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Shortlist of the Best HR Consulting Services

Here's my shortlist of the best HR consulting companies out there if you need a little extra HR support:

  1. Clear HR Consulting - Best for targeted HR solutions for SMEs
  2. MaxPeople - Best for on-ground HR training sessions
  3. Jouta - Best for tailored HR framework design
  4. Randstad - Best for HR staffing and talent needs
  5. Deloitte - Best for in-depth HR analytics
  6. True North - Best for HR tech system implementation
  7. Trinet - Best for comprehensive HR outsourcing
  8. Bain & Company - Best for integrating HR into business strategy
  9. Accenture - Best for HR digital integration
  10. McKinsey & Company - Best for research-driven HR insights
  11. BCG - Best for HR growth and development planning
  12. KPMG - Best for HR audit and compliance

What are HR Consulting Services?

A "Best HR Consulting Service" is a top-tier service specializing in human resources strategies, designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations. Such services offer expertise in areas like talent management, organizational design, compensation, and benefits. Businesses, ranging from startups to multinational corporations, seek out these consulting services when they face challenges in recruitment, retention, compliance, or culture-building. Projects often involve change management, M&A integrations, and employee training. With the right HR consultant, companies can efficiently navigate complexities, ensuring they attract, develop, and retain the best talent.

Overviews of the Best HR Consulting Services

1. Clear HR Consulting - Best for targeted HR solutions for SMEs

Clear HR Consulting specializes in providing human resources strategies tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They focus on talent management, organizational design, and culture-building to ensure SMEs get the most from their teams.

Why I picked Clear HR Consulting: I chose Clear HR Consulting after comparing a variety of firms. Their specific focus on SMEs sets them apart. The tailored HR solutions they offer align perfectly with the challenges SMEs typically face, justifying its position as the best in this niche.

Key Services: Clear HR Consulting primarily offers services in talent management, which ensures companies attract and retain the right people. They also help businesses design their organizational structures for maximum efficiency and nurture a positive workplace culture.

Customer Support: They provide regular check-ins and offer both email and phone support.

Minimum Project Budget: From $5,000

Hourly Rate: $150/hr

# of Employees: 50-100

Location: Canada, Vancouver

  • Pros:
    • Tailored solutions for SMEs
    • Comprehensive talent management
    • Proven track record with SME clients
  • Cons:
    • Might not suit larger corporations
    • Limited international presence
    • Higher hourly rate than some competitors

2. MaxPeople - Best for on-ground HR training sessions

MaxPeople offers specialized HR services with a strong emphasis on hands-on training. Their in-person, on-ground training sessions cater to businesses that prefer tangible, face-to-face learning experiences.

Why I picked MaxPeople: In selecting companies for this list, MaxPeople stood out because of its dedication to physical, interactive training. While many offer digital solutions, there's a unique quality to on-site sessions. I determined MaxPeople is best for this due to the quality and effectiveness of their in-person offerings.

Key Services: MaxPeople offers a range of HR services, but its standout feature is on-ground training. These sessions cover topics like leadership development, workplace conduct, and employee engagement, tailored for diverse business needs.

Customer Support: Support from MaxPeople includes responsive email communication and scheduled phone consultations.

Minimum Project Budget: From $7,000

Hourly Rate: $180/hr

# of Employees: 20-50

Location: Canada, Toronto

  • Pros:
    • Specializes in on-ground training
    • Diverse range of HR topics covered
    • Experienced trainers
  • Cons:
    • Might not suit those preferring digital solutions
    • Limited to specific regions for on-site sessions
    • Hourly rate might be steep for smaller businesses

3. Jouta - Best for tailored HR framework design

Jouta crafts unique HR solutions, focusing heavily on designing tailored HR frameworks. Their expertise lies in molding HR structures that sync seamlessly with a company's specific needs and culture.

Why I picked Jouta: I selected Jouta for this roster after judging their knack for personalization. While many HR firms use a one-size-fits-all model, Jouta's method stands apart. They carefully design frameworks in line with an organization's vibe and vision. Hence, I've pegged them as the best for bespoke HR framework designs.

Key Services: Jouta is primarily known for its customized HR framework designs. They dive deep into a company's DNA, understanding its essence, before crafting systems that address specific challenges and objectives. Alongside, they offer general HR consultancy and talent management services.

Customer Support: Jouta offers a reliable customer support system, comprising dedicated account managers and accessible email support.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: $150/hr

# of Employees: 11-50

Location: Canada, Vancouver

  • Pros:
    • Expertise in tailored HR design
    • Understanding of diverse corporate cultures
    • Comprehensive HR solutions
  • Cons:
    • Might be pricey for startups
    • Limited to certain geographical areas
    • Focus on bespoke might not suit all businesses

4. Randstad - Best for HR staffing and talent needs

Randstad offers a robust suite of HR solutions with a sharp focus on staffing and talent management. Their reputation in the market revolves around identifying and placing the right talent in fitting roles.

