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We’re a supportive community leading change in organizational culture. Organizations succeed by focusing on what matters most: people. Together we’re writing the playbook for building happy, productive workplaces.

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The People Managing People Membership

We exist to help you become a better leader of people and catalyst for healthy company culture.

The People Managing People community is a space for senior people managers and culture creators to develop as leaders and connect with other like-minded individuals.

If you are a “people and culture” person or HR professional with at least 5 years of experience, this is your community: a place for you to share, learn, and grow.



A global network of people managers and culture creators


Now, more than ever, people managers and culture creators need to work together to share best practices, support and mentor each other, and share ideas from around the world.

Build direct and meaningful connections


Our primary focus is on building direct and meaningful connections between people managers and culture creators that last a lifetime.


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  • Ask questions, get answers;
  • Connect with others who get what you do;
  • Easy access to jobs, tools, and resources.

Get on-demand access to all four sessions of the Remote Workplace Success Summit.


Watch over 5+ hours of keynote talks and panel discussions from experts who are influencing the industry to learn how to cultivate a successful remote workplace environment.


Who we are


The words “people” and “culture” don’t have to be in your job title at all —Membership is a supportive space for anyone who manages people and develops organizational culture. We are:

Meet the PMP Experts team

Learn from industry movers and shakers who are leading the way in people management & organizational culture!

Jenn Oswald

Head of HR @ GoodTime.io

Learn more about Jenn

Anthony Clay

CEO @ Indi
Co-Founder of Microsoft's Blacklight

Learn more about Anthony​

Karen Weeks

SVP of People @ Ordergroove

Learn more about Karen

Sarah-Jayne Lehtinen

VP, People @ Prodigy Education

Learn more about Sarah-Jayne

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