10 Best HR Software for Payroll in 2022

Using human resources software offers multiple benefits for organizations of all sizes. A good tool can help reduce the stress of your HR professionals, lower your operating costs, and improve your company’s performance. 

But nowadays, with most of the workforce still working remotely, HR solutions offer another important benefit — they make managing your payroll easy. They simplify your accounting processes, keep records of each payment, and help your organization remain compliant with tax laws. 

Keep reading to learn more about the 10 best HR software for payroll you can use in 2022. The review includes a short description of each solution, screenshots, and a comparison chart to help you determine which software is ideal for your organization.

The Best HR Software For Payroll

Here’s the list of the best HR payroll software that I’ll cover in this article:

  1. PapayaGlobal logoPapayaGlobal

    Best for global payroll analytics & reporting

  2. Oyster logoOyster

    Best international payroll service for remote-first businesses

  3. Remote logoRemote

    Best for international workforces

  4. gulfHR logogulfHR

    Best HR & payroll software built for the Middle East

  5. Natural HR logoNatural HR

    Best payroll system for workforce analytics

  6. Push logoPush

    Best payroll solution for restaurants & hospitality

  7. Papaya Global logoPapaya Global

    Best for companies with a global workforce

  8. Gusto logoGusto

    Best payroll software for mobile paystubs

  9. Humi logoHumi

    Best HR payroll software for Canadian companies

  10. ADP logoADP

    Best payroll software for simple reporting

Comparison Criteria

Wondering what I look for when selecting the best HR software for payroll? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria:

  1. User Interface (UI): I prefer solutions that have clean and simple interfaces. Your HR professionals should be able to find the right functionalities without difficulty.
  2. Usability: I prioritize tools that are easy to implement and use. Your HR team shouldn’t waste weeks learning how to use the payroll system or HR features.
  3. Integrations: I chose solutions that integrate with other tools, such as email platforms and other core HR software solutions (e.g., your human resources information system).
  4. Value for $: I look for software that offers multiple features, so you get the most out of your investment. Besides payroll processing, the tools should also cover core HR processes, such as talent management, and employee performance.

HR Software for Payroll: Key Features

  1. Payroll management: This feature allows your HR department to administer your employees’ financial records, including salaries, bonuses, incentives, pay stubs, and others.
  2. Attendance tracking: It’s difficult to handle payments without tracking your employees’ activity and attendance. The best HR software for payroll keeps track of your team’s paid time off (PTO), unpaid time off, and overtime.
  3. Workforce management: The software should collect and interpret employee data, such as employee lifecycle, employee enrollment, employee engagement, and churn rates, so your talent management team can plan for the future.
  4. Reporting: There’s no use in collecting data if you can’t interpret it. The HR solution should help your HR department create custom reports and present them to your management team.

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Overviews of the 10 Best HR Software For Payroll

Here’s a brief description of each HR software with payroll to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.  

  • Free trial
  • From $20/employee/month

PapayaGlobal - Best for global payroll analytics & reporting

Papaya Global lets you track pending payments, payment history, personal data, tax information, and more.

Papaya is HR software for payroll that provides an end-to-end global workforce management solution with cross-border payments in 160+ countries. The platform supports all employee options (payroll, EoR, contractors), integrates with popular work management tools, and uses smart technology to ensure compliance and eliminate errors. Papaya’s payroll and HR analytics suite gives you insights with customized human resources analysis: insights on who your workers are—by country, cost centers and more; how well you’re attracting and keeping top talent, and why they chose to leave; and clearly visualize where your company stands in equity of gender, age and pay—by department and seniority structure. You can easily parse and visualize payroll data to see trends by sorting information by location, time period, or gross costs. Papaya costs from $20/employee/month and comes with a free trial.
  • Free demo available
  • From $399/employee/month

Oyster - Best international payroll service for remote-first businesses

Oyster’s dashboard gives admin users a quick overview of all colleague activity, including onboarding and invoice status updates.

Oyster’s HR platform and payroll solution delivers fully-compliant international payroll services with automatic local deductions, taxes, and contributions, no matter where your team is located, making them a great choice for remote-first businesses. Their payroll software is used successfully in over 180 countries to recruit and hire staff globally, with built-in tools to manage international payroll taxes and employment law. They also have carefully crafted compliance guardrails in place for local labor laws to ensure your company receives the legal protection you’ll need when operating in a new territory.

Oyster’s payroll solution has a clean interface that’s easy to navigate and includes applicant tracking and employee onboarding features. You can also use Oyster to pay international employees or independent contractors in their local currency, reimburse them for out-of-pocket expenses, or offer them localized employee benefits. Oyster’s system also includes a helpful employment cost calculator that can determine the cost of hiring a new employee in any country, including their required taxes and government contributions, plus the Oyster flat-fee, which varies depending on the country you’re hiring in.

