10 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software In 2022

Managers have saved hours of work by ditching the classic paper records or spreadsheets to record their employees’ attendance and leave days. Automating your employee scheduling tasks lets you focus on other aspects like maintaining a solid team culture or ensuring your staff is happy.

For this article, I’ve tested 10 employee scheduling tools that reunite the core features you need to manage your team’s work hours, time off, payroll, and sometimes even more. 

Note that each one of these platforms comes with extra features that will be helpful for a specific industry or need. I’ll take you through the benefits of the core capabilities that help you maintain error-free schedules and stay compliant—regardless of your team’s size or location.

Keep reading for the list of 10 online employee scheduling software options HR, business owners, or team managers need to consider.

What Is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software solutions are used to plan, track, and report on your worker’s tasks and timesheets. This includes managing shifts, tracking vacation and sick time, and making wage payments based on fair data—no matter how many locations and teams you’re in charge of.

Their automated versions enable smooth schedule management even when work hours are extended unexpectedly or employees start trading their shifts. The scheduling module on these tools is almost always paired with time tracking and reporting capabilities for complete staff activity organization and analysis.

Note: Most of the tools you can get today are available online via a web application but employees can access them through desktop or mobile apps instead. You can use all of the solutions on this list directly from your web browser as employees can log their time online either from their computers or mobile phones.

Why Choose Employee Scheduling Software?

The complexity of these apps makes for a lengthy list of benefits you can get from a single HR hub. Here’s a few of them:

  • Lowered labor costs and unexpected expenses
  • Less time spent on scheduling and rescheduling
  • No shift delays or overlaps
  • More clarity regarding employee availability and shift exchanges
  • Improved employee satisfaction and retention rates
  • Direct payroll based on clear work hours stats
  • Full labor law compliance
  • Real-time view of your team’s activity and work risks

Most tools also provide flexible pricing levels so any kind of business can gain from them. You can access many free employee scheduling software alternatives with limited core features or for smaller teams.

The Best Online Employee Scheduling Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best employee scheduling software:

  1. monday.com logomonday.com

    Best custom workflows for team scheduling

  2. Buddy Punch logoBuddy Punch

    Best online time clock with scheduling

  3. Shiftbase logoShiftbase

    Best for easy shift scheduling

  4. Homebase logoHomebase

    Best if you need a complete online HR platform

  5. Schedule360 logoSchedule360

    Best for healthcare providers

  6. Hub Planner logoHub Planner

    Best for resource allocation and availability mapping

  7. Sage HR logoSage HR

    Best for small and medium businesses

  8. Shiftboard logoShiftboard

    Best for highly regulated industries where you need to comply with diverse safety standards and labor laws

  9. BambooHR logoBambooHR

    Best for managing employees throughout the whole life cycle

  10. 7shifts logo7shifts

    Best for restaurants

Online Employee Scheduling Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best online employee scheduling apps? Here’s a summary of the evaluation criteria that should inspire your decision-making process: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Attractive UI is particularly helpful when you’re looking to implement a new tool quickly. An intuitive interface makes it easier for your employees to use the tool without requiring extra training. For a non-boring experience, opt for a bright and clean design.
  2. Usability: Reduce labor costs by looking for sellers that offer timely tech support and training even prior to making the purchase. A comprehensive help center complete with tutorials or a community to answer your inquiries in real-time is an added plus. Without these, you’d have to spend extra time and resources on training instead of using that time to do your work.
  3. Integrations: How easy is it for you to integrate the new tool with your current apps? Employee scheduling software is likely just one of the solutions you need to run your business. Choose platforms that seamlessly integrate with apps you’re already using, such as HRMS, thanks to pre-built integrations or add-ons. Another option is to request a specific integration and see if the seller’s dev team can prioritize this and allow customization.
  4. Value for $: Pick two or three apps from this list to compare their pricing. You want the cost to be appropriate for the capabilities you get. Keep in mind that unclear pricing or a lack of transparency are huge red flags.

Online Employee Scheduling Software Key Features

  1. Employee scheduling: Allocate employee schedules, tasks, and PTO or sick days.
  2. Automated scheduling: Save time by scheduling and adjusting work distribution based on predefined rules or patterns.
  3. Payroll management: Pay your employees on time directly from your employee scheduling solution.
  4. Shift management: Communicate required or open shifts and allow employees to swap shifts with one another.
  5. Time tracking: Allow employees to punch in and out online without the paperwork while managers maintain an overall look at their timesheets.
  6. Reporting and analytics: Create smart and clear reports to keep track of your team’s performance and reduce no-shows.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software

Next is a brief run-through of each online employee scheduling software on my list showing what it does best, plus screenshots to showcase their features in action.

