10 Best Open Source HR Software For 2022

There are many applications to help companies manage their human resources, but using regular paid tools can be an expensive choice. Fortunately, this is a $10 billion market, so many alternative solutions have arisen to fill the gap.

One popular option is to use open source HR software. Taking this route can give you access to rich features and functionality but without the hefty price tag.

In this article, I’ll be examining the best options for open source HR software to help you decide what’s right for you. I’ll discuss what each tool is best for and why it may be a good choice for you. 

The Best Open Source HR Software

Here’s the list of the best open-source HR solutions that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. monday.com logomonday.com

    Best for customized, task-based boards with built-in data visualization

  2. Open HRMS logoOpen HRMS

    Best for tracking KPIs

  3. MintHCM logoMintHCM

    Best for a holistic approach to human capital management

  4. WaypointHR logoWaypointHR

    Best for compensation management

  5. Bazara logoBazara

    Best for HR with talent acquisition.

  6. IceHrm Open Source Edition logoIceHrm Open Source Edition

    Best internal job portal

  7. Odoo logoOdoo

    Best for ease of use

  8. OrangeHRM logoOrangeHRM

    Best personnel information management

  9. Sentrifugo logoSentrifugo

    Best for an employee self-service portal

  10. SimpleHRM logoSimpleHRM

    Best for SMBs

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best open source HR platforms? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I look for a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that everyone involved in human resources will understand.
  2. Usability: I expect the software to be as easy to use as any paid, proprietary tool.
  3. Integrations: There should be a range of integrations with popular business software suites.
  4. Value for $: I look for a genuine open-source experience.

Open Source HR Tools: Key Features

I expect a good open-source HR software tool to offer most—if not all—of the following features:

  1. Payroll & benefits: Managing calculations for regular pay, overtime, taxes, insurance, and related factors.
  2. Employee development & performance: Keeping track of progress and achievements to help plan career growth trajectories. Facilitate learning and professional development.
  3. Managing employee information: Keeping track of employee information relating to contact details, positions, rates, vacations, and benefits. Document management is also an asset.
  4. Applicant tracking system: Storing information about applicants for specific positions, results of interviews, salary expectations, job offers, etc.
  5. Salary & benefits administration: Managing employee salaries and ensuring they receive benefits they are entitled to.
  6. Absence management: Dealing with matters and calculations related to vacations, business trips, absenteeism, and sick leave. 

Overviews Of The 10 Best Open Source HR Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the best open source HR software solutions to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the interface. 

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $8/user/month

monday.com - Best for customized, task-based boards with built-in data visualization

Users can track and visualize any type of company data using monday’s flexible boards and built-in templates.

monday.com’s flexible Work OS platform makes it easy to streamline many different types of data collection processes, depending on what you need. HR teams can use it to efficiently track core HR functions like employee data, leave management requests, performance reviews, recruiting, onboarding, learning and development, and much more. With 200+ pre-built templates to choose from, it’s fast and easy to migrate your data to their system, including the ability to upload data from existing Excel spreadsheets. Once you’re all set up, you also have the option to view your data in many different visual formats too, including bar and line graphs, pie charts, and Gantt charts. In terms of their open-source capabilities, users who are feeling adventurous can take advantage of their Developer tool, which enables you to create your own customized processes within monday’s system. Once you’ve completed your app design, you have the option to keep it private, make it public, or share it in the monday apps marketplace. In addition, you can also browse the existing third-party apps in the monday.com app marketplace to see if the feature you’re craving has already been developed. For very small teams, monday.com offers a free forever plan (with limited features) for two users. Beyond that, their paid service levels start at $8/user/month. A free 14-day trial is available too.
  • From $499/user/month

Open HRMS - Best for tracking KPIs

Open HRMS helps managers see exactly what is happening with human resources capital.

This open-source HR management software offers a wide range of features. These include an applicant tracking system, a centralized employee database, and HR processes administration.

The software offers transparent appraisal strategies for employees to increase engagement. The attendance management feature tracks leave and attendance in real-time.

The software is designed to be visually appealing and easy to use. Managers can quickly bring up a view of the core KPIs to stay on top of the most important metrics.

Open HRMS costs from $499/user/month. There is no free version.

  • Free for 1-10 employees
  • From $4/user/month premium version

MintHCM - Best for a holistic approach to human capital management

MintHCM covers every aspect of the employment cycle.

MintHCM is a human capital management (HCM) system that grew out of CRM technology. This unique approach to development has created a unique approach to HR management. Yet due to the open-source nature of the system, there are no limitations on what is possible.

The suite encompasses 16 different HCM-related features. These include recruitment, onboarding, time management, analytics, and employee performance management. Together they offer a coherent, holistic approach to managing people.

Mint HCM is free for 1-10 employees. For larger organizations, a premium version is offered from $4/user/month.

  • Free to use

WaypointHR - Best for compensation management

WaypointHR helps you identify who is contributing most to your business success.

WaypointHR is an open-source human resource management system. A simple 5-step wizard makes it easy to add new employees, while layering features provide multiple ways to view data. Company reports can be created, exported to PDF or printed as required.

The software also optimizes staff utilization through its Redundancy Selection Criteria Matrix. This helps managers to assess, score and rank staff according to skills, attitude and behavior. With the help of this data, HR managers can decide which staff members to retain. This can also help with compensation management around promotions, bonuses, commission, and so on.

WaypointHR is free to use.

  • From $20/feature/month

Bazara - Best for HR with talent acquisition.

Bazara HCM gives detailed information on every employee and candidate.

