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10 Best Staffing Software For Recruiting & Staffing In 2021

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best hiring and staffing software, as well as some other useful recruiting tools.

There’s a lot that goes into hiring the right person for an open job position. The Undercover Recruiter reports that 46% of talent leaders say that finding high-talent candidates is itself difficult to do and 52% of hiring managers struggle to identify top candidates amongst the slew of available names. 

Using software or other digital hiring tools can simplify the recruitment process immensely. For example, LinkedIn notes that shorten the time to make an offer and employ recruiting algorithms to find the most productive candidate. 

I’ve come up with a robust list of staffing software solutions. Looking for permanent or temporary staffing software? There’s definitely something on this list that can meet your hiring needs. In this post, I’ll share with you the top staffing agency software and highlight a few of their best features and recruiting tools. 

Quickly Compare & Evaluate The 10 Best Staffing Agency Software

These tools can help find the best job candidate, organize applications, track staffing initiatives, and onboard new employees. 

The Best Staffing Programs List

Here’s a shortlist of the best job recruiting software:

  1. Tracker - Best Software for Integrated ATS, CRM and Automation
  2. Manatal - Best ATS with CRM and AI automations
  3. Zoho Recruit - Best staffing software for staffing agencies
  4. TargetRecruit - Best staffing software with job board integrations
  5. Bullhorn - Best staffing software with business intelligence (BI)
  6. Avionté - Best staffing software with payroll & billing
  7. SmartRecruiters - Best staffing & ATS for talent sourcing and engagement
  8. SmarterSelect - Best for NGO & grant staffing
  9. ENGAGE - Best AI talent intelligence with actionable market analytics
  10. JobAdder - Best for 3rd party integration options

Job Recruiters FAQ 

Have some questions before we dive into each tool? Start with this handy FAQ. 

Who Uses Staffing Software?

Staffing agencies are obviously one of the most likely candidates to use staffing software. But many larger corporations with robust HR departments may use staffing software to handle their own office staffing initiatives. 

Why Use Staffing Software vs Going Through A Staffing Agency?

By choosing staffing software over an external software agency, you become completely in control of your hiring process. Additionally, any time or money you put into the recruitment tools will stay with your company for future hiring processes. 

Recruiting agencies use many different tools, like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Recruiting Customer Relationship Management Systems, Talent Sourcing Software, Onboarding Systems, Human Resources (HR) Tools, a Background Screening Tool, a Candidate Engagement Tool, and/or Video Interviewing Software.

How Much Does Staffing Software Generally Cost?

Staffing software may cost anywhere from $50-$100 per user per month or more. If you are doing a one-time-cost deal, it may range closer to $250-$1000 per user. 

Want more insights into the staffing and recruiting industry? Check out our other lists of staffing tools and info:

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Overviews of the Best New Tools for Staffing Management Solutions

Here’s a brief description of each of the online staffing tools that are featured on this top 10 list.

  • Free trial
  • From $80/user/month

Tracker - Best Software for Integrated ATS, CRM and Automation

Visualize recruiting and hiring pipelines on intuitive Kanban boards.

Tracker is a recruitment and staffing software that acts as a combined ATS and CRM. The tool is designed to help staffing and recruiting firms manage and optimize their candidate, client, marketing, and operational processes. The tool includes features for sourcing candidates, nurturing and matching applicants, and making placements. Tracker also offers tools like resume parsing to help eliminate manual data entry. Also included are tools for sales and client relationship management, marketing and job board integration, back office support, and more. Users can integrate Tracker with external job boards, as well as set up custom candidate portals, dashboards and reports, and workflows. Tracker can integrate with a variety of third-party tools. Tracker costs from $80/user/month. They also offer a free trial.
  • Free trial and demo
  • From $35/user/month

Manatal - Best ATS with CRM and AI automations

Manatal users can streamline the recruitment process by organizing candidates and process stages onto Kanban boards.

Used by thousands of staffing and recruitment agencies in over 90 countries, Manatal is the leader in simplifying the recruitment process by offering a unique mix of core ATS tools, new and innovative AI-powered features, and a customer relationship management system.

Manatal’s interface is both practical and intuitive, and as a result, little to no training is required and teams can quickly start leveraging its tools. The platform includes all the standard ATS features such as daily recruitment processing, drag and drop pipelines, compliance tools (i.e. GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, and others), a career page builder, a full analytics suite, skill bank, candidate and job history, activities management, collaboration tools, a placement management system, and all main functions that relate to candidates’ information and records.

More innovative features include things like powerful search functions, AI-based recommendations, candidate scoring and social media recruitment (Linkedin, Facebook, GitHub, and more). These features have proven extremely valuable in streamlining activities like candidate sourcing and screening, as well as in helping leverage large existing candidate databases.

