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Employee Retention Handbook

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Why People Quit And How To Retain Your Top Talent

Original research on why people leave organizations, and what would have tempted them to stay, as well as expert advice for overcoming the main drivers of employee turnover.

Employee retention is a top priority for most organizations. No-one likes seeing their talented colleague leave for a rival or, worse, burn out. 

As retention is such a hot topic, we decided to ask our readers why they chose to leave their jobs, how long they stayed before leaving, and what could have kept them there.

People responded from around the globe and from across industries and roles. The results we’ve published in this ebook.

Off the back of our findings, we spoke to some experienced leaders about how organizations can work to overcome some of the challenges surrounding employee retention and create happier, healthier, more productive workplaces.

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Attract and retain top talent

Based on original research and years of hard-learned knowledge.

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