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Building a global workforce comes with its challenges. And Globalization Partners is one of many employer of record (EOR) solutions that can help you get there. But these service and software providers don't all have the same offer, and it can be hard to decipher the differences from one to the next.

This is to say nothing of EOR providers vs staffing agencies or professional employer organizations.

Lucky for you, I've spent years comparing and contrasting various HR technologies and services. I've developed a keen eye for what sets a solution apart, and I've used that eye today to review Globalization Partners' total package.

I've covered their product features, customer support, pros and cons, and more—so keep reading for everything you need to make a grounded decision on whether Globalization partners is the right choice for your team.

Globalization Partners software review, a dashboard screenshot of the tool
I really like Globalization Partners' interface, which is easy to navigate and highlights action items and employment cost analytics.

Globalization Partners Product Overview

Globalization Partners, a global employer of record, enables companies to hire team members in new markets without establishing subsidiaries, catering primarily to businesses seeking to expand their full-time, global workforce. The tool benefits users by simplifying the management of human resources and payroll services for global employees, addressing challenges like compliance with local laws, and fostering company culture across borders.

Its standout features include easy integration with SaaS platforms, robust support for new hires, and a transparent approach that enhances the customer satisfaction rating. Notable for its high-caliber PEO (professional employer organization) services, Globalization Partners supports team expansion while ensuring adherence to diverse legal frameworks.

The G-P Meridian system enhances efficiency in managing social media and other digital aspects of work at Global Globalization Partners, contributing to a supportive work environment and streamlined processes for human resources teams.


  • Global Coverage: Ensures legal compliance in over 180 countries. This means businesses can confidently expand their workforce globally without worrying about local labor laws.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive platform. This simplifies the process of managing international employees, making it easier for HR and management teams.
  • Compliance Expertise: Provides expert guidance on local labor laws. Companies benefit from this by reducing the risk of legal issues in foreign markets.


  • Limited Customization: Offers less flexibility in terms of specific contract customizations. This could be restrictive for companies with unique employment contract needs.
  • Cost Factor: Can be more expensive compared to some competitors. This might be a significant consideration for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Integration Limitations: Has fewer integrations with other HR software. This could pose challenges for companies seeking to maintain a unified HR ecosystem.

Expert Opinion

In my evaluation, Globalization Partners stands out for its extensive global coverage and legal compliance capabilities. It outperforms many competitors in these areas, making it a solid choice for companies prioritizing legal safety and global reach. However, its higher cost and limited customization options might be drawbacks for smaller businesses or those needing highly specific contract terms.

The user-friendly interface and compliance expertise are significant assets, although integration limitations with other HR systems could be a downside for tech-heavy environments. Overall, Globalization Partners is well-suited for medium to large enterprises looking to expand globally with a reliable, legally sound EOR solution, while balancing its higher cost and less flexible contract options against their specific business requirements and existing HR infrastructure.

Globalization Partners: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

  1. Extensive Global Reach: Globalization Partners' coverage in over 180 countries is notably more extensive than many competitors. This allows companies to tap into a vast array of markets and ensures compliance with local employment laws in a broad spectrum of jurisdictions.
  2. Localized HR Expertise: They offer specialized knowledge in local labor laws and HR practices. This expertise is deeper and more localized compared to many EOR platforms, providing clients with tailored solutions in diverse legal environments.
  3. Proactive Compliance Updates: The platform actively updates clients on changes in local employment laws. This feature is more dynamic and proactive than many competitors, ensuring companies remain compliant in rapidly changing legal landscapes.

