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In HR, you're keeping track of a lot of moving parts. From managing employee performance to running payroll to ensuring compliance, it's a lot. And a well-rounded HR software solution can be a big help. But in such a saturated market, it can be tough to figure out which one is best suited to your needs.

If you're considering Arcoro as your HR team's sidekick, you'll want to make sure it has all the tools, features, and integrations you need. I've covered all of this and more in my in-depth review, so keep reading to get all the information you need to decide on Arcoro, or an alternative.

Review of Arcoro's time and labor feature screenshot.
I like how Arcoro's time and labor feature simplifies time tracking and labor management.

Arcoro Product Overview


Arcoro offers a comprehensive suite of modular HR management solutions tailored for high-compliance industries, aiming to streamline workforce processes. It encompasses a broad range of functionalities, high-compliance including applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance, benefits management, performance management, personnel tracking, payroll, employee scheduling, evaluation and reviews, succession planning, compensation management, and learning management​​​​. The software targets companies with significant compliance needs, particularly in sectors like construction, engineering, manufacturing, and landscaping, or those with remote workforces​​.


  • Modularity: Users can select specific modules they need, making the software adaptable and cost-effective. This flexibility allows companies to tailor the software to their unique HR needs.
  • Training Records: Efficiently manages and tracks employee training records, ensuring compliance and skill development.
  • Multi-Manager Access: Allows multiple hiring managers to work collaboratively in one unified system, enhancing coordination and decision-making.


  • Complex Scheduling: Challenges in scheduling training courses and adjusting due dates, potentially leading to administrative difficulties.
  • Manual Data Entry: Requires manual input in some instances, like transferring employee data between systems, which can be time-consuming.
  • Dated Interface: Some users find the user interface dated, which might affect the user experience and efficiency.

Expert Opinion

As an expert in the field, I perceive Arcoro as a robust and specialized HR management tool, particularly commendable for its modular approach and focus on high-compliance industries. It has many features like applicant tracking, onboarding, and performance management for various industries. However, it may need to catch up to competitors regarding user interface and some HR processes like training scheduling and data integration.

Arcoro is highly adaptable to complex compliance requirements in industries like construction or manufacturing. Its modular design lets users select only what they need, offering a cost-effective solution. However, its user interface may seem dated compared to other software, and some functionalities require manual intervention, which can be a drawback for organizations seeking more streamlined, automated solutions.

Arcoro is best suited for organizations in high-compliance industries or remote workforces requiring precise and extensive HR management tools. Its depth in compliance-focused features makes it a strong contender for businesses in these sectors.

Arcoro: The Bottom Line

Arcoro's strong emphasis on compliance and industry-specific functionalities is what sets it apart from similar software. It offers a unique blend of features catering to industries with stringent regulatory requirements, which address adequately not all HR management tools focus on.

Particularly commendable is its modular nature, allowing companies to choose and pay for only what they need, which can be a significant advantage in managing costs while still obtaining essential HR functionalities.

Its most noteworthy features include its detailed applicant tracking system, efficient onboarding processes, and comprehensive performance management capabilities. These components make Arcoro an excellent choice for companies that prioritize compliance and have specific HR management needs that generic software might need to adequately address.

Arcoro Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Employee Goal Setting - Yes
  2. Performance Appraisals - Yes
  3. 360-Degree Feedback - Yes
  4. Customizable Templates - Yes
  5. Employee Self-Assessments - Yes
  6. Manager Assessments - Yes
  7. Performance Analytics - Yes
  8. Employee Development Plans - Yes
  9. Performance Tracking - Yes
  10. Performance Ratings - Yes
  11. Peer Reviews - Yes
  12. Continuous Feedback - Yes
  13. Goal Tracking - Yes
  14. Employee Recognition - Yes
  15. Performance Reports - Yes
  16. Skill Gap Analysis - Yes
  17. Employee Engagement Surveys - Yes
  18. Succession Planning - Yes
  19. Talent Calibration - Yes
  20. Compensation Planning - Yes
  21. Integration with HR Systems - Yes
  22. Mobile Accessibility - Yes
  23. Compliance Tracking - Yes
  24. Notifications and Alerts - Yes
  25. User Training and Support - Yes