Thanks to these features, I chose Oyster as the best tool for remote-first businesses.

Oyster costs $399/employee/month and offers a free demo through their website. They also have a freemium plan with limited features for hiring and paying contractors only.

  • freemium version
  • From $299/employee/month

Remote - Best for international workforces

Remote’s homepage gives an overview of any updates that require your attention.

Remote is an HR solution for distributed teams that helps companies of all sizes to pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world. Remote makes it possible for users to take care of international payroll, employee benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in over 50 countries.

Remote gives you the ability to onboard and pay your contractors and employees in a secure, cloud-based platform. You’ll have access to your most important employment documents, employee data, and HR processes, while Remote takes care of your localized payroll, benefits administration, compliance, IP protection, and taxes wherever your team works. Remote’s network of HR and legal experts stays on top of the nuances, changes, and complexities of local regulations to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation at all times.

Remote also partners with powerful HR systems to connect people, payroll, and HR data. Through Remote’s global employee API and native partner integrations, Remote empowers partners to leverage its global infrastructure in their offerings and help more customers scale their global teams faster.

Remote costs from $299/employee/month, based on country selection up to $599. Special pricing is also available for startups and social purpose organizations.

  • From $10/employee/month

gulfHR - Best HR & payroll software built for the Middle East

gulfHR is available on both mobile and web interfaces.

gulfHR is a cloud-based HR platform that can be used across mobile and web interfaces.

gulfHR lets you manage onboarding, employee engagement and performance, learning & development, payroll, employee data and files, and reports. gulfHR puts the power in your employees’ hands with self-service features. With an intuitive on-the-go functionality for employees, it supports flexible and customizable paths to suit your organizations’ structure no matter how complex.

gulfHR integrates with Workday, SAP, Oracle, Successfactors, Dynamics 365, JD Edwards, and all major HR systems.

gulfHR costs from $10/employee/month.

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Natural HR - Best payroll system for workforce analytics

Natural HR centralizes your employee data and creates in-depth reports for every member of your team.

Natural HR is an HR software solution with a simple interface, so your employees should be able to learn it with minimal training.

One of the things I liked about this software is its ability to collect and interpret workforce data like headcounts by site, gender diversity, and absences by department. Natural HR collects the organization’s data and centralizes it in easy-to-read reports. This can be very helpful for your HR team because it enables them to present actionable insights to management.

I chose Natural HR as the best tool for workforce analytics because it can help your HR department track absences before processing payroll and save time when preparing reports.

Natural HR offers customized pricing upon request and you can schedule a demo.

  • Free demo available
  • From $5/employee/month

Push - Best payroll solution for restaurants & hospitality

Push's mobile app enables your team to schedule meetings and communicate in real-time.

Push is an employee management software that helps HR professionals stay on top of everything that’s happening in an organization. This tool’s payroll services are simple to use but offer everything you need for a restaurant or hospitality business.

The tool’s AI enables your HR management team to automate workflows, collect employee information, track employee experience, and schedule HR tasks ahead of time.

One of the things that I like about this software is that it comes with a fully functional mobile app. The app enables your team to clock in, schedule meetings, communicate in real-time, swap shifts, and plan their workday, depending on your business needs.

Push can track shift-based work schedules, automate sending approved hours only through the payroll system, and even calculate split shift premiums and tip payouts. This makes Push a great HR software for payroll for restaurants or hospitality services who rely on this sort of flexibility for industry-specific compensation considerations.

Push costs from $5/employee/month and offers a free demo through their website.

  • Free demo
  • From 20$/user/month

Papaya Global - Best for companies with a global workforce

Papaya Global lets you manage all employee types (payroll, EoR, and contractors) n 160+ countries.

Papaya Global is a cloud-based payroll that makes hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying employees and contractors in more than 140 countries possible in just one platform. Features include solutions for automating payroll and payments, learning about your total payroll costs, saving time on self-managed time off requests, workforce planning, auditing, keeping track of benefits, and immigration solutions.

There isn’t a payroll software as encompassing as Papaya Global. Multinational companies that make cross-border transactions will find it easy to run their payroll no matter where in the 140 countries their employees are.
One con to note is that if you have a legal change of entity the software will store files separately between pre-change and post-change names as if they are two different and unrelated entities. This makes some historical information hard to organize properly.

Papaya Global integrates with BambooHR, SAP Concur, Expensify, NetSuite, Namely, SAP Business One, SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, Priority Software, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. More applications and software offer integrations upon request.

Papaya Global costs from 20$/user/month. Sign up for a free demo through their website.

  • Free demo available
  • From $6/employee/month

Gusto - Best payroll software for mobile paystubs

Gusto lets employees receive their pay stub by phone, including net pay, tax deduction, and gross pay info.