Finally, Manatal includes a complete CRM (customer relationship management) system that allows its users to track and manage leads and customers throughout the whole client lifecycle.

Manatal offers an open API and integrations with Linkedin, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, and

  • From $30.00 per feature/month

Zoho Recruit - Best staffing software for staffing agencies

Zoho Recruit provides breakdowns and reports on open job status, jobs by industry, and more.

Zoho Recruit is a staffing software designed for recruiters and corporate hiring teams. The tool helps hire a workforce that is in sync with the changing talent demand and hire more qualified candidates.

Users can post jobs to multiple job boards, automate and manage candidates, clients, & contacts, and spend less time on mundane processes.

Zoho Recruit’s staffing software caters to multiple hurdles faced by recruiters. With complete solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, Zoho Recruit helps users source, track, and hire the best candidates, without any juggling required across different media.

The tool includes features for customizing every aspect of your workday and automating tasks like sending emails, updating interview status, and more. Zoho Recruit also provides reports and analytics for hiring strategies.

  • Free trial
  • From $124/month

TargetRecruit - Best staffing software with job board integrations

Check job applicant history and activity and log all forms of communication.

TargetRecruit is an enterprise software designed for staffing and recruiting firms and is native to Salesforce. It comes with CRM, Front Office, Middle Office, and Portals features that enable users to improve business relationships, source and place the right candidates, as well as to manage timesheets, pay and bill, through mobile-ready portals.

TargetRecruit has an applicant tracking system, job board search, job posting, job management features as well as global mapping, candidate presentations and branding, credentialing, e-signatures, reporting and dashboards, flexible workflows, email integration that all make searching for, matching and placing applicants easy.

TargetRecruit has over 140 integrations with Salesforce Native apps and others for accounting, assessments/testing, background verification, chat bots, commissions tracking, contract management, email integration, marketing automation, payroll, relationship mapping, video conferencing and so much more.

TargetRecruit costs from $124/month and offers a free trial.

  • Live demo
  • Pricing is available upon request

Bullhorn - Best staffing software with business intelligence (BI)

Monitor the Engagement Summary of each applicant.

Bullhorn is a staffing software that lets users enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one solution for recruiting & sales, pay & bill, reporting & engagement, and VMS integration. With these features, users will be able to track and onboard applicants, manage timesheets, invoice, gain insights, automate workflows, and communicate on the go.

Bullhorn gets rid of information silos and allows users to work together to place candidates in as little time as possible. With a powerful search feature that sifts through 100 million candidate records and gives you results in less than half a second, and the advanced customisation functionality within the software on both desktop and mobile screens make Bullhorn a clear choice for recruiters who hate wasting time.

Bullhorn integrates with more than 100 solutions in an open ecosystem that will enable users to migrate from their old systems to Bullhorn with ease.

Bullhorn pricing is available upon request. Plan options include Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.

  • Pricing details upon reques

Avionté - Best staffing software with payroll & billing

Use the Active Job Monitor to follow days open, inactive, and other pipeline movements.

AvionteBOLD is a CRM and ATS system that comes packed with features for payroll & billing, advanced sourcing, candidate attracting, and onboarding made for clerical, light industrial, IT and professional industries. With AvionteBOLD you can go paperless, efficiently onboard, and recruit anywhere with the mobile app.

Personalized job boards, mobile-friendly job applications, comprehensive job distribution, Google for jobs integrations, and Talent Tasks to keep applicants on track and updated are just some of the features that AvionteBOLD offers that enable its users to attract and onboard quality candidates and give candidates an application process they might actually enjoy.

AvionteBOLD integrates with ADP SmartCompliance, rapid! PayCard, Asurint, Essential StaffCARE, Adobe Sign, Checkr, Choice Screening, Crimcheck, Equifax Workforce Solutions, Greenshades Software, Global Cash Card, Haley Marketing, IBM, Liberty Screening, MAXIMUS, and Nelco.

AvionteBOLD offers pricing details upon request.

  • Freemium product
  • Pricing details upon request

SmartRecruiters - Best staffing & ATS for talent sourcing and engagement

Quickly connect to job boards like Monster and Indeed from your Sourcing dashboard.

SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based talent acquisition software that comes with features for candidate experience, manager engagement, recruiter productivity, hiring budget, hiring speed, and hire quality for use by companies of any size. SmartRecruiters, unlike other software options we’ve mentioned, offers nonprofits free plans and huge discounts on bigger plans and donates a portion of their equity to a foundation.

