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If you're seeking software to support your core HR operations, Bambee is a worthy contender. But different HR software solutions can vary significantly in their feature sets, pricing structure, integrations, and capabilities. So before you make a purchasing decision, it's important to be sure you understand a platform's full functionality, and whether it's the right fit for your use case.

In my in-depth review, I cover Bambee's core offerings, pros and cons of the tool, and top alternative solutions. I've spent many years researching and reviewing HR technology tools, so I have a good grasp on what makes one stand out from the rest. Find everything you need to know below!

Bambee Software HR Guidance and Support Dashboard view
I love that Bambee has guidance and support built-in, saving you time and providing you solutions right within the platform.

Bambee Software Product Overview

Bambee HR serves as a web-based dedicated HR manager, specially designed to support small business owners by automating essential HR services and compliance needs. By leveraging the Bambee platform, companies gain access to the best HR practices, including HR audits, without the cost of an internal HR team. The pricing model offers a one-time setup for businesses seeking to enhance their HR system, improve retention, and ensure HR compliance through a suite of features like company policy customization and HR autopilot tools.

Bambee stands out by addressing the intricacies of HR practices typically only managed by a seasoned human resources manager, thereby enabling small businesses to use Bambee for outsourcing complex HR tasks that BambooHR and similar systems can automate.


  • Direct Advisor Access: This ensures personalized HR guidance. Users have direct contact with HR professionals for tailored support.
  • Custom Policies: This provides tailored compliance. Businesses can create and implement HR policies that fit their specific needs.
  • Training Support: This enhances employee development. Offers structured training paths to help develop and retain talent.


  • Limited Scalability: This may challenge growing businesses. The platform might not meet the expanding needs of rapidly growing companies.
  • Feature Depth: This can affect larger organizations. Larger enterprises may find the feature set too basic for complex HR operations.
  • Integration Limitations: This impacts workflow continuity. Potential issues with integrating Bambee into an existing tech ecosystem due to limited compatibility.

Expert Opinion

In my assessment, Bambee Review brings a focus on personalized HR assistance that's uncommon in the market, particularly for smaller enterprises. While it excels in providing direct HR advisor contact and custom policy development, it may fall short in depth and breadth of features compared to more robust platforms.

It shines for small businesses seeking straightforward, compliant HR solutions but might not be the best fit for larger organizations looking for extensive integrations and scalability.

Bambee: The Bottom Line

Bambee distinguishes itself with its personalized HR advisory service, a feature that sets it apart from many conventional HR management tools. Its offerings excel in providing compliance assurance and a high level of HR support that's especially beneficial for small businesses.

Noteworthy is its ability to create a humanized HR experience through direct professional advice, making it a unique player in the field.

Bambee Deep Dive

Here's a deep dive into Bambee features, best use cases, pricing, customer support, and other purchase factors.

Product Specifications

  1. Employee Self-Service - No
  2. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - No
  3. Onboarding - Yes
  4. Payroll Management - No
  5. Performance Management - No
  6. Time & Attendance Tracking - No
  7. Benefits Management - No
  8. Succession Planning - No
  9. Learning Management System (LMS) - No
  10. Employee Engagement - No
  11. HR Reporting & Analytics - No
  12. Employee Database - Yes
  13. Customizable HR Policies - Yes
  14. Direct HR Advisor Access - Yes
  15. Compliance Support - Yes
  16. Digital Document Storage - Yes
  17. Employee Training Tracks - Yes
  18. Conflict Resolution Support - Yes
  19. Termination Process Management - Yes
  20. HR Policy Development - Yes
  21. Automated Reminders - No
  22. Mobile Access - No
  23. Employee Scheduling - No
  24. Compensation Management - No
  25. Talent Management - No

Bambee Feature Overview

Bambee’s crucial features focus on personal HR management and compliance support.

  • Onboarding: Bambee's onboarding process is streamlined to help businesses efficiently bring new employees into the fold.
  • Employee Database: A centralized location for all employee records, ensuring that information is organized and accessible.
  • Customizable HR Policies: Offers flexibility to create policies that fit specific business needs, ensuring legal compliance and relevance.
  • Direct HR Advisor Access: Provides personalized HR support, allowing users to receive expert advice tailored to their business.
  • Compliance Support: Keeps businesses up to date with HR laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Digital Document Storage: Securely stores important HR documents online, simplifying document management and access.
  • Employee Training Tracks: Helps develop employee skills with structured training programs, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Conflict Resolution Support: Offers professional guidance to resolve employee conflicts effectively, maintaining a harmonious work environment.
  • Termination Process Management: Assists in the delicate process of employee terminations, ensuring it is handled professionally and legally.
  • HR Policy Development: Supports the creation and implementation of HR policies, providing a strong foundation for HR functions.

