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With so many different Canadian payroll software solutions available, figuring out which is right for you is tough. You know you want to streamline and simplify the process of calculating and managing employee wages, deductions, and tax withholdings for businesses operating in Canada—but now need to figure out which tool is best. In this post, I'll help make your choice easy, sharing my personal experiences using Canadian payroll software with teams of all sizes, with my picks of the best Canadian payroll software overall.

What is Canadian Payroll Software?

Canadian payroll software is a digital tool that automates and facilitates the intricate task of managing employee compensation and payroll-related tasks for businesses in Canada. It encompasses functions like calculating salaries, deductions, taxes, and generating pay stubs and reports, offering a reliable and efficient means for businesses to accurately pay their employees while adhering to Canadian payroll regulations and easing the burden of manual payroll processing.

Overviews of the 10 Best Canadian Payroll Software

Here’s a brief description of each 1op 10 Canadian payroll software solution, including each tool’s best use case, some highlighted features, and screenshots to give you a sense of the user interface. Keep reading to find additional bonus picks at the bottom of the list.



Best global payroll solution for Canadian organizations interested in hiring foreign talent

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
2186 reviews

Free demo available

Flat rate user pricing, with a free version for businesses with up to 200 people

Deel is a global HR solution with global payroll features that companies can run even without supervision. This software can run payroll in over 90 different countries worldwide, including Canada, while also streamlining operations, and eliminating problems with handling taxes, local compliance, and benefits.

Deel's payroll software helps Canadian businesses stay compliant with relevant Canadian regulations. Canadian businesses won’t have to worry about taxes, compliance, government declarations, and calculations as Deel will handle everything for them.

Companies can get their entire team operational with Deel in just a month, which is impressive since other payroll providers often take many months to finish the payroll setup process. Subscribing to one of Deel’s plans with payroll functionalities can help Canadian businesses expand and hire more talent abroad while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations by being able to handle taxes, provide benefits, and handle local, legal, tax, and accounting expertise.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include an easy-to-use platform that unifies EOR (employer of record) services, contractor payments, and payroll management. Deel’s in-house payroll team processes payroll directly and provides end users with support to resolve any issues within your payroll process. In addition, Deel can help you offer localized benefits for staff based within Canada or any other location they support.

Integrations include Ashby, BambooHR, Expensify, Greenhouse, Hibob, Netsuite, Okta, OneLogin, Quickbooks, SCIM, Xero, Workday, and Workable. They also have an API that supports additional custom integrations as well.

Pricing for Deel is a flat rate and varies depending on the country you're based in and the type of plan you select. They offer three plans: Direct Employees, Contractors, or EOR Employees. Payroll handling features are only available in the Direct Employees and EOR Employees packages.


  • Add-ons available to localized benefits and global payroll
  • Flat rate pricing with no hidden fees
  • Manages Canadian compliance obligations on your behalf


  • Could be too pricey for small businesses
  • No free trial available

Papaya Global

Best global payroll software for Canadian organizations with global expansion plans

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
31 reviews

Free trial available

EOR from $650/employee/month or $2/contractor/month; Global payroll from $3 to $12/employee/month

Papaya Global is a global payroll platform offering smart, simple, and streamlined payroll solutions for many companies worldwide, including ones in Canada. Their global payroll platform supports 160+ countries and comes with payroll, compliance, benefits, and HR features that are suited for global businesses. Using this solution allows companies to comply with Canadian regulations, including SOC2.

Using Papaya Global, Canadian businesses receive a robust payroll solution that handles their local payroll needs, plus the added ability to hire talent abroad while also ensuring that they comply with all relevant regulations. New customers will be able to go live with the platform quickly, get 360-degree visibility on their workforce spending, and boost productivity and performance when using their solution.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include numerous payroll automations for payroll calculations, tax filing, compliance, equities, and time and attendance tracking. Businesses can also access all their data from one intuitive dashboard, giving them a comprehensive view of their entire workforce. From there they can request standardized reports and handle risk-free payroll payments without leaving the platform.

Integrations are available with most financial tools, as well as with BambooHR, Expensify, NetSuite, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday.

Pricing for Papaya Global varies depending on the end user’s use case and country. They charge a setup fee per location, a cycle fee per employee, and a year-end fee for tax filing. Papaya Global does not charge any additional fees.


