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Managing your physical workspace and ensuring employees can easily book a spot is made a lot simpler with a hot desk booking system like NSpace. But there are tons of tools out there, and it's not easy to figure out which one is the best option for your needs. Features, integrations, and best use cases can range significantly from one platform to the next.

To help you decide if NSpace is the right choice for your business needs, I've written this in-depth review. My review covers the software's overall functionality, pros and cons, limitations, and top alternatives. It should give you everything you need to make a sound decision about NSpace for your team.

NSpace software review, a dashboard screenshot of the tool
I especially like NSPace's interactive map view, which helps employees find an available workspace and see where their peers will be.

NSpace Product Overview

NSpace is a space management software designed for optimizing hybrid work environments, providing solutions for scheduling and managing office real estate efficiently. Targeted toward medium to large-sized organizations like BDO, United Way, and Staples, it enhances the workplace experience by streamlining the process of desk and room bookings. The tool benefits users by integrating with Microsoft Outlook, aiding in the smooth management of a hybrid workplace.

It addresses pain points such as the underutilization of office space and coordination challenges in hybrid work settings. Notable features of NSpace include its ability to provide comprehensive screenshots of space usage, robust integration with Microsoft products, and tailored solutions for clients like United Way and Staples to manage their dynamic workspace needs effectively.


  • User-Friendly Interface: NSpace boasts an intuitive design, making it easy for employees to find and book desks quickly.
  • Advanced Analytics: The software offers detailed analytics, providing insights into space usage and helping optimize office layout.
  • Flexible Integrations: NSpace supports integration with various enterprise tools, enhancing its utility in a diverse tech ecosystem.


  • Limited Customization: NSpace offers less customization compared to some competitors, which might restrict unique workspace needs.
  • Higher Learning Curve: New users may find the array of features somewhat overwhelming, leading to a steeper learning curve.
  • Basic Mobile Experience: The mobile app version lacks some functionalities present in the desktop version, impacting on-the-go usability.

Expert Opinion

Evaluating NSpace in the context of other desk booking software, its strengths lie in its user-friendly interface and advanced analytics capabilities. These features make it stand out for businesses seeking insights into space utilization and those preferring a straightforward user experience.

However, its less customizable nature and a somewhat complex initial learning curve might limit its appeal to businesses with very specific needs or those with a less tech-savvy workforce. The mobile experience also falls short in comparison to other offerings in the market, which is a consideration for businesses with a high reliance on mobile usage.

NSpace excels in environments where robust analytics and ease of use are prioritized, but it might not be the best fit for scenarios demanding high customization or superior mobile functionality. When choosing a desk booking solution, businesses should weigh these aspects against their specific needs and preferences.

NSpace: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

NSpace differentiates itself from other desk booking software with these unique features:

  1. Real-Time Space Optimization: NSpace employs advanced algorithms to continuously analyze and optimize space utilization. This dynamic approach adjusts recommendations based on real-time usage patterns, a feature not commonly seen in many competing products.
  2. Advanced Predictive Analytics: The software provides predictive analytics that forecast future space needs based on historical data. This forward-looking functionality aids in proactive workspace management.
  3. Integrated Employee Feedback System: NSpace includes an integrated system for collecting employee feedback on desk and space usage, directly influencing future planning and adjustments. This direct feedback loop is a standout feature that enhances user experience and space efficiency.

Product Specifications

Desk ReservationYes
Room BookingYes
Mobile AppYes
User ProfilesYes
Real-Time Availability CheckYes
Floor Plan MappingYes
Integration with Calendar AppsYes
Automated Desk AssignmentsYes
Reporting and AnalyticsYes
Customizable PermissionsYes
Multi-Location SupportYes
Visitor Management IntegrationNo
Environmental Controls IntegrationNo
Asset ManagementNo
User Feedback CollectionYes
Predictive Space PlanningYes
Health and Safety ComplianceYes
Notification and AlertsYes
Access Control IntegrationNo
API AccessYes
Multilingual SupportNo
Payment ProcessingNo
Custom BrandingYes
Wi-Fi Connectivity TrackingNo
Advanced Space OptimizationYes

NSpace Key Features

  1. Real-Time Availability Check: Enables users to see desk availability instantly, ensuring efficient use of space.
  2. Automated Desk Assignments: Automatically assign desks based on user preferences and availability, simplifying the booking process.
  3. Advanced Space Optimization: Utilizes real-time data to maximize space efficiency, a critical feature for dynamic office environments.
  4. Predictive Space Planning: Offers forecasts for future space requirements, helping in long-term planning and resource allocation.
  5. User Feedback Collection: Directly gathers user opinions on space usage, informing better workspace management decisions.
  6. Health and Safety Compliance: Ensures workspace arrangements adhere to health and safety guidelines, an essential feature in the current climate.
  7. Floor Plan Mapping: Provides a visual layout of the office space, making it easier for users to locate and book desks.
  8. Customizable Permissions: Allows for tailored access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can make certain changes or bookings.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: Offers detailed insights into space usage and user behavior, critical for informed decision-making.
  10. API Access: Enables integration with other systems, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of NSpace.

Ease Of Use

I find the user interface of NSpace to be intuitive and straightforward, facilitating quick adoption among users. However, the depth of features, particularly in analytics and space optimization, may pose a challenge for users unfamiliar with advanced software tools.

The onboarding process is comprehensive, but the sheer amount of functionalities can initially overwhelm new users. Navigation is generally logical, but some users might find organizing and customizing the more complex features to be a bit challenging.

Customer Support

NSpace offers a robust customer support system, including resources like documentation and tutorials. They have a responsive live chat and generally quick response times. However, some users have noted that the depth of technical support can vary, particularly for more complex integration or customization issues. This variability can sometimes lead to frustrations, especially for users requiring more in-depth assistance.


