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Making sure employees feel valued at work is a business imperative for companies that wish to keep up engagement levels and avoid losing their top talent. And Bonusly is a popular employee recognition software that helps you actualize your recognition and rewards program. But before you choose Bonusly, you'll want to carefully consider its:

  • Key features
  • Integrations
  • Pricing structure
  • Pros and cons
  • Top alternatives

My in-depth review covers all of this and more, so keep reading to determine whether Bonusly is the best choice for your team's needs!

Bonusly review, a screenshot of its peer recognition feature
I really appreciate Bonusly's focus on peer recognition and showcasing employee contributions and rewards.

Bonusly Product Overview

Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform that enhances workplace culture through peer-to-peer recognition. Its primary users are organizations looking to foster a positive work environment and improve employee engagement. Bonusly helps teams build a culture of appreciation, increase employee engagement, and retain top talent by making recognition fun and inclusive.

The main pain points it addresses include low employee morale, lack of visibility for individual contributions, and the challenge of maintaining a positive company culture in diverse and distributed teams. Its best features include an intuitive interface, extensive customization options, and seamless integration with other workplace tools.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Bonusly features an easy-to-use interface. This means even those not tech-savvy can navigate and use the platform efficiently.
  • Customization Options: The software offers extensive customization. Users can tailor recognition programs to fit their company's unique culture and values.
  • Integration Capabilities: Bonusly integrates seamlessly with numerous other tools. This allows for a more streamlined and cohesive user experience within the existing tech ecosystem.


  • Limited Analytics: The analytics offered are somewhat basic. This can be a drawback for companies looking for deep insights into employee engagement and recognition patterns.
  • Feature Depth: While user-friendly, some users find the feature set less comprehensive. This could limit the software's utility for more complex recognition programs.
  • Cost Factor: Compared to some alternatives, Bonusly can be costlier. This might be a significant consideration for smaller companies or those with tight budgets.

Expert Opinion

From my experience in tech recruitment and software evaluation, Bonusly stands out for its user-friendly design and strong integration capabilities, making it a solid choice for companies prioritizing a positive work culture and employee engagement. However, when compared with other employee recognition platforms, it falls short in offering advanced analytics and a more in-depth feature set. While its ease of use and customization options are commendable, the cost factor might deter smaller organizations or those on a limited budget.

Bonusly excels in environments that value a straightforward, inclusive approach to employee recognition, but for companies needing more robust analytics or comprehensive feature depth, exploring other options might be beneficial. In selecting a platform, it’s important to weigh these aspects to determine the best fit for your organization's specific needs and culture.

Bonusly: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

Compared to other employee recognition platforms, Bonusly distinguishes itself with a few unique features and functionalities:

  1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition: Bonusly allows every employee, not just managers, to recognize and reward their peers. This democratizes recognition and fosters a more inclusive workplace culture.
  2. Microbonuses: The platform's use of microbonuses enables frequent and real-time recognition, allowing employees to give small, tangible tokens of appreciation instantly.
  3. Social Media Integration: Bonusly integrates with social media platforms, enhancing visibility and allowing recognition to reach beyond the immediate workplace. This feature is particularly engaging for teams that value social connectivity.

Product Specifications

Peer-to-peer recognitionYes
Manager-to-employee recognitionYes
Nomination-based awardsYes
Service anniversary awardsYes
Customizable rewardsYes
Social media integrationYes
Real-time feedbackYes
Mobile app availabilityYes
Integration with HRIS systemsYes
Reporting and analyticsYes
Employee surveysNo
Multi-language supportYes
Global reward optionsYes
Budget managementYes
Automated birthday/anniversary recognitionYes
Custom brandingYes
Recognition feedYes
Points-based rewards systemYes
Customizable email notificationsYes
Single Sign-On (SSO)Yes
API AccessYes
Role-based access controlYes
Gamification elementsYes
Offline recognition capabilitiesNo
Wellness challengesNo

Bonusly Key Features

  1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition: This feature allows all employees to recognize each other, promoting a more inclusive and positive workplace culture.
  2. Microbonuses: They enable real-time, frequent recognition, allowing employees to appreciate small, everyday achievements.
  3. Social Media Integration: This expands recognition's reach, fostering a sense of community and visibility beyond the workplace.
  4. Customizable Rewards: Users can tailor rewards to fit their company's culture, enhancing the personal value of each recognition.
  5. Global Reward Options: Bonusly caters to a global workforce with a variety of reward options, accommodating diverse preferences.
  6. Mobile App Availability: This ensures accessibility and convenience, allowing users to engage with the platform anytime, anywhere.
  7. Integration with HRIS Systems: This helps streamline HR processes, making Bonusly a cohesive part of the organizational ecosystem.
  8. Reporting and Analytics: These tools provide insights into recognition patterns, helping to inform and improve engagement strategies.
  9. Points-Based Rewards System: This gamifies recognition, adding an element of fun and competition to the workplace.
  10. API Access: Offers flexibility and customization, allowing companies to integrate Bonusly with their existing systems seamlessly.

Ease Of Use

In my experience, Bonusly is known for its simplicity in user interface and overall ease of use. The onboarding process is straightforward, and navigating through the tool is intuitive. However, some users might find the customization options a bit overwhelming at first. The organization within the tool is logical, but the sheer number of features and settings can be daunting for new users.

Customer Support

Bonusly's customer support is generally responsive and helpful, with various channels available including documentation, webinars, and live chat. However, there can be delays in response times during peak hours or for more complex queries. Some users have expressed frustration with the limited in-depth troubleshooting support for technical issues.


