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10 Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews [2021]

Video interviewing platforms aren’t just important for social distancing. Empowering a remote hiring process means that hiring managers can reach more job seekers wherever they are in the world, even if it’s not practical to interview face-to-face. Staffing software and recruitment platforms are increasingly moving to an online, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and video interviewing solutions are a logical next step for modern recruiters. 

60% of HR managers (and counting, I’m sure) have used or are currently using some type of video interviewing solution when it comes to delivering interview questions to their best candidate shortlist. The top reasons for prioritizing video interviews over in-person interviews are: 1) it tends to spend less time in the hiring process funnel, and 2) it can be used to keep qualified non-local candidates in the hiring pool. 

In this article, I will go over some of the best video interviewing platforms and explain what each does best. I will also highlight some noteworthy features for each video interviewing tool and show off screenshots to give a feel for the interface.

The Best Video Interviewing Platforms List

Here’s a shortlist of the best virtual interview software:

  1. myInterview - Best free video interviewing platform
  2. Zoom Meetings - Best for usability
  3. Skype - Best Microsoft users
  4. Harver - Best for high volume recruitment
  5. Breezy HR - Best for small teams & startups
  6. Willo - Best one-way video interview software
  7. VidCruiter - Best for multi-tiered video interviewing
  8. HireVue - Best for enterprises
  9. Xor - Best video interviewing with SMS support
  10. Vervoe - Best for integrations

Looking for other recruitment process tools?

Video interviewing isn’t the only recruiting process software you might need. Here are some other options:

Video Interviewing Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best video interviewing platforms? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): A video interview platform should be easy and intuitive to navigate for both parties. Remember: your hiring manager will have experience on the platform but your job candidates may not! 
  2. Usability: For usability, consider the candidate experience: Can they download/log-in to the tool quickly and without effort? Does it require them to make an account with their personal email? Ease of use is crucial. 
  3. Integrations: Interview platforms rarely work in a vacuum so functionality with other apps is important. Does the platform connect with third-party tools like your applicant tracking system, social messaging systems like email or Slack, talent acquisition tools, and/or other HRIS software?
  4. Value for $: How appropriate is the video conferencing price for the features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent and flexible for on demand video interviews? Does the price include access to mobile app video screening?

Video Interviewing Platforms Key Features

Here are some of the key features I am looking for in video interviewing platforms.

  1. One-Way & Two-Way Video Interviews: The best video interviewing platform will let you set-up one-way interviews where candidates answer pre-written questions into a camera and the footage is saved and reviewed later. Candidates selected to move forward in the process should be able to attend a live, one-on-one or group interviews the nest step.
  2. Written & Recorded Questions: The platform should provide ways for hiring managers to test candidate knowledge using different questioning types and templates.
  3. Time Control: Some questions or tests are meant to be preformed under time constraints and the best video interviewing software will have built-in mechanics for this.
  4. Easy Set-Up & Adoption: Interviewees may not have or be familiar with your video interviewing app of choice; therefore, it’s imperative that the invite process, set-up, and usability are super friendly for first time users.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Video Interviewing Platforms

Here’s a brief description of the best video interviewing software to showcase what each does best, including screenshots to highlight some of the features. 

  • From $29/month for 5 Active Jobs

myInterview - Best free video interviewing platform

Candidates can take advantage of Practice Mode before submitting their final timed video responses to your questions.

One thing you can immediately tell about myInterview is that they put the candidate experience first. The tool gives users the ability to accomplish application tasks through any device and their customer support is available all the time.

On the hirer’s end, myInterview promises to save time and money by automating the candidate shortlisting. myInterview also lets companies use their own branding within the app. It is GDPR compliant and you own the videos submitted through the platform.

What stands out about myInterview is how their starter plan is free forever. Users get access to most of myInterview’s features as long as they only have 1 active job they are trying to fill. This makes it the best option for small teams that are looking to expand.

myInterview is free and its first paid plan option starts at $29/month for 5 Active Jobs and for more than 24 Active Jobs, myInterview offers customized pricing.
  • From $149.90/year/license

Zoom Meetings - Best for usability

The free Zoom Meetings version lets you host 40-minute meetings with 100 participants.

We’ve all heard about Zoom and because it’s so easy to use and is packed with useful features, it’s gained worldwide popularity and has become an industry standard. Zoom Meetings is by far the most popular one and makes it easy for both the applicant and the hirer since it’s accessible on just about any device and everyone knows how to use it already. Zoom Meetings take the confusion out of the process and both parties can simply show up to the meeting.