Bazara HCM offers a comprehensive range of features and functions for managing human capital. These include employee management, casuals administration, project management, and arbitration. The system also supports performance appraisal, training, and development.

The strength of this suite is its extended scope. In addition to encompassing traditional, core human resource functions, it also incorporates key aspects of talent management. This makes it a great one-stop, open-source HR solution.

Bazara HCM costs from $20/feature/month. There is no free trial.

  • 45 days free trial
  • From $0.90/user/month

IceHrm Open Source Edition - Best internal job portal

IceHrm includes a full range of recruitment features.

IceHrm is a human resource management system that can be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud. It covers all primary HR needs, including leave management, time management, and managing employee data. Other features include timesheets, attendance administration, and travel management.

This application also provides you with an internal job portal. You can post ads directly to job sites and social media. Using the built-in features, it’s also possible to create job ads that will get attention.

IceHrm costs from $0.90/user/month. A 45-day trial is available.

  • From $8/module/month

Odoo - Best for ease of use

Odoo encapsulates everything any HR department is likely to need in an integrated suite.

Odoo is a full suite of open-source business applications. Odoo HR is a customizable app designed to help human resources with hiring, workforce management, expense management, appraisal management, and other human resource needs.

You can take advantage of the features offered in the Recruitment, Employees, Time Off, and Appraisal modules to create a fully-fledged, integrated HR system. The software is designed for ease of use, too.

Odoo costs from $8/module/month.

  • From $6/user/month

OrangeHRM - Best personnel information management

With OrangeHRM, you can find all the information you need fast.

OrangeHRM is a scalable HRM solution designed to manage the whole employment life cycle, from employee onboarding to termination. Features include time and attendance, candidate recruiting, performance reviews, absence management, and benefits administration. The software can be deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to follow so that HR managers can get things done faster. In addition, the admin features give a complete 360-degree view of people in the organization, facilitating better strategic decisions.

Employees can take advantage of their own portal and login, allowing them to track benefits and compensation, access training documentation, and view company org charts.

OrangeHRM costs from $6/user/month.

  • Free to use

Sentrifugo - Best for an employee self-service portal

Sentrifugo covers everything from background checks to leave entitlement.

This is a cloud-based, open-source HR software system that offers performance appraisal, leave management, and time tracking features.

Managers can track employees’ personal information and manage hiring decisions. The background check function helps improve the hiring process, allowing managers to check the status of checks as they move through the system.

Sentrifugo includes an employee self-service portal where staff can log in to access and update their details. They can also view policy documents, such as employee handbooks. Employees can also add self-appraisals and comments for managers.

Sentrifugo is open source and free to use.

  • Free to use

SimpleHRM - Best for SMBs

The SimpleHRM interface is easy to use and understand.

SimpleHRM is an open-source human resource management software tool. It offers a full range of features, including personal information management, leave management, benefits administration, and travel management. Employees can use the self-service option to update their records, while managers benefit from detailed reports and statistics.

The user interface is designed to be easy to use for both managers and employees. The no-frills design allows users to focus on getting things done. This makes it a great—and accessible—solution for small to medium enterprises.

SimpleHRM is free to use.

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The 10 Best Open Source HR Software Summary

Software USP Free Option Price Site
monday.com monday.com logo Best for customized, task-based boards with built-in data visualization

14-day free trial

From $8/user/month Check out monday.com
Open HRMS Open HRMS logo Best for tracking KPIs Not Available From $499/user/month Check out Open HRMS
MintHCM MintHCM logo Best for a holistic approach to human capital management

Free for 1-10 employees

From $4/user/month premium version Check out MintHCM
WaypointHR WaypointHR logo Best for compensation management Not Available Free to use Check out WaypointHR
Bazara Bazara logo Best for HR with talent acquisition. Not Available From $20/feature/month Check out Bazara
IceHrm Open Source Edition IceHrm Open Source Edition logo Best internal job portal

45 days free trial

From $0.90/user/month Check out IceHrm Open Source Edition
Odoo Odoo logo Best for ease of use Not Available From $8/module/month Check out Odoo
OrangeHRM OrangeHRM logo Best personnel information management Not Available From $6/user/month Check out OrangeHRM
Sentrifugo Sentrifugo logo Best for an employee self-service portal Not Available Free to use Check out Sentrifugo
SimpleHRM SimpleHRM logo Best for SMBs Not Available Free to use Check out SimpleHRM

Other Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Jornai – A free and open-source leave management and overtime management system last updated in 2018 but with a still active online community and forum.
  2. WP ERP – A business software suite that offers the core modules of HR, CRM, and Accounting as free, open-source tools. 
  3. Homebase – An open-source solution powered by Datahike. Homebase is a collaborative, real-time relational database that functions from your browser.
  4. ERP Next – Open-source HRMS software that covers recruiting, onboarding, managing, and appraising employees. 
  5. ADempiere – This open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform provides a full suite of applications, including human resources and payroll management. 
  6. Dolibarr – Free, open-source ERP & CRM solution that incorporates Human Relationship Management features for administering employees, expense reports, leave requests, timesheets, and recruitment. 

What Is Open Source HR software?

Open source HR software is a practical alternative to proprietary human resources applications. This software is typically free or inexpensive to use, with a codebase that is maintained by an active online community. 

When using open source HR software, you have the freedom to customize the code as you wish, according to your business needs. Instead of being beholden to a specific vendor, you have the freedom to use or adapt the software in any way you wish. 

Covering All Your Bases

Open Source HR software is a fantastic option for automating your human resources functions without breaking the bank. But it’s certainly not the only way to go. To learn more about managing people with SaaS tools, check out more of our articles on HR software, human resources management, and related topics.

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