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To manage a physical workspace for hybrid employees efficiently, a hot desk booking software is your best friend. But there are tons of options out there, and it's hard to tell which one will be best. If you've landed on Deskfound as a potential contender, you'll want to read my in-depth review before you jump to purchase.

These solutions are a big investment, so it's important to have a complete understanding of its functionality, features, integrations, and whether it's well-suited to your use case. I've covered all of this and more—plus some great alternative options—so keep reading for everything you need to know to make a confident choice.

Deskfound review, a view of the software's interface booking a schedule
I especially like Deskfound's weekly desk booking schedule view, for both front and back office areas.

Deskfound Product Overview

Deskfound is a software designed for efficient management and booking of workspace resources. It primarily serves professionals and teams seeking flexible work arrangements. The tool offers streamlined scheduling and resource optimization, simplifying workspace management. Deskfound addresses key challenges such as underutilized spaces and complex booking processes, enhancing workspace flexibility and efficiency. Its standout features include an intuitive user interface, real-time availability tracking, and robust analytics.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and book spaces.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Real-time availability ensures users can see and book available spaces instantly.
  • Advanced Analytics: Comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights into space usage and efficiency.


  • Limited Customization: Customization options are somewhat restricted, which may not suit all organizational needs.
  • Basic Integrations: The software offers limited integrations with other tools, potentially impacting workflow.
  • Scalability Issues: Deskfound may face challenges scaling up for larger organizations or complex requirements.

Expert Opinion

In my experience, Deskfound stands out for its user-friendly interface and real-time tracking capabilities, which are essential for efficient hot desk management. However, its limited customization and basic integrations mean it might not fully meet the needs of more complex or technology-reliant organizations. The software excels in straightforward, small to medium-sized workplace environments but may fall short in larger, more intricate setups.

For those seeking a simple, effective tool for managing hot desks, Deskfound is a strong contender. Its ability to provide immediate space availability and insightful analytics positions it well against other software, though it may lag in adaptability and integration with a wider range of workplace tools.

Deskfound: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

Deskfound differentiates itself from other hot desk booking software through a few unique features and functionalities:

  1. Advanced Space Utilization Analytics: Unlike many competitors, Deskfound offers detailed analytics on space utilization, enabling organizations to optimize their office layout and usage efficiently.
  2. Interactive Floor Plans: Deskfound provides interactive floor plans, allowing users to visualize and choose their workspace about other facilities and desks in the office.
  3. Customizable Booking Rules: Deskfound stands out with its customizable booking rules feature, which enables organizations to set specific guidelines for desk booking, ensuring compliance with their unique operational needs.

Product Specifications

Real-time availability trackingYes
Interactive floor plansYes
Customizable booking rulesYes
User access managementYes
Integration with calendar appsYes
Mobile app availabilityNo
Automated booking systemYes
Desk usage reportingYes
Integration with email platformsNo
Multi-location supportYes
Flexible booking optionsYes
Notification and remindersYes
Data security and privacyYes
Analytics and reportingYes
Support for external guestsNo
Personalized user profilesYes
API AccessYes
Onboarding supportYes
Customizable interfaceNo
Booking historyYes
Admin dashboardYes
Collaboration tools integrationYes
Feedback and survey toolsNo
Reservation modificationsYes
Hardware integration (like access control)No

Deskfound Key Features

  1. Real-time availability tracking: Allows users to see and book available desks instantly, reducing time wasted on finding a workspace.
  2. Interactive floor plans: Helps users select the best workspace for their needs by visually representing the office layout.
  3. Customizable booking rules: Enables organizations to tailor the booking process to their specific operational policies.
  4. User access management: Ensures only authorized personnel can book desks, maintaining security and control.
  5. Integration with calendar apps: Streamlines scheduling by syncing desk bookings with personal and team calendars.
  6. Automated booking system: Saves time and reduces manual errors through automation of the booking process.
  7. Desk usage reporting: Provides insights into how workspaces are utilized, aiding in efficient space management.
  8. Multi-location support: Ideal for organizations with multiple offices, allowing centralized management of all locations.
  9. Flexible booking options: Offers various booking durations and types to accommodate different work styles.
  10. Notification and reminders: Keeps users informed about their bookings, reducing no-shows and optimizing desk usage.

Ease Of Use

Deskfound's interface is straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate and manage bookings. The onboarding process is well-structured, guiding new users through the platform's features. However, users may find the lack of a mobile app limiting, especially when trying to book desks on the go. Additionally, the customization options for the interface are limited, which might not cater to all organizational preferences.

Customer Support

Deskfound provides solid customer support, with quick response times and multiple channels like email and live chat. They also offer a range of resources like documentation and tutorials. However, some users may find the absence of 24/7 support or more in-depth webinars a limitation, especially in complex scenarios or during non-business hours.