Bonusly offers a range of out-of-the-box integrations with popular software and tools, enhancing its usability within various tech ecosystems. Key integrations include:

  • HRIS systems like BambooHR and Workday
  • Communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Project management tools like Asana and Trello

These integrations streamline processes and allow for seamless recognition within the tools teams use daily. Bonusly also provides API access, allowing for further customization and integration with other systems. Additionally, there are add-ons available to extend the platform's capabilities, tailoring it to specific organizational needs.

Bonusly Pricing

  • Standard Plan: $3.50/user/month (min 10 seats, billed annually) - includes peer-to-peer recognition, basic integrations, and a standard reward catalog.
  • Pro Plan: $5.25/user/month (min 10 seats, billed annually) - offers advanced features like reporting and analytics, additional integrations, and a premium reward catalog.
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing upon request - tailored for large organizations, includes all Pro features plus custom integrations, dedicated support, and enterprise-level security.

Bonusly's pricing is competitive within the market, with the added value of unique features like micro bonuses and social media integration. Additional costs to consider include the price of rewards and any custom integrations beyond the standard offerings. The tiered pricing structure allows for scalability based on company size and needs.

Bonusly Use Cases

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Bonusly?

In my assessment, Bonusly is particularly well-suited for:

  • Medium to Large Corporations: These organizations benefit from Bonusly's comprehensive recognition system and its ability to foster a positive work culture, essential for large teams and diverse workplaces.
  • Technology and Creative Industries: Companies in these sectors often value a modern, engaging approach to employee recognition. Bonusly's social media-like interface and instant recognition features align well with these industries.
  • Companies with Remote or Distributed Teams: Bonusly's digital platform is ideal for remote work environments, helping maintain team cohesion and morale regardless of geographical location.
  • Organizations Prioritizing Employee Engagement: Companies focused on building a strong culture of appreciation and engagement find Bonusly's inclusive and user-friendly platform highly beneficial.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Bonusly?

Conversely, Bonusly might not be the ideal fit for:

  • Very Small Businesses or Startups: These entities may find Bonusly's features more extensive and costlier than needed for their small teams.
  • Industries with Less Emphasis on Digital Engagement: Sectors that operate primarily offline or have a less tech-savvy workforce might not fully utilize Bonusly's digital-centric platform.
  • Companies Seeking Deep Analytics and Comprehensive HR Tools: Businesses requiring advanced analytics or a more extensive HR suite may find Bonusly's offerings limited.

Customers prioritizing advanced HR functionalities and deep data analytics over a straightforward recognition system might find Bonusly less suitable.

Bonusly FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about Bonusly.

What is Bonusly?

Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform that enhances company culture and employee engagement through peer-to-peer recognition.

How does Bonusly integrate with other tools?

Bonusly integrates with various HRIS systems, communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and project management tools like Asana and Trello.

Can Bonusly be used globally?

Yes, Bonusly supports global reward options and multi-language support, making it suitable for international teams.

Does Bonusly have a mobile app?

Yes, Bonusly offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android, allowing users to engage with the platform from anywhere.

Is Bonusly suitable for remote teams?

Bonusly is ideal for remote and distributed teams, helping maintain connection and recognition regardless of location.

Does Bonusly offer API access?

Yes, Bonusly provides API access for further customization and integration with existing systems.

Are there customization options in Bonusly?

Yes, Bonusly allows extensive customization in rewards and recognition programs to align with company culture.

What kind of customer support does Bonusly offer?

Bonusly provides various customer support channels, including documentation, webinars, live chat, and responsive customer service.

Bonusly Company Overview & History

Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform designed to foster a positive workplace culture and enhance employee engagement. Widely used by companies across various industries, Bonusly has become a popular choice for organizations seeking a modern, engaging approach to employee recognition. It is a private company, with its headquarters located in Boulder, Colorado.

The company's mission statement revolves around enriching the company culture and improving employee engagement through effective recognition strategies. Bonusly's history is marked by its innovative approach to digitalizing and gamifying employee recognition, making it a leader in this space.

Bonusly Summary: The Bottom Line

My overall opinion of Bonusly is that it's a highly effective employee recognition program, distinguishing itself with its versatile rewards system, including gift cards and custom rewards. Integrating core values seamlessly, allows team members to meaningfully recognize each other, reinforcing positive behaviors through hashtags and Bonusly points. Its standout features, such as leaderboards and the celebration of work anniversaries and milestones, add an engaging dimension to traditional recognition methods.

Particularly in sectors like healthcare, Bonusly offers excellent value for money, enhancing workplace morale as noted in many user reviews. This recognition software stands out for its ability to strengthen team bonds and create a positive, appreciative work environment.

Alternatives to Bonusly

  • Recognize: Ideal for companies looking for a robust recognition platform with a strong focus on social recognition and integrations with Microsoft tools.
  • Kudos: Suitable for organizations that prioritize a simple, yet effective approach to employee recognition with a strong emphasis on company values.
  • Reward Gateway: A good choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive employee engagement platform that goes beyond recognition to include communications and surveys.


To sum up, Bonusly is an excellent choice for medium to large-sized companies, especially those with remote teams or in tech and creative industries, looking to enhance their workplace culture through modern, engaging recognition strategies. While it may not be the best fit for very small businesses or those seeking deep HR analytics, its strengths in fostering employee engagement and seamless integration with other tools make it a standout choice in the employee recognition space. I invite you to share your experiences with Bonusly or similar platforms and explore how such tools can transform your company's approach to employee recognition, foster a more vibrant workplace, and drive meaningful engagement across your teams.

David Rice
By David Rice

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.