SmartRecruiters gives users the ability to create branded pages without the need to code. Keep everyone on the team in the loop with notes, notifications, and social tools whether you’re on the desktop or the mobile app. The pre-integrated assessment tools make screening and evaluating candidates easier and saves time. Automating advertising to move within your budget and standardizing candidate evaluation criteria are some of the other things SmartRecruiters also enables its users to do.

SmartRecruiters integrates with solutions for job boards, sourcing, recruitment marketing, communication, candidate assessments, background checks, onboarding, and analytics.

SmartRecruiters offers pricing details upon request.

  • Free trial for 10 users and 10 programs
  • From $1,000/year for 500 users

SmarterSelect - Best for NGO & grant staffing

SmarterSelect specializes in not-for-profits, like scholarship and grant hiring.

SmarterSelect is a cloud-based application management software that’s designed to make awarding scholarships, grants, special programs, and awards easier. It’s trusted by 40,000 programs and 1,500,000 users because it’s designed for non-technical users. You can set the program up on your own and get started on using it in almost no time.

Customize your workflows, set email and text reminders up, gain insights, and award the best candidates every time. SmarterSelect offers simple and customised pricing that will make it easy and light on nonprofits, which is their company’s main objective.

SmarterSelect integrates with more than 750 applications. Integrations include Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

SmarterSelect costs from $1,000/year for 500 users. They offer a free trial for 10 users and 10 programs. Their most comprehensive Enterprise plan costs $5,000/year for 10,000 users.

  • Pricing upon request

ENGAGE - Best AI talent intelligence with actionable market analytics

The ENGAGE Dashboard outlines details like active employees and expiring licenses.

ENGAGE Talent includes staffing software solutions for recruiting, retention, and market intelligence all combined into one sleek platform with AI automations to make combined data more manageable. ENGAGE pulls data from over 30K sources to provide a ready-made selection of candidates for you to analyse and engage with.

ENGAGE offers a proprietary database of 100 million prospects, targeting capabilities to reach and convert passive candidates, AI-driven insights for talent acquisitions, retention and turnover risk predictions by role and skills set, and real-time competitive peer and industry benchmarks. Their ENGAGE ME! profile predicts candidate-specific attractiveness factors for new job opportunities based on their complete professional history, including employers, titles, tenure,, and geography.

ENGAGE has recently joined the Workforce Logiq family, which means that a pool of Workforce Logiq expert advisors are at your fingertips for customized strategic planning and HR mentorship.

ENGAGE’s Total Talent Intelligence platform offers customized pricing upon request.

  • Free demo
  • Available upon request

JobAdder - Best for 3rd party integration options

Organize candidates into categories like Internal, Submitted, and References.

JobAdder is a recruitment software that promises its users more time to be spent with people and not processes. It comes packed with features that enable users to conduct candidate search and matching, build custom workflows, maximise built-in job posting to 200 job boards, customize forms, connect with other applications with integrations, and so much more. What makes it unique is its mobile app with voice-to-text functionality that’s available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

JobAdder also comes with a CRM system that allows users to build stronger connections by putting focus on relationships. This is done through the availability of customised follow up and reminder templates and customisable workflows that allow you to keep track of applicants, which you can do anytime and anywhere using the mobile app.

JobAdder integrates with 92 applications and software for assessment tools, background checks, billing & invoicing, candidate screening, digital signing, email software, employee scheduling, feedback software, HRIS, lead generating tools, marketing, performance management, time & attendance, video interviewing, workforce management and so much more.

Pricing details for JobAdder are available upon request and are customized to your needs.

Other Staffing Software Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list. If you need additional suggestions for handy hiring software, check these out.

  1. CEIPAL – Best hiring & recruiting process with relationship management.
  2. PCRecruiter –  Best comprehensive CRM and ATS functionality. 
  3. Crelate – Best drag & drop dashboards and UI.
  4. Mindscope – Bets all-in-one applicant tracking system and recruiter. 
  5. FirstScreen – Best for automated interviews & response grading. 
  6. StaffingSoft – Best automation for data entry & customizable job postings.
  7. Fetcher – Best full-service recruiting automation platform with live talent profiles.
  8. Zoho Recruit – Best ATS with background screening functionality and a LinkedIn connector. 
  9. BrightHR – Best iOS or Android app for staff entitlement & vacation tracking. 
  10. BambooHR – Best HR software that has tools for preparing compensation & building culture.
  11. Apptrino – Best SaaS for job postings and placements tools.

What Do You Think About These Enterprise Staffing Options?

Have you tried out any staffing company software listed above? Have you experienced any candidate platforms worth noting? Are there any recruiting tools that you think we have missed but should be on this list?

Going further in to the process, have you considered implementing an ethics and compliance software? Find out how your organization can benefit from having one, here.

Let us know in the comments.