  • Well-suited for companies interested in global expansion
  • Can be used to pay international contractors or foreign employees
  • Automatic compliance monitoring


  • Pricing structure can be complex depending on your workforce needs
  • No mobile app


Best software for reliable regulatory compliance and Canadian tax knowledge

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
62 reviews

90-day free trial + free demo

From $6 CAD/employee/month

Rise is a Canadian payroll software that places compliance first. Their solution has been designed to make sure that small business owners and large enterprises alike are paying and remitting taxes on time and with accuracy in accordance with both provincial and federal regulations. If you’re thinking about switching from an existing payroll provider, Rise will even talk to the CRA and government agencies on your behalf, to ensure that the transition runs smoothly and without errors or oversights.

Flexibility is huge for Rise, and they make sure to offer customization as a standard feature. For example, you can run payroll as many times as you need, cancel a pay run, make payments off-cycle, or even pay out a bonus without having to calculate tax. Automatic tax remittance is built in via a Canadian tax engine that’s compliant with all regulations.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Integrations include Freshbooks, Intuit Quickbooks, WealthSimple, and Xero.

Features include employee benefits, time management, recruiting, onboarding, time off requests, scheduling, time tracking, and unlimited pay runs.

Pricing for Rise begins at $6 per employee per month. A $30 minimum monthly base fee applies for small businesses with less than 20 employees. A 90-day free trial is available for their Optimize module.


  • Responsive support staff
  • Very easy to pull documents like ROEs
  • Cost effective


  • Few integrations available
  • Reports could use greater customization options
  • Some manual data entry is necessary when vacation requests are canceled


Best payroll software for teams seeking a Canadian based, user-friendly option

Free demo available

From $8/user/month

Payroll is, by nature, complicated. Humi aims to take the guesswork out of payroll and HR software by making their interface as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. HR info such as hires, terminations, vacation usage, and benefits enrollment are integrated with payroll processing, reducing dual entry work. Employees can also access self service pay stubs that detail vacation accruals and deduction breakdowns, and easily receive direct deposits.

Humi provides an excellent option for Canadian businesses or teams with HR in Canada because T4s, Records Of Employment (ROE), Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) remittances, and Employer Health Tax (EHT) calculations are automatically included in the platform. Multi-province payroll makes it easy to manage employees across the country. And Humi’s tax engine is specifically designed for Canadian regulations, making any audit and compliance efforts that much easier. Standout Features and Integrations: Features include unlimited pay runs, automatic T4 and ROE generation, records and reporting, EHT and WCB calculations, direct deposit, self-serve pay stubs, multi-province payroll, and automatic CRA remittance.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include automatic T4s and ROEs, records and reporting, EHT calculations, direct deposit, self-serve pay stubs, multi-province payroll, benefits, and automatic CRA remittance.

Integrations include Xero, Indeed, Greenhouse, Voila!, Workable, and Zapier.

Pricing for Humi is based on your number of employees and how many modules you’d like to integrate into your program. A free demo is available prior to signing up.


  • Easy tracking of all employees
  • Clean and intuitive design makes it easy for employees to self-serve
  • Covers all Canada-specific payroll needs


  • Free trial does not include exact customization, so some guesswork must be done
  • Documents require some elbow grease to customize
  • Growing list of integrations means some of your existing providers may not yet be on the list


Best Canadian payroll software for CAD businesses with international employees

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
1133 reviews

Free demo available

From $8/user/month (EOR pricing upon request)

Rippling is a Canadian HR, IT, and finance platform with a powerful full-service payroll software solution. Rippling’s payroll solution automates several payroll processes, including tax filing, compliance, approval failure alerts, and other workflow processes.

The platform offers a Global payroll solution, allowing organizations to pay their employees in local currencies. Canadian companies can seamlessly pay their Canadian and international employees while tailoring payrolls according to foreign holidays and policies.

Businesses can automate payroll compliance by enforcing minimum wages, overtime, and employee leaves based on country/state requirements. This also comes with analytics functionalities through pre-built or custom reports and integrations for employee attendance, expense management, employee benefits, and deductions administration. This is built for all sizes and can support as few as two employees to as many as thousands.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include support for all provinces and territories in addition to other countries, GDPR and CCPA compliance, tax filings, workers’ comp, garnishments, job costing, direct deposits or checks, time tracking, mobile payroll, and more.

Integrations include Google Workspace, Typeform, Databricks, BrightHire, Atlassian, Google Workspace, Slack, Checkr, Zoom, GitHub, Asana, 1Password, Zendesk, Dropbox, Sage Intacct, Netsuite, Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, DocuSign, Upwork, LinkedIn, and hundreds more.


