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Looking for HR conferences to attend this year? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best upcoming conferences to help inspire you and expand your network in 2024.

See below for conference information, dates, and pricing. Be sure to snag any early bird tickets before they’re gone!

Top 19 HR Conferences 2024

1. HR Transform

Date: March 11-13 2024
Where: Las Vegas, NV
Cost: $2,195

Transform 2024 aims to bring together technology and people leaders to shape the future of the workforce. With hands-on learning experiences, interactive discussions, 300 diverse speakers, and innovative HR tech at display, this HR conference is perfect for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to understand market insights and meet like-minded individuals.

2. Irresistible 2024

Date: May 20-23 2024
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Cost: $2,

We're fans of HR expert Josh Bersin for his research and his Irresistible framework. Guest speakers include business leaders and CHROs from the likes of Marriott Hotels, Coca-Cola, and the LA Lakers as well as his own team who are sure to get deep into the data. This year's conference also includes more networking sessions.

3. SHRM Annual Conference & Expo

Date: 23-25 June, 2024
Where: Chicago, IL
Price: $2,295 members, $2,695 non-members

The SHRM annual conference is intended for senior HR leaders with 15+ years of HR experience who are responsible for planning the strategic direction of their organizations. By bringing together the best and the brightest, the program provides HR leaders with a powerful and practical learning experience.

4. Talent Acquisition Week 2023

Date: Jan 29-Feb 1, 2024
Where: San Diego, CA
Price: From $1695

This conference is a great opportunity for HR and business leaders to learn about the future of recruiting. TA Week offers a chance for in-person networking and will give you access to sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding best practices. You must attend this conference to supercharge your talent acquisition and employee engagement strategies.

Get weekly insights and how-tos on leadership and HR’s biggest and most pressing topics—right to your inbox.

Get weekly insights and how-tos on leadership and HR’s biggest and most pressing topics—right to your inbox.

5. HRWest 2024

Date: March 5-6 2024
Where: Oakland, CA
Price: $399

The HRWest Conference is where you go to find out the latest trends in HR, issues, challenges, and solutions. With 80 speakers sponsored sessions, 60+ roundtables, and 4 keynotes, this conference is a great opportunity for HR professionals to take a deep dive into the HR hot topics.

6. Responsive Conference 

Date: September 2024
Where: San Francisco, CA
Price: TBD

responsive conference

Speakers at the responsive conference are HR industry leaders with impressive track records of making their organizations responsive, agile, and lean—and therefore equipped to take on new challenges quickly and efficiently. 

These thought leaders will speak to timely topics, including: experience design, organization design, training/learning, leadership development, inclusion and diversity, performance management, engagement, productivity, and innovation.

7. i4cp 2023 Next Practices Now Conference

When: March 25-28, 2024
Where: Scottsdale, AZ / Virtual
Price: $3495 for members and $3995 for non-members

Senior HR leaders must attend this #1-rated HR conference. This expo promotes networking with peers, discovering the next best practices in human resource management, and navigating today’s challenges to capitalize on future human capital. 

Attending this conference will give you a chance to connect with 500+ CHROs without distractions (and sales pitches) and learn how you can improve employee experience, retention and, by extension, the workplace culture.

8. Workhuman Live 2023

When: April 15-18, 2024
Where: Austin, TX
Price: $2095

This atypical HR conference brings industry leaders and HR managers together to share their unfiltered thoughts to tackle the workforce’s biggest challenges and shape the future of work. This leadership conference aims to reinvent talent management with its extensive sessions, keynotes, workshops, and special events. 

9. HR Healthcare

Date: September 23-24, 2024
Where: Boston, MA

hr healthcare

HR Healthcare is specifically designed for HR professionals at the nation's health systems and hospitals. Here, you'll discover the tools, insights, innovations, and cutting-edge solutions needed to evolve your hiring strategies in an ever-changing healthcare industry.

10. CalSHRM 24 Advocacy & Legislative Conference

When: April 15-19, 2024
Where: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento

Price: TBD

The 2024 California State HR Advocacy and Legislative Conference is a unique employment law and legislative HR conference. This conference features California attorneys and business experts to help HR folks understand and navigate California’s legal and legislative employment law landscape. This event gives HR professionals, such as CHROs, VPs, and EVPs, the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with the legislative representatives.

