10 Best Learning Management Systems (LMS) For Employee Training [2022]

The benefits of corporate learning and development are well documented. LinkedIn found that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. And upskilling your people is a great way to fill skills gaps within your company.

Offering good learning programs is easier than ever before. Learning management systems (LMS) help you provide tailored learning opportunities to your workforce through powerful course creation tools, as well as access to a huge variety of external courses. Employees can take and create courses from their computers or smartphones at their convenience.

But there are many options available out there each and choosing a tool that meets your needs can be difficult. To help, this article will introduce some of the best LMS tools businesses can use for employee training.

The Best Learning Management Systems

Here’s the list of the best learning management software that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. eloomi - Best for homemade content and external partner training
  2. Kallidus - Best for self-led learning
  3. BetterUp - Best for access to quality coaching
  4. Skillsoft - Best for access to premade business courses
  5. Hone - Best for leadership training
  6. LearnDash - Best WordPress LMS
  7. Docebo - Best for turning content into learning resources
  8. Talent LMS - Best for mobile learning
  9. Tovuti - Best virtual classroom
  10. 360 Learning - Best for peer-to-peer training

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best learning management system solution? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): The best LMS tools have a clean user interface that ensures anyone can interact with them. This is essential for providing a positive user experience.
  2. Usability: LMS systems should make it easy for your employees to access and complete the courses you set. The best tools also contain features that simplify course creation.
  3. Cloud-based: All the tools on this list are cloud-based and mobile device friendly. This means your people can access quality learning materials wherever they are. 
  4. Value for $: Better learning is a valuable tool for any business. But it still needs to be cost-effective. The tools on this list come in at a variety of price points that make them suitable for many types of businesses. They are all SaaS products which means you pay a monthly subscription to access them.

LMS Solution: Key Features

Each platform on this list has unique features that make them stand out. But most also have some of the following core LMS features. 

  1. Course creation: LMS tools should make it easy to create courses. Look for features like the ability to import existing elearning content or those that use automation to create course content from existing resources. 
  2. Learning library: Most of the tools on this list have learning libraries that allow you to supplement your own materials with those from experts in various fields. 
  3. Gamification: Many LMS platforms include gamification features that can motivate employees to participate in courses. Look for badges, certificates, and leaderboards.
  4. Communication: Discussion tools turn learning into a collaborative experience. Look for anything from messaging and forums to interactive virtual classrooms.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Learning Management Systems

Here’s a brief description of the best learning management systems to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the interface.

  • Free demo
  • Pricing upon request

eloomi - Best for homemade content and external partner training

eloomi lets you share homemade or external content with your employees or partners and help them learn on any device.

eloomi is a learning management solution that helps you create training content and makes it simple for employees to access their courses.

eloomi lets you import your existing online learning content into the eloomi system or create new courses using its custom course builder. You can create specific learning tracks for needs like onboarding or compliance training.

You can also choose pre-made content from eloomi’s own library to provide corporate training on a wide variety of topics. These courses are laid out in learning pathways which make it easy for employees to get the education they need to reach their goals. The tool also has plenty of reporting and analytics features so you can see how your people are engaging with the content.

An interesting use case that eloomi offers is the ability to create custom training for clients and partners. For example, a manufacturer could provide product training to third-party sales partners to keep them up to date on the products. Just create relevant pathways within the platform and then distribute them to the relevant people.

eloomi offers customized pricing upon request and a free demo to get you started.
  • From $10000/year + users we have a flexible pricing model to fit

Kallidus - Best for self-led learning

Kallidus Learn lets you track progress and send follow up messages.

Kallidus Learn is a learning management system by Kallidus and Sapling. It comes with a personalized LMS designed for the modern learner.

Kallidus Learn is the equivalent of an online mobile classroom that features social learning. It is a scalable learning solution for workforces of any size, working at multiple locations, and using a number of languages.

Kallidus Learn lets you personalize achievements and course content for each user. You will also be able to see who hasn’t completed training so you can send personalized reminders.

More features include Netflix-style course cards, 2-click training, team leaderboards, customized branding, analytics and reporting, compliance rates, and the ability to measure course engagement.