NSpace offers out-of-the-box integrations with several popular enterprise tools, enhancing its usability across different business functions. Notable native integrations include calendar apps, which allow for easy scheduling, and office management systems for a more cohesive workspace management experience.

They also provide API access, allowing for custom integrations tailored to specific business needs. While NSpace does not have an extensive range of add-ons, its existing integrations cover the essential functionalities needed for effective desk booking and workspace management.

NSpace Pricing

Pricing upon request.

NSpace: Best Use Cases

Who Would Be A Good Fit For NSpace?

  • Medium to Large Businesses: NSpace thrives in environments where managing a significant number of desks and rooms is essential. Its robust analytics and space optimization are ideal for businesses with substantial office spaces.
  • Companies with Dynamic Space Needs: Organizations that experience frequent changes in their space requirements, such as project-based firms or those with flexible work policies, benefit greatly from NSpace’s real-time space optimization and predictive analytics.
  • Tech-Savvy Workforces: Teams that are comfortable with technology find NSpace’s advanced features more accessible and useful. The tool's sophisticated analytics and customization options are a good match for such users.
  • Organizations Prioritizing Space Efficiency: Companies focused on maximizing office space utilization find NSpace’s analytical capabilities particularly valuable. The tool helps in making data-driven decisions about workspace management.
  • Industries with Regular Office Use: Industries like tech, finance, or consulting, where office-based work is prevalent, make the most out of NSpace's functionalities.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For NSpace?

  • Small Businesses or Startups: Companies with a small team or limited office space might find NSpace too complex and feature-rich for their needs. The tool's advanced functionalities may be underutilized in such settings.
  • Organizations with Static Space Needs: Companies with stable, unchanging space requirements may not benefit much from NSpace’s dynamic space optimization and might find simpler tools more appropriate.
  • Less Tech-Oriented Teams: Teams that are not tech-savvy might struggle with the complexity of NSpace, particularly its advanced features like predictive analytics and detailed reporting.
  • Businesses Seeking Basic Functionality: Companies that only need basic desk booking capabilities without advanced analytics or customization might find NSpace overwhelming and not cost-effective.
  • Mobile-Dependent Workforces: Teams that rely heavily on mobile access for their workspace management might find NSpace’s mobile app limitations a significant drawback.

NSpace Hot Desk Booking FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about NSpace.

Can NSpace integrate with my current calendar and scheduling systems?

Yes, NSpace offers integration with popular calendar and scheduling systems, allowing for smooth scheduling and booking experiences within your existing workflow.

Is NSpace suitable for managing multiple office locations?

Yes, NSpace is designed to handle multiple office locations, enabling efficient desk and room management across various sites from a single platform.

How does NSpace handle data security and privacy?

NSpace adheres to strict data security and privacy protocols, ensuring that all user and organizational data is securely managed and compliant with relevant regulations.

Does NSpace offer a mobile app for bookings on the go?

Yes, NSpace provides a mobile app that allows users to make and manage bookings from their mobile devices, though it may have some limitations compared to the desktop version.

Can NSpace be customized to fit my organization's specific needs?

NSpace offers various customization options to tailor the software to your organization’s unique requirements, although it may not be as extensively customizable as some other solutions.

Does NSpace provide analytics and reporting capabilities?

Yes, NSpace includes robust analytics and reporting features that offer insights into space usage and help optimize office layouts and resource allocation.

How does NSpace support health and safety compliance in the workplace?

NSpace includes features that support health and safety compliance, such as ensuring adequate space between desks and managing capacity limits to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

What kind of customer support does NSpace offer?

NSpace provides customer support through various channels, including documentation, live chat, and tutorials. The level of support may vary, especially for more complex queries or custom integrations.

NSpace Company Overview & History

NSpace is a technology company specializing in workspace management solutions, primarily offering hot desk booking software tailored to medium and large businesses, particularly in sectors like technology, finance, and consulting. While specific details about their ownership and headquarters location are not publicly disclosed, NSpace is recognized for its innovative approach to optimizing office space utilization.

Their mission revolves around enhancing workplace flexibility and efficiency, catering to the evolving needs of dynamic work environments. Since its inception, NSpace has made significant strides in the SaaS sector, marking itself as a notable player in workspace management technology.

NSpace Summary: The Bottom Line

NSpace distinguishes itself in the workspace management software market with its advanced space optimization and predictive analytics. This unique offering enables more efficient use of office spaces, adapting to real-time usage and future requirements in a way that many competitors do not. The software's integrated employee feedback system further enhances its user-centric approach to workspace management.

Additionally, NSpace's intuitive interface and robust analytics capabilities make it a strong choice for larger businesses managing multiple office locations. These features collectively position NSpace as a notably efficient and forward-thinking solution in its field.

Alternatives to NSpace

  • Condeco: Often chosen for its comprehensive integration capabilities, Condeco is a strong alternative for businesses looking for extensive third-party software compatibility, particularly in large, tech-driven environments.
  • Skedda: Skedda is favored for its user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses or organizations prioritizing ease of use and straightforward functionality.
  • Teem: Teem stands out for its focus on collaboration and meeting room management, offering enhanced features for scheduling and managing meeting spaces, which is particularly beneficial for companies where meetings are frequent and centrally important.


NSpace is a strong choice for larger organizations seeking advanced workspace management features like space optimization and predictive analytics. However, depending on specific needs, alternatives like Condeco, Skedda, and Teem might be more suitable, offering benefits in integration, user-friendliness, and meeting room management. I recommend evaluating these options based on your organization's unique requirements and invite you to share your experiences and insights on these tools.

David Rice
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