Product Specifications

Employee OnboardingYes
Payroll ManagementYes
Tax ComplianceYes
Benefit AdministrationYes
Legal ComplianceYes
Time and Attendance TrackingYes
Expense ManagementYes
Local HR ExpertiseYes
Multi-Country CoverageYes
Employee OffboardingYes
Contract ManagementYes
Performance ManagementNo
HR Consulting ServicesYes
Custom ReportingYes
Integration with HRISLimited
Multilingual SupportYes
Data Security StandardsYes
Mobile AccessibilityYes
Employee Self-Service PortalYes
Automated NotificationsYes
Document ManagementYes
Work Permit and Visa AssistanceYes
Employee Background ChecksYes
Leave ManagementYes
Customizable Payroll CyclesYes

Globalization Partners Key Features

  1. Extensive Global Reach: Their coverage in over 180 countries stands out for companies looking to employ globally without establishing local entities.
  2. Localized HR Expertise: The platform offers in-depth knowledge of local employment laws and HR practices, tailored to each country's unique legal environment.
  3. Proactive Compliance Updates: Clients receive active updates on changing employment laws, a vital feature for maintaining global compliance.
  4. Employee Onboarding and Offboarding: Streamlined processes for onboarding and offboarding employees globally, ensuring a smooth transition for both employers and employees.
  5. Custom Reporting: The platform’s reporting capabilities are robust, allowing businesses to generate detailed reports tailored to their needs.
  6. Legal Compliance: Strong focus on ensuring compliance with local employment laws, reducing legal risks for businesses.
  7. Payroll Management: Efficient handling of payroll across different countries, accommodating various currencies and tax regulations.
  8. Benefits Administration: Manages employee benefits in accordance with local norms and legal requirements, providing a comprehensive package for global teams.
  9. Data Security Standards: Adheres to high data security standards, ensuring sensitive employee information is protected.
  10. Work Permit and Visa Assistance: Offers support for obtaining necessary work permits and visas, a crucial aspect of international employment.

Ease Of Use

I find the user interface of Globalization Partners straightforward and intuitive, which simplifies the management of international employees. However, navigating the complexities of various international employment laws within the platform can be challenging, especially for users new to global employment.

The onboarding process is comprehensive, but the sheer volume of information and options can be overwhelming initially. Some users might find the integration aspects less intuitive compared to other HR systems they use.

Customer Support

The customer support from Globalization Partners is generally responsive and knowledgeable, with various channels available including email, phone, and live chat. They offer resources like documentation and webinars which are helpful. However, there are occasional reports of delayed response times during peak periods, and some users find the lack of real-time support in certain regions frustrating.


Globalization Partners offers limited native integrations with other HR software, which might be a constraint for businesses seeking a more integrated HR ecosystem. They provide an API, allowing for some level of custom integration with existing systems, but this requires additional technical resources. There are no notable add-ons specifically designed to extend the platform's capabilities, placing a limit on how it can be adapted to fit into more complex HR technology setups.

Globalization Partners Pricing

Pricing upon request. To gain deeper insights into typical EOR pricing models, read this summary of the factors that impact EOR pricing.

Globalization Partners: Best Use Cases

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Globalization Partners?

  • Medium to Large Enterprises: Companies with the resources to invest in global expansion. Globalization Partners suits businesses that have a substantial budget and are looking to establish a presence in multiple countries.
  • Companies Seeking Rapid Global Expansion: Businesses looking to quickly hire employees in different countries without the complexities of setting up local entities.
  • Industries with Global Workforces: Particularly tech, consulting, and finance, where hiring top talent from around the world is a priority.
  • Companies Needing Local Legal Expertise: Organizations that value expert guidance in navigating the varied legal landscapes of international employment law.
  • Businesses Prioritizing Compliance: Companies for whom legal compliance in international hiring and employment is a critical concern.
  • Organizations with Diverse Global Payroll Needs: Businesses that require robust global payroll solutions capable of handling multiple currencies and tax regulations.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Globalization Partners?

  • Small Businesses or Startups: Companies with limited budgets might find Globalization Partners too costly, especially if they are only looking to hire a few international employees.
  • Companies Needing High Customization: Businesses that require highly customized employment contracts or those with unique HR needs may find the platform's standardized approach limiting.
  • Organizations with Simple Domestic Needs: Companies focused solely on domestic hiring and operations without any immediate plans for international expansion.
  • Firms Requiring Deep Integration with Existing HR Systems: Businesses that depend heavily on easy integration with their current HR software might face challenges due to the platform’s limited integration capabilities.
  • Companies Seeking Real-Time, 24/7 Support: Businesses located in time zones or regions where Globalization Partners does not offer real-time support might experience delays or inconveniences.