Kallidus Learn integrates with Microsoft Outlook and starts from $10,000/year with flexible pricing options to fit any sized organization.

  • Pricing upon request

BetterUp - Best for access to quality coaching

BetterUp connects your employees with the world’s largest network of licensed coaches.

BetterUp is a learning app that connects your employees with coaches qualified to help with their unique needs.

Employees can choose from one-on-one or group sessions. These real-time classes cover both professional and personal needs, so employees are in the best place possible to perform at work.

The tool uses an AI engine to recommend coaches that suit the goals of each employee. Personalized learning ensures the classes are relevant to everyone who takes them.

The coaches themselves are highly qualified and BetterUp has strict standards about who they hire. The company says that only 8% of coaches who apply meet the selection criteria so you know your employees are getting the best possible education.

There’s also huge variety, as BetterUp says it is the world’s largest network of licensed and certified coaches. BetterUp doesn’t publicize pricing, but you can contact the company for a demo to find out more.

  • Pricing upon request

Skillsoft - Best for access to premade business courses

Choosing the right course is easy thanks to Skillsoft’s learning dashboard.

Skillsoft is a learning management platform that contains what it calls the “broadest and deepest” library of educational material. The tool is cloud-based which means your people can access these courses at any time. The platform is also smartphone-friendly which enables mobile learning.

The library includes courses on business topics such as leadership development, technology, and compliance. If you have specific needs, you even host your own learning content within the platform. Or you can add courses from external providers like YouTube or Coursera.

All these choices could be overwhelming. But Skillsoft has tools that help guide employees on their own personal learning journey. Your people can choose from hundreds of curated learning paths and highlight topics they are interested in to receive custom recommendations.

The tool is widely used across successful organizations. The website says that an impressive 70% of Fortune 1,000 companies use their online training resources.

SkillSoft doesn’t publicize pricing but you can contact the sales team via the website.

  • Pricing upon request

Hone - Best for leadership training

Find out how effective employees found courses in the Hone dashboard.

Hone is a learning platform that focuses specifically on training for your company’s leaders and managers. The tool uses a live, cohort-based approach, which helps generate a more engaging social learning experience.

There are courses on topics that cover every aspect of management, from personal development to interview skills, and beyond. And if you have specific needs, then Hone’s team will work with you to create tailored programs.

The people who lead the courses are all experts in their field. Each program has pre and post-class activities to ensure that people get the most out of their time with the coaches. The entire experience takes place in the tool’s learning portal, making it easy for employees to stay on top of their learning.

The tool also fas plenty to help those in charge of learning. It includes features that make deploying new programs easy, as well as reporting that shows learner progress and engagement.

Hone has multiple plans suitable for small businesses to enterprise clients. The company doesn’t publicize pricing but you can request a demo on their website.

  • From $199 one-site license

LearnDash - Best WordPress LMS

Create online courses on WordPress sites with LearnDash.

LearnDash is a platform that lets you create your own courses on WordPress websites. It’s mainly used by creators who sell courses. But businesses who want to create their own courses for employees can also use it.

It’s easy to get started by installing the software on your WordPress site. The tool has all the features you’d expect from a corporate LMS including the ability to create multiple courses and structure them to your needs.

You can also create assessments and quizzes, offer badges and certificates to people who complete courses, and create discussion forums and leaderboards for learners. There are also plenty of reporting and analytics features.

LearnDash is an affordable solution. A one-site license costs $199 and you receive a year of support and updates. If you want to deploy it on multiple sites, the plus package is $229.

  • Pricing upon request

Docebo - Best for turning content into learning resources

Docebo’s Shape platform automatically creates learning resources from existing content.

Docebo is a learning platform that makes it easy for organizations to create custom learning journeys for their people. It has an intuitive content creator and access to a wide library of existing courses and resources.

The tool stands out due to its intuitive content creator Shape. The tool uses AI to automatically create course materials based on your existing internal or external knowledge sources. For example, you can paste a blog post URL into the content generator and it will turn this into slides.

The content this tool generates is highly customizable so you can get it to match your exact needs. Once finished, you can translate it into multiple languages so anyone in your organization can benefit from the lessons.