Standout Functionality

Bambee differentiates itself with features that are particularly tailored for small to medium-sized businesses seeking hands-on HR support.

  • Direct HR Advisor Access: Unlike many automated platforms, Bambee offers personalized human advice, which is a standout service.
  • Custom Policy Builder: The ability to create specific policies gives Bambee a unique edge in customizability and relevance to individual business needs.
  • Conflict Resolution Support: This feature is uncommon in typical HR software, providing expert assistance to navigate and resolve workplace disputes.


Bambee doesn't advertise a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations with other software tools. It emphasizes direct HR support rather than extensive technical integrations.

The specifics of its API availability and any add-ons that can extend platform capabilities are not publicly detailed, suggesting a focus on its core offerings over technical integrations.

Bambee Pricing

Bambee’s pricing structure is not publicly disclosed. As such, the specifics of their pricing plans, including any potential additional costs, minimum number of seats, base fees, or setup fees, are not available for review.

It’s likely that interested users would need to contact Bambee directly to request this information and receive a quote based on their specific business needs.

Ease of Use

Using Bambee feels straightforward, with a clear focus on direct communication and support over complex technical features. The emphasis on human interaction may simplify the onboarding process, but the lack of advanced technical features might be a hurdle for businesses looking for a comprehensive digital HR solution.

Customer Support

Bambee's customer support appears committed to providing personal assistance, which could result in positive response times and effective problem resolution. However, the scope of available channels and whether they offer resources like documentation or tutorials is not specified, which could leave some users looking for more self-service support options.

Bambee Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Bambee?

Bambee suits small to medium-sized businesses best, particularly those that lack a dedicated HR department or professional. The most loyal customers are often those who value direct access to HR advisors and need assistance with basic HR functions and compliance.

It works well for environments and industries that are less complex in HR needs, such as startups, retail, and small service-based companies, typically with a team size that does not exceed the mid-hundreds.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Bambee?

Larger organizations or those with intricate HR processes may find Bambee less suitable. The most disappointed customers could be those from industries that require robust HR functionalities like advanced analytics, detailed performance tracking, or international compliance capabilities.

Environments that need extensive integrations with other enterprise software systems may also find Bambee limiting.

Bambee FAQs

What HR functions does Bambee cover?

Bambee provides HR policy development, onboarding, digital document storage, and direct HR advisor access, among other services.

Is Bambee suitable for large companies?

Bambee is primarily tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Can Bambee help with employee training?

Yes, Bambee offers employee training tracks.

Does Bambee offer payroll services?

No, Bambee does not offer payroll management.

Is there a free version or trial of Bambee?

The availability of a free version or trial is not publicly disclosed and may require direct inquiry.

How does Bambee handle employee termination?

Bambee assists in managing the termination process to ensure it's handled professionally and legally.

Can Bambee integrate with other software?

Bambee does not heavily advertise integrations, focusing instead on direct HR support.

Does Bambee have a mobile app?

Bambee does not list a mobile app as one of its features.

Alternatives to Bambee

  • Gusto: Gusto is often praised for its payroll services, offering full-service payroll across all 50 states, benefits administration, and HR in one place.
  • Zenefits: Zenefits stands out for businesses looking for a comprehensive HR platform with strong mobile support and a broad range of integrations.
  • ADP Workforce Now: ADP Workforce Now is a good choice for larger companies needing scalability and extensive HR functionalities.

Bambee Company Overview & History

Bambee provides personalized HR management services for small and medium-sized businesses. It is favored by companies that require direct HR advisory services. As a company, Bambee is privately owned and headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

While specific notable employees or board members are not widely publicized, the company's mission is to make HR personable and accessible to all businesses. The brief history of the company includes its establishment with the goal of helping businesses create compliant HR policies and manage HR functions without needing a dedicated internal department.


Bambee stands as a supportive ally for small to medium-sized businesses looking to navigate HR waters without onboard specialists. It offers direct access to HR advisors and simplifies compliance, but may not scale well for larger corporations with more complex needs.

I invite you to share your experiences or any additional insights on Bambee in the comments, as real-world user feedback enriches the conversation and helps others make more informed decisions.

By David Rice

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.