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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps have revolutionized the way business units use technology. But with so many different SaaS management platforms available, figuring out which is right for you is tough. You know you want a platform to help you track your app usage, control costs, and manage subscriptions, but you need to figure out which tool is best? In this post, I'll help make your choice easy by sharing my insights on the best SaaS management platforms to improve efficiency.

What are SaaS Management Platforms?

SaaS management platforms are tools designed to help users manage numerous Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, including purchasing, licensing, onboarding, and renewal. They can help you get a birds-eye-view of all your SaaS subscriptions in one place, as well as their usage and ongoing costs.

SaaS management platforms can help organizations in numerous ways. They can increase efficiency and lead to cost savings by using data to discover apps that are underused or unnecessary. SaaS management platforms also reduce security risks and optimize the ROI on SaaS investments throughout their lifecycle. Furthermore, they give you a centralized location where you can control individual user access to all the applications your company uses, simplifying access management.

Overviews of the 10 Best SaaS Management Platforms

Here’s a brief description of each of the SaaS management platform vendors that showcases what each SaaS product does best. I’ve also included a screenshot of each to show you their user interface too.

Best for monitoring subscriptions and spending

  • 30-day free trial
  • From €1/employee/month + €10 base fee/month
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Rating: 5/5

LicenceOne is a SaaS management platform that helps you keep track of your software subscriptions and manage your spending. It provides you with a digital dashboard that displays all your apps and their usage. It also shows you how much you're spending and when your licenses are due for renewal.

The platform will notify you about inactive users, 'zombie subscriptions' (unused subscriptions that keep renewing), and other concerns related to your SaaS stack. You can manage users across your accounts from the system, making it easier to increase or decrease licenses without having to go in and out of each app individually.

In addition to helping you manage your subscriptions, the software also helps you manage your accounting. All of your invoices will be collected in the platform, making records keeping much simpler. You won't have to hunt around your email or log into every tool just to have your invoices on file.

Pricing starts at €1/employee/month plus a €10/base fee/month. A 30-day free trial is also available.

Best for reducing SaaS wastage

  • Free trial is available for organizations with fewer than 25 employees
  • Pricing is not publicly disclosed
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Rating: 4.9/5

Zluri is a data-driven SaaS management platform focused on app discovery, management, optimization and compliance. It helps you optimize spend by removing duplicate apps, highlighting underused tools and consolidating apps with overlapping functions.

Many IT tasks such as procurement, onboarding and renewals can be automated with Zluri. Security is enhanced through the removal of unsecured apps and the management of compliance risks.

Pricing is not publicly disclosed, but a free trial is available for organizations with fewer than 25 employees.

Best for improving worker productivity

  • 14-day free trial + free plan available
  • From $10/user/month
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Rating: 4.5/5

ActivTrak is a SaaS management platform with an informative dashboard that shows performance and productivity trends you can analyze to improve productivity. You can use ActivTrak to determine which applications contribute to productivity and which ones detract employees so you can limit their use. It has a virtual productivity coach feature that can help managers turn into effective coaches through the help of actionable recommendations. ActivTrak allows you to generate reports on productive time by individuals or teams to determine practices from which less productive teams can benefit.

Businesses rely on employee productivity to generate revenue, and ActivTrak can be a vital tool if you want to improve productivity at your workplace. The software can provide you with a snapshot of employee productivity to determine bottlenecks and provide guidance to struggling employees. You can use ActivTrak to identify productive behaviors and share best practices throughout your workforce. You can use ActivTrak to schedule one-on-one sessions with employees to gain insights on what you can do to improve workplace conditions and increase productivity.

ActivTrak has a free version, while the pricing of its paid version starts at $10/user/month. They also offer a 14-day free trial too.

Best for saving money on Saas

  • From $3000/user/month

Vendr aims to reduce the SaaS spend of IT departments by up to 30%. Licenses are organized into aggregate contracts, allowing you to negotiate bulk discounts.

The company analyzes your SaaS stack and calculates possible savings. Vendr guarantees that your savings will exceed the cost of using the service.

Pricing starts from $3000/user/month and there is no free trial.

Best an extensive range of integrations

  • Pricing is not publicly available

Torii is a cloud-based solution for managing SaaS licenses, vendors and users. The platform helps IT leaders view available resources, monitor active applications and implement good spend management.

This user-friendly platform includes analysis features so that managers can investigate unusual activity, manage finances and ensure compliance. Torii integrates with third-party applications such as Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Github and Zendesk.

Pricing is not publicly available, and there is no free trial.

Best for intuitive data security

  • From $3/user/month

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that offers automated management, critical insights, and intuitive data security. The software allows you to monitor SaaS subscriptions and stay on top of key usage data across your organization.

With the help of BetterCloud, you can get alerts when issues arise, enforce password management and manage user profiles. You can also create customizable reports, using over 100 different attributes.

BetterCloud costs from $3/user/month. There is no free trial.

Best for comprehensive license management

  • Pricing is not publicly available

Snow is a Saas management platform designed to reduce the risks associated with IT asset management. It includes extensive analytics for IT operations, providing details of technology use across all deployments.

With the help of Snow, you can reduce the complexity surrounding licensing and compute the compliance situation for every application.

Pricing is not publicly available, and there is no free trial option.

Best for identity security in the cloud

  • Pricing is not publicly available

SailPoint is an identity governance platform designed for the cloud. The platform solves SaaS-related challenges such as compliance, password management and analytics.

With SailPoint, it's easy to see who has access to specific tools and how they are being used. Users can manage their digital identities with confidence.

Pricing is not publicly available. There is no free trial.

