Best 10 Compliance Software For HR Departments [2022]

All companies are subject to regulations in areas like employment, data collection, and health and safety. Even with the best intentions, staying on the right side of these rules isn’t always easy. 

But failing to do so can have big costs. Globalscape estimates that the price of non-compliance increased by 45% between 2011 and 2017, reaching an annual average of $14.82 million. 

The best compliance software can help. 

These tools help you implement processes that keep you on the right side of regulations, by alerting you to changes, tracking your compliance efforts, and helping you communicate rules to your team.

This article will introduce ten of the best HR compliance tools for your business.

The Best HR Compliance Software

Here’s the list of the best compliance software that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. SAI360 logoSAI360

    Best for keeping up with changing regulations

  2. intelliHR logointelliHR

    Best for certifications and training compliance

  3. Cornerstone logoCornerstone

    Best for employee management

  4. OnePoint logoOnePoint

    Best for employee wage and leave compliance

  5. Sync Simple logoSync Simple

    Best for document management

  6. NeeyamoWorks Compliance logoNeeyamoWorks Compliance

    Best for global businesses

  7. HR Acuity logoHR Acuity

    Best for incident management

  8. Diligent logoDiligent

    Best for identifying risk

  9. eloomi logoeloomi

    Best for compliance training

  10. Certemy logoCertemy

    Best for keeping licenses up to date

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best compliance management solution? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): A good user interface makes tools easy to navigate. And easy navigation helps you find data about regulations and analyze your compliance efforts.
  2. Usability: The tools should be easy to use by both the HR teams that manage compliance and by employees. Look out for mobile apps as well as web-based software.
  3. Automation: Most of the tools on this list will automate key business processes. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error causing an important task to fall through the cracks. 
  4. Value for $: The tools on this list cover various pricing options. We think each one offers value for money for the right business. 

Compliance Management Software: Key Features

The compliance management tools on this list each have slightly different functionality. The best one for you will depend on your organization’s needs. 

Here are some of the features to look out for. 

  1. Regulatory updates: Some tools track regulatory bodies and alert your team whenever these organizations update requirements or introduce new ones. These tools may provide plain-language reports and help you set tasks to ensure you take action on the changes. They may also provide updates for regulations in multiple regions. 
  2. Licensing and certification: These features track required licenses, certificates, and visas, to ensure your employee’s documents are up to date. They keep track of expiration dates and remind you when a license needs to be renewed.
  3. Training: Training features let you roll out the courses staff need to take to stay compliant. Solutions may provide their own modules on subjects like cybersecurity or health and safety. You can usually upload your own course content to create custom training plans.
  4. Incident management: Tools with incident management features provide standardized workflows that help you deal with employee complaints. Standardized processes ensure you deal with each incident compliantly. 
  5. Wage compliance: These features ensure you pay employees in a way that adheres to local regulations. Look for features like surveys that confirm hours worked, time cards, and the ability to review and approve leave requests.  

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Compliance Management Platforms

Here’s a brief description of each compliance management platform. I’ll showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.

  • Upon request

SAI360 - Best for keeping up with changing regulations

SAI360 provides updates about regulatory changes that could affect your business.

SAI360 is compliance software with all you need to identify and mitigate risk. Its features cover policy management, third-party risk management, and audit and exam management. A major compliance challenge for HR teams is ensuring your business operations stay compliant with changing regulations. SAI360 helps you keep on top of these updates by alerting you to regulatory changes that could affect your business as they occur. You can then take steps to modify your compliance processes and internal controls where necessary. The tool monitors change across more than 400 regulatory bodies, making it helpful for businesses in various industries. When changes are made, it provides plain language summaries with key dates for implementation—making it easy to take action. SAI360 also has regulatory change management features that help you create actions and track when they are complete. This stops essential tasks from falling through the cracks. The reporting dashboard keeps track of all the regulatory actions being processed in your business. Use these audit management features to show leadership and auditors that you proactively react to regulatory changes. SAI360 doesn’t advertise its pricing. You can find out more by contacting the team via the website.
  • From $10.50/employee/month

intelliHR - Best for certifications and training compliance

Use intelliHR to ensure all employee licenses and certification is up-to-date.

intelliHR is a user-friendly platform that helps you track and manage risk compliance. You can configure the tool to your organization’s exact regulatory compliance needs and then view insights in real-time.

The requirements and licenses feature helps you keep all required certifications up-to-date. Store documents such as licenses or visas within the platform, then create notifications that remind employees when they need to be renewed.

The tool also helps with training. Set up the training required to stay compliant and then capture details about employee completion. You can even integrate the tool with your learning management system.

intelliHR has multiple pricing plans. To access the compliance dashboard, you need the strategic plan, which costs $10.50 per employee per month.

  • Upon request

Cornerstone - Best for employee management

Easily rollout required training to everyone at your organization with Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is an HR talent management software system with powerful compliance features. These help with mitigating risk across your organization.

The tool excels in helping staff take compliance training. You can automate training paths based on roles to ensure that everyone completes the lessons relevant to their jobs.

It’s easy for employees to access the training via the employee dashboard on desktop or via mobile. They can access further courses to continue learning when they finish the required programs. Meanwhile, HR can track metrics like course completion via the dashboard.

The tool also tracks the steps you take to stay compliant. Use this audit trail to ensure you are ready for investigations. Configurable reports help you share these insights with leaders.

Cornerstone doesn’t promote pricing, but you can book a demo to find out more on the website.

  • Upon request

OnePoint - Best for employee wage and leave compliance

OnePoint has useful features for wage and hourly work compliance.

OnePoint is an HR management platform with multiple tools to help businesses stay compliant in multiple areas. It has features for leave, records management, wage and hour compliance, ACA, and health and safety.

