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With so many different diversity recruiting software available, figuring out which is right for you is tough. You know you want to source a more diverse array of candidates and eliminate unconscious bias from your hiring process, but you need to figure out which tool is best. In this post, I'll help you make your choice easy by sharing my insights on the best diversity recruiting software based on my personal recruiting experience.

What Is Diversity Recruiting Software?

Diversity recruiting software is a cloud-based SaaS tool that helps organizations source and hire more diverse talent by eliminating unconscious bias from the hiring process. It achieves this through special algorithms designed to find candidates with different backgrounds, and other features such as skill matching and blind hiring (where candidate details are anonymized until you invite them to an interview). This type of software also assists in simplifying each step of the recruiting process, from sourcing to interviewing to making an offer.

Using diversity recruitment software is an easy way to source top talent and boost your DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) simultaneously. It will help you broaden your company's recruitment outreach so you can build a more inclusive culture, and provide an excellent and equitable candidate experience for all applicants.

Overviews of the 10 Best Diversity Recruiting Software

Here’s a brief description of each diversity recruiting software system that showcases each tool’s best use case and noteworthy features. I’ve also included screenshots to give you a snapshot of their user interface too.

Best for its integration capabilities

  • Free demo available
  • From $295/month

Circa Diversity Recruiting helps recruiters easily identify and source top-tier minority candidates for open roles. The software uses extensive data sources and enables organizations to identify and nurture a more diverse pipeline of candidates. Its features allow companies to screen through resumes, conduct in-depth assessments, and analyze data. The dashboard provides key insights and analytics that enable hiring teams to make data-driven decisions. It integrates into existing HR systems, third-party tools, and platforms for a seamless recruiting experience.

The platform assists companies in creating job postings that are inclusive and attractive to diverse groups, using language that avoids gender bias or any other language that may deter certain candidates. The platform offers guidance on creating a job posting that caters to job seekers from diverse backgrounds, providing tips on salary, benefits, employee resource groups, and other incentives that contribute to creating an inclusive work environment.

Circa Diversity Recruiting has a robust ATS that helps recruiters track applicants’ progress during the hiring process. This system ensures that each applicant is given an equal opportunity and that no biases slip into any stage of the recruitment process. Additionally, it allows users to create and manage hiring objectives that align with diversity and inclusion goals and measure progress against them. The software provides comprehensive reports and analytics on diversity recruiting performance metrics, such as gender, ethnicity, age, education, location, and veteran status. This data helps recruiters assess their recruitment strategy's effectiveness and identify areas of improvement.

Pricing starts at a one-time fee of $295, and a free demo is available.

Anonymize applications and resumes with a single click

  • Free demo available
  • From $600/month (paid annually)
Visit Website
Rating: 4.6/5

Pinpoint is a talent acquisition solution that helps organizations assess diverse applicants based solely on their experience and skills. The software’s blind hiring feature allows you to anonymize applications and resumes, so you can measure candidates on what really matters.

The solution has a clean layout and is easy to use. Its dashboard helps your HR specialists to plan their day or week, and its automation features eliminate most manual or repetitive processes.

The highlight of using this software is that you can anonymize applicant data with a single click, removing their name, contact information, age, race, gender, and photo from their applications and resumes.

Pinpoint integrates with dozens of apps, including Dribbble, Indeed, Joblift, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Twitter, and Zoom.

Pinpoint costs from $600/month. You can also request a free demo.

Best for automatically screening and filtering candidates

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $15/user/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.9/5

Manatal is a recruiting software that helps companies hire a more diverse workforce. The software provides access to a global database of candidates and uses data-driven analysis to identify potential hires from underrepresented groups. This includes women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. In addition to connecting companies with qualified candidates, Manatal also offers resources and guidance on creating an inclusive hiring process. Its ability to automatically screen and filter candidates based on specific criteria saves businesses a lot of time and energy when reviewing applications, as they can be confident that only the most qualified candidates are making it through to the next stage of the process.

Manatal’s automatic profile extraction feature allows users to import candidates directly from LinkedIn. The extracted information includes the candidate's name, job title, current company, and location. The feature also allows users to extract the candidate's contact information, education history, and work experience, enabling them to quickly and easily create a profile for a potential candidate. Businesses can expand their reach by sharing vacancies on social media and boosting job opening visibility. Manatal offers a career page hosting service that allows users to share vacancies directly on social media. Employers can post job openings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms with just a few clicks, making it a great way to diversify recruitment and reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

The software allows users to centralize their resume database, link any job board to Manatal, and automatically converge all applicants into one platform. This makes it easy to keep track of all applicants, view their qualifications, and contact them for interviews.

