10 Best Intranet Software Solutions To Connect Teams In 2022

Intranet software is nothing new, but they’ve recently gone through a revolution. Intranets are no longer just closed networks where employees access corporate policy documents. Instead, modern intranet software combines communication, engagement and workflow tools all in one place. You’ll still be able to access corporate policies, but now you can do so much more.

As a central hub for engagement, a dynamic and flexible intranet is crucial. In many ways, your intranet acts as the inward face of your company. With more employees working remotely, a friendly and secure place to interact is essential.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the top intranet software solutions available today, and how they can help your business. Since 90% of intranets fail, it’s important to make an informed choice. 

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The Best Intranet Software Solutions List

Here’s the shortlist of the best intranet software providers that I’ll cover in this article:

  1. Empuls logoEmpuls

    Bring your company together on a common forum

  2. Blink logoBlink

    Mobile-first intranet solution for frontline or deskless workforces

  3. IntranetPro logoIntranetPro

    Modern employee intranet solution for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint users

  4. Happeo logoHappeo

    Social intranet platform that facilitates communication, collaboration and engagement

  5. Staffbase logoStaffbase

    Digital workplace communication hub with deep analytics tools

  6. Simpplr logoSimpplr

    Modern intranet software with research-backed design and prescriptive analytics

  7. Jostle logoJostle

    Intranet solution with dynamic employee directory and efficient document management features

  8. Unily logoUnily

    Enterprise-level employee experience platform with communication, knowledge management, and extranet features

  9. Igloo logoIgloo

    Digital workplace platform with pre-built solution templates for business challenges

  10. ThoughtFarmer logoThoughtFarmer

    Creative intranet solution with gamified engagement and flexible data collection forms

Comparison Criteria

Wondering how I selected the best intranet software solutions for this list? Here’s a summary of my intranet evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I appreciate intranet systems with clean, simple design approaches that are not too busy or chaotic. Bonus points for platforms with customizable homepages at the individual user level.
  2. Usability: I prioritize intranet software with a clear navigation structure in place to help users quickly and easily find the information they need without going down rabbit holes.
  3. Integrations: Integrations with other commonly used systems are important so users don’t have to leave the platform to find what they need.
  4. Value for $: Transparent pricing models are always appreciated. Since some intranet software is modular by design, pricing is only available upon request since the cost will depend on the modules you need.

Intranet Software: Key Features

The best intranet software should function as a single source of information for your organization. Here are some common features you can expect to find in the most effective intranet software solutions:

  1. Communication streams: Intranet systems should have communication functions like company news feeds, announcements, and individual or team chat streams.
  2. Social engagement features: To foster engagement, many systems now incorporate rich social features like shout-outs, engagement polls, “like” buttons on posts, and emoji-supported reactions. 
  3. Document collaboration tools: Document owners should be able to author new documents directly in the platform, or link them easily to existing document repositories. Beyond that, many systems include features to facilitate collaboration like tagging colleagues to review certain documents or sending them tasks to complete or approve.
  4. Content management features: Content-specific features like marking messages as mandatory reads or resending content to users who didn’t read it ensures everyone is on the same page. 
  5. Knowledge sharing: This can take many forms, but employees should be able to easily access key corporate documents from within your intranet system. Some systems also support more focused information sharing through subsites within the platform.
  6. Analytics: Understanding the granular details of how employees are engaging with your intranet platform will help you spot gaps in your content and tailor future corporate communications to what employees care about the most.
  7. Workflow tools and forms: Intranet software should be a one-stop shop, meaning key process requests like ordering business cards or requesting a hotel booking should also be doable within the platform, with built-in approval functions for extra efficiency.
  8. Interactive and/or dynamic employee directories: Especially in large organizations, the ability to search a company directory or organizational chart based on location, department, or special skill sets is a valuable way to boost productivity and collaboration. Bonus points if you can click through to start a direct chat with the team members you find too. 
  9. Mobile app accessibility: Often workers are on the go, so it’s important that intranet software is fully accessible from mobile devices as well, with full-feature mobile apps always preferred. 

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Intranet Software Solutions

Here’s a brief description of each employee intranet software solution to showcase each tool’s best use case, plus some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give you a snapshot of the user interface. 