Deskfound offers native integrations with several key productivity and collaboration tools, enhancing its functionality. These integrations facilitate smoother workflows by connecting Deskfound with commonly used software. Deskfound also provides API access, allowing further customization and integration with other systems.

Deskfound Pricing

Deskfound's full pricing information is available upon request. However, paid plans start from $1 per user, per month, and a free trial is available for the first 10 users.

Deskfound Use Cases

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Deskfound?

In my assessment, Deskfound is particularly well-suited for:

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: These organizations benefit from Deskfound's user-friendly interface and efficient space management features. The tool's simplicity and effectiveness in booking and managing workspaces make it ideal for smaller companies with flexible work arrangements.
  • Dynamic Industries like Tech Startups and Marketing Agencies: Companies in these sectors often have fluid work environments. Deskfound's real-time availability tracking and interactive floor plans are highly valued in such settings, where flexibility and efficient space utilization are crucial.
  • Co-Working Spaces: Deskfound is well-suited for these environments due to its ability to manage multiple locations and provide real-time desk availability, essential for co-working spaces catering to a diverse and rotating clientele.

Small to medium-sized businesses, especially those in dynamic industries or operating co-working spaces, find Deskfound’s intuitive interface and efficient space management features highly advantageous. The platform is popular among organizations that value a straightforward tool for flexible workspace management.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Deskfound?

Conversely, Deskfound might not be the ideal fit for:

  • Large Corporations or Enterprises: These organizations might find Deskfound too limited in terms of customization and integration capabilities. The software's feature set may not be comprehensive enough for complex corporate workspace management needs.
  • Industries with Intricate Booking Requirements: Sectors like large-scale manufacturing or multinational corporations, which require highly customizable and sophisticated booking systems, may find Deskfound's offerings too basic.
  • Companies Seeking Extensive Integration Capabilities: Businesses that need a hot desk booking tool to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of enterprise software might find Deskfound's limited integration options insufficient.

Customers who prioritize extensive customization, complex booking systems, and broad integration capabilities are likely to find Deskfound less suitable. It may not meet the needs of larger businesses or those operating in sectors with intricate workspace management needs.

Deskfound FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about Deskfound.

What types of businesses use Deskfound?

Deskfound is primarily used by small to medium-sized businesses across various industries like tech, marketing, and co-working spaces.

Can Deskfound support multiple office locations?

Yes, Deskfound offers multi-location support, allowing centralized management of various office sites.

Does Deskfound integrate with calendar applications?

Yes, it integrates with calendar apps to streamline scheduling and booking processes.

Is there a mobile app for Deskfound?

No, Deskfound currently does not offer a mobile app.

Can Deskfound's interface be customized?

Deskfound offers limited customization options for its interface.

Does Deskfound provide real-time desk availability?

Yes, it features real-time availability tracking for desks.

Are there analytics and reporting features in Deskfound?

Yes, Deskfound includes advanced analytics and reporting features for space utilization.

Does Deskfound offer API access?

Yes, Deskfound provides API access for further customization and integration.

Deskfound Company Overview & History

Deskfound is a software company specializing in hot desk booking and workspace management solutions. It is commonly used by tech startups, marketing agencies, and co-working spaces.

The company's mission is to simplify workspace management and enhance flexibility in modern work environments. Since its inception, Deskfound has achieved notable milestones including significant user growth, the introduction of innovative features like real-time tracking, and expansion into multiple markets.

Deskfound Summary: The Bottom Line

Deskfound, a cloud-based space management software, uniquely caters to the hybrid workplace with its Slack integration and flexible desk booking features. It stands out for its drag-and-drop functionality and integration with tools like Google Calendar, simplifying meeting room and conference room bookings. This desk booking app, ideal for hybrid work environments, offers a hassle-free experience with useful features like QR codes for easy check-ins and customizable permissions.

Its visitor management system enhances the tool's utility in a hybrid office setting. The starting price is reasonable, and the availability of a free version makes it accessible for various company sizes. With support in English and compatibility with Windows, Deskfound offers a distinctive combination of hoteling solutions and SaaS convenience for today's evolving workplace dynamics.

Alternatives to Deskfound

  • Condeco Software: Better suited for larger enterprises requiring more extensive customization options.
  • OfficeSpace Software: Offers superior tools for space planning and employee engagement for comprehensive workspace management.
  • Robin Powered: A good choice for businesses seeking seamless calendar integrations and a straightforward interface for managing flexible workspaces.


Deskfound is a user-friendly, efficient tool for hot desk booking and workspace management, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It is real-time availability tracking, interactive floor plans, and customizable booking rules that make it a strong choice for teams prioritizing simplicity and efficiency in their workspace management. I invite you to share your experiences with Deskfound or other similar tools in the comments, as your insights can help others in their decision-making process.

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