Pricing for Manatal starts at $15/user/month.

Best for global recruitment automation

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $50/user/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.8/5

Recruit CRM is a recruitment automation platform that integrates an applicant tracking system with CRM capabilities, designed to support recruitment agencies globally. It stands out for its extensive range of features including 5000+ integrations, workflow automations, and resources like case studies and email templates, positioning it as a leading solution for global recruitment automation.

Recruit CRM is highly regarded as an effective diversity recruiting solution primarily due to its robust features that streamline the talent acquisition process while emphasizing inclusivity. The platform supports recruiting teams in implementing diversity-focused recruitment strategies by providing tools for bias-free candidate screening, customizable diversity recruitment workflows, and comprehensive analytics to track diversity goals. These features ensure a broader and more inclusive talent pool, helping organizations to meet their diversity targets effectively.

Recruit CRM allows users to create customized candidate scoring systems tailored to specific job roles or company values. This feature enables recruiters to assign weighted scores to various candidate attributes, such as skills, experience, cultural fit, and diversity factors. Such customization ensures that the recruitment process aligns closely with the company's strategic goals and helps in making data-driven hiring decisions that support diversity and inclusion objectives.

Recruit CRM costs from $50/user/month and has a 14-day free trial.

Best for tracking diversity metrics across the employee lifecycle

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request
Visit Website
Rating: 4.6/5

ClearCompany is an end-to-end talent management solution that provides organizations with an effective way to set goals, track progress, and measure success regarding their diversity hiring initiatives. Its applicant tracking system (ATS) enables recruiting teams to attract and retain a more diverse pool of talent by adhering to bias-free hiring and performance management best practices, while also consistently keeping track of their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) metrics.

One of ClearCompany’s core features that can directly impact an organization’s DEIB hiring strategy is its robust reporting and analytics suite that's tailored for inclusive hiring. With powerful analytics and detailed reporting, HR and recruiting teams can effectively track the progress and outcomes of their talent management and hiring programs. These reports can help organizations maximize their inclusive hiring strategy and gain valuable insights into their demographics and organizational trends. Their pre-built reports include features like scorecard analysis, requisition volume, candidate flow log, source-of-hires, equal employment opportunity (EEO) reports, and gender diversity pipeline. This is, of course, in addition to the basics such as application completion, time-to-hire/time-to-fill, and recruiting funnel analysis.

Human resources and recruiting teams can save time and ensure data-driven decision-making at every stage of the talent management process using performance management reports, recruiting reports, and people analytics reports. Using recruiting reports, teams can enhance the efficiency of their recruiting programs by simply tracking their pipeline sources, candidate demographics, and conversions at every phase of the hiring funnel. Their end-to-end platform also features people analytics reports designed to track various metrics, including racial and ethnic diversity, pay equity, retention by race and ethnicity, gender diversity, and diversity & inclusion.

Integrations are available with over 100 popular HR software solutions, including Alliance Background, Americhek, Checkr, eSkill, Glassdoor, Gmail, Hire Right, Indeed, LinkedIn, Microsoft Office 365, Okta, ScreeningOne, Skill Check, Sterling, and many others.

ClearCompany offers customized pricing upon request, as well as a free demo.

Best for tracking diversity metrics during the candidate selection process

  • 15-day free trial + free plan available
  • From $30/user/month
Visit Website
Rating: 4.4/5

Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive, cloud-based recruiting solution that optimizes hiring processes with a focus on diversity. By integrating diversity-focused tools to reduce unconscious bias and eliminate 'groupthink', Zoho Recruit assists in attracting a wide range of candidates, ensuring businesses can find the right talent efficiently.

It achieves this through features like AI-powered candidate matching, in-system behavioral assessments, and compliance with EEO, OFCCP, and GDPR. Your recruiting team can also keep a watchful eye over key recruiting metrics during the candidate selection process, including the gender and race demographics of candidates, and the reason for rejection.

Other features include candidate sourcing, job advertising, employee referrals, resume management, a talent database, background screening, live or one-way video screening, automation tools, and collaborative hiring capabilities. All these features are housed within their user-friendly yet robust interface, making Zoho Recruit a well-rounded system for corporate hiring teams wanting end-to-end hiring automation with a commitment to inclusivity.