  • 30 days free trial
  • From $2.00/user/month

Empuls - Bring your company together on a common forum

Empuls social intranet platform lets you chat in-context and on-topic while sharing files, attachments, and reactions.

Empuls is an employee engagement and social intranet platform that bring your company together on a common forum to foster internal communication and engage employees. It allows employees to create groups to engage in meaningful conversations and manage tasks, documents, issues and enable transparent communication. HR professionals use Empuls as a social intranet where they disburse rewards and collect feedback.

Empuls helps HR professional to establish a single source of truth for company news, events, announcements, and policy changes. They can bring everyone together to celebrate employee milestones, sales wins, and small and big moments and encourage participation in company events and engagement initiatives.

Empuls’ social intranet platform can also centralize internal communications and a peer-to-peer recognition used to foster trust and collaboration among teams, motivating them to go the extra mile. With Empuls you can motivate your workforce with rewards of their choice with an extensive global catalog of 20,000+ reward options. Moreover, you can easily run surveys and get feedback to measure the impact of your employee engagement initiatives.

Empuls integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Okta SSO, OneLogin SSO, Ping Identity SSO, Azure AD SSO, Google Workspace SSO, Gusto, Keka, Darwinbox, Zoho People, Freshteam, BambooHR, greytHR, SAP SuccessFactors, People Strong, LinkedIn, and Giphy.

Empuls costs from $2/user/month and offers a 30-day free trial.
  • 14-day free trial
  • From $3.40 USD/employee/month

Blink - Mobile-first intranet solution for frontline or deskless workforces

Blink’s full-feature mobile intranet solution makes it easy for frontline workers to stay connected with their team while on the go.

Blink is a mobile-first intranet solution designed specifically to increase communication and engagement with frontline employees or other deskless workers. It’s a commonly used solution in industries where employees are constantly on the move, such as healthcare, transit, construction, hospitality, manufacturing and retail.

Within Blink’s platform, employees can access a company-wide directory and resources like company policies, guides and eBooks. They can also request feedback via chat messages, which reduces the need for formal emails, saving workers valuable time. The platform also supports employee development, allowing users to share skill-building information and learning opportunities like course registration details with each other.

Blink is well-integrated with Microsoft 365, meaning all employees can access Microsoft 365 spaces like Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Azure, and PowerApps smoothly from anywhere within the Blink platform. Beyond that, Blink also integrates with Zapier, giving you the option of connecting the system with 1,000+ other useful employee apps.

Blink offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required. To get onboard, their pricing starts at $3.40 USD/employee/month. A free demo is available as well. On top of that, they offer a free 100-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the platform.

  • Free demo
  • Pricing upon request

IntranetPro - Modern employee intranet solution for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint users

Content feeds can be customized with IntranetPro based on users interests, permissions and suggestions from management.

Codesigned has created a powerful and modern employee intranet platform with their IntranetPro product. Their development team is composed of many seasoned designers and business process consultants with Microsoft Gold partner status. That’s why this platform is a solid option for any organization already synced up with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, since they know these systems inside and out.

Core features of their intranet system include communication and content management tools that simplify sharing information, and engagement features like polls and surveys to gather employee feedback. Document collaboration is also easy with this tool, which supports versioning, co-authoring documents, rollbacks, discussions, and social commenting and liking. Another stand-out feature is their smart search, which can quickly search all content hosted within the system, and organize results into key categories like documents, news, events, links and sites.

In addition to the obvious integration with Microsoft products, their development team can also support custom software integrations too. They also offer services to customize their out-of-the-box offering for enterprise-level clients with specific needs and requirements.

Pricing details are not readily available, but a free demo can be requested via their website.

  • Free personalized demo
  • Pricing upon request

Happeo - Social intranet platform that facilitates communication, collaboration and engagement

Happeo’s creative social intranet makes it easy for employees to connect with colleagues and stay on top of company announcements.

Communication and employee engagement features are tightly integrated in Happeo’s social intranet software. Their homepage content can be customized for each user, role, or function, to show them the information they value the most. They also made the customization process easy with their drag-and-drop builder and content widget tools. Employees will also benefit from their visual org chart and searchable employee profiles with links to direct communication channels.

