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Often, content related to culture and leadership focuses on “what’s wrong” and “why” something needs to happen. But, the “how to fix it” is often missing. We aim to fill this gap by providing content that is not only insightful but actionable.

People Managing People, a BWZ Media Company, is an online community and independent publication for people managers and culture creators excited and focused on creating healthy and productive workplaces.

Launched in 2019, People Managing People has grown into a leading publication and community space for HR and people leaders. Backed by over 20 years of leadership experience, the team at People Managing People is focused on delivering content that creates conversations in order to build a better world of work.

Our contributors have a vast range of experience, gained from organizations that are small, large, and everything in between. We believe that by incorporating diverse perspectives from people with different backgrounds and experiences, we will be able to deliver the most impactful content possible.

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Our purpose

The world of work needs help. We exist to help Build a Better World of Work.

Our mission

To provide engaging, fun and actionable content focusing on the “how” of people and leadership. To be a place where culture creators and people managers can connect, communicate and build community.

Our values


We’re driven to produce the best content and provide actionable insights in all we do and in all we create.

We are obsessed with delivering value for our readers, our partners and our community.



We create, we learn and we adapt.

We continually improve our quality and communication, seek feedback and iterate quickly.


We value fresh perspectives and constantly challenge the status quo.

We accomplish amazing amounts of important work and pivot quickly when needed.



If we’re not having fun doing what we do, we know something is wrong and we take steps to fix it.

The world of work should be fun and through this lens, we provide engaging content to our audience.

Resources to help you build happy

and productive workplaces

Online interactive community

We believe that without conversation and connection, there is no community. Our community exists to help you become a better people leader and a catalyst for healthy company culture. If you’re an owner, founder, “people and culture” person, or HR professional, this is your community.

Articles from thought leaders

Original, actionable insights from thought leaders and innovators in people & culture, HR, organizational development and leadership. Passionate about sharing your voice and perspective, we’d love to hear from you! We make the writing contribution process simple and fun!

The People Managing People podcast

Hosted by Tim Reitsma, the People Managing People podcast brings guests with diverse leadership backgrounds to inspire people leaders and culture creators with actionable insights into how to build better workplaces.

With a focus on “How” to lead and how to build amazing workplaces, our guests include best selling authors, culture innovators and thought leaders.

Our newsletter

We promise, it’s not a boring newsletter! Because, boring is a waste of your time and we don’t want to waste your time. Our newsletter is a weekly feed of our latest articles, podcasts, resources and inspiration.

It’s short, to the point, full of insights you will be able to take action on and bring these insights into your workday.

Build a better world of work interview series

When you hear the phrase “build a better world of work”, what comes to mind? We invite you to share your ideas, thoughts and experiences in our ongoing interview series on this topic.

Tool lists to simplify the selection and buying process

Software may be part of your solution and we aim to provide you with rich insights from our in-house tool experts. Looking to connect with our tool expert team to help you in your buying journey, let us know!

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Our Promise

We challenge our point of view. We work with a variety of experts who we encourage to share their views while respecting our brand guidelines.

Everything we publish is through the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

Our tool lists are well-researched and written by our experts. If a tool company doesn’t fit on a list, we have no problem telling them so.

Our community is an engaging place to learn and grow.

We provide valuable content that will help you lead and manage your teams. If not, let us know!

Our Team

Tim Reitsma

General Manager

Tim is the co-founder and General Manager of People Managing People, an online publication focused on building a better world of work. He is experienced with people & culture, leadership, business strategy and operations with a focus on building great teams who are excited about their craft and their organization. With over 15 years of leadership experience, Tim has always been guided by his core values: faith, family, curiosity, and fun. He is a coach, mentor, speaker, advisor, and an active volunteer in his community.


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