  • Only pay for what you need
  • Tracks both billable and non-billable hours
  • Continuously improved and updated


  • Some users have reported issues with non-Chrome browsers
  • Lack of phone support

ADP Workforce Now

Best all-in-one solution for time tracking, benefits, talent, HR and payroll management

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
3113 reviews

30-day free trial

From $160/month for up to 49 employees

ADP Workforce Now is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that offers functionality like time tracking, benefits, HR, talent, and payroll management. Since you can manage your entire workforce from their single dashboard, you’ll never again have to waste time toggling between platforms to find what you need. This solution also boasts enterprise-grade data security and comprehensive privacy practices.

ADP’s single dashboard reduces manual data entry by pre-populating data across workflows in real time, so you can enter information once and move on to more important tasks. Proactive error detection sends alerts to reduce mistakes and ensure accurate payroll processing.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include automated online payroll processing, a self-serve app for employees, in-house payroll experts, time tracking, HR data management tools, and tax calculation and remittance tools.

Integrations include accounting solutions like Quickbooks, Wave, and Xero, ERPs like Oracle, SAP, and Workday, time and attendance solutions like Clock Shark, Deputy, and Dolce, and recruiting and onboarding solutions like GoodHire, Sapling, and Zip Recruiter.

Pricing for ADP Workforce Now is available upon request and is based on the size of your organization and the features you’d like integrated. They do not provide a free trial option.


  • Market leader for payroll processing and tax filing
  • Global functionality for large multinational teams
  • Extensive list of integrations


  • Larger customer base may mean slightly longer wait times for customer service
  • Pricing is supplied via custom quote rather than transparently on the website
  • No free trial available


Best for Canadian businesses interested in growing global teams

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
59 reviews

Free demo available

From $199/employee/month for EOR and $25/mo for contractors

Remofirst is a global employment platform that enables companies to hire, manage, and pay remote employees in over 160 countries without the need to establish a local entity. The tool provides an Employer of Record (EoR) service, taking on the legal and administrative responsibilities of employment. Remofirst is designed to support businesses in expanding their international workforce by providing a centralized system for managing global employment tasks.

Remofirst assists Canadian payroll software by providing a global payroll service that integrates the management of employees and contractors across multiple countries. With the support of Remofirst's payroll services, Canadian companies can extend their operations internationally while still using their Canadian payroll software for domestic operations. The combination of Remofirst's global capabilities with Canadian payroll software can provide a comprehensive payroll management solution for businesses operating both within Canada and internationally.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include contractor management, RemoHealth health insurance, visa and work permit assistance, background checks, remote access, time and attendance tracking, and workforce management.

Integrations include third-party payment providers, such as Wise and PayPal.

Pricing starts at $199/employee/month for EOR and $25/user/month for contractors. Remofirst does not offer a free version or free trial, but a free demo is available.


  • Good value for money
  • Strong customer support
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Limited integration with other platforms
  • Limited customization
  • No free version or trial

QuickBooks Online

Best for managing contractors and freelancers around the globe

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
2809 reviews

30-day free trial

From $30/month

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances. It offers a range of features, including invoicing, expense tracking, and payroll management. As a user of QuickBooks Online, I've found it to be a reliable and user-friendly tool that has helped me keep track of my business finances with ease.

QuickBooks Online provides direct deposit options for your employees, making it easy to pay them on time and securely. You can also set up custom pay schedules to accommodate different payment frequencies, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Another standout feature is the ability to generate T4 slips and other year-end tax forms for your employees. This makes tax season much less stressful, as you can easily provide your employees with the necessary documents for filing their taxes.

QuickBooks Online is highly suitable for managing contractors around the globe with the ability to track contractor expenses, generate and send contractor invoices, and efficiently handle contractor payments through the platform. With QuickBooks Online, businesses can accurately categorize contractor transactions, manage their contractor database, and generate contractor-specific reports for simplified financial management. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive contractor management tools make it a powerful solution for effectively organizing, tracking, and managing contractor-related activities.

Standout Features and Integrations

Features include automatic tax calculations, which means you don't have to worry about manually calculating taxes and deductions for your employees. This is a huge time-saver and helps ensure accuracy in your payroll process. QuickBooks Online also offers robust reporting features that help you analyze your payroll data and make informed decisions about your business. You can generate reports on payroll expenses, and employee hours.

