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Reach Your Full Potential As A People Operations Leader

Join the community of innovators sharing knowledge and best practices to help supercharge your career and make a greater impact in your organization.


Life As A People Ops Lead Is A Balancing Act

We’re the bridge between leadership teams and employees, charged with putting the systems and processes in place to help the organization grow and thrive.

We are visionaries, tacticians, and therapists—all in one.


On any given day, you may be aware that

  • Everyone wants great company culture, but no one wants to change
  • You own the employee experience, but have to wear all the hats with little support
  • You’re working tirelessly to get buy-in on things that are considered best practice
  • You’re attracting unicorn talent, but low engagement has created a revolving door

But you can take a deep breath—because you’ve found the people who can help you overcome these challenges.

People Operations Is Better Together

Gain the skills, confidence, and connections you need to supercharge your growth and make a genuine impact in your organization.

  • Access our members-only Slack community of verified people leaders sharing knowledge and expertise to help you make an impact on everything from recruitment and retention to employee experience.
  • Join self-directed peer groups that mimic a conference breakout session, getting you mentorship-style support that works for your needs and your calendar. 
  • Access our expansive library of templates to help you quickly implement new initiatives and improve what you already have.

Give Yourself A Sounding Board Of Folks Who Really “Get It”

Learn and network with professionals just like you. Ask questions, get answers and share insights. We’re here to help you build stronger cultures, create better experiences and inspire innovation.


Save Time With Action-Ready Templates & Samples

Leverage proven templates built by leaders in the HR and People Ops space. Our library of templates is our cheat code for efficiency when you’re tackling new challenges on the fly.


Boost Your Career With A Peer Mastermind Group

Join or create breakout sessions with a close-knit group of peers to help work through problems, stay accountable and support each other with the power of consistent connections. Bring your expertise, share your challenges, and grow together.

Who’s here?

Our members represent a diverse cross-section of the People Operations world. Meet a few of them:

If you’re ready to become a better People Operations or HR Leader, now’s the perfect time to put some wind in your sails.

Find Your People.

Join our campfire. Come compare notes, share lessons, discuss trends, and get support on any obstacle you may be facing.

You’ll also gain access to our exclusive and growing library of resources to help you take on the impactful work you are doing every day.

Learn & Grow Together
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  • Save time using our growing library of templates
  • Get peer support through our Mastermind groups
  • Refine your practice via our eBook catalog

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