Internal communication guru’s will appreciate their lifecycle management tool, which alerts you when content is stale and needs a refresh, or you can set it to automatically archive something once it becomes obsolete. Their built-in analytics tools also let users evaluate the impact of their internal communications, to see if they’re hitting their target audience or not. In addition to social media-like features such as page likes and integrated emojis, their analytics show system administrators what type of content employees are actually searching for, plus items they couldn’t find, but really needed. This useful feature is a great way to add focus to your future content building strategies.

Happeo is fully integrated with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, and 20+ other software solutions such as Slack, Jabber, Webex, Jira, Trello, Confluence, LinkedIn, Freshdesk, Zendesk and others.

Pricing details are not readily available on their website, but can be requested in conjunction with a free personalized demo.

  • Free demo
  • Pricing upon request

Staffbase - Digital workplace communication hub with deep analytics tools

Analyzing the strength of each internal communication is possible with Staffbase’s detailed analytics dashboard.

Managing internal communications is simple with Staffbase, which combines deep content creation features with knowledge sharing functionalities. Teams on Staffbase can use branded templates to create content quickly and push out updates immediately, or schedule them for future release. At the employee level, the platform can be configured to act as a hub for other digital tools and services your company already uses, such as scheduling software or time-off management platforms.

Content creators will appreciate their detailed analytics side, which automatically generates an engagement report for each post in real-time. This helps internal comms managers see which employee groups are engaging with certain content types the most. To make sure no one misses a key message, there’s a built-in resend feature that sends targeted notifications to any employee that overlooked your content the first time it came out. There are also options to include a personalized message with push communications, or translate them into multiple languages for multi-national workforces.

Specific software integration details are not mentioned on their website, but they do have an API and the ability to create custom plugins.

Pricing details are only available upon request due to the modular nature of their platform (i.e., only pay for the modules you want). A free demo can also be arranged.

  • 14-day free trial
  • Pricing upon request

Simpplr - Modern intranet software with research-backed design and prescriptive analytics

Simpplr’s customizable dashboard lets users decide the type of content that’s displayed when they login.

Simpplr’s employee intranet software streamlines communications for distributed workforces and links employees together with unique social engagement features like personal photo and video hosting and embedded employee blogs. Users can also customize the type of content they see by following topics, sites, or people directly, or by accessing personalized menu settings. The system also supports built-in newsletters, mandatory reads, multi-channel communications, SMS and mobile push notifications for content, and a company-wide events calendar that can also manage RSVPs.

Simpplr keeps their product current by surveying hundreds of communications and IT professionals each year to understand engagement trends related to content and intranet software technology. Prospective clients can also download a copy of their survey results for free by visiting their website.

Another feature that makes their platform unique is their predictive analytics. While most intranet platforms do contain some form of communication analytics, Simpplr’s predictive analytics take things to the next level. It will analyze your content and make recommendations to address gaps in your communication strategy, as well as specific goals you should aim for, like having a senior executive post on the platform at least once per month.

Their system comes with many pre-built integrations so you won’t require advanced support to connect other products after implementation. Popular integrations include Google Drive, many Microsoft applications, Dropbox, Slack, Oracle, Bitium, Okta, PingIdentity, Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, Vimeo, YouTube, and many others.

Simpplr offers a free 14-day trial, as well as a free demo. For pricing details, you can request a customized quote via their website.

  • freemium version
  • 30-day free trial
  • From $4 USD/user/month for a minimum of 15 employees

Jostle - Intranet solution with dynamic employee directory and efficient document management features

Jostle’s searchable employee directory links employees to team profiles as well as direct chat channels to streamline communication in-house.

Jostle’s intranet design makes it easy for employees to access information, whether through their desktop computers or the employee app. Their system organizes company information through seven main menusnews, events, discussions, people, library, teams and listingswith flags for new content so staff never miss an update.

This platform is a great option for large, distributed teams thanks to their full-feature employee directory. Users can add filters for departments, locations, job roles, or skills to find the colleagues they need, then click through to start a direct communication channel with them immediately. Team-wide communications are also easy with department-specific chat channels that new employees are automatically added to once they join.