I like the reports for wages and paid leave. The wage and hour compliance features minimize risks by providing employees with questionnaires to confirm time worked and the breaks they take.

There are also features to review and approve time cards. Meanwhile, paid leave compliance functionality automates leave requests and ensures you handle them compliantly.

The tool also has robust reporting. It automatically tracks your compliance activities to provide real-time visibility into progress. You can even generate and download federal compliance reports for veterans, ACA, and 401k forms.

OnePoint doesn’t promote pricing. But you can contact the sales team via the website to find out more.

  • From $3.75/month/extra user

Sync Simple - Best for document management

Sync Simple helps you stay compliant with documents, training, and communication features.

Sync Simple is HR software with compliance features such as a weekly tracker, document storage, a library, training management, and surveys. These tools make meeting your compliance requirements simple.

The document library is a simple feature for compliance. Store files created by Sync Simple alongside your own documents in a single online folder. Time and date stamping tools help you track when employees access these documents.

Training is another useful feature. Track employee training to ensure each person has completed the courses needed to comply with regulations relevant to their role. You can upload your company’s learning content to the software or use the tool’s existing resources. Employees can take the training in their own time, and the tool provides engagement reports.

Sync Simple pricing starts at $250 per month for up to 40 employees. It then costs $3.75 per month per extra user.

  • Upon request

NeeyamoWorks Compliance - Best for global businesses

NeeyamoWorks helps you stay compliant with rules across multiple regions.

NeeyamoWorks Compliance is an enterprise risk management tool with features designed for global companies. It lets you configure your requirements based on the region you operate in—ensuring you stay compliant with local laws and regulations.

The platform provides a library of laws and rules you can access to check requirements in different countries. And the tool will update and alert you of upcoming changes. Use these to implement policies in advance, so you’re compliant once the change comes in.

The compliance diagnosis dashboard shows how compliant each part of your organization is. Use this to instantly spot issues and take steps to resolve these problems. Meanwhile, the tool keeps you audit-ready by tracking the changes and updates you make. You can easily search for and access the files you need for an audit.

NeeyamoWorks doesn’t advertise pricing on its website. You can find out more by requesting a demo on the website.

  • Upon request

HR Acuity - Best for incident management

The HRAcuity dashboard helps HR teams track where cases occur in their business.

HRAcuity is a compliance solution that helps organizations with incident management. It does this by highlighting risk areas and standardizing processes to help reduce the risk of litigation at your business.

Documentation is a handy tool. You get access to documents that help you standardize how you respond to cases. It ensures you track the correct details in each situation and provides access to standardized letter templates that ensure transparent and compliant communication.

Reporting features also help. You can see insight into where issues occur which helps with risk assessment. You can then proactively take action on these patterns before it is too late.

HRAcuity doesn’t promote pricing on its website. But you can contact the team for more information via their website.

  • Upon request

Diligent - Best for identifying risk

Diligent identifies and alerts you to compliance risk within your organization.

Diligent is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and quality management tool with features designed for multiple industries, including healthcare and finance. The compliance features promote compliant behavior among employees and provide HR with relevant insight.

Culture-building tools are central to the platform. You can create and deploy microlearning content to educate staff on compliance issues. Meanwhile, the hotline service ensures employees are ready and able to speak out when required.

Managing risk and compliance is easy too. The platform helps HR monitor activities to spot non-compliance early. For example, it will highlight potential conflicts of interest as soon as they occur so you can take action before they become an issue. And you can create compliant policies and roll them out for all employees in your organization.

Diligent doesn’t promote pricing. But you can request more information via the website.

  • Upon request

eloomi - Best for compliance training

eloomi helps you deploy training on multiple compliance-related topics.

eloomi is a learning and feedback platform that lets you create compliance programs. These are designed to streamline employee training while ensuring high participation rates.

The course builder is central to the tool. When creating a course, you can use lessons from existing providers—the tool has training tracks for compliance-related issues such as data security awareness, GDPR, health and safety, and legal compliance. Or you can import your own compliance training content into the app.

The employee portal shows all the training each person must complete and enables them to take courses on any device. This results in a streamlined user experience that encourages course completion.

Reporting features show how employees engage with each training program. HR can see how many people have completed courses and create custom reports based on roles, demographics, or skills.

eloomi doesn’t advertise pricing online. You can request a quote via the form on the website.

  • Upon request

Certemy - Best for keeping licenses up to date

Use Certemy to keep all employee licenses and certifications up to date.

Certemy is a SaaS compliance management system built around tracking and managing employee licenses and certifications. It ensures that all employees have the relevant certifications and keeps them up to date.

Each certification is stored in the system and has a set expiration date. The tool alerts employees before renewal is due so they can renew their license. The tool also has credential management features to help staff complete the necessary paperwork accurately. It can even automate parts of form filling to save time.

The tool is cloud-based and has a compliance database to store all relevant documents. Meanwhile, the dashboard and reporting tools enable you to spot issues and take action before they become a problem.

Certemy doesn’t promote pricing on its website. You can contact the sales team for more information.

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The 10 Best Compliance Management Platforms Summary

What Is Compliance Management Software For HR?

HR compliance management software helps HR teams ensure their organization operates in a way that is compliant with regional regulations. The tools keep the team up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and enable them to roll out processes that adhere to these standards. 

HR teams can also use these tools to view reporting data that highlights problematic areas so they can take action before it results in bigger problems. The tools are used by organizations from small businesses to enterprises.

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What Do You Think About This List?

This list contains what I consider to be the best compliance software solutions for HR departments. They cover a variety of use cases so the majority of businesses should be able to find one to suit their needs. 

If you’ve used any of these tools, I’m keen to hear what you think of them. Just drop a comment in the section below.
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