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There are seemingly countless HR case management software solutions available, so figuring out which is best for you is tough. You want to streamline the management of HR cases, from tracking and documenting employee requests and complaints to ensuring timely and consistent responses—but now need to figure out which tool is the best fit. In this post, I make things simple, leveraging my experience as an HR specialist using dozens of different HR case management tools to bring you this shortlist of the best HR case management software overall.

What is HR Case Management Software?

HR case management software is a specialized tool designed for handling and resolving employee-related issues within organizations. It streamlines the process of managing various HR cases, such as inquiries, complaints, and requests, by providing a centralized platform for tracking, documenting, and addressing these issues.

HR case management tools facilitate efficient workflow automation, and prioritization of cases, and maintain a comprehensive record of all HR interactions. Its purpose is to enhance HR operational efficiency, ensure timely and consistent responses to employee needs, and maintain compliance with organizational policies and legal standards.

Overviews of the 10 Best HR Case Management Software

Here’s a brief description of the HR case management software solutions that made my top 10 list, plus 5 additional software selections below. For my top 10 choices, I’ve highlighted each tool’s best use case, and some noteworthy features. I’ve also included screenshots to give you a snapshot of the user interface too.

Best for international teams

  • Free demo available
  • Flat rate user pricing, with a free version for businesses with up to 200 people
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Rating: 4.8/5

Deel is a global HR platform that provides HR case management software, enabling businesses to manage workforce compliance and centralize HR tasks. The platform additionally integrates employee onboarding, payroll management, and an HRIS into a single system, facilitating the management of employee data, time off, expenses, reporting, performance, documents, and communication all in one place.

Deel is also ideal for international teams with its EOR service that offers businesses the ability to hire anywhere in the world using its 100+ entities and visa support. This includes global contractor management and global compliance management to ensure that hiring and employment practices comply with local laws and regulations in over 150 countries.

Deel integrates with Xero, Bob, Okta, Expensify, BambooHR, Slack, QuickBooks, Google Workspace, and NetSuite.

Best for streamlining investigations and preventing misconduct

  • Pricing upon request

Syntrio provides comprehensive HR case management software solutions with a focus on compliance and ethical work environments. In addition to their case management capabilities, Syntrio platform also covers compliance training, ethics hotlines, and reporting to foster a respectful workplace environment.

Syntrio's HR case management software offers secure tracking and resolution of employee relations matters, which is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and trust within an organization. What differentiates Syntrio is its 100% anonymous reporting feature, which allows for secure and confidential communication between the ethics hotline reporters and investigators.

Syntrio provides a suite of features to support organizations in compliance training and ethics reporting. Their ethics hotlines facilitate anonymous reporting globally, with a case management system for incident resolution. Syntrio also offers extensive training courses on harassment, employment law, and diversity, and maintains updated course libraries to ensure content relevance.

In addition, Syntrio offers customer support for platform implementation and utilization, and regularly updates its course offerings to align with current compliance standards.

Integrations with Syntrio are available through their open API.

Best for providing HR teams with complete caseload visibility

  • Pricing upon request
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Rating: 5/5

Dovetail Software HR Case Management aims to modernize how you manage, track and report employee requests. The Home Console provides each HR team member with full visibility into their current workload. Case data is segregated based on the employee profile or case stage. The Knowledge Base allows searches across existing cases, knowledge articles, attachments, and expert content.

Team leaders can easily monitor Service Level Agreements to ensure that each case gets the required attention. Dovetail allows cases to be escalated automatically or manually. HR executives and employees are kept informed with automatic emails and notifications.

Dovetail Software integrates with a range of popular business applications, including Google Sheets, Slack, Gmail, and Intercom.

The company offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial.

Best for incident avoidance and misconduct prevention

  • Pricing upon request
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Rating: 4.5/5

i-Sight is a cloud-based case management solution focused on implementing workflows, analyzing results, spotting trends, and monitoring risks. Features include a support hotline, data encryption, and role-defined access. The software also includes anti-fraud programs, multilingual support, incident management, and multi-location investigations.