A free Zoom plan can host up to 100 participants, so group interviews are a possibility. Zoom makes it super easy for users who are not already on the platform to get started in barely a minute when an interview sends them an invite link. There are no time limits for videos on the free plan and the solution offers in-app private and group messaging systems.

Zoom Meetings costs from $149.90/year/license and offers other services such as Zoom Phone, Zoom Video Webinar, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom United each with their own pricing plans. Zoom also has a free forever plan.

Skype - Best Microsoft users

If you use anything in the Microsoft Suite, you’ll probably already have access to Skype on some level.

Skype was once the number 1 video calling platform because it offered audio and video calling without a time limit, private chat features, and so much more for free! In fact, the only time Skype will charge you is if you make a call to a landline or a mobile number to a US number. That means that as long as you’re calling someone with a Skype account, you can make unlimited calls to applicants without time limits, for free and Skype is still quite popular which means a good number of people will be confident and comfortable with using it for something as important as a job interview.

Skype is owned by Microsoft, so if you are already using Outlook, MS Projects, or Office 365, it just makes sense to add this tool to your repertoire. It’s free to do so and you can upgrade to paid plans with additional features only if needed.

Skype is free and comes in different versions such as Meet Now, Skype for Content Creators, and Skype for Business.

  • Pricing details upon request.

Harver - Best for high volume recruitment

Harver lets applicants review their answers before submitting them in video format.

Harver is a hiring tool that comes with features that go beyond virtual interviewing. Through Harver you can conduct situational judgement tests, gather continuous feedback, and showcase videos of your company culture. Harver also has assessments for hard skills, behavioral, cognitive and learning agility, and job fit to make your hiring process truly unbiased and data-driven. Harver also puts an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion, encouraging users to make unbiased hires with their blind hiring process crafted by psychologists.

Harver bills itself as a leading volume recruitment solution and I tend to agree. Harver was built to accommodate a large volume of hiring using efficient automations to identify top candidates quickly. Additionally, the tool offers options to provide a personal touch to the hiring process (company culture videos, interactive experiences, and score sharing) so that candidates feel engaged from start to finish.

Harver offers pricing details upon request.

  • From $143/month

Breezy HR - Best for small teams & startups

Breezy HR lets you see the applicant, relevant participants, interview guide, and scorecard in one screen.

Breezy is an HR and applicant tracking tool that comes packed with features including Live Video Meetings. This convenient feature lets hirers not only meet with the applicant but also view their interview guide and scorecard on-screen at the same time. Breezy has a ton of other features including reporting and analytics, candidate management, job advertisements, candidate sourcing, careers site and referrals, and team collaboration.

Breezy HR has a very generous entry-level tier plan that immediately unlocks unlimited users, unlimited candidates, unlimited positions hiring, and unlimited candidate pools. These numbers are often cut off at the knees by bigger systems who want you to pay for increased volume. Not so with Breezy, making them a great choice for SMBs and startups looking to scale on a budget.

Breezy HR has a free plan but the best video interviewing tools are limited to the paid plans. Breezy HR costs from $143/month.

  • From $37/user/month

Willo - Best one-way video interview software

Update your hiring process with recorded video interviews.

Willo is an award-winning virtual interview platform that startups and growing organizations in 100 countries have come to love. Willo lets users hire, engage, create, and learn. It can be used on any device and comes with features that make collaboration, branding, responding, asking questions, and integrations hassle-free.

Willo is a one-way interview platform that lets candidates answer questions, record their answers, and then submit the package to your hiring manager or hiring team. Think of this like a video resume. This is a great way to filter out the good from the bad before scheduling time for any one-on-ones.

Willo has a free forever plan and paid plans start at $37/user/month.

  • Pricing details upon request

VidCruiter - Best for multi-tiered video interviewing

VidCruiter lets applicants record their answers to your interview questions or join you for a live 1:1.

VidCruiter offers screening features such as pre-recorded interviews that allow hirers to review the videos on demand to get rid of scheduling conflicts that come with hiring globally. VidCruiter also comes with live video interviewing with an interface that shows you all of your viewing mode options as well as panels for comments and other evaluation notes. These features are only part of the VidCruiter Recruitment Suite. So, you can get it as a standalone or as a part of a fully equipped platform.

