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Over the years working in HR, I've encountered and evaluated various software solutions. These range from HCM software to payroll solutions and beyond. For payroll processing specifically, you want something that's localized, compliant with labor laws, and offers a best-in-class user experience—and it can be tough to compare and contrast solutions on your own.

In this article, I present an in-depth review of Paycor as an comprehensive HCM system to support HR departments. I provide insights and details that will help you to determine whether Paycor is the right fit for your business needs. This comprehensive analysis can guide you in your decision-making process.

Paycor software review, a screenshot of the tool's overtime insights
I like how Paycor's overtime insights report provides a straightforward, digestible overview of your historical payroll data.

Paycor Product Overview

Paycor offers a full range of Human Capital Management (HCM) capabilities, including modern payroll functionalities to address the evolving needs of businesses. Tailored primarily for small to medium-sized companies, Paycor's cloud-based system simplifies tasks ranging from running payroll to open enrollment, catering to the demands of a diverse company size. Users, through numerous user reviews, have highlighted its benefits like intuitive templates, efficient direct deposit mechanisms, and a versatile mobile app.

In addition to Paycor's core payroll and HR functions, the software streamlines other processes such as new hire onboarding, performance review cycles, and PTO (Paid Time Off) management. The platform's strength lies in its modules that offer custom reports, on-demand HR features, and timekeeping utilities, bolstered by an attentive support team. Additionally, add-on options cater to specialized needs, ensuring businesses can handle tasks like retention strategies and tax filing without hitches, even as they expand their team members.


  • Efficiency: Paycor helps reduce manual workload by automating common HR tasks, thus allowing HR professionals to focus more on strategic activities.
  • Compliance Management: The software offers features that help businesses stay compliant with regulations, aiding in risk management.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Paycor comes with an intuitive design that allows users to navigate and perform tasks with ease, making the HR processes more manageable.


  • Customization Limits: Paycor’s customization options are limited, which might make it challenging to tailor the software precisely according to a business's unique needs.
  • Advanced Features: Compared to some competitors, Paycor might lack in providing advanced features and functionalities which could limit its usability for complex HR operations.
  • Customer Support: Some users have found customer support to be less responsive and helpful than expected, which can affect the user experience.

Expert Opinion

In my assessment, when juxtaposing Paycor against other HR software in the market, it manifests as a proficient tool in certain aspects. For instance, its interface is considerably user-friendly, and its focus on compliance management is commendable. However, there’s room for enhancement in areas such as customization and the richness of advanced features.

In choosing HR software, Paycor presents itself as a solid option, especially for small and medium enterprises, due to its simplicity and core functionalities. It might outperform competitors in terms of usability for basic to intermediate HR needs but could fall short when more advanced functionalities are required.

Paycor: The Bottom Line

Paycor carves its unique space in the HR tech landscape through its focus on simplicity and essential functionalities. Unlike some competitors, it emphasizes ease of use, making it accessible for businesses with basic to intermediate needs. Its intuitive interface and a strong emphasis on compliance management differentiate it in the market. These aspects of Paycor, coupled with robust reporting options, mark its place as a noteworthy option in the HR software spectrum.

Paycor Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Employee Database - Yes
  2. Payroll Management - Yes
  3. Benefits Administration - Yes
  4. Time and Attendance Tracking - Yes
  5. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - Yes
  6. Onboarding - Yes
  7. Performance Management - Yes
  8. Learning Management - No
  9. Employee Self-Service - Yes
  10. Reporting and Analytics - Yes
  11. Workflow Automation - Yes
  12. Compensation Management - Yes
  13. Talent Management - Yes
  14. Recruitment Management - Yes
  15. Scheduling - Yes
  16. Mobile Access - Yes
  17. Social Collaboration Tools - No
  18. Succession Planning - No
  19. Offboarding - Yes
  20. Document Management - Yes
  21. Compliance Management - Yes
  22. Task Management - Yes
  23. Expense Management - Yes
  24. Customizable Branding - Yes
  25. API for Integrations - Yes

