12 Best HR Books

12 Best HR Books You Should Read In 2022

Want to keep expanding your knowledge and wondering which books you and your team should be reading in 2022?

Whether you manage people, take a more casual interest in HR, or are an HR professional looking to expand your knowledge base, there are stacks of books you can read to support your interest and learning. We’ve created a shortlist of some of our favorites right here.

12 Best HR Books For Your Reading List

1.  The Essential HR Handbook


Authors: Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell

This is one of the top HR strategy books on the market and covers almost every HR topic you can think of. It focuses on best practices with workers, building relationships, and traversing HR problems in a complicated business world. It’s a great go-to manual for all levels of HR professionals.

2. Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead


Author: Laszlo Bock

One of the best human resource management books available, this book shows you how to balance company creativity and structure. Build a better company internally rather from the top down using Google as the undisputed example of how it works. It may answer the question of “What will the role of HR look like in the future?” Google is ahead of the curve and leading the way. This book gets you on track for the future.

3.   Unleashing the Power of Diversity 


Author: Bjorn Z. Ekelund

In an ever changing world of diversity in the workforce, this book highlights how to make sure your company is working to improve communication between people from various cultural experiences. Learning to break barriers to unification and trust is at the forefront of this book’s mission. It helps HR make sure that diversity is viable and sustainable.

4.   Rituals for Work: 50 Ways to Create Engagement, Shared Purpose, and a Culture that Can Adapt to Change


Authors: Kursat Ozenc and Margaret Hagan

This book offers some newer HR knowledge around rituals and how they can benefit the workplace, creating meaning and connecting people. It supports HR goals to make teams stronger, achieve company goals, and create e a cohesive company culture.

5.   People Processes: How Your People Can Be Your Organization’s Competitive Advantage


Author: Rhamy Alejeal

This is a book for the HR professional who is still bogged down in paperwork. Its goal is to show how software makes HR easier and more effective. It offers a map to get you from the point of researching a Human Resources management structure to being up and running in under four months.

6.   People Analytics for Dummies


Author: Mike West

This is one of the greatest HR strategy books for beginning human resources professionals or those who want to start using analytics to enhance their HR strategies. It shows that various data can assist in pointing you in the right direction on a hire, improve employee motivation, and maintain workers satisfied.

7.   The Drama-Free Workplace


Author: Patti Perez

While drama should be avoided through human resources best practice, some things may slip in under the radar every so often and they need to be dealt with swiftly. This book helps HR make sure there is little chance of issues occurring and if they do, how best to nip them in the bud. Communication and compliance are at the front of the discussion in this book.

8. Bring Your Human to Work


Author: Erica Keswin

When so many books focus on technology and upgrading in HR, this book talks about one of the biggest HR needs of all: creating a more comfortable workplace. Building relationships so the company can do well and employees are happy is essential for success. This is one of the best selling books 2019 as named by the Wall Street Journal.

9. The HR Answer Book


Authors: S. Smith and R. Mazin

This is the go-to book for quick answers around HR issues. It is easy to read, concise and offers guidance on all issues found in HR. Answers range from the simple to the complex, making it a great quick reference book for everyone interested in HR or are working in the field. It is one of the books for HR professionals that should be kept in the HR libraries.

10. Talent Keepers: How Top Leaders Engage and Retain Their Best Performers


Authors: Christopher Mulligan and Craig Taylor

This is one of the best human resource books when it comes to trying to improve employee engagement and retention. It gives suggestions for invigorating your employees and keeping those who are great for the organization. Its suggestions help keep those essential people in the company to help build success.

11. Culture Decks Decoded: Transform Your Culture into a Visible, Conscious and Tangible Asset


Author: Bretton Putter

This book looks at the culture decks from top-ranking companies to highlight the ways to create a company culture that benefits your place of work, helping all employees maximize their abilities.

12. Performance Management for Dummies


Author: Herman Aguinis

Another “Dummies” book for the beginner and professional, this book helps outline the basics and supports the refinement of a current performance management system. It highlights the benefits of doing performance management online.

If you have any top HR books that aren’t on the list, please share them with our people manager community in the comments below. It’s a great place to share your knowledge with others and learn from your peers’ experiences as well.

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