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The intent of this worksheet is to help you and your team operate more effectively and cohesively. We believe that as leaders, we need to provide clarity to our teams, define each team members’ responsibilities, and share how we will hold each other accountable.

How to Use it

This is intended for a leader to fill out for each position or member of their team. By the end of this template, you will have a clear understanding of what everyone is responsible for and accountable for. The template can also serve as a gap analysis. If there are responsibilities that no one is assigned, work simply won’t get done.

Clarity is about where we are going as a business and how a specific job role will help us get there. Without clarity, we will simply wander around completing tasks, goals, and projects without knowing if they are helping push the business forward.

Responsibility is about providing clear goals and how we will accelerate the business forward.

Accountability is how we will be measured.