11. HCI’s Elevating the Employee Experience Conference

When: May 1-3, 2024 
Where: Denver, CO
Price: From $1,495

HCI’s Elevating the Employee Experience Conference will focus on how new tools, strategies, and technologies like AI will influence the employee experience by intertwining wellness, DEI, learning, and talent acquisition. It's an opportunity to explore the latest trends, best practices, and case studies to help design the modern workplace.

12. SHRM Talent Conference & Expo 2024

When: April 14-17, 2024
Where: Las Vegas, NV / Virtual
: $1695 member, $2095 non-members

This an opportunity to connect with industry experts and thought leaders sharing methods and processes to transform the way you manage talent and empower your organization to succeed in an ever-evolving job market.

You'll have ample opportunities to connect with and learn from the brightest minds in recruiting and talent management, refresh your best practices, and discover how to reach untapped or underleveraged talent pools while retaining your high performers.

13. 2024 Tri-State SHRM Conference

When: May 13-15, 2024
Where: Uncasville, CT
Price: $700-$800

Over 25 HR thought leaders will come together in this New England conference to help HR executives gain insights on and address the realities of the future of work. You can either attend the conference in person or virtually. With this conference, you’ll get a chance to discuss HR strategy, talent acquisition, engagement, learning and development, and DEI with industry leaders. 

14. ATD 2024 International Conference & Expo

When: May 19-22, 2024
Where: New Orleans, LA
Price: $2,395 members, $2795 non-members

ATD 2023 International Conference & Expo screenshot

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) hosts conferences to empower HR professionals, team leaders, L&D practitioners, and CTOs. This conference provides the space for the attendees to learn, reconnect, recharge, and network amongst a vibrant community. With Daniel Pink and Venus Williams as the keynote speakers, this event will focus on HR trends, best practices, strategies, and developing new HR software tools and solutions. 

15. Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues 2024

When: August 7-8, 2024
Where: Houston, TX
Price: $860 members, $1080 non-members

Recognized as the largest conference for HR professionals on the Gulf Coast, the Gulf Coast Symposium gives HRs a chance to learn, develop, and reskill themselves as they continue to lead their organizations. This conference aims to help HRs become more agile and enhance their digital literacy. We love those graphics!

16. HR Evolve

When: 25th July, 2024
Melbourne, Australia
Price: $1,990 (group tickets are available at a discounted price)

The HR Evolve conference will focus on six key areas, including employee experience, health and well-being, talent management, leadership, future of work, and technology. With two simultaneous stages featuring over 30 international and local HR leaders, this conference gives human resource executives the flexibility to attend sessions that are pertinent to them. Attendees will get a chance to network with 200+ HR leaders to learn, grow, and evolve with like-minded individuals. 

17. 2023 Western Cities HR Conference: Elevate HR

When: October 9-11, 2024
Where: Calgary, Canada
Price: From £799 CA

The Western Cities HR Conference (WCHRC) aims to bring together influential and talented HR professionals for an immersive experience. This event will allow you to broaden your network, learn from industry experts during multiple breakout sessions, and draw inspiration from keynote speakers.

18. 2024 Ohio SHRM Conference

When: September 25-27, 2024
Where: Sandusky, Ohio
Price: From $479

The 52nd Annual Ohio Human Resource Conference is set to be a fun, exciting, and educational conference. Mor details to follow.

19. The HRSouthwest Conference 2024

When: October 13-16, 2024
Where: TBD
Price: TBD

The HRSouthwest Conference 2023 screenshot

The HRSouthwest Conference is powered by DallasHR and is recognized as the official State of the Texas SHRM Conference. It is the perfect event for HR professionals to learn, grow, network, and discover new HR practices. This event is also vital for HR practitioners looking to recertify their SHRM and HRCI designations.

Have Fun Learning And Connecting

Conferences are a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and expand your knowledge.

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There are also DEI conferences for HR and DEI professionals to make much-needed connections and drive the discipline forward.

You might also want to consider delving into these HR books or taking an HR certification.

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