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One-on-one (1:1) meetings are a critical check-in—they’re part of developing and fostering positive and productive relationships between you as the manager, and the individual members of your team. 

A good one-on-one meeting provides you and each of your employees with a regularly scheduled forum for the two of you to catch up, communicate, and follow up on ways to help each other grow personally and professionally. 

How to Use it

A typical one-on-one meeting agenda includes:

  • A check-in on the team member’s general well-being and personal life to build rapport.
  • Work updates from the team member to go over action items from the past week (or time period since your last meeting), roadblocks, and goals. 
  • Updates from the manager to share important information, non-urgent performance management talking points, and new long-term goals or responsibilities.
  • Flex time to go over any other important items.