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The 7 Best Remote Team Building Activities In 2023

Our world has changed and team-building activities have changed with us. Evidence suggests about half of the workforce in the US is now working from home. 

Remote working, while being welcomed by many employees, comes with its own set of challenges, not least of which is how to build togetherness as a team.

Remote team-building activities are a great way to check in with one another and have some fun with people we miss.

But how do we have fun together when we're in our living rooms and offices and no longer in the conference room? 

I run a company called CityHUNT that was founded to help build teams through fun activities like a scavenger hunt, so I've seen plenty of work teams do team-building activities together.

The data we've collected from clients and peers have shown us that people enjoy the creative variety. I believe there's no reason to play just one thing when you can have a little bit of everything. Why should you reduce your team-building exercise to something expected and dull when you can have an action-packed series of rounds that provide a little bit of everything for everyone?

Solve mysteries, build forts, draw pictures, ask questions, problem-solve, learn, grow. Have fun. Let the host take the entire team through a fun, at-home adventure.

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Here are some of the remote team-building games that my clients have liked most. Break into new teams for every round to shake up the fun!

The 7 Best Remote Team Building Activities To Try With Your Teams

1. Mystery Round

The host will prompt participants with a series of questions and clues to solve a mystery from the comfort of their own homes. Ask questions and deduce the answers either together or separately, in Clue-style fun. This round is great for small teams and encourages decision-making. Write down answers on index cards, whiteboards, or a piece of paper and have everyone hold up their answers at the end of the round!

2. Scavenger Hunt

Participants may split up and seek things out in their own homes as prompted by the host. The found items can be shown in the Zoom chat for points. One round, for example, could be to find as many random objects as possible (such as house plants, a wedding photo, marshmallows, Legos, or puzzle pieces) and see who can be the most successful!

3. Food Round

Snap pictures of food, show off your favorites or ask questions about favorites and preferences that will make everyone hungry and have them learning casual but important details about your entire group. This is a fun activity for employee engagement that everyone can participate in.

4. Task Round

Build pillow and blanket forts, find photos, show off pets and kids, tackle art projects, and share things about one another in a round that will end in hilarity and fun! Add a time limit or play a board game, push everyone out of their comfort zone as they seek to conquer a common goal. Break into smaller teams and watch everyone compete!

5. Escape Room

Focus your entire team together by turning your at-home adventure into a family-friendly escape room. Similar to the Scavenger Hunt and Mystery Rounds, have your participants find objects and answer questions in tandem that lead them to a unified goal or prize that encourages creative problem-solving.

6. Karaoke

Have everyone show off their singing skills together in a video chat with a singing round! You can do this solo or in different teams, giving the rest of the group an opportunity to sing along. Your host might even scribble popular songs on sheets of paper and hold up surprise prompts!

7. One Truth and One Lie

Have each participant list off truth and a lie about themselves and ask the rest of the team if they can deduce which is which! You can mix some office trivia into this round for a bit of good-natured nostalgia. This is a fun round that can work with any group of people.

The Benefits Of Virtual Team Building Activities

The benefits of virtual team-building activities and icebreakers are numerous. Here's why virtual activities promote a strong team and put the team leader's leadership skills to task:

  • Better communication helps you focus on team interaction and cohesion.
  • Sharpened productivity clarifies vision and helps your great team reach their goals.
  • Boosted team morale drives away that lonely stagnation that comes with working from home.
  • Improved motivation is all something we desperately need right now.
  • Creative exercise is needed in both the brain and body. We're all human and we need to feel like what we're doing is meaningful, important, and original.
  • Problem solving exercises the brain and creates cohesion with your team members.
  • Verbal instructions prompt cooperation in all your group members.

How Do I Team Build From Home?

There are proven ways to work successfully from home, and we don't see why virtual team-building activities should be any different. A team-building activity at work is an experience to have fun with, even at home.

Team building is important, especially during this current state of uncertainty. We all need fun, and most of all we need each other.

It's difficult to imagine this new world, with our wonky schedules and daily uncertainty. It can be tough to find the time to schedule a virtual meeting or answer an email with the ups and down of our current crisis.

Why fret over distance when you can have a virtual escape room where everyone is happy and involved? We've all had to adapt to new routines and schedules, and that includes how we network with our distributed team members and coworkers.

Scheduling a weekly or biweekly virtual happy hour can be a great way to shelf your social distancing anxiety for a while and engage in a remote team-building activity. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype are all fine video conferencing options to give remote employees some time to blow off steam with a fun team activity.

What's Next?

Try the remote team building activities I listed on your own, or get in touch with me at cityHUNT to get team building ideas, schedule a game with us, and find out about our next virtual event for team building.

Our virtual scavenger hunt games are the culmination of hundreds of team builders that we've collected across playing games with clients during the pandemic.

Whatever you do, remember that you're looking for virtual team-building activities that matter. A corporate team-building event can be more than forgettable, boring team-building activities. You want to bring every member of your team together in a meaningful way. Whether your team is a large group or only a few people, you want games that encourage problem-solving skills in everyone.

Take a break from the workload, get comfortable, and let our host guide you through a series of fun rounds over Zoom that will get you excited for some team bonding.

Here's a list of helpful sayings to get you pumped up and raring to go: 43 Timeless Leadership Quotes

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By Ben Hoffman

Ben Hoffman is the founder of cityHUNT " A happiness-fueled engagement and team building company"/ cityHUNT scavenger hunts have positively impacted the lives of over a million amazing humans. He is passionate about making more awesomeness for others through the synchronicity of mindfulness, gamification and positive psychology.

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