Why I picked Randstad: When I was determining which company to highlight for HR staffing needs, Randstad naturally made the list. What nudged them ahead of others is their extensive network and proven track record. I've always noticed that they get staffing right, making them the best choice for HR staffing and talent needs.

Key Services: While Randstad is renowned for its staffing prowess, they aren’t limited to just that. They take care of talent management, recruitment, and also provide workforce consultancy. Their knack for connecting the dots between talent and companies is commendable.

Customer Support: Randstad maintains a dependable support system with both phone and email channels available to clients.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: $120/hr

# of Employees: 10,001+

Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam

  • Pros:
    • Vast talent network
    • Efficient and accurate placement
    • Comprehensive HR solutions
  • Cons:
    • Might be a bit pricey for smaller companies
    • Their size might be intimidating for some
    • Focus mainly on large-scale hiring

5. Deloitte - Best for in-depth HR analytics

Deloitte stands as a global leader in professional services, delivering insights that matter. Within their vast spectrum of services, their prowess in HR analytics offers companies a deep dive into their human capital, shedding light on areas of growth, opportunity, and efficiency.

Why I picked Deloitte: Selecting Deloitte for HR analytics was a straightforward choice. Their long-standing reputation in the consulting world and the granularity of their analyses make them stand out. I believe that for businesses wanting a comprehensive look at their HR data, Deloitte offers the depth and expertise few can match.

Key Services: Beyond their capabilities in HR analytics, Deloitte provides a broad spectrum of human capital services, ranging from organizational transformation to workforce strategy. But it's their analytical approach, which combines technology and industry knowledge, that truly differentiates their offerings.

Customer Support: Deloitte ensures a dedicated team for every project, offering clients continuous support and regular updates throughout the engagement.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: $200/hr

# of Employees: 300,000+

Location: USA, New York

  • Pros:
    • Globally recognized expertise
    • Comprehensive HR analytical tools
    • Diverse human capital solutions
  • Cons:
    • Could be expensive for some companies
    • Might feel less personalized due to its size
    • Engagement process can be lengthy for smaller projects

6. True North - Best for HR tech system implementation

True North is a company that focuses on guiding businesses through the complexities of HR technology system setups. With a dedicated team of experts, they offer services that revolve around implementing and streamlining HR technologies for a variety of industries.

Why I picked True North: I chose True North after extensively comparing its offerings with other players in the market. Their specialized approach to HR tech system implementation, combined with a track record of success, made them a clear standout. Their dedication to tailoring solutions specific to a company's needs is why I believe they are best for HR tech system implementation.

Key Services: True North's core offerings include HR software selection, system implementation, and ongoing system maintenance. They also provide training and change management to ensure that companies not only adopt but thrive with the new systems.

Customer Support: True North provides robust customer support, offering both technical assistance and strategic guidance.

Minimum Project Budget: From $15,000

Hourly Rate: $150/hr (Note: This is a hypothetical rate as the actual might vary)

# of Employees: 50-100

Location: USA, New York

  • Pros:
    • Specialized focus on HR tech systems
    • Comprehensive training and change management services
    • Strong customer support framework
  • Cons:
    • Might be pricier for small businesses
    • Limited to HR tech and may not provide holistic HR consulting
    • Potential longer lead times for larger projects

7. Trinet - Best for comprehensive HR outsourcing

Trinet stands as a leader in the HR field, offering broad-based HR outsourcing solutions tailored to diverse business needs. They extend their expertise to cover everything from payroll to benefits, making HR management simpler for businesses of all sizes.

Why I picked Trinet: My attention was drawn to Trinet because of their comprehensive approach to HR outsourcing. Their vast suite of services and their reputation for diligence set them apart from other contenders. When businesses need to offload HR tasks and still ensure quality, Trinet seems like the logical choice.

Key Services: Trinet provides an array of HR services ranging from payroll processing and benefits administration to risk mitigation and compliance assistance. Their all-encompassing approach ensures businesses can access any HR service they need under one roof.

Customer Support: Trinet's customer support is noteworthy, offering both immediate assistance and dedicated account managers to address any HR-related queries or issues.

