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Real talk for People Ops, scaling up in the knowledge economy.

Often, content related to people, culture, and leadership focuses on “what’s wrong” and “why” something needs to happen. The “how to fix it” is missing.

We’re filling this gap by providing practical content written by forward-thinking leaders in the space.

Launched in 2019, People Managing People has grown into a leading publication and community space for HR and people leaders.

Our contributors bring a vast range of experience gained from organizations that are small, large, and everything in between. We believe that by incorporating diverse perspectives from people with different backgrounds and experiences, we will be able to deliver the most impactful content possible.

Our purpose

Our Purpose

We exist to help build sustainable organizations of the future.

Our mission

Our Mission

To provide engaging, fun and actionable content focusing on the “how” of people and leadership. To be a place where culture creators and people managers can connect, communicate and build community.

Meet People Managing People’s Editorial Team

The People Managing People is owned and managed by Black & White Zebra, a fast-growing digital media company.


David Rice

David Rice is the Senior Editor of People Managing People. He’s passionate about people operations as a business function and a conduit for improving how organizations influence culture and society. When he’s not at his computer typing away, he’s probably playing soccer or picking weeds in his garden.

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A cross-functional team

The People Managing People is made possible by a lean, creative, and passionate team.

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Resources to help you build organizations of the future

Online interactive community

We believe that without conversation and connection, there is no community. Our community exists to help you become a better people leader and a catalyst for healthy company culture. If you’re an owner, founder, “people and culture” person, or HR professional, this is your community.

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Articles from thought leaders

Original, actionable insights from thought leaders and innovators in people & culture, HR, organizational development and leadership. Passionate about sharing your voice and perspective? We’d love to hear from you! We make the writing contribution process simple and fun!

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The People Managing People podcast

Hosted by Becca Banyard, the People Managing People podcast brings guests with diverse leadership backgrounds to inspire people leaders and culture creators with actionable insights into how to build future-proof workplaces.

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Insights interview series

We interview HR and business leaders from top organizations to discover how they’re building world-class workplaces. We invite you to share your ideas, thoughts and experiences in our ongoing insights series.

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Tool lists to simplify the selection and buying process

Software may be part of your solution and we aim to provide you with rich insights from our in-house tool experts. Looking to connect with our tool expert team to help you in your buying journey? Let us know!

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What people are saying about us

I really loved both the energy and sense of curiosity that you brought to [our podcast episode]. True curiosity is rare, so that's a real credit to you.

Brendon Baker
Valuable Change Co.

We're so lucky to have Tim come as a keynote speaker at our university event on resilience. He was engaging, authentic, and found a way to really connect with the class through his personal stories. We learned a lot from Tim and would highly recommend reaching out to him if you need a guest speaker.

Nitai Weinberg
MM Council VP Health & Wellbeing, UBC Sauder School of Business

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Contribute to Our People Managing People Community

We are always looking to grow our community of thought leaders! If you’re looking to share your expertise with our readers, we want to hear from you. We consider applications for long-term, short-term, or one-time contributor relationships.