Paycor Feature Overview

  1. Employee Database: Paycor offers a centralized employee database that allows easy access and management of employee information, ensuring organized and updated data.
  2. Payroll Management: Simplifying payroll processes, Paycor ensures that payments are accurate, timely, and compliant with legal requirements.
  3. Benefits Administration: Paycor’s benefits administration feature ensures a structured management of employee benefits, aiding in selections, modifications, and tracking.
  4. Time and Attendance Tracking: This feature in Paycor facilitates accurate tracking of employee work hours, overtime, and absences, aiding in efficient workforce management.
  5. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Paycor’s ATS streamlines the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection, making the hiring process more efficient.
  6. Onboarding: The software ensures a smooth and efficient onboarding process for new employees, helping in document submissions and task assignments.
  7. Performance Management: Paycor aids in setting, tracking, and managing employee performance goals, encouraging employee development and productivity.
  8. Reporting and Analytics: Paycor provides robust reporting and analytics features that offer insightful data, assisting in informed decision-making.
  9. Workflow Automation: Automating various HR processes, this feature in Paycor reduces manual efforts, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.
  10. Compliance Management: The software offers necessary tools and features to help maintain compliance with various employment laws and regulations.

Standout Functionality

Paycor stands out due to its strong focus on compliance management, which is integral in managing risks and adhering to employment laws. Its intuitive user interface ensures that users can navigate through various functionalities with ease, enhancing user experience. Additionally, Paycor’s workflow automation functionality simplifies various HR processes, promoting efficiency and reducing manual workload.


Paycor provides API for integrations, allowing customization and connection with other tools and software as per business needs. Native integrations with software like 401(k) providers and benefits carriers are also available, which can enhance functionality and streamline various HR processes.

Paycor Pricing

Pricing upon request.

Ease of Use

Navigating through Paycor is relatively straightforward. The software's interface is intuitive, making onboarding and daily operations quite manageable. However, some users might find limitations when it comes to customization options, which might require a learning curve to navigate within the predefined settings.

Customer Support

Paycor’s customer support seems to be a mixed bag. There are multiple channels for support, but responsiveness and issue resolution can vary. Users might find delays or lack of depth in responses to be a challenge in some cases.

Paycor Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Paycor?

In my assessment, Paycor resonates well with small to medium-sized businesses that require a straightforward solution to manage HR processes such as payroll, benefits administration, and time tracking. Companies in industries where regulatory compliance is paramount, such as healthcare and manufacturing, would find Paycor particularly valuable due to its robust compliance management features.

Businesses that appreciate a blend of simplicity with essential functionalities, where the focus is primarily on core HR tasks without the need for extensive customization or advanced features, will find Paycor to be a suitable option.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Paycor?

Large enterprises or businesses seeking extensive customization and advanced HR functionalities might find Paycor somewhat limiting. Companies in dynamic industries that require continuous adaptation and sophisticated HR tech features, such as tech startups or large multinational corporations, might feel constrained. Organizations that prioritize customer support might also face challenges, as some users have reported inconsistencies in the responsiveness and effectiveness of Paycor's customer support.

Paycor FAQs

What core functionalities does Paycor offer?

Paycor offers a range of core HR functionalities such as payroll management, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, and an applicant tracking system.

Does Paycor offer integration options?

Yes, Paycor offers API integrations and has native integrations with certain benefits and 401(k) providers.

Is Paycor suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Paycor is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, providing essential HR functionalities in a user-friendly manner.

How does Paycor handle compliance management?

Paycor has features that aid businesses in staying compliant with regulations, thus assisting in risk management.

Alternatives to Paycor

  • Zenefits: This tool offers a more extensive set of features, making it a suitable alternative for those seeking comprehensive HR functionalities, including wellness and productivity tracking.
  • ADP: Known for its scalability, ADP is an option for businesses that anticipate rapid growth or variability in their HR needs, as it can adapt to different business sizes and requirements.
  • BambooHR: With a strong emphasis on user experience and employee satisfaction, BambooHR is a preferable choice for businesses that prioritize employee engagement and ease of use.

Paycor Company Overview & History

Paycor is a comprehensive HCM (human capital management) company specializing in providing HR software solutions primarily focused on small to medium-sized businesses. The company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has made its mark by offering comprehensive yet user-friendly solutions, such as payroll management and compliance services.

Paycor operates as a private company, continuously evolving its offerings to meet the contemporary challenges in HR management. The company’s mission revolves around assisting businesses in achieving their full potential by simplifying and automating various HR tasks.


Paycor emerges as a competent HR software, particularly tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises focusing on core HR functions such as payroll, benefits, and compliance management. Its user-friendly design and essential functionalities make it a practical tool for businesses that value simplicity and efficiency.

However, potential users should also consider their need for advanced features, customization, and the level of customer support required in their operations. Your insights are invaluable, and sharing your experiences with Paycor is encouraged to assist others in making informed decisions.

David Rice
By David Rice

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.