  • 14 days free trial
  • From $8/user/month

monday.com - Best custom workflows for team scheduling

monday.com allows users to onboard new team members and create custom workflows for other employee management processes.

monday.com is an online employee scheduling software that allows managers to build custom workflows for their team. The tool includes dozens of integrations, widgets, third-party apps, and editable columns. monday.com includes a time tracker for users to keep track of time spent on tasks. Users can also add the tracker to the team’s high-level overview so managers can see how much time employees spend on each individual task. Managers can also assign individual or multiple team members to tasks. The tool has a workload widget, which enables managers to pull data from tasks and view individual team member capacity and overall workload. Users can also create custom dashboards that update automatically, so managers can track overall team performance and efficiency. monday.com costs from $8/user/month. A 14-day free trial is also available.
  • 14 days free trial
  • From $25.99/month

Buddy Punch - Best online time clock with scheduling

Buddy Punch lets your employees view their current time-card and request time off right in the app.

Buddy Punch is a web-based time clock and scheduling software. Your employees can view their current time-card, request time off, submit a claim to correct a punch-in error, or even submit their time card for approval — all without ever leaving the Buddy Punch app. The interface has been built to ensure easy navigation and ease of use, with drag and drop schedule creation and the ability to create repeating/recurring shifts.

Buddy Punch’s key features work to keep your team accountable and honest. Through GPS tracking, you can stay on top of your staff’s location whenever they clock in/out of work. Some additional features include facial recognition and photos on punch, which run a biometric scan of your employees’ faces to verify who is attempting to punch in/out. In addition, Buddy Punch integrates with QuickBooks, ADP, Gusto, Paychex, Paylocity, PayPlus, SurePayroll, and Workday. With a Zapier account, you’ll have access to thousands of other apps and tools.

Buddy Punch costs from $25.99/month for basic time and attendance solutions (billed annually). They offer a 14-day free trial. You can contact the company directly for the requirement of more than 200 employees.

  • 14 days free trial
  • From €2.75/active employee/month

Shiftbase - Best for easy shift scheduling

Schedule shifts through drag-and-drop actions on a user-friendly and modern interface.

Shiftbase is a straightforward online tool used in industries where shift management is a priority like production, transportation, or retail. Its mix of employee scheduling, time tracking, and human resources management (HCM) allows managers to plan and monitor workflows from anywhere.

Their physical punch clock boxes let staff members mark the start and end of their shifts directly on the work site. Alternatively, time tracking can be done online via the mobile app or web browser. An ISO 27001:2017 certification ensures personal data is secured and up to par with global standards.

Shiftbase paid plans start at €2.75/active employee/month and you can test the tool with a free 14-day trial.

  • Has a Free plan you can use with an unlimited number of employees

Homebase - Best if you need a complete online HR platform

Schedule employee tasks online from all devices and manage all work from a single tool.

The Homebase team scheduling software is mainly used by small businesses such as small stores, beauty salons or fitness facilities, and other service providers. The platform provides an exhaustive set of features that let you run your HR tasks from start to finish, including hiring and onboarding, scheduling, time tracking, team communication, and more.

Its simplicity and vast array of functionalities have brought numerous distinctions such as “Top Rated Time Clock Software” by The Blueprint and a 5-star rating on QuickBooks Apps.

Homebase has a free plan you can use with an unlimited number of employees but fewer advanced features. This replaces a free trial.

  • No free trial

Schedule360 - Best for healthcare providers

Schedule360 users commonly refer to the software as a cost-effective solution where payment is required only for the staff members who use it. The personalized cost of the tool also implies the seller will configure the app to suit your staffing and business needs. Features like rules-based self-scheduling, license and credential tracking, or shift dispatching come in handy for markets such as nursing, disaster relief, or pharmacies.

No free trial or public pricing is available. Check out the Schedule360 pricing page to get your custom pricing.

  • 60 days free trial
  • From $7/resource/month

Hub Planner - Best for resource allocation and availability mapping

The allocation heat map displays work schedule gaps and team capacity.

Hub Planner provides a complete list of features like core resource scheduling and time tracking along with project planning and real-time reporting. Users from all kinds of professions can use the tool thanks to its availability on various devices—including on the go as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

The tool’s complex resource scheduling functionalities allow managers to find available team members by skills, location, department, workload, and/or custom tags.

Hub Planner plans are available from $7/resource/month with a generous 60-day free trial.

  • From $5.5/user

Sage HR - Best for small and medium businesses

Get a bird’s-eye view at your team’s activity and future availability.

While Sage HR is an ideal tool for SMBs, big names like Deloitte or airBaltic also use it for recruitment, onboarding, shift scheduling, time and expense tracking, and leave management. The performance module stands out as it helps managers keep track of goals, schedule one-on-one meetings, and collect employee feedback.

Sage HR comes with a couple of handy extra features like support for eSignatures, detailed reporting, and a workflow builder. Additionally, you can integrate it with other Sage online products like Sage CRM, Sage HRMS, or Sage Accountants network.

With Sage HR, the pricing starts at $5.5/user for the fundamental human resources and leave management features after 14 days of trial.

  • Request a demo

Shiftboard - Best for highly regulated industries where you need to comply with diverse safety standards and labor laws

Automate your employee scheduling needs and maintain communication with your team from all work sites.

Need a highly-compliant tool to keep problems at bay? Shiftboard comes with two separate products: ScheduleFlex (used in distribution, staffing agencies, call centers) and the high-compliance SchedulePro (used for oil and gas, manufacturing, petrochemical industries). Both versions allow for general labor law compliance, employee self-service, and time tracking.

ScheduleFlex is better suited for organizations that require constant schedule changes. Flexible team schedule creation, shift blocking and credential verification, or labor demand forecasting help with maintaining day-to-day compliance.

Meanwhile, SchedulePro provides complex compliance with labor laws and safety standards along with labor demand forecasting, exception tracking, and other features to help you manage diverse risks.

The cost for both the ScheduleFlex and SchedulePro plans is custom as you’ll need to request a demo beforehand to see if one of them is right for your organization. Note that additional implementation fees apply in all cases.

  • Price quotes for BambooHR are only available

BambooHR - Best for managing employees throughout the whole life cycle

Improve individual productivity by monitoring employee satisfaction and gathering feedback online.

This award-winning HR software facilitates hiring, onboarding, training, compensation, attendance tracking, and team culture building within a single platform. BambooHR is a perfect fit for medium to large companies like Unbounce, FreshBooks, or Squarespace who want to ditch their time-consuming Excel files, track PTO, streamline payday, and help their team succeed. The app’s main goal is for you to automate programs so you’ll have more time to focus on employee engagement—or, as they say, to “set people free to do great work”.

Price quotes for BambooHR are only available on-demand and you can use the free trial to give the tool a go.

  • From $19.99/month/location (billed monthly)

7shifts - Best for restaurants

Use the 7shifts data to maintain consistency throughout all locations and improve staff performance.

Own a restaurant? 7shifts is the preferred solution for well-known brands like Five Guys or Sambo’s but small full-service restaurants make full use of it as well. The AI-based schedule builder supports automatic schedule building and optimization so you can meet demands in real-time.

Workers can notify managers of availability changes from the app to support a thorough bidirectional collaborative system. To sync your sales and labor data with wages, 7shifts integrates with dozens of top POS and payroll solutions.

Paid 7shifts plan $19.99/month/location (billed monthly) but you can choose their 14-day trial or use the free plan for simple scheduling features.

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Best Online Employee Scheduling Software Summary

Software USP Free Option Price Site
monday.com monday.com logo Best custom workflows for team scheduling

14 days free trial

From $8/user/month Check out monday.com
Buddy Punch Buddy Punch logo Best online time clock with scheduling

14 days free trial

From $25.99/month Check out Buddy Punch
Shiftbase Shiftbase logo Best for easy shift scheduling

14 days free trial

From €2.75/active employee/month Check out Shiftbase
Homebase Homebase logo Best if you need a complete online HR platform Not Available Has a Free plan you can use with an unlimited number of employees Check out Homebase
Schedule360 Schedule360 logo Best for healthcare providers

No free trial

Check out Schedule360
Hub Planner Hub Planner logo Best for resource allocation and availability mapping

60 days free trial

From $7/resource/month Check out Hub Planner
Sage HR Sage HR logo Best for small and medium businesses Not Available From $5.5/user Check out Sage HR
Shiftboard Shiftboard logo Best for highly regulated industries where you need to comply with diverse safety standards and labor laws Not Available Request a demo Check out Shiftboard
BambooHR BambooHR logo Best for managing employees throughout the whole life cycle Not Available Price quotes for BambooHR are only available Check out BambooHR
7shifts 7shifts logo Best for restaurants Not Available From $19.99/month/location (billed monthly) Check out 7shifts

Other Online Employee Scheduling Platform Options

Here are more apps that didn’t make the top list of best online employee scheduling software but are worth checking out:

  1. When I Work – Best for auto-scheduling shifts
  2. Aspect – Best for enterprise workforce management
  3. Your Next Seven – Best for mobile devices
  4. Skedulo – Best for remote teams
  5. OrbitalShift – Best if you’re looking for a tool to work on all devices
  6. Aplano – Best for German speakers
  7. SubItUp – Best for social scheduling
  8. Aladtec – Best for rescue and law enforcement organizations 
  9. WhenToWork – Best for a one-click smart scheduling process
  10. TimeForge – Best POS integration option
  11. ZoomShift – Best for hourly workers
  12. Snap Schedule – Best for maintaining compliance for multi-site teams
  13. B2W Schedule – Best for the construction industry
  14. Zip Schedules – Best for an easy online set-up
  15. ePro Scheduler Plus – Best for private EMS agencies
  16. Planday – Best for revenue forecasting

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