Arcoro Feature Overview

  1. Customizable Templates: Arcoro's templates empower organizations to create tailored performance review forms that align with their specific evaluation criteria, ensuring a personalized approach to HR management.
  2. 360-Degree Feedback: Arcoro stands out with its comprehensive 360-degree feedback functionality, enabling a well-rounded assessment of employees' performance from various perspectives, including peers, managers, and self-assessment.
  3. Goal Tracking: Arcoro's robust goal-tracking system allows organizations to set, monitor, and track employee goals effectively, promoting accountability and growth within the workforce.
  4. Performance Analytics: The software offers solid performance analytics, providing valuable insights into employee performance trends and areas for improvement.
  5. Employee Development Plans: Arcoro supports the creation of individualized employee development plans, facilitating targeted skill improvement and career growth.
  6. Continuous Feedback: With Arcoro, organizations can foster a culture of constant feedback, enhancing communication between employees and managers.
  7. Integration with HR Systems: Arcoro seamlessly integrates with HR systems, ensuring data consistency and minimizing manual data entry, which can save time and reduce errors.
  8. Mobile Accessibility: Its mobile accessibility allows employees and managers to access performance-related information and complete evaluations on the go, promoting flexibility and convenience.
  9. Notifications and Alerts: Arcoro provides warnings and alerts to inform users about upcoming evaluations, deadlines, and critical HR-related events.
  10. User Training and Support: The software offers user training and support resources to assist organizations in onboarding and maximizing the software's potential effectively.

Standout Functionality

  • 360-Degree Feedback: Arcoro's comprehensive 360-degree feedback system sets it apart, allowing organizations to gain a holistic view of employee performance from different angles and enabling more well-informed decisions.
  • Customizable Templates: The ability to create highly customizable performance review templates distinguishes Arcoro, enabling organizations to tailor their evaluation processes precisely to their unique needs and criteria.
  • Goal Tracking: Arcoro's robust goal-tracking functionality promotes goal-oriented performance management, enhancing accountability and providing a clear path for employee growth and development.


Arcoro offers a range of out-of-the-box or native integrations with various software and tools, enhancing its cloud-based HR management solution functionality. These integrations help streamline HR processes, allowing different systems and applications to work seamlessly.

Notable native integrations include BirdDogHR, InfinityHR, and Core HR. These integrations allow users to leverage the strengths of each platform. For instance, BirdDogHR enhances talent management capabilities, InfinityHR brings advanced benefits management, and Core HR integration offers scalability and customization for core HR functions. These integrations enable users to extend the capabilities of Arcoro without switching between multiple systems, ensuring a more unified and efficient HR management experience.

Arcoro also offers an API, providing additional flexibility and customization options. This API allows businesses to integrate Arcoro with their existing systems and software, tailoring the solution to their needs. Through this API, companies can automate data transfer, sync employee information, and connect various HR modules, further enhancing the efficiency of their HR processes.

Additionally, Arcoro supports various add-ons to extend the platform's capabilities. These add-ons include specialized modules for recruitment, performance management, and compliance. By incorporating these add-ons, businesses can create a more comprehensive HR solution tailored to their unique needs.

Arcoro Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Arcoro offers a user-friendly Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and onboarding options, which have been appreciated by users, especially in industries like construction that are transitioning to more advanced electronic HR tools. For new hires, the process is streamlined, reducing the reliance on paper forms and manual data entry, which is a significant advantage for growing companies hiring in multiple states​​.

However, there are complexities in the tool that impact its ease of use. For instance, maintaining certification courses due to limited scheduling options is challenging, and the system does not automatically adjust due dates for completed courses. This can lead to inefficiencies in training scheduling​​.

Users have also expressed concerns about the user interface being dated and the system requiring too many clicks to accomplish simple tasks, indicating that while the tool is functional, its navigation and organization could be more streamlined and intuitive​​.

Customer Support

Arcoro offers multiple channels for customer support, including email, phone, and a live chat option on its website. They also provide a comprehensive knowledge base, including documentation, FAQs, and tutorials. Customers can access webinars for more in-depth training and understanding of their services.

Response times vary. Email support takes up to 24 hours, phone support is same-day, and live chat is only available during business hours. Customers value the extensive documentation, though some find it too technical. Support quality could be more consistent - some customers get detailed help, while others face delays or receive less thorough assistance.

Arcoro's customer support has strengths and areas that need improvement. Limited availability of live chat is another issue - customers often need help outside regular business hours, but the feature isn't always accessible. They offer various support channels and resources, but inconsistent quality and limited availability of specific channels like live chat can frustrate customers.

Arcoro Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Arcoro?

Arcoro is particularly well-suited for businesses looking for comprehensive human resources solutions. The ideal context for using Arcoro involves environments where HR software is crucial in managing and optimizing the workforce. This tool is especially relevant for small to medium-sized businesses that require robust HR functionalities without the complexity or cost of larger enterprise systems.

The most loyal and avid customers of Arcoro are often from industries like construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. These sectors benefit from Arcoro's ability to handle various HR tasks, from recruitment to performance management. Companies with a workforce ranging from a few dozen to several hundred employees find Arcoro's scalability and customizability particularly useful.