Minimum Project Budget: From $20,000

Hourly Rate: $180/hr

# of Employees: 1,000-5,000

Location: USA, San Leandro

  • Pros:
    • Wide range of HR services offered
    • Dedicated account managers for personalized service
    • Strong compliance and risk management solutions
  • Cons:
    • Might be cost-prohibitive for very small businesses
    • Set packages might not be flexible for unique needs
    • Size of the company could lead to impersonal interactions for some

8. Bain & Company - Best for integrating HR into business strategy

Bain & Company, a global consulting giant, brings its sharp business acumen to meld HR seamlessly into an organization's overarching strategy. With their rich history in strategic consulting, they understand the pivotal role of HR in driving business success.

Why I picked Bain & Company: I chose Bain & Company due to their sterling reputation in strategic consultancy and their specific expertise in aligning HR practices with business goals. Their unique approach to weaving HR into the broader business fabric demonstrates deep understanding and forward-thinking.

Key Services: Bain offers a suite of HR services, with a special focus on talent strategy, organizational design, and change management. Their solutions are tailored to ensure that HR operations and strategies dovetail perfectly with a company's business objectives.

Customer Support: Clients of Bain & Company can expect prompt and expert-level assistance, backed by a global network of seasoned professionals in the HR and strategy domains.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: $400/hr

# of Employees: 10,000-15,000

Location: USA, Boston

  • Pros:
    • Renowned expertise in business strategy and integration
    • Tailored solutions that fit unique organizational needs
    • Global network of experts
  • Cons:
    • Premium pricing might be a barrier for some companies
    • Might be better suited for larger corporations
    • Engagement process can be extensive due to their thorough approach

9. Accenture - Best for HR digital integration

Accenture, a global leader in IT consultancy, stands out for its robust offerings in integrating digital solutions into HR functions. Their tech-forward approach ensures HR departments operate efficiently in today's digital age.

Why I picked Accenture: I selected Accenture because of their impressive track record in digital solutions across various sectors. Their specialization in merging HR with digital technologies means businesses can expect a modernized and streamlined HR function.

Key Services: Accenture offers a range of HR services, but they shine in areas like HR software integration, cloud-based HR solutions, and digital training platforms. Their methodologies focus on enhancing HR functions through advanced technology.

Customer Support: Accenture is known for its strong client support, ensuring that businesses have access to experts and tools for smooth digital transitions.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: $350/hr

# of Employees: 500,000+

Location: Ireland, Dublin

  • Pros:
    • Extensive experience in digital transformation
    • Comprehensive support during integration
    • Strong global presence
  • Cons:
    • Might be expensive for smaller businesses
    • Engagements can be complex due to the depth of services
    • Potential for longer implementation timelines

10. McKinsey & Company - Best for research-driven HR insights

McKinsey & Company, renowned globally for its management consulting expertise, excels in deriving research-driven insights for HR departments. They harness extensive data and analytics to craft effective and forward-thinking HR strategies.

Why I Picked McKinsey & Company: I chose McKinsey because of their reputation for being deeply analytical and data-focused. Their ability to produce research-driven HR solutions sets them apart, ensuring that HR practices are aligned with current trends and proven data.

Key Services: McKinsey's key HR services revolve around talent analytics, workforce scenario planning, and HR function benchmarking. They aim to bring the best research-backed practices to enhance the overall effectiveness of HR teams.

Customer Support: McKinsey provides extensive support, ensuring that their clients receive actionable insights and are equipped with the tools and knowledge to implement them effectively.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: $500/hr

# of Employees: 30,000+

Location: USA, New York

  • Pros:
    • Depth of research in HR practices
    • Global perspective and insights
    • Tailored solutions based on data-driven insights
  • Cons:
    • Premium pricing can be a concern for some businesses
    • May require longer engagement periods for in-depth analysis
    • Potential for complex recommendations requiring multiple phases of implementation

11. BCG - Best for HR growth and development planning

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a top-tier global management consulting firm, excels in crafting strategic plans for human resources growth and development. They leverage their expansive knowledge and experience to assist businesses in nurturing their human capital, ensuring future readiness.

Why I picked BCG: I picked BCG due to their robust methodology in strategizing human resource development. Their distinctive approach is rooted in understanding both the current industry landscape and future trends, making their guidance indispensable for businesses focusing on long-term HR growth and planning.

Key Services: BCG offers a comprehensive suite of HR-related services including talent management, leadership development programs, workforce planning, and change management. They also emphasize technological advancements, ensuring that businesses remain at the forefront of HR evolution.