Globalization Partners Employer of Record (EOR) FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about Globalization Partners.

What services does Globalization Partners offer?

Globalization Partners provides an Employer of Record (EOR) service, enabling companies to hire employees in various countries without establishing a local legal entity. This includes managing payroll, taxes, benefits administration, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws.

Can Globalization Partners help with employee visa and work permit processes?

Yes, they offer assistance with obtaining necessary work permits and visas for employees, which is an integral part of their international employment services.

How many countries does Globalization Partners cover?

Globalization Partners offers services in over 180 countries, providing a wide global reach for businesses looking to expand their workforce internationally.

Is Globalization Partners suitable for small businesses?

While they cater to all sizes of businesses, their services might be more cost-effective for medium to large enterprises due to the comprehensive nature of their global EOR solutions.

How does Globalization Partners handle payroll and taxation?

They manage payroll processing and ensure tax compliance in each country, adapting to local regulations and requirements. This includes handling different currencies and tax structures.

Does Globalization Partners offer integration with other HR systems?

Their integration capabilities are limited. While they provide an API for some level of custom integration, they do not have extensive native integrations with other HR software.

What kind of customer support does Globalization Partners provide?

They offer customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Support availability may vary by region and time zone.

Can Globalization Partners assist with employee benefits management?

Yes, they handle the administration of employee benefits, ensuring they align with local norms and legal requirements in each country where employees are based.

Globalization Partners Company Overview & History

Globalization Partners, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, specializes in Employer of Record (EOR) services, allowing businesses to hire globally without setting up local entities. Their offerings are widely used by medium to large enterprises in sectors like technology and finance, focusing on streamlining international payroll, tax compliance, and benefits management.

As a private company, it has grown significantly, marked by substantial funding rounds and recognition in the EOR industry. Their mission is to empower businesses to expand globally with ease, handling the complexities of international employment and compliance.

Globalization Partners Summary: The Bottom Line

In my assessment, Globalization Partners stands out for its expansive coverage, operating in over 180 countries, a reach broader than many competitors. This extensive global presence, combined with their deep expertise in local employment laws, sets them apart. They excel in navigating the complexities of international payroll, tax compliance, and benefits management.

A key unique offering is their proactive updates on compliance changes across different jurisdictions. The platform's ease of use despite handling complex tasks is commendable. Their most noteworthy features include their global reach, local legal expertise, and user-friendly interface, making them a solid option for medium to large businesses focusing on global expansion.

Alternatives to Globalization Partners

  • ADP TotalSource: Often chosen for its strong domestic presence in the United States, ADP TotalSource is a good fit for companies primarily focused on U.S. operations but still requiring some international EOR capabilities. It's known for its comprehensive HR solutions combined with EOR services.
  • Papaya Global: Is frequently selected for its technology-driven approach and strong integration capabilities with existing HR systems. It's a suitable choice for companies looking for a more tech-integrated EOR solution, offering a good balance between global reach and HR technology.
  • Velocity Global: This platform is often compared with Globalization Partners for its similar global reach. Velocity Global stands out for businesses seeking a more personalized service approach and flexibility in crafting unique employment arrangements in different countries.


Globalization Partners is well-suited for medium to large enterprises seeking extensive global reach and expertise in legal compliance for their EOR needs. Its coverage in over 180 countries and user-friendly interface make it a strong option for global expansion.

However, smaller businesses or those needing customized integrations might find it less fitting. I encourage readers to share their experiences with Globalization Partners or other EOR platforms to aid others in making informed decisions.

For more on EORs and how they could benefit you, check out our article what is an EOR.

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