Teams within these companies dedicated to HR functions, usually from one to ten members, also find Arcoro compelling. The software streamlines their processes, allowing them to easily manage everything from employee onboarding to compliance. Smaller teams appreciate the automation features that save time and reduce the risk of errors in HR tasks.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Arcoro?

Conversely, Arcoro might not be the best fit in specific contexts. Large enterprises with complex, global HR needs may find Arcoro limiting. These organizations often require highly customizable and integrative HR systems that seamlessly interact with other enterprise-level software. Arcoro, while robust, may offer a different depth of customization and integration in these environments.

The most disappointed customers will likely be from tech-heavy industries or those requiring highly specialized HR software. These sectors might find Arcoro's features too generic. Businesses looking for highly innovative or industry-specific functionalities might also find Arcoro lacking.

Furthermore, tiny businesses, such as startups with just a handful of employees, might need to utilize the breadth of features offered by Arcoro fully. The software could be seen as too comprehensive and not cost-effective for these companies. Teams with fewer than five employees might find more straightforward, more basic HR tools more suitable for their limited needs.

Arcoro FAQs

What is HRIS, and how does it integrate with Arcoro?

HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a management system that helps manage employee data and HR processes. Arcoro integrates HRIS capabilities, allowing businesses to handle employee information, payroll, and benefits management efficiently within one platform.

Can I use Arcoro to post jobs to multiple job boards?

Yes, Arcoro allows you to post jobs directly to multiple job boards. This feature streamlines the recruitment process, making attracting a wider pool of candidates easier.

How does Arcoro assist with PTO management?

Arcoro's software includes a feature for managing Paid Time Off (PTO). It enables employees to request time off, and managers can approve and track these requests, ensuring smooth PTO management.

Is Arcoro compliant with ACA regulations?

Yes, Arcoro is designed to help businesses maintain ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance. It offers tools to track employee hours, manage benefits, and generate necessary reports for compliance purposes.

Does Arcoro offer an all-in-one solution for HR management?

Arcoro is an all-in-one HR software solution that provides various functionalities such as recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compliance, and learning management within a single platform.

What is LMS and how is it incorporated in Arcoro?

LMS, or Learning Management System, is a feature within Arcoro that facilitates creating, managing, and delivering educational courses and training programs, helping in employee development and certification.

Can Arcoro help me to ensure that job applicants are verified?

Yes, Arcoro offers features for verifying job applicants, including background checks and reference checks, to ensure the credibility and qualifications of potential hires.

Alternatives to Arcoro

  • BambooHR: Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, BambooHR stands out for its user-friendly interface and efficient employee self-service features. It's particularly well-suited for companies prioritizing ease of use and streamlined HR processes.
  • Workday: A robust choice for larger enterprises, Workday offers extensive HR and performance management features, including advanced analytics and comprehensive talent management. It's preferred by organizations that need a more complex and scalable HR solution.
  • Zenefits: Zenefits is a good fit for businesses looking for a well-rounded HR platform with strong benefits administration capabilities. It is often chosen by companies that need a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to managing employee benefits alongside other HR functions.

Arcoro Company Overview & History

Arcoro is a company that specializes in providing HR solutions for businesses, focusing on various aspects of human resources management, including compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), talent management, and workforce planning. The company is widely recognized for its comprehensive HR software that caters to various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Various companies, typically small to mid-sized businesses that seek efficient, scalable HR solutions, use Arcoro's software. These companies often choose Arcoro for its ability to integrate various HR functionalities into a single platform, streamlining their HR processes.

Arcoro is a privately held company. The details of its ownership are not widely publicized, which is typical for private companies. Its headquarters is in the United States, providing a solid base for its operations and customer support.

The company, though not widely known for any celebrity board members or advisors, prides itself on a team of experienced HR professionals and technologists. They work towards the company’s mission to empower organizations to manage their workforce efficiently, ensuring compliance and improving employee engagement.

Arcoro’s history is marked by a commitment to innovation in the HR space. Since its inception, the company has achieved notable milestones, such as expanding its product offerings to include advanced features like ACA compliance tools and integrating user feedback into continuous product enhancement. This evolution reflects their commitment to meeting the changing needs of HR professionals.


Overall, Arcoro offers robust HR solutions that are particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized businesses. Its focus on ACA compliance, positive user reviews, and an overall favorable rating make it a reliable choice for companies looking to streamline their HR processes. While it may only cater to some of the needs of large enterprises or those requiring highly specialized HR tools for its target market, Arcoro stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly option.

I encourage potential users to consider how Arcoro’s features align with their HR needs. If you’ve used Arcoro or are viewing it, please share your experiences and insights in the comments. Your feedback can help others make informed decisions about their HR solutions.

By David Rice

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.