Gusto is an online HR platform that will appeal to both experienced and novice payroll administrators. The software has a simple layout, and it’s friendly toward users who are not tech-savvy. The onboarding process is easy, and the tool offers a rich library of helpful documents that should enable your team to use all of its functions in good time.

This software is a great choice for employee self-service features because it enables your employees to create accounts to check their pay stubs, track healthcare or other benefits, manage paid time off, and more.

The tool has a handful of built-in add-ons that can augment your HR process, such as the ability to donate part of your pay to a charity of your choosing. Gusto tracks the donations, making it easier for your team to file their taxes.

One of the things I like about this solution is its notifications feature. You can set up custom notifications to let you know when you should run payroll or when to file taxes.

Gusto costs from $6/employee/month, plus a base fee of $39/month. You can also request a free demo through their website.

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Humi - Best HR payroll software for Canadian companies

Humi enables you to easily manage payroll for employees with yearly or hourly wages as well as commissions, tips, or other types of “extra” pay.

Humi’s platform is not difficult, so your team should be able to use it with minimal training. The solution comes with a mobile app that enables your employees to request time off in an organized manner, without email exchanges or paper forms.

Humi collects and organizes employee data, such as employee records and performance reviews, so your HR professionals can manage payroll, employee benefits, and other HR tasks with ease.

Humi is an all-in-one HR platform built by a Canadian team for a Canadian workforce. Not to say it won’t work for companies across the globe, but they clearly have a strong niche. Canadian labor laws, paperwork and forms requirements, and payroll tax systems are all taken into account and baked right into the system. Both English and French language options are available.

Humi offers customized pricing upon request, as well as a free demo through their website.

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

ADP - Best payroll software for simple reporting

APD comes with a variety of dashboards that enable you to keep track of hours worked, gross pay, federal and state taxes, and assorted deductions.

ADP is a performance management solution that helps HR teams save time through payroll automation features. The software also includes comprehensive reports based on core HR employee data such as expected work hours, overtime, unpaid leaves and absences, and expected workforce costs.

This tool offers several helpful modules for HR professionals, including payroll solutions, PTO management, a documents database, timesheets, and an applicant tracking system.

One of the best things about this software is that it comes with useful dashboards that enable you to understand what’s happening in your organization at a single glance. Thanks to the comprehensive reports it creates, I chose APD as the best tool for simple reporting.

APD offers customized pricing upon request, as well as a free demo through their website.

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The 10 Best HR Software For Payroll Summary

Software USP Free Option Price Site
PapayaGlobal PapayaGlobal logo Best for global payroll analytics & reporting

Free trial

From $20/employee/month Check out PapayaGlobal
Oyster Oyster logo Best international payroll service for remote-first businesses

Free demo available

From $399/employee/month Check out Oyster
Remote Remote logo Best for international workforces Freemium version From $299/employee/month Check out Remote
gulfHR gulfHR logo Best HR & payroll software built for the Middle East Not Available From $10/employee/month Check out gulfHR
Natural HR Natural HR logo Best payroll system for workforce analytics

Free demo available

Pricing upon request Check out Natural HR
Push Push logo Best payroll solution for restaurants & hospitality

Free demo available

From $5/employee/month Check out Push
Papaya Global Papaya Global logo Best for companies with a global workforce

Free demo

From 20$/user/month Check out Papaya Global
Gusto Gusto logo Best payroll software for mobile paystubs

Free demo available

From $6/employee/month Check out Gusto
Humi Humi logo Best HR payroll software for Canadian companies

Free demo available

Pricing upon request Check out Humi
ADP ADP logo Best payroll software for simple reporting

Free demo available

Pricing upon request Check out ADP

Other Options

Here are a few more options that didn’t make the best HR software for payroll list:

  1. NetSuite SuitePeople – Human resources management system (HRMS) that enables businesses to set goals for their employees, track payments and time off, and monitor schedules. Demo available.
  2. DATIS HR Cloud – Cloud-based HR payroll software that enables managers to track the journey of each employee throughout their time in the organization. Demo available.
  3. Paycom – Simple payroll software that helps companies track time and attendance. Demo available.
  4. Rippling – HR system with solutions for workforce management (payroll, benefits administration) as well as IT management (devices, apps).
  5. Zenefits – HRMS with solutions for onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, PTO, org charts, and performance reviews.
  6. Paycor – Online payroll software with good automation and benefits management features. Demo available.

If you want to learn more about more generalized HR software, read The 10 Best HR Software To Manage Payroll & People In 2022

The Benefits of Using HR Software for Payroll

HR solutions transformed human resources management through technology. They enable you to track time and assess the performance of your team, create a central location for employee data and documents, and drive performance in any business, regardless of company size.

What do you think of my list of HR software for payroll? Did I miss a good solution? Let me know in the comments section. For more thoughts on HR solutions from top thinkers in the industry, subscribe to the People Managing People newsletter.

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