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In this review I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with ADP Workforce Now. But first, if you’re just beginning your search for the best HR platforms, check out my picks of the best workforce management software solutions. You probably already know ADP Workforce Now is among the most popular HR products out there, but you need to better understand what’s good, and not so good about it. This in-depth ADP Workforce Now review will walk you through pros and cons, features and functionality, to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and suitability for your needs.

Review of ADP Workforce Now's payroll feature screenshot.
I really appreciate ADP Workforce Now's streamlined payroll processing, and the dashboard pictured that gives you a complete overview of each employee's pay, tax deductions, and more.

ADP Workforce Now Product Overview


ADP Workforce Now is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform that handles various human resources tasks, from applicant tracking to comprehensive HR management. It primarily serves medium to large businesses, providing a robust suite of tools to support HR professionals.

The software brings the benefit of a centralized system for managing the entire employee lifecycle efficiently. Addressing common pain points such as fragmented HR systems simplifies complex HR processes and helps ensure accuracy and consistency across the board.

Moreover, among its top features are its streamlined reporting, compliance resources, and a user-friendly dashboard that allows for effective management and engagement of the workforce.


  • Applicant Tracking: Simplifies hiring and a sentence explaining what this means: It streamlines the recruitment process, making it easier to attract screen, and onboard new talent.
  • Compliance Resources: Ensures adherence and a sentence explaining what this means: The platform keeps you up-to-date with regulatory changes, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Enhances decision-making and a sentence explaining what this means: Advanced reporting tools provide actionable insights into workforce dynamics, helping drive strategic HR decisions.


  • Learning Curve: Requires time and a sentence explaining what this means: New users may find it takes a while to navigate and utilize all the features effectively and thoroughly.
  • Customization Limits: Offers less and a sentence explaining what this means: There are constraints on how much the platform can be tailored to meet specific business needs.
  • Integration Complexity: Challenges with sync and a sentence explaining what this means: Integrating ADP Workforce Now with other systems can be complex and require additional support.

Expert Opinion

In judging the landscape of human resources software, ADP Workforce Now stands out in several areas while facing certain limitations. With robust features like attendance tracking, performance management, and comprehensive workforce management, it often outperforms others in ensuring that companies can handle their HR needs within a single platform.

However, when comparing functionality and support, ADP can present a steeper learning curve which may only sometimes align with every business's capacity for onboarding new software. The interface is clean, but some users might find it less intuitive than competitors, mainly when dealing with integrations, which can sometimes be more complex than one would prefer.

ADP Workforce Now Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

  • Integrated Insights: ADP Workforce Now provides more than just reports; it offers predictive analytics that helps foresee trends and make informed decisions. This foresight is a differentiator in managing workforce costs and productivity.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Support: ADP Workforce Now is a compliance-focused HR software that provides proactive recommendations to stay ahead of regulatory changes.
  • Holistic Employee Management: Our platform offers a unique and user-friendly approach to managing talent, covering the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to retirement. It also provides features like compensation management and succession planning, giving you a strategic edge.

Product Specifications

  1. Applicant Tracking System - Yes
  2. Onboarding - Yes
  3. Payroll Management - Yes
  4. Benefits Administration - Yes
  5. Time and Attendance Tracking - Yes
  6. Performance Management - Yes
  7. Succession Planning - Yes
  8. Compensation Management - Yes
  9. Learning Management System (LMS) - Yes
  10. Employee Self-Service Portal - Yes
  11. HR Analytics - Yes
  12. Mobile Access - Yes
  13. Compliance Tracking - Yes
  14. Leave Management - Yes
  15. Talent Management - Yes
  16. Workforce Planning - Yes
  17. Employee Lifecycle Management - Yes
  18. Employee Database and Records - Yes
  19. Self-Service Capabilities - Yes
  20. Social Collaboration Tools - Yes
  21. Reporting and Dashboards - Yes
  22. HR Task Automation - Yes
  23. Job Posting - Yes
  24. Recruiting Marketing - Yes
  25. Customizable Templates - Yes

