, skills, and training.
  • Compliance management: Canadian HR software should help businesses adhere to federal, provincial, and territorial employment laws and regulations. This includes features for tracking and managing compliance requirements.

Key Features

In addition to the basic functionalities above, I also evaluated the following key features to make my final selections for the best Canadian HR software:

  • Employee performance evaluation: HR software should provide tools and features to facilitate performance evaluations and assessments of employees.
  • Employee onboarding: HR software should offer features to streamline and automate the onboarding process for new employees, including tasks such as document collection, orientation, and training.
  • Absence management: HR software should include features for tracking and managing employee absences, such as vacation time, sick leave, and other types of time off.
  • HR key performance indicators (KPIs): HR software should provide analytics and reporting capabilities to track and measure HR-related metrics and KPIs, allowing businesses to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.


I always consider the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the software systems I review. It should be easy to navigate and require minimal training for users to effectively utilize its functionalities. That’s why I look for a clean and intuitive interface, customizable dashboards, and mobile accessibility.

Software Integrations

I’ve checked whether each software system can integrate with other systems and tools many organizations use, such as payroll systems, time and attendance systems, and applicant tracking systems. Seamless integration can streamline processes and eliminate manual data entry.

Reports and Analytics

The depth of each software's reporting and analytics capabilities is also important. I looked for features that provide real-time, actionable insights to help you make data-driven decisions. This could include customizable dashboards, predictive modeling, self-service insights, and data visualization tools.


I’ve evaluated the cost structure of the HR software, including licensing fees, implementation costs, ongoing maintenance fees, and any additional charges for support or upgrades. It’s also important to consider the scalability of the pricing model as your organization grows.

People Also Ask

Let’s take a moment to clarify some popular questions regarding the use of Canadian HR software.

Why is it better for Canadian companies to use HR software developed in Canada?

Canadian HR software ensures strict adherence to national labor laws and regulations. It provides localized support tailored to the Canadian business context and can integrate with local payroll systems. Additionally, the software is specifically designed to address unique Canadian business nuances, such as managing a bilingual workforce and complying with provincial regulations.

What are some aspects of HR software that are unique to Canadian needs?

Aspects of HR software that are unique to Canadian needs include its integration with Canadian payroll systems for employee data management. Additionally, the software ensures compliance with both national and provincial labor laws and regulations. Many offer bilingual support for handling language preferences and communications. Canadian HR software also considers provincial variations in labor regulations, and it’s equipped with features to manage specific Canadian benefits and leave policies, such as statutory holidays and parental leave.

Do you have other HR resources specifically for Canadian organizations?

Yes, I’ve also reviewed the top Canadian payroll software tailored to local needs, considering factors like user interface, value for money, performance reviews, and Canadian-specific compliance. I’ve highlighted software like Papaya Global, Deel, and Rise, among others. My post also details pricing and suggests additional HR tools suitable for Canadian firms.

How can I tell which HR software is right for my organization?

To select the right HR software for your organization, first identify your HR challenges and essential features. Next, research various vendors, taking note of reviews and pricing. Prioritize software that integrates well with your existing systems, is user-friendly, scalable, and offers customization. Ensure it meets security standards, gathers feedback from internal users, and assess its return on investment. After a thorough evaluation, choose the one that aligns with your business needs and budget.

Other HR Software Reviews:

I’ve also reviewed other types of HR software extensively. Consider checking them out for further insights:

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right HR software is a critical decision for any Canadian business. Great HR software doesn't just streamline processes; it can significantly influence your company’s culture and overall productivity. In a country with specific legal and cultural nuances like Canada, having a tool that understands and adapts to these specificities is invaluable. 

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By Kim Behnke

Kim Behnke is an HR Tool Expert & Writer for People Managing People. She draws on her 9 years of human resources experience and her keen eye for systematic processes to support her analyses of the top HR tools on the market. She is passionate about maximizing efficiencies and streamlining workflows to ensure internal systems run smoothly. Kim's HR experience includes recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, policy development and enforcement, and HR analytics. She also has degrees in psychology, writing, publishing, and technical communication, and recently completed a Certified Digital HR Specialist program through the Academy to Innovate HR. When away from her desk, she can usually be found outside tending to her ever-expanding garden.