Integrations include over 400 business apps like Rewind Backups, Knowifiy for Customers, Plooto, Expensify, Fathom, BigCommerce, Verify, Insightly CRM, Mailchimp, and others. 

Pricing starts at $24/month CAD or $30/month USD. It comes with a 30-day free trial.


  • Businesses with remote employees may incur additional costs for province-specific filings
  • Easy and efficient tax filing system
  • Industry leader in accounting means existing trust in accuracy and reliability


  • Setup services and expert review are only available in higher tiers
  • Limited users, even then highest plan caps at 25

Ceridian Dayforce

Best cloud-based HCM suite with compliance-centric payroll

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
784 reviews

60-day free trial

Pricing upon request

Ceridian Dayforce is a recognized HCM leader with a team of in-house compliance experts who remain continuously on top of regulatory changes. You can also offload day-to-day benefits administration and payroll entirely to their team, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks. This payroll software is an excellent solution for Canadian companies who plan to scale internationally, given that Ceridian supports payroll delivery in more than 160 countries. 

Ceridian’s consolidated pay and time engine simplifies the payroll process while increasing accuracy with real-time calculations. Ceridian will manage and file taxes on your behalf, aligning with all provincial and federal regulations. Employees can also access their pay stubs and tax information directly with their self-serve feature. 

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include talent management, real-time audits, smart benefits, workforce management, managed payroll, and streamlined HR tools.

Integrations include CIBC SmartBanking for Business and QuickBooks.

Pricing for Ceridian Dayforce is available upon request, and a 60-day free trial is available.


  • Reliable in-house compliance support
  • Scalable; supports payroll in 160+ countries
  • Two-month free trial


  • Transparent pricing not readily available
  • Timesheets are presented in biweekly view, not weekly
  • Some mobile app limitations

Push Operations

Best full-service payroll software for food services companies

This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites.
58 reviews

Free demo available

From $11 per employee, per month

Restaurants have very specific payroll needs, and Push Operations has developed a software to meet them. This fully integrated cloud-based payroll software boasts clients in Canada like Wendy’s, Boston Pizza, A&W, and Denny’s. Push operations allows users to streamline hours into payroll, saving time that would normally be spent manually inputting time calculations for employees serving a variety of shifts.

Push Operations can be used as a standalone payroll software, or you can take advantage of all the features as a comprehensive employee management suite. Push will calculate and pay taxes on your behalf, assist you in pulling T4s and ROEs, and can pay your employees by direct deposit or cheque. Push makes it easy to pay employees who have multiple rates (like overtime) and will monitor split shift premiums and minimum tip top-offs.

Standout Features and Integrations:

Features include regulatory compliance, onboarding, self-serve pay stubs, time tracking, real-time payroll reporting, and one-click payroll processing.

Integrations include Avero, CTUIT, Focus POS systems, Greenline POS, HIK Vision, Par, Squirrel Systems, Ultipro, and Upserve.

Pricing for Push starts at $11 per employee, per month for their Starter + Payroll plan. A free demo is also available. 


  • Helpful and courteous support
  • Built to meet the specific needs of restaurants
  • Run payroll for employees with multiple pay rates


  • Primarily for restaurants and food services companies
  • Better interface on desktop than mobile
  • User permissions can be time-consuming
Preview Image - <h2 class="c-block__title b-summary-table__title c-listicle__title h3" > Compare Software Specs Side by Side</h2>

Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

Here are a few more options that didn’t make the best Canadian payroll software list. I didn’t have room for a full review for each of these but they are still worthy of consideration:

  1. Wagepoint

    Best payroll solution for user experience and “human-friendly” support

  2. Payworks

    Best for fast-growing companies with plans to scale up

  3. Knit

    Best for time-strapped small businesses with immediate payroll needs

  4. Collage

    Best for tech-forward organizations seeking a cutting-edge software solution

  5. Easypay

    Best for small to medium-sized businesses seeking a well-established solution

  6. Xero

    Best for straight-forward payroll needs for small teams

  7. Workzoom

    All-in-one people management software with payroll, recruiting, time tracking, and more

  8. Payment Evolution

    Enterprise-class cloud payroll software built for Canadian small businesses

  9. Wave Payroll

    Accurate, automated payroll software with an emphasis on time-saving features

  10. MX-SmartPayer

    Saas payroll that offers complete automation and extensive options to customize

Selection Criteria for the Best Canadian Payroll Software

Curious what I look for when evaluating the best Canadian payroll software for this list? Here’s a summary of my criteria:

Core Functionality

First and foremost, the software must enable you to run payroll within Canada. This is the core functionality that each tool needed to cover in order to get a spot on my list.