ADP Workforce Now Feature Overview

  1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): ADP Workforce Now's ATS automates job postings, candidate tracking, and communication. It integrates seamlessly with major job boards and social media platforms, making it easier to attract top talent.
  2. Onboarding: Our onboarding feature offers customized checklists and document management to ensure a smooth transition for new hires. It engages employees even before their first day, enhancing their initial experience with the company.
  3. Payroll Management: Our payroll system is precise and up-to-date with the latest tax regulations. It offers automatic tax filing and updates, reducing manual work.
  4. Benefits Administration: Our feature simplifies benefits enrollment and management through direct integration with insurance carriers. This eases the process of managing and updating employee benefits.
  5. Time and Attendance Tracking: It accurately tracks employee hours, overtime, and time-off requests. The real-time data and integration with payroll make this feature particularly effective.
  6. Performance Management: ADP Workforce Now offers customizable performance review templates and real-time feedback mechanisms for continuous performance tracking and goal setting.
  7. HR Analytics: The analytics tools offer deep insights into HR operations with customizable reports and dashboards. The data visualizations and benchmarks against industry standards set this feature apart.
  8. Mobile Access: The mobile app offers full HR functionality on the go, with a user-friendly interface and almost all the features of the desktop version.
  9. Compliance Tracking: This feature helps manage various compliance requirements and provides crucial for minimizing risks. The standout aspect is the proactive updates and alerts on changing labor laws.
  10. Learning Management System (LMS): ADP's LMS offers personalized training programs that adapt to individual employee needs, including compliance training.

Ease of Use

In my experience with ADP Workforce Now (ADP WFN), the user interface balances comprehensive functionality and user accessibility. The onboarding process for new users is structured and methodical, which helps understand the breadth of its human capital management (HCM) capabilities.

The tool has an intuitive navigation system with a dashboard that displays essential tasks and data upfront. However, its extensive feature set can be overwhelming for new users. Advanced features such as custom report generation and HCM may require additional training.

Customer Support

The customer support team at ADP WFN is extensive and offers multiple channels for assistance, including phone, email, and live chat. They provide a wealth of resources, such as documentation, webinars, and tutorials, which can be helpful for both troubleshooting and learning how to utilize the system effectively.

While the support team promptly addresses more minor queries, some users have reported longer response times for complex technical issues.


ADP Workforce Now operates from a single database, ensuring consistent and real-time data across all modules, which is vital for accurate reporting and decision-making, particularly in payroll processing.

The platform offers a range of out-of-the-box or native integrations with popular software and tools, enhancing functionality in talent management, benefits administration, and accounting. ADP Workforce Now offers native integrations with popular financial, time and attendance, and productivity software like QuickBooks, ClockShark, and Microsoft Office 365.

It also provides an API for custom integrations with existing business systems. ADP Workforce Now offers various add-ons for purchase, including compliance reports, talent management modules, and insurance benefits services, to extend the platform's capabilities and meet unique business requirements.

ADP Workforce Now Pricing

Pricing upon request.

ADP Workforce Now Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For ADP Workforce Now?

From my assessment, ADP Workforce Now is well-suited for medium to large companies that require robust human capital management software. It particularly shines for organizations that need to manage complex benefits, like health care, within a comprehensive HR suite.

Small businesses can also benefit, particularly if they anticipate scaling quickly and require a system that can grow with them. The loyal customers of ADP WFN often belong to industries where compliance, payroll accuracy, and extensive HR reporting are critical.

These businesses typically have many employees, where managing diverse HR tasks with a centralized system would be easier. Teams that find the most value in ADP WFN are those looking for detailed analytics and the ability to automate various HR processes efficiently.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For ADP Workforce Now?

Conversely, startups or tiny businesses with a tight budget and simple HR processes might find ADP Workforce Now to be more than they need, both in cost and complexity. Companies that require a bare minimum, straightforward tool for a handful of employees may find ADP WFN's extensive features unnecessary.

Smaller organizations not using complete ADP WFN services can feel they are not getting good value. In contrast, those wanting more personalized customer service might find ADP overwhelming due to its size and corporate structure.

ADP Workforce Now FAQs

Can ADP Workforce Now handle different types of payroll services?