Integrations are available with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Google Suite, Microsoft Outlook, MS Teams, Slack, Mailchimp, Checkr, HireRight, Verified First, Sparkhire, HackerRank, Criteria, Calendly, Slack, Zapier, and others.

Best for attracting and hiring diverse candidates

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request
Visit Website
Rating: 4.8/5

PowerToFly is an online recruiting platform and community that helps companies attract and hire diverse candidates. From their state-of-the-art PowerPro platform, to the wide array of talent attraction services, PowerToFly focuses on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) throughout the entire hiring process.

Not only can clients build a company career page that showcases their diversity metrics and unique employer branding proposition, but they can also write and post more inclusive job descriptions using PowerToFly’s customizable templates.

Through PowerPro, clients also have the ability to search PowerToFly’s global talent pool of 35M+ diverse candidates using various diversity filters. PowerPro’s dashboard lets companies track candidates throughout the recruitment process and understand the demographic breakdown of the applicants they’re attracting and where they may be falling short.

Alongside PowerPro, PowerToFly’s DEIB learning center, PowerUp, gives employers access to various courses, resources, and tools created by subject matter experts. Users can earn certificates for completing various learning pathways, download a DEIB calendar, and stay informed with the latest industry news right on their PowerUp dashboard.

Software integrations are not listed by the provider.

Pricing information is available upon request. You can also schedule a free demo via their website.

Best for finding diverse talent around the world

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Mogul is a talent acquisition platform that helps businesses build inclusive workspaces. The platform offers a database of over 430 million diverse candidates, allowing you to filter them based on various criteria.

Mogul enables you to post jobs with ease and matches you with diverse talent. The software expands your email and social marketing reach by placing your jobs in front of warm candidates.

One of the best things about using this solution is that it allows you to tap into a huge database of diverse candidates from around the world. This enables you to find the best professionals for every position, improving your diversity recruiting efforts.

Mogul offers custom pricing upon request. You can also request a free demo.

Best for sourcing warm candidates

  • 14-day free trial + free demo
  • Pricing upon request
Visit Website
Rating: 4.5/5

SeekOut is a recruitment sourcing tool that helps you load your talent pipeline with candidates of diverse backgrounds. The solution allows you to set diversity targets, share inclusive job descriptions, and identify opportunities to improve representation.

This software enables you to speed up your hiring process by sourcing warm candidates directly from your applicant tracking system (ATS). The tool updates the profiles so you can see the candidates’ latest employment history as well as their previous interactions with your organization. Its talent search feature offers over 60 filters you can use to identify top candidates based on location, skills, experience, and diversity.

One of the best things about using this solution is its Blind Hire mode. This mode allows you to automatically remove identifiable details like candidate names, photos, social profiles, or salary history from candidate profiles, so your team can make an unbiased hiring decision.

SeekOut integrates with dozens of solutions, including Gem, IQTalent, JobDiva, Lever, SmartRecruiters, Workable, and Workday.

SeekOut offers custom pricing upon request. You can also request a free demo.

Best for breadth of talent pool

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request
Visit Website
Rating: 4.3/5

Yello is a diversity recruiting solution that helps organizations source talent from a database of over 6 million candidates. Each qualified candidate is a recent graduate or student from more than 7,100 campuses across the US. They are selected based on self-reported EEOC & OFCCP compliant data.

The software’s built-in screening feature enables you to identify potential employees with speed and efficiency. You can eliminate unqualified candidates based on custom criteria, and the tool’s automation features will let them know within 24 hours.

Yello also helps you create a branded, mobile-friendly job board. The platform enables you to share your job description on social media and track applicant activities, engagement, and touchpoints.

Yello integrates with various tools, including ADP, Greenhouse, Kenexa, SAP SuccessFactors, Taleo, and Workday.

Yello provides custom pricing upon request. You can also request a free demo.

The 10 Best Diversity Recruiting Software Comparison Chart

Here’s a comparison chart that summarizes basic details about each of my top diversity recruiting software selections. You can view pricing details and the availability of free trials or demos side-by-side to help you find the best software for your budget and business needs.