This tool helps HR departments investigate fraud, bribery cases, and other matters of concern. It also enforces compliance with anti-corruption and security legislation. Notifications and alerts keep managers on top of compliance issues and help them investigate problems.

The software integrates with any ODBC-compliant database, including SAP, Oracle, and JD Edwards.

i-Sight offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial.

Best for workplace investigations

  • Free demo available
  • From $7/user/month (billed annually)
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Rating: 4.6/5

HR Acuity goes beyond case management to offer an in-depth employee management solution. It tracks employee relations issues using a standardized process and provides document management through a centralized repository.

The software facilitates workplace investigations management by establishing procedures that improve fact-finding and better outcomes. Dashboards and automatic reports keep managers informed of what's happening within the organization. Role-specific permissions and other safeguards keep all data secure.

HR Acuity interoperates with various applications, with options ranging from Single Sign-On to full integration.

HR Acuity offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial.

Best for standardizing employee documentation

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request
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Rating: 4.3/5

ServiceNow Case and Knowledge Management prioritizes and routes employee inquiries through a single workspace. You can create knowledge repository articles based on popular topics or frequently asked questions. Simple dashboards make it easy for managers to understand cases and improve HR service delivery.

The software aims to standardize the documentation and fulfillment of employee inquiries and route requests efficiently. Confidentiality is maintained at all times by securing records effectively. Employees can use the self-service system to find information or report misconduct in the workplace confidentially.

ServiceNow integrates with a range of business systems, including Altiris, Google Maps, Microsoft SMS/SCCM, and Verizon Bonding. Employees can also access information from anywhere using their mobile apps for Android and iOS devices as well.

ServiceNow offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial, but a free demo is available.

Best for ease of use

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request
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Rating: 4/5

Workday offers personal, secure case management to give employees answers fast. Personalized knowledge management articles help people get quick replies to common queries. If they can't find what they need, they can create a case and get individual assistance.

The software is designed to offer a positive user experience, replacing spreadsheets and manual processes. Instead of relying on tickets, it deploys natural language processing to understand employee requirements. And instead of using multiple applications to search for answers, employees can get their information from a single source of truth.

Workday integrates with the apps HR teams use every day, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva, and Slack.

Workday offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial.

Best for a comprehensive HR case management solution

  • Pricing upon request

Cherwell HR Case Management empowers employees to submit requests and check the status of existing requests. Where necessary, these can be routed to an HR team member using workflow automation. Employees can view the status of their requests through the system portal.

The SaaS software manages the entire life-cycle of employee requests, from the initial query to final closure. All transactions are documented, providing a complete audit trail of employee communications. Key processes can be automated to ensure Service Level Agreement and policy compliance.

The software integrates with various HRIS solutions.

Cherwell HR Case Management offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial.

Best employee feedback and case management platform for data security

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Case Manager, by AllVoices, consolidates all your employee feedback in one place, whether it comes digitally through their platform, or through a face-to-face conversation. Their platform uses smart technology to categorize employee feedback into the appropriate level - either low, medium or high - helping your HR department prioritize the issues that need attention first. Your HR team can also tag admin users to ensure the right people are aware of top priority issues at all times.

AllVoices’ mobile app offers two-way in-app messaging, with industry-standard AES-2 encryption to ensure your data is protected. Their tight security settings are even strong enough to protect attorney-client privilege, right within their app.

AllVoices integrates with many popular HR software applications including ADP, BambooHR, Bob, Ceridian, Google Suite, Namely, Okta, Paylocity, Sage, SAP SuccessFactors, Slack, TriNet, UKG, Workday, and Zenefits.

AllVoices offers pricing upon request, as well as a free demo.

Best for high volumes of employee issues

  • Pricing upon request
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Rating: 4.5/5

CIPHR HR case management software helps you record, manage and track employee cases securely. The configurable software makes it easy to define automated workflows for each case type, store correspondence records, and specify default priorities. The system keeps an accurate record of each case's history.

Large numbers of employee requests and cases can be handled efficiently for maximum employee satisfaction. Automatic alerts and reminders help HR teams keep cases on track to resolve them in the required timeframe. The system also provides an auditable trail of evidence and a searchable history.

