Graphics of Recruitment Consultant Example Job Description

Recruitment Consultant Example Job Description

Recruitment Consultants either get their start through another role within HR (i.e. Assistant HR Consultant or HR Consultant roles) or through gaining experience in the external recruitment world. So external recruitment has a dual focus on sales, cold calling, building relationships with both prospective clients and prospective applicants, and the recruitment side similar to an internal recruiter. As a recruiter there are a number of different focuses you can have depending on the business, you will always need to get quality applicants that a given. However in some recruitment roles volume is really important (recruiting for a retail chain as an example, you need good quality people and potentially a lot of them – season word such as harvesting is also a really great example of volume recruitment), in other recruitment roles you won’t be recruiting in bulk but you will be looking for the best of the best, and then some recruitment roles you’ll have a mix of both. Coming from working in the telecommunications industry, my colleagues in recruitment some weeks would be running around trying to find a large number of new hires for a call center, while other weeks they were scouring resumes looking for those three or four amazing applicants to interview, one of which would be offered a role.

Job Description (SAMPLE)

Title: Recruitment Consultant (Internal)
Division: Human Resources
Reports to: Manager Recruitment

Position Summary

The Recruitment Consultant is accountable for providing high-quality cost-effective recruitment and retention strategies, whilst assisting in the building of our employment brand in the market.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Write recruitment advertisements for both internal and external use

2. Manage psychometric testing and evaluation

3. Work closely with your internal clients on identifying and implementing retention strategies for high turnover areas.

4. Facilitate recruitment and selection training for both new managers and refresher training for experienced managers

5. Manage the recruitment process including sign-off processes.

6. Undertake phone screening of applicants including resume and referee checks.

7. Participate in selection panels and or provide interview coaching for hiring managers and panel members.

Selection Criteria

Often the duties and responsibilities will be followed by key selection criteria, I haven’t included these as this area will differ across countries and industries – and indeed the size of the organization will impact on the selection criteria. However, they will be tied back to their duties & responsibilities.


Previous experience within a similar role, and/or HR experience within the same industry.

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