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One of the aspects I’ve been really conscious of as I develop this site is that often people don’t have a structure to scaffold from. What I mean from that is being able to compare different roles in HR, and see how the skills built in one role, lend themselves to the roles above and horizontal to them. To provide that scaffolding I’ve put together a number of sample job descriptions, and I’ll be building these over time to really encompass the diversity of roles within Human Resources.

I’d really appreciate any feedback about this area of the site that people may have, there are quite a number of roles that I would like to add (Employment/Industrial Relations, the Organizational Development/Training area, Remuneration, Change Management and HR Data as examples), and your feedback will make sure I can prioritize the right areas of the site.

And so, onto those sample job descriptions:

Manager Human Resources Sample Job Description

So with this role, there is somewhat of a trick with the title, a role like this actually manages the human resource function of a business and has a number of staff reporting to them. This role is not to be confused with a ‘Human Resource Manager’ which is often a sole charge role, typically found in smaller organisations.

Senior HR Consultant Sample Job Description

At this level in your HR career your exposure to the business skyrockets, you can expect to spend quite a bit of your day in meetings with the managers in your assigned work area or division, and meetings with your executive also. Often you’ll be mentoring a number of more junior colleagues in the HR team.

Human Resource Consultant Sample Job Description

The Human Resource Consultant role is your first step into the HR world proper, its often where Assistant HR Consultants head after learning the ropes.

Recruitment Consultant Sample Job Description

Recruitment Consultants either get their start through another role within HR (i.e. Assistant HR Consultant or HR Consultant roles), or through gaining experience in the external recruitment world. So external recruitment has a dual focus on sales, cold calling, building relationships with both prospective clients and prospective applicants, and the recruitment side similar to an internal recruiter.

Assistant Human Resource Consultant Sample Job Description

The Assistant Human Resource Consultant is how many HR practitioners get their start in HR, its a dedicated resource to assist the HR team. Often within this role you’ll find you get some of the boring jobs such as data entry or processing forms etc, while at other times you get called in to assist senior HR colleagues with some exciting projects.

By Brendan Lys

Operating at the intersection of Human Resources and Data Science, I leverage extensive specialist experience within Human Resources, with the methodologies and approaches of Data Science. This focus on the discovery of actionable insights from data, has been applied to areas such as: remuneration & benefits, workforce planning, recruitment, health & safety, diversity, and training. But what does the application of data science to HR challenges and opportunities actually look like. Within an HR framework the data we work with typically comes directly from our HRMIS, an advantage of using data science methodologies is that we can bring in additional data either held within the organization or from external sources - data which is out of reach from a pure HR analytics approach. Consider for example position descriptions, these contain a wealth of data that we typically ignore as its not in a analysis ready format. A side project I'm working on currently (April 2019) is using text mining on job descriptions to provide insights into which job family the position may fit into. The insights of my work have been enjoyed by organizations across a diversity of sectors including: Government (Australia and New Zealand), ASX and NZX listed companies, utilities, not for profit and higher education.