You can supplement your own lessons with learning resources from Docebo’s content library. The library contains thousands of courses on a huge variety of business topics. It’s easy to import these into your company app so employees can access them on the go.

Whether you use your own resources or Docebo’s, you get in-depth reporting and analytics so you can clearly see enrollment numbers and how people are using your courses.

Docebo offers flexible and scalable plans and you only pay for the number of active users currently signed up. Contact the company for exact pricing information.

  • From $59 for up to 40 users

Talent LMS - Best for mobile learning

Creating new courses is easy with Talent LMS.

Talent LMS makes it easy to create training programs for your teams. It has useful content management tools which help you create training courses for a variety of use cases such as onboarding, compliance, and sales.

The learning content creation process is easy. You can easily create courses by dragging and dropping videos, webinars, or presentations into the dashboard. You can then create tests and quizzes to help learners get the most from their content. And it’s easy to add your own branding or translate courses into multiple languages. You can supplement your own resources with those from the Talent LMS library.

The learner dashboard is super intuitive. This is important as ease-of-use affects whether learners come back to your course. Learners can see all the courses they are enrolled in as well as how much of each one they have completed. Employees can access the training materials wherever they are via the user-friendly android and iOS mobile apps. This also provides access to messaging and forums for courses.

Talent LMS has a free plan for up to five users. It even offers customer support via email. Paid plans depend on the number of users you need, with the cheapest one costing $59 for up to 40 users.

  • Pricing upon request

Tovuti - Best virtual classroom

Tovuti’s virtual classroom makes learning an interactive experience.

Tovuti is an LMS with plenty of useful features. You can easily create courses and lessons with assessments to measure progress. And your admin team can create reports to get all the data they need about course participation.

The tool is white label. This means you can replace all the Tovuti branding with your own so it looks like your own technology. It also offers plenty of options for gamification which can help improve learner retention. Hand out badges, create games, and highlight leaderboards to encourage participation.

You can create a virtual classroom to let participants learn together. It has video conferencing functionality so people can communicate and interact with each other. There is also a chatbox and the ability to share and make notes on learning resources. It’s a good way to create a blended learning experience that combines classroom and independent learning.

Tovuti doesn’t publicize pricing, but you can find out more by heading to the website.

  • From $8 per month for teams of up to 100

360 Learning - Best for peer-to-peer training

Anyone in your organization can use 360 Learning to create courses.

360 Learning bills itself as being an LMS for collaborative learning. It enables your team members to share their knowledge without having to build complex courses. This improves collaboration and helps you share your entire organization’s knowledge.

An example of how this could work is that a sales leader can create tutorials about sales best practices. The entire sales team can then study these tutorials to improve their skills.

Another example is that someone from your product team could quickly create a course explaining new software updates. This ensures everyone in your business stays on top of the latest product features.

The software has plenty of tools to simplify course creation. There’s built-in video and screen recording features, cheat sheets that simplify text doc creation, and multiple question formats for assessments. Meanwhile, co-authoring features allow anyone in your company to add their own expertise.

360 Learning does plenty to ensure staff get an engaged learning experience. You can organize live training and events, offer discussion forums, react to posts, and gamify learning with leaderboards and achievements. And your people can learn anywhere via desktop or mobile apps.

Pricing for 360 Learning starts at $8 per month for teams of up to 100. It also offers business and enterprise-level plans.

The 10 Best Learning Management Systems Summary

Other Great Learning Management Systems

Here’s a few more LMS tools that didn’t make the top list. They are all great products and good options if the above tools don’t suit your needs.

  1. Thinkific – No-Code course builder aimed at creators
  2. iSpring – Easy-to-use e-learning software
  3. Google Classroom (free) – Free tool built with schools in mind
  4. Moodle – Open source LMS software
  5. D2L Brightspace – Easy course creation and collaborative learning
  6. LearnUpon – Create learning for internal and external audiences
  7. Blackboard for Business – Corporate version of popular Higher Education LMS

Learning Management System Make Learning Easy

LMS tools are the easiest way to bring learning resources to your entire organization. They help you easily create courses and share them with your teams, or access quality external training resources. You just need to choose a platform that suits your needs. 

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