Their library feature also helps organize corporate documents efficiently, giving subject matter experts the ability to update items on-demand. To help streamline the policy review and approval process, you can add tasks to library documents, asking specific colleagues to either edit, review or complete other actions with the file. Permissions are locked down, so only users with the edit link will be able to make any changes. The added ability to sync document libraries in OneDrive or Google Drive is another useful feature to make policy updates straightforward.

Jostle has premium integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. It also integrates with 45+ common software platforms including Airtable, BambooHR, Basecamp 3, DocuSign, Expensify, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Smartsheet, SurveyMonkey, WordPress, YouTube, Zapier, Zoom and many others.

Pricing for Jostle starts at $4 USD/user/month for a minimum of 15 employees. A freemium version is available for companies with less than 15 people. A free demo and 30-day free trial can also be arranged via their website.

  • Free demo
  • Pricing upon request

Unily - Enterprise-level employee experience platform with communication, knowledge management, and extranet features

Unily’s platform unites communication tools with employee engagement and knowledge sharing capabilities.

Unily’s software platform includes core intranet features like corporate communication tools, email newsletters, and marketing-grade communication campaign capabilities. Beyond that, their software also includes employee engagement functions like a built-in rewards and recognition module with customizable badges to align staff with your organizational goals. Other engagement tools include peer-to-peer kudos, public and private publishing channels, photo and video sharing tools, and an advanced employee directory that pairs skills and experience with the company org structure.

The system’s information architecture (IA) parameters help enterprises create organized knowledge hubs of information so staff can find the information they need easily. Pre-configured templates will also speed up your information design process, as well as the ability to create targeted homepages based on workplace location or role, and targeted navigation schemes. To help organizations share parts of their social identities outward, extranet portals can be created. This is also a useful feature for companies that work with many external contractors and collaborators, by giving them access only to the information they need without the need to duplicate it outside the main system.

Unily integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft products, as well as other programs like Slack, HubSpot, Box, Concur, ServiceNow, Workday, Workplace, and Confluence.

Pricing for Unily is only available upon request. A free demo can also be requested via their website.

  • Pricing upon request

Igloo - Digital workplace platform with pre-built solution templates for business challenges

Igloo’s intranet features are accessible from desktop or mobile devices, and can be hosted through a branded mobile app too.

Igloo’s self-described “next-generation intranet software” helps content managers communicate easily with users and improve their workflow with advanced publishing features like broadcasts, read tracking, task lists, ghostwriting, versioning features, and the ability to schedule future publishing dates. For end users, the system organizes content so they can access information quickly, and engage with fellow colleagues easily through the advanced people directory and linked org charts.

One interesting aspect of Igloo’s Saas platform that I haven’t seen from other providers is their built-in solution templates for common business challenges. They currently have specific guidance for 26 common use cases, such as developing a Customer Knowledge Base or a Virtual Town Hall, that come preloaded in the software for no additional cost.

Igloo integrates with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Okta, Power BI, Workday, Facebook, Zendesk, and many other applications. They also have an Igloo mobile app, as well as the capacity to host a branded mobile app.

Pricing information for Igloo is not readily available on their website, though you can request a custom quote.

  • 30-day free trial
  • From $10 USD/employee/month for companies with 50 to 99 employees

ThoughtFarmer - Creative intranet solution with gamified engagement and flexible data collection forms

ThoughtFarmer’s FormFlow module can be configured to serve many different company needs, with an incorporated approval process to streamline internal requests.

ThoughtFarmer’s creative intranet platform includes all the key features you’d expect, like document management, content management and communication tools. They also have a whole host of social engagement and team collaboration features, like an interactive organization chart, shout-outs, and the ability to host internal clubs, communities or employee blogs. Another interesting element that promotes engagement with the platform is the gamification of the user’s experience. Employees are awarded points and badges as they complete more actions and activities in the system.

One useful feature that really stood out is their FormFlow module, which can be used extensively for many different internal process requests like ordering business cards, tracking assets, or updating inventory. It’s flexible design also means it can easily be used to conduct employee surveys on employee engagement, satisfaction or wellness. FormFlow forms are quick to design and launch, and are fully accessible from within their mobile app as well. An approval stage can also be added as needed, and all submitted data is collected in a FormFlow dashboard making it simple to analyze or export the results.