Unlike more general communication tools like Skype or Zoom, VidCruiter was specifically made for hiring. This means that the video panel is flush with additional features for HR teams, like standardized questions and ratings guides. They support multi-tiered video interviewing, meaning you can have candidates perform a one-way interview before elevating them to a live, 1:1 next step with managers.

VidCruiter offers pricing details upon request.

  • From $35,000 for 2500-7500 employees

HireVue - Best for enterprises

Keep track of important details during the video interview by typing your notes down.

HireVue comes with video interviewing software and pre-hire assessments that get rid of assumptions and mitigate bias that hirers may unknowingly make when evaluating just documents from applicants. This is done with the help of Organisational Psychologists that came up with a system of suggested competencies, interview questions, and evaluation criteria. HireVue is easy to implement, secure, and built to scale.

HireVue pricing assumes a workforce of 2500+ employees and their broad feature set and robust customer service solutions support this enterprise-grade focus. HireVue is perfect for big businesses, global corporations, or rapidly growing companies.

HireVue costs $35,000 for 2500-7500 employees.

  • Pricing details upon request

Xor - Best video interviewing with SMS support

Xor shows you all the relevant information in one screen.

Xor is an AI recruiting software and platform and some of its features are the live and on-demand video interviewing. It gives users the ability to set live interviews or have applicants submit their recorded video answers for hirers to watch on their own schedules. Access the Xor video interviewing platform on any device without downloading third-party tools.

Along with video support for candidate screening, Xor also has SMS features like text recruiting and text-to-apply. This makes the whole hiring process feel very fast, efficient, and modern. Video interviewing is peak IoT and being able to launch text-based hiring campaigns and automate responses with AI chatbots is a huge feature highlight for cutting edge hiring teams looking to access candidates where they are—on their mobile device.

Xor offers pricing details upon request.

  • From $79/month

Vervoe - Best for integrations

Modernize your hiring process with Vervoe.

Vervoe is an AI-powered Skills Assessment Online Interview Software with a mission to make hiring about one’s merit and not one’s background. Vervoe lets hirers see how an applicant will perform using skills assessment tests and AI to eliminate applicants who are great at just doing interviews and hire the most qualified and passionate candidates. Conduct coding challenges or have your applicants record video responses.

Vervoe boasts an easy connection with Zapier (via a paid plan), meaning your integration possibilities are vast. Zapier lets you tap into hundreds, if not thousands, of third-party tools in order to integrate your systems for customer relationship management (CRM), communication, project management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), HRIS, and more.

Vervoe offers a free trial and costs from $79/month.

Other Video Interviewing Software Options

Here’s a few more virtual interview tools that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Interviewstream – Best integrated interview scheduler 
  2. Spark Hire – Best for panel interviews
  3. eSkill – Best for specialized skill tests 
  4. Jobma – Best easy-to-use interface 
  5. Admit Video – Best to interview candidates for higher education scholarships 
  6. Kira Talent – Best holistic admissions solution for higher education
  7. EasyHire – Best for automated interview transcription 
  8. Alcami Interactive – Best stock library of pre-recorded questions
  9. Test Gorilla – Best premade candidate skill test library 
  10. Reworking – Best integrated interview timer 
  11. Skeeled – Best quick setup & onboarding 
  12. Workable – Best for quick scalability 
  13. CodeSignal – Best video assessment for coding expertise 
  14. Hinterview – Best client portal for hiring agencies 
  15. Hireflix – Best interview builder UI
  16. Codility – Best video interviewing for engineering teams 
  17. Modern Hire – Best for tech team recruitment 
  18. Odro – Best video interviewing for recruitment agencies 
  19. Outmatch – Best for random question allocation
  20. Brazen – Best for large virtual career fairs 
  21. Premier Virtual – Best for modest virtual career fairs 

Are There Free Video Interviewing Platforms?

Yes! In fact, we have mentioned a few of them on this list such as myInterview, Skype, Zoom, and Willo. Jump back up to our outlines to check out each one in depth.

What is Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing software is a way to conduct online video interviews with incoming job applicants. There are a few different types of video interview software. One-way video interviews ask job candidates to answer several questions in front of a camera, the recording of which is submitted to whoever makes the hiring decisions for later review. Two-way video interviews are more like live video interviews, where two people speak together in real-time (interviewer and interviewee) in order to screen candidates.

What Do You Think About Virtual Interview Software?

Now it’s your turn: What do you think about this video interview software list? What video interviewing platform does your hiring team use? Is there a video interviewing solution you would add to this list if you could? Let me know in the comments. 

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