Best for advanced analytics and workflows

  • Customize pricing upon request

Zylo is a SaaS management platform with an AI-powered engine that maintains a continuously updated database of your SaaS applications, so you know which ones are updated and which ones you need to renew. This also allows you to spot unused licenses so you can cancel or reassign them to save money. You can use Zylo to analyze how your SaaS portfolio performs compared to industry benchmarks ensuring you have the best SaaS applications and allowing you to replace underperforming ones.

Understanding how your workforce functions is one of the best ways to conceptualize and implement productivity improvement plans, and Zylo can be helpful in this area with its advanced analytics feature. You can use Zylo to gain insights on optimizing your SaaS portfolio so you can get rid of unproductive ones and replace them with ones that meet your business demands. Zylo can help forecast and anticipate future SaaS needs ensuring that employees have the proper licenses so employees can perform their duties.

Zylo provides customized pricing upon request.

Best for understanding app engagement

  • 90-day free trial
  • Pricing is not disclosed publicly

Productiv is a SaaS management platform powered by application engagement analytics. This tool allows you to visualize your SaaS portfolio and evaluate the cost and effectiveness of particular apps.

The software collects and analyzes engagement insights to help you understand what SaaS applications are used for. Productiv also makes it easy to understand trends in usage.

Pricing is not disclosed publicly, but a 90-day free trial is available.

10 Best SaaS Management Platforms: Quick Comparison Chart

This comparison chart summarizes basic details about each of my top SaaS management platform selections. You can view pricing details and the availability of free trials or demos side-by-side to help you find the right SaaS product for your budget and business needs.

Tools Price
LicenceOne From €1/employee/month + €10 base fee/month
Zluri Pricing is not publicly disclosed
ActivTrak From $10/user/month
Vendr From $3000/user/month
Torii Pricing is not publicly available
BetterCloud From $3/user/month
Snow Pricing is not publicly available
SailPoint Pricing is not publicly available
Zylo Customize pricing upon request
Productiv Pricing is not disclosed publicly
Preview Image - <h2 class="c-block__title b-summary-table__title c-listicle__title h3" > Compare Software Specs Side by Side</h2>

Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

Other SaaS Management Software

Here are a few more worthwhile options that didn’t make my best SaaS management systems shortlist, but are still worth checking out:

  1. Augmentt Engage

    Best for managed service providers (MSPs)

  2. SaaSOptics

    Best for SaaS companies

  3. Certero for Cloud

    Best for app discovery

  4. USU Software Asset Management

    Best for detail software insights

  5. Binadox

    Best for managing SaaS spending

Selection Criteria for SaaS Management Tools

Wondering how I selected the best SaaS management platform for this list? Here’s a summary of the evaluation and selection criteria I used: 

Key Features

SaaS management platforms offer a range of different features to help you get the most out of cloud-based software tools. Here are some key features to look for:

  • User Management: This includes the ability to set user permissions at the individual user level, as well as the ability to track who is using what software, and for what purpose — giving you actionable insights.
  • Application Discovery: This feature helps you find the best tool for each use case — an important component of SaaS operations management.
  • Application Cost Optimization: This feature minimizes waste caused by suboptimal usage and tracks overall SaaS costs and software spend, to help you stay on budget.
  • Application Usage Insights: Another form of actionable insights, this feature reveals how software is being used, and why, improving your SaaS intelligence.
  • Application Security: This minimizes risks caused by unauthorized app usage (Shadow IT) and helps IT teams keep a tight lid on potential security issues.
  • License Renewals: This feature helps IT teams track all their software licenses to ensure they're valid and renewed on time (a form of subscription management).
  • Compliance: These are tools that keep usage compliant with relevant regulations and requirements, including GDPR.
  • Vendor Management: This is a reference feature that maintains a database of SaaS vendor-related information for easy access when needed.

Other Criteria

I also always assess the following core criteria no matter what type of software I'm delving into. To do so, I run each system through the following question series.

  • User Interface (UI): Is it clean, attractive, and easy to navigate?
  • Usability: Is it easy to manage a wide range of SaaS tools? Does the company offer good tech support, user support, tutorials, and training? 
  • Software Integrations: Does it connect easily to other business management software? Are there any pre-built integrations? Do they have an API to support customer integrations, if needed?
  • Value for Price: How appropriate is the price for the SaaS management features and capabilities offered? Is pricing clear, transparent, and appropriate?

What is a SaaS platform?

A SaaS platform is a type of software delivered over the Internet as ‘Software as a Service.’ Instead of residing on the user’s computer, the software is hosted in the cloud, where it can be accessed as required. 

SaaS-based platforms are available for a wide range of applications, ranging from marketing to business management. Rather than purchase the application outright, users typically access the software through a pay-as-you-go model. 

SaaS management is the increasingly important task of managing all the ‘Software as a Service’ applications used by an organization. This task involves ensuring that all cloud software being used is appropriately licensed, secure, and used to the best advantage. 

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Final Thoughts

SaaS management software adds another layer of complexity to your organization’s IT systems. Is it an essential automation tool or just another complication to manage? Let us know how you use your SaaS management platform—and the benefits it delivers.

Add your comment below, and remember to sign up for our newsletter. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest insights from top thinkers in the SaaS management sector.  

By Kim Behnke

Kim Behnke is an HR Tool Expert & Writer for People Managing People. She draws on her 9 years of human resources experience and her keen eye for systematic processes to support her analyses of the top HR tools on the market. She is passionate about maximizing efficiencies and streamlining workflows to ensure internal systems run smoothly. Kim's HR experience includes recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, policy development and enforcement, and HR analytics. She also has degrees in psychology, writing, publishing, and technical communication, and recently completed a Certified Digital HR Specialist program through the Academy to Innovate HR. When away from her desk, she can usually be found outside tending to her ever-expanding garden.