ThoughtFarmer is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, as well as Slack, Okta, Azure AD, SAML, On Premise AD, Box.com, Wufoo Forms, SilverCloud, Facebook and Twitter. Their platform also has an API that supports other custom integrations, as well as webhooks for platforms like Zapier and IFTTT.

ThoughtFarmer offers a 30-day free trial, as well as a free demo. Their pricing model is transparent, and starts at $10 USD/employee/month for companies with 50 to 99 employees, with volume discounts available for larger organizations.

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The 10 Best Intranet Software Solutions Summary

Software Overview Free Option Price Site
Empuls Empuls logo Read Empuls features & functionality

30 days free trial

From $2.00/user/month Check out Empuls
Blink Blink logo Read Blink features & functionality

14-day free trial

From $3.40 USD/employee/month Check out Blink
IntranetPro IntranetPro logo Read IntranetPro features & functionality

Free demo

Pricing upon request Check out IntranetPro
Happeo Happeo logo Read Happeo features & functionality

Free personalized demo

Pricing upon request Check out Happeo
Staffbase Staffbase logo Read Staffbase features & functionality

Free demo

Pricing upon request Check out Staffbase
Simpplr Simpplr logo Read Simpplr features & functionality

14-day free trial

Pricing upon request Check out Simpplr
Jostle Jostle logo Read Jostle features & functionality Freemium version

30-day free trial

From $4 USD/user/month for a minimum of 15 employees Check out Jostle
Unily Unily logo Read Unily features & functionality

Free demo

Pricing upon request Check out Unily
Igloo Igloo logo Read Igloo features & functionality Not Available Pricing upon request Check out Igloo
ThoughtFarmer ThoughtFarmer logo Read ThoughtFarmer features & functionality

30-day free trial

From $10 USD/employee/month for companies with 50 to 99 employees Check out ThoughtFarmer

Other Employee Intranet Options

Here’s a few more employee intranet software options that didn’t make the top list:

  1. Axero - Digital workspace solution with strong content management features and customizable team Spaces
  2. Noodle - Modular intranet system with customizable content Portlets
  3. Workvivo - Social intranet solution with collaborative Spaces for deeper employee engagement
  4. Interact - Comprehensive intranet platform that merges social features with mobile intranet and extranet capabilities.
  5. OnSemble - Intranet software developed for customer-oriented/service-oriented company cultures, with a built-in learning management system.
  6. The Hub - Full-feature intranet software with rapid 48-hour set up time and free upgrades for life.
  7. Jive - Intranet software with embedded machine learning framework that enhances platform-wide searching and maps relationships between people, content and activities.
  8. IntelliEnterprise 15 - Sophisticated intranet solution with an AI-powered chatbot and integrated external app notifications for over 50 common SaaS applications.
  9. Bitrix24 - Versatile intranet platform for collaboration and task management - free to use with unlimited users for up to 5 GB of platform data.
  10. Friday - Customizable intranet platform that puts meetings, tasks and action items at the forefront - available as a free 14-day trial.
  11. MangoApps - Flexible and scalable team collaboration platform with enterprise-grade security - available as a free trial.
  12. HCL Connections - Enterprise-level collaboration platform focused on employee engagement and networking.
  13. Claromentis - Intranet software with a unique Audit Management module supporting common audit procedures and activities such as requirements for ISO 9001:2015.
  14. Workplace - Created by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) this communication and engagement platform offers a user experience employees will recognize, including automatic translations of content for multilingual audiences - available as a free 30-day trial.
  15. MyHub - Affordable, template-based intranet option that services 24 common industry sectors - available as a free 14-day trial.

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What Do You Think About This List?

If you made it this far, I hope you’ve gained a more thorough understanding of how the right intranet software solution can transform your business. In case you’re still craving more details, take a look at our best practices for developing an employee intranet

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Or maybe you need a document management system to support your internal employee training? If so, here’s our list of the best learning management systems for employee training and development. 

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