Tools Price
Circa Diversity Recruiting From $295/month
Pinpoint From $600/month (paid annually)
Manatal From $15/user/month
Recruit CRM From $50/user/month
ClearCompany Pricing upon request
Zoho Recruit From $30/user/month
PowerToFly Pricing upon request
Mogul Pricing upon request
SeekOut Pricing upon request
Yello Pricing upon request
Preview Image - <h2 class="c-block__title b-summary-table__title c-listicle__title h3" > Compare Software Specs Side by Side</h2>

Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

Here are a few more worthwhile options that didn’t make the best diversity recruiting software list:

  1. iCIMS

    Best for mitigating unconscious bias

  2. Eightfold AI

    Best for using AI to eliminate hiring bias

  3. Gem

    Track and measure your diversity initiatives

  4. Entelo Diversity

    Best for automatically detecting non-inclusive language

  5. Circa

    Share your job openings on diversity-focused job boards

  6. hireEZ

    Focus on minority groups for your open roles

  7. Teamtailor

    Best for EEO reporting and surveys

  8. Greenhouse

    Best for objective candidate assessment

  9. Fetcher

    Improve your diversity recruitment with the help of AI

  10. Vervoe

    AI-powered diversity recruitment platform that enables you to test the technical skills of underrepresented candidates

How I Selected The Best Diversity Recruiting Software

Wondering what I look for when selecting the best diversity recruiting software for this list? I'm happy to provide some insight into my selection process.

I began my selection process by creating a long list of popular recruiting software with positive user ratings that are well-known among human resources professionals. From there, I dug into each system further to assess whether they contained any true functionality for diversity sourcing. This step helped to whittle my list down quite a bit. That's because diversity sourcing is a new type of recruiting that many systems haven't incorporated yet.

Lastly, I used the selection criteria below to make my final selections. With those criteria as a lens, I was able to compare each software against the next systematically. This helped me to uncover the clear winners in the pack.

Selection Criteria

Here’s a summary of the selection and evaluation criteria I used to pick the best DEI recruiting software for this list: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I chose tools that have simple layouts, so your talent acquisition team can easily learn to navigate them. I also assessed the structure of their modules and menus to ensure key features were always within reach.
  2. Usability: I appreciate solutions that are easy to use. Your recruitment specialists have enough on their plate as it is, so you shouldn’t overburden them with diversity hiring tools that require weeks or months of training to master. 
  3. Software Integrations: I selected tools that integrate with other recruiting solutions, so you can add them to your app ecosystem without difficulty. Integrations also allow you to create workflows that span across software systems. For example, an integration that links hired candidates into an onboarding process will save your human resources team precious time. 
  4. Value for Price: I chose tools that simplify and speed up your diversity hiring, so you can get the most out of your investment. Due to the modular nature of these systems, many only provide pricing details upon request. However, you can still visit their websites to see the depth of the software packages offered.

Staying on top of trends in diversity recruiting software is crucial for recruiters and hiring managers to ensure they are effectively addressing diversity and inclusion in their hiring processes. By staying informed about the latest advancements in diversity recruiting software, recruiters can leverage innovative tools and features to attract a more diverse pool of candidates. Understanding emerging trends also allows recruiters to maximize the potential of technology in reducing bias and promoting equitable hiring practices. Here is are 5 current trends in the world of diversity recruiting software:

AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing

One significant trend is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in sourcing candidates. AI-driven tools are increasingly able to identify a diverse pool of candidates by analyzing data beyond traditional recruitment channels. This approach directly addresses the challenge of finding the right people in a limited pool of diverse candidates. By leveraging AI, companies can tap into a broader talent pool, ensuring a more inclusive hiring process.

Advanced Analytics for Application Management

Dealing with a large volume of applications and data is a major challenge for HR professionals. Advanced analytics in diversity recruiting software offers a solution by providing deep insights and efficient management of application pools. These tools often include features such as:

  • Data Organization: Advanced analytics tools help categorize and prioritize candidates, making it easier to manage large volumes of applications.
  • Diversity Metrics: These tools include diversity metrics in their analysis, ensuring a diverse range of candidates is considered.
  • Actionable Insights: The use of analytics offers actionable insights, aiding HR professionals in making informed decisions.

Employers and HR teams should leverage advanced analytics in their recruiting software to streamline the application management process and ensure a diverse candidate pool.

Skills-based Matching Algorithms

The challenge of comparing applicant skills is efficiently met by the development of skills-based matching algorithms. These algorithms ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified based on the competencies required for a role, promoting unbiased decision-making. Other benefits of these tools include:

  • Accurate Skill Assessment: The algorithms evaluate candidates based on their skills, leading to a more accurate assessment of their suitability.
  • Unbiased Selection: By focusing on skills, these algorithms reduce the influence of unconscious bias in the hiring process.
  • Efficient Matching: These algorithms can help streamline the recruitment process by quickly identifying the best-fit candidates for a position.