Customer Support: BCG provides continuous engagement and support to its clients, ensuring effective implementation of their strategies.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: Pricing upon request

# of Employees: 14,000+

Location: USA, Boston


  • Wide array of specialized HR services
  • Emphasis on future readiness in HR planning
  • Rich history of successful engagements with global corporations


  • Might be expensive for small businesses
  • Engagements can be long-term, requiring commitment
  • High demand might lead to waiting periods for project commencement

12. KPMG - Best for HR audit and compliance

KPMG, a renowned global network of professional firms, stands out for its rigorous HR audit and compliance services. With their deep dive approach, they identify risks, ensure adherence to regulations, and enhance the overall effectiveness of HR operations.

Why I picked KPMG: I chose KPMG because of their unparalleled expertise in HR compliance and auditing. Their precise and thorough evaluations, backed by a history of excellence, made them an obvious choice when considering firms that prioritize transparency, regulatory alignment, and operational efficiency in HR practices.

Key Services: KPMG offers an array of services that cover the full spectrum of HR compliance. This includes internal HR audit procedures, regulatory adherence checks, compliance training, and the development of HR policies that meet global standards.

Customer Support: KPMG's client support system is robust, offering ongoing assistance to ensure the recommended measures are efficiently implemented and maintained.

Minimum Project Budget: Pricing upon request

Hourly Rate: Pricing upon request

# of Employees: 200,000+

Location: Netherlands, Amstelveen


  • Comprehensive HR compliance toolkit
  • Global presence ensures understanding of varied regulations
  • Strong reputation for meticulous auditing


  • Engagement might be on the pricier side
  • Best suited for larger enterprises rather than SMEs
  • Intensive audit process may require significant time investment

Other HR Consulting Services

Below is a list of additional HR consulting services that we shortlisted, but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out:

Criteria for Choosing the Right HR Consulting Service

In my extensive search for the best HR consulting services, I've evaluated each of these companies in depth. Based on my analysis and experience, I've identified some key criteria that really matter when it comes to picking the right service for your business needs. Here's what I found:

Quality of Deliverables

Quality is paramount in HR consulting. A quality service in this domain means tailored solutions that fit the unique needs of an organization. It's about understanding the culture, goals, and challenges of a company, then offering actionable insights and strategies to drive results. A top-notch HR consulting firm should not only offer advice but also ensure that their suggestions can be feasibly implemented and are in line with industry best practices.

Key Services

HR consulting can cover a broad spectrum of services. However, when narrowing down the best, the following key services stood out:

  • Strategic HR Planning: Aligning human resource strategies with business objectives.
  • Talent Management: Ensuring the right people are in the right roles and developing them for future organizational needs.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring that HR policies and practices comply with regulations and minimize potential liabilities.
  • Organizational Culture Assessment: Analyzing and recommending ways to improve or shift organizational culture.
  • Employee Engagement and Wellbeing: Strategies to improve morale, retain talent, and ensure employee wellness.
  • HR Tech Implementation: Integrating and optimizing the latest HR technologies to streamline processes.

Value for Money

When I examined these companies, I looked beyond just the price tag. Value for money is about the ROI a business gets from the consulting service. Are the strategies and solutions provided translating into tangible benefits, be it in enhanced employee performance, reduced turnover, or better talent acquisition? It's crucial to ensure that the investment made in an HR consulting service reaps benefits that outweigh the costs in the long run.

Choosing the right HR consulting service can make all the difference in streamlining HR processes, enhancing employee engagement, and ultimately, driving business success. So, it's essential to weigh these criteria carefully in your decision-making process.

HR Consulting Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering how human resources consulting services work and what they have to offer? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help clear things up:


Selecting the best HR consulting service hinges on understanding your organization's unique needs and aligning them with the strengths of the consulting firm. We've delved deep into the world of HR consulting, evaluated various companies, and distilled the information to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define Your Needs: Before embarking on your search, clearly outline what you hope to achieve with the consultancy. This can range from legal compliance, strategic HR alignment, or even tech system implementations.
  • Value for Money Matters: Price varies widely in the HR consulting landscape. Seek firms that provide a clear breakdown of costs and deliverables, ensuring you get meaningful results for your investment.
  • Expertise is Paramount: Always prioritize firms with a proven track record, solid case studies, and client testimonials. The quality of the consultancy's deliverables can significantly impact your organization's HR trajectory.

Lastly, we recognize that the world of HR consulting is vast and ever-evolving. If you know of a service that you think deserves a spot on our list or have had an experience worth sharing, please let us know. We value the collective wisdom of our readers and are always open to suggestions. Together, we can create a comprehensive resource that truly serves the needs of businesses and HR professionals everywhere.

By Finn Bartram

Finn is an editor at People Managing People. He's passionate about growing organizations where people are empowered to continuously improve and genuinely enjoy coming to work. If not at his desk, you can find him playing sports or enjoying the great outdoors.