A suite of integrations is available through the CIPHR API.

CIPHR offers customized pricing on request. There is no free trial.

HR Case Management Software: Pricing Comparison Chart

This comparison chart summarizes basic details about each of my top HR case management solutions. You can view pricing details and the availability of free trials or demos side-by-side to help you find the best software for your budget and business needs.

Tools Price
Deel Flat rate user pricing, with a free version for businesses with up to 200 people
Syntrio Pricing upon request
Dovetail Software Pricing upon request
i-Sight Pricing upon request
HR Acuity From $7/user/month (billed annually)
ServiceNow Pricing upon request
Workday Pricing upon request
Cherwell HR Case Management Pricing upon request
AllVoices Pricing upon request
CIPHR Pricing upon request
Preview Image - <h2 class="c-block__title b-summary-table__title c-listicle__title h3" > Compare Software Specs Side by Side</h2>

Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other Options

Here are a few more HR case management systems that didn’t make it into my top 10 shortlist, but are still worth checking out:

Selection Criteria for HR Case Management Software

Let's take a closer look at the process I used to establish this list of the best HR case management software. I began by examining recent market data for HR case management software to gain an understanding of the biggest software providers in this space.

Next, I examined each platform to assess their features and discover which functionalities made them different from the rest of the solutions on the market. With that information in hand, I then chose the best tools for my long list.

Lastly, I used the evaluation criteria below to see how each platform compared to the others on my list. Using my years of HR experience, I finalized my shortlist by choosing the solutions that I felt were most likely to add the most value for HR professionals.

Here’s a summary of the selection and evaluation criteria I used:

Key Features of HR Case Management Software

To help me compare each case management system to the next, I created this list of key features I expect each system to include:

  • Dashboards: An easy-to-use overview that keeps executives focused on the most urgent cases, as well as enabling an employee self-service portal.
  • Case management tools: Features that allow agents to track and manage progress toward case resolution, including escalation.
  • Knowledge base: A resource that provides information based on employee data, integrated with case management tools.
  • Personalization: Content that’s highly relevant to individuals to increase employee engagement within the organization.
  • Reporting: Insightful and actionable reports that suggest the actions needed to achieve improvements.
  • SLA management: Automated notifications in real-time, plus color-coding to ensure that cases stay on schedule.
  • Business process management: Automating manual case management processes to reduce the executive time spent on each case.
  • Email management: The ability to easily configure templates for standard email messages for common employee requests.
  • Survey analytics: Insights into how successful the system is in resolving cases effectively.
  • Confidential collaboration: The ability to collaborate with other departments to gather information while still respecting employees’ privacy. 

Other Assessment Criteria

In addition to the key features above, I also assessed these additional criteria to make my final selections for this list:

  • User Interface (UI): I looked for an interface that allows busy HR executives to quickly pinpoint the information they need.
  • Usability: I selected tools that are easy-to-use and intuitive, meaning your HR professionals will be able to master all their features and functions quickly.
  • Integrations: I looked for easy integrations with popular human resources software (including HRIS, HCM, and HRMS platforms) and other business applications for key HR processes.
  • Value for Price: I sought out software that offers a real return on investment in terms of improved human resource management.

Frequently Asked Questions about HR Case Management Software

Still wondering about HR case management software and how it works? Take a look at these answers to popular FAQs on this topic:

What is HR case management?

HR case management (or employee case management) is the process of managing requests and questions from employees or dealing with any employee issues that may arise. Requests may come from existing employees, new hires, managers, and HR partners.

Nowadays, HR case management is typically handled using tailored HR solutions. These may offer features such as dashboards, service level agreements, collaboration tools, workflow, and automation to help resolve cases.

What does HR case management software do?

HR case management software helps human resources managers resolve complex issues relating to individual employees. These tools assist in the submission, review, and response to specific requests, as well as supporting the resolution of more challenging employee matters.

A good human resources case management system delivers a consistent, repeatable process that ensures every employee is treated correctly and fairly, no matter how complex the issues involved.

Other HR Software Reviews

Here are some other types of human resources software that can help provide better services to your employees:

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