Key Features

Aside from being able to manage your payroll in Canada, here are some of the other specific key payroll features I looked for when selecting software for my list:

  • Canadian payroll tax filing: Most of the payroll software on this list have tools to help you file your federal payroll taxes with the CRA, including Employment Insurance (EI) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions.
  • Provincial tax filing: There may also be tools to help you with filing specialized provincial payroll taxes, including the Employer Health Tax in Ontario or British Columbia, Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) contributions, and workers compensation premiums for each province or territory.
  • Employee self-service: Usually employee portals are available where staff can access their pay stubs and tax forms, update their bank account information, and more.
  • Multiple payment options: Many tools will allow you to pay employees by direct deposit or cheque, and may also have invoicing options for contractors and freelancers.
  • Workforce management: Some systems provide tools for employee time tracking, managing time off requests, scheduling shifts, and more.
  • Payroll services: In addition to software, some providers also offer payroll management solutions, and will handle pay runs on your behalf.
  • Reporting and analytics: Most payroll software will generate payroll reports and may offer real-time dashboards to help you track your payroll process.


Payroll solutions need to be user-friendly, especially for small business owners managing payroll without an entire in-house team of human resources experts. I took into account how intuitive a platform is to navigate, and how easy it is to learn. Other usability features like automated payroll reports and mobile apps to process payroll from any device also helped a software stand out. And finally, personalized onboarding and exceptional customer support are other factors I considered for a platform’s overall usability.


You need a payroll system that integrates with your other software tools. I looked for integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks, time tracking tools, and broader human capital management (HCM) systems. Integrations with other Canadian HR software are super helpful for syncing data and keeping your systems connected.


Whenever you’re investing in a new HR solution, it’s important to consider how cost-effective it will be. The payroll software on this list generally offers a subscription-based payment model, with pricing that starts as low as $4 per employee per month. However, some payroll providers offer custom pricing based on your business needs (see our breakdown of payroll software costs for more details). Many of the platforms offer free trials and demos so you can see how they work before buying.

FAQs: Common Questions About Canadian Payroll Processing

Still have questions about how to process payroll in Canada, and what software you can use to help you out? Here are some answers to FAQs on this topic:

What makes Canadian payroll software unique?

There are plenty of payroll software options available on the market—but not all of them are suitable for Canadian employers.

Canada’s payroll requirements are notoriously complex. Both employers and employees pay payroll tax and contribute to CPP and EI. Payroll taxes include both federal and provincial taxes, meaning that companies with employees spread across Canada need to navigate many varied deductions. This is why payroll software specifically for Canadian companies is so helpful–because it takes the guesswork out of the deductions and taxation process, ensuring that your company remains compliant and your employees receive their pay without issue.

What is a Employer of Record for Canada?

An Employer of Record (EOR) for Canada is a third-party service provider that acts as the legal employer for future employees you wish to hire within Canada, while your parent company maintains day-to-day control of your employee’s tasks and workload. As the legal employer, the EOR assumes full legal responsibility for any new hires, including payroll, tax deductions, compliance management, benefits administration, and any other Canadian-specific employee perks.

Using an EOR service is beneficial for companies wanting to hire Canadian staff or expand their operations into Canada since it simplifies this process considerably. Rather than burdening your HR professionals with the task of becoming experts in Canadian labor laws and regulations, you can outsource these requirements to an EOR in Canada and gain peace of mind that your future operations will be compliant.

To find out more about Canadian EOR services, check out my list of the best employer of record in Canada.

What Do You Think About This List?

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based payroll software is that it’s constantly being updated. As new functionality becomes available and each solution adopts it in their own time, the list of the best Canadian payroll software will inevitably evolve over time.

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By Kim Behnke

Kim Behnke is an HR Tool Expert & Writer for People Managing People. She draws on her 9 years of human resources experience and her keen eye for systematic processes to support her analyses of the top HR tools on the market. She is passionate about maximizing efficiencies and streamlining workflows to ensure internal systems run smoothly. Kim's HR experience includes recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, policy development and enforcement, and HR analytics. She also has degrees in psychology, writing, publishing, and technical communication, and recently completed a Certified Digital HR Specialist program through the Academy to Innovate HR. When away from her desk, she can usually be found outside tending to her ever-expanding garden.