Try incorporating skills-based matching algorithms in their recruitment processes to ensure fair and efficient candidate selection.

Bias Elimination in Screening

To combat unconscious bias in the hiring process, new software tools are incorporating features that anonymize applications, removing identifiers like names, gender, and ethnicity. This trend is critical for building a more diverse workforce, as it ensures that candidates are evaluated solely on their qualifications and experience. It directly addresses the need for eliminating bias in the recruitment process.

Seamless ATS/HRIS Integration

The need for integrating diversity recruiting software with existing ATS or HRIS systems is increasingly being met by newer, more adaptable solutions. These solutions offer seamless integration capabilities, ensuring that the transition to a more inclusive recruitment process does not disrupt existing workflows. This trend is particularly significant for HR administrators and People Ops professionals looking to streamline their processes while enhancing their diversity recruitment efforts.

These emerging trends in diversity recruiting software are not only shaping the future of hiring practices, but also directly addressing the specific challenges and needs of recruitment professionals. By embracing these trends, companies can ensure a more efficient, unbiased, and diverse hiring process, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

Diversity Recruiting Software: FAQs

Do you have a few questions about diversity recruiting software and what it has to offer? These answers to frequently asked questions are a great place to start:

What is diversity recruiting?

Diversity recruiting is a subset of talent acquisition with a specific focus on expanding an organization’s cultural makeup to incorporate more underrepresented groups. Many organizations have recently incorporated specific diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategic goals, to help them build a more inclusive culture within their organization. Key groups of focus include women, ethnic minorities, members of the LGTBQ community, and candidates with physical disabilities or neurodivergent challenges.

Interest in improving DEI metrics grew within the corporate world in direct relation to many racially charged events that occurred in 2020 within the USA. Those events include the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, which in turn spawned the Black Lives Matter movement. This is underscored by data from Gartner showing the demand for recruiters with diversity hiring experience jumped 800% between 2017-18 and 2019-20.

Why is diversity recruiting important?

Diversity recruiting is important because it helps to eliminate unconscious bias and level the playing field for many types of qualified candidates. Improving the diversity of your leadership team has also been shown to improve innovation revenue by as much as 19%. This is a clear indication of the positive effect of talent diversification. If all your employees come from the same cultural and socio-economic background, they may all problem solve and ideate in a similar way. When you involve more diverse perspectives, you’ll widen your corporate perspective and increase the likelihood of having staff who think outside the box.

Diversity recruiting can also make your company stronger. As Rosalind Hudnell, director of global diversity and inclusion at Intel, said:

“Because of our diverse workforce, we’ve experienced a boost in productivity. When you can move people to contribute to their fullest, it has a tremendous impact, […] We have a vast amount of diversity [within the company] that comes into work every day to build technology that plays out around the world. You can’t be successful on a global stage without it.”.

Diversity recruitment software enables you to find diverse candidates with speed and efficiency, saving your HR professionals time so they can work on improving your company culture.

What key features are included in diversity recruiting software?

Here are some features you can expect to find in the best diversity recruiting software:

  • Applicant tracking: The software should enable you to track the activity and engagement of the candidates in your talent pipeline in real-time, making it easier to spot top applicants.
  • Personal data anonymization: The solution should help you anonymize the personal data of your candidates so you can mitigate unconscious bias. This is often called blind screening or blind hiring.
  • Automation: The software should help speed up your recruiting process with automation, so your HR professionals won’t have to waste time on repetitive tasks. Many systems also incorporate advanced algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to helps teams uncover the best candidates too.
  • Analytics and reporting: The software should come with powerful analytics and reporting features so you can get an overview of your inclusivity efforts.

Other Resources to Improve Your Corporate Diversity

The absence of diversity limits your access to great candidates because of their untraditional backgrounds. Diversity recruiting software expands your candidate pool, enabling you to source great applicants and build a workforce that drives your company toward new heights. 

Check out these other resources to discover how to build a business with DEI at its core too:

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By Kim Behnke

Kim Behnke is an HR Tool Expert & Writer for People Managing People. She draws on her 9 years of human resources experience and her keen eye for systematic processes to support her analyses of the top HR tools on the market. She is passionate about maximizing efficiencies and streamlining workflows to ensure internal systems run smoothly. Kim's HR experience includes recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, policy development and enforcement, and HR analytics. She also has degrees in psychology, writing, publishing, and technical communication, and recently completed a Certified Digital HR Specialist program through the Academy to Innovate HR. When away from her desk, she can usually be found outside tending to her ever-expanding garden.