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David Rice

Senior Editor

My Experience
I’ve been writing about HR since the first confirmed cases of COVID turned the industry and workplace on its head. I’ve specialized in the areas of HR technology, DEI, employee experience and talent management. Through that work I’ve been able to consult on leadership development, employee resource groups and employee engagement strategies.

My latest project is taking on the People Managing People podcast, where I’m engaging with HR and people operations leaders, consultants, academics and influencers on trends that are changing the workplace and how leaders can move the needle on workplace culture and employee experience.

As a long time journalist and storyteller, I’m dedicated to creating thought provoking and educational content for leaders and people managers as they tackle the challenges the future of work presents.

Prior to taking over as Senior Editor of People Managing People, I was the Managing Editor of a DEI education publication. I’ve also worked as the lead editor of other HR focused digital publications and training providers. Prior to that I was a journalist covering a wide range of topics for the Tampa Bay Times, AOL and a variety of magazines.

My areas of expertise

  • DEI
  • Employee Experience
  • Talent Management
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Learning and Development
  • HR Technology

The Technology I Use
I recently went back to a PC for my work computer after years of Mac usage and given that my personal laptop is a PC, I’m happy to not have to go back and forth between remembering the quirks of each operating system.

My life is made better by a series of Spotify playlists and podcast subscriptions. I prioritize my day’s work using Airtable and without Slack, I’d have to actually try out my bad jokes at open mic nights.

When I create a new account online, I’m forever thankful for the gift that is 1Password, because otherwise it takes me at least 15 password resets to remember a new login.


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