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Here's a summary of all of the best virtual HR conferences for HR professionals and executives to attend this year.

I've included a mix of conferences focused on recruitment strategies, HR analytics, and improving employee engagement, which can help you connect with industry peers and learn new technologies and trends in the industry.

Best Virtual HR Conferences 2024 Shortlist

Here's my shortlist of the best virtual HR conferences I think are worth attending in 2024:

  1. Culture First Global - May 14-15, 2024
  2. Future of HR - March 20