Yes, ADP Workforce Now offers various payroll services that can handle standard payroll processing, garnishment processing, and employee pay stubs. It is designed to accommodate the diverse payroll needs of small to large companies.

How does ADP Workforce Now simplify the process of processing payroll?

ADP Workforce Now streamlines payroll with automation, standardizing workflows, and offering error-checking features to reduce time-consuming manual tasks. It integrates timekeeping data to facilitate a more efficient payroll process.

Is time tracking integrated into ADP Workforce Now?

Yes, time tracking is a core component of ADP Workforce Now, allowing for accurate timekeeping that feeds directly into payroll and helps manage staffing requirements.

How does ADP Workforce Now compare with Workday in terms of features?

Both offer comprehensive HR solutions, but ADP Workforce Now often gets recognized for its strong payroll software capabilities. At the same time, Workday is praised for its enterprise-level HRIS and talent acquisition features.

What company size is ADP Workforce Now best suited for?

ADP Workforce Now is scalable and can serve various company sizes. Still, it is typically most beneficial for medium to large-sized businesses that require a robust HR toolkit.

Does ADP Workforce Now offer support for garnishment calculations?

Yes, it automates garnishment calculations and deductions, ensuring compliance and reducing the administrative burden on the payroll staff.

Can ADP Workforce Now help with talent acquisition and staffing?

It has a comprehensive set of tools for talent acquisition, including applicant tracking systems and onboarding workflows to streamline hiring and staffing processes.

Are customized workflows possible with ADP Workforce Now?

Yes, users can create customized workflows within ADP Workforce Now to match their specific HR and payroll processes, which enhances the overall efficiency of HR operations.

ADP Workforce Now Company Overview & History

ADP Workforce Now is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to offer integrated payroll services, time and attendance, HR management, and talent acquisition solutions. It is a product of ADP, LLC, which stands for Automatic Data Processing, a global provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions. The platform is widely used by various companies, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises across different industries, aiding them in streamlining their HR operations.

ADP, LLC is a multinational corporation that provides HR software solutions. It's publicly traded and headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey, USA. ADP's leadership team and board members have diverse backgrounds in business, finance, and technology. Their collective expertise drives the company's innovation and market presence.

ADP's mission is to enhance work experiences and enable people to reach their full potential through innovative products and services. Since its inception in 1949, ADP has achieved several notable milestones, including pioneering cloud-based HR solutions, expanding globally, and evolving its product line to adapt to the ever-changing workforce needs.

ADP Workforce Now: The Bottom Line

ADP Workforce Now brings a unique proposition to the table with its integrated approach to human resources management. Unlike some similar software, it offers a comprehensive, cohesive suite that covers everything from hiring to retirement.

This platform offers a comprehensive solution for complex HR functions, with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. It also empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and provides valuable insights into workforce trends. The software is highly scalable and reliable, making it an excellent choice for mid-sized to large enterprises seeking an all-in-one HR solution.

Alternatives to ADP Workforce Now

  • UKG Pro: For businesses seeking a user-friendly HRIS with a strong focus on employee experience, UKG Pro offers an intuitive interface and excellent customer support.
  • SAP SuccessFactors: If you're looking for a solution that excels in talent management and has a global reach, SAP SuccessFactors might be a more fitting choice, especially for large multinational companies.
  • Paychex: Paychex is typically preferred by smaller to medium-sized businesses looking for a more straightforward and user-friendly payroll and HR solution.

For additional recommendations, take a look at my list of the best ADP competitors next.


Throughout this review, ADP Workforce Now has been showcased as a robust, feature-rich HR platform suitable for various business sizes and types. ADP Workforce Now is a reliable and comprehensive HR management system that offers multiple functionalities for a company's HR and payroll needs. It provides an integrated solution that evolves with the latest workforce management, making it a recommended option for businesses needing an established and scalable solution.

Share your thoughts and experiences with ADP Workforce Now on our homepage. Your insights can help others who are navigating HR software solutions.

To simplify payroll processing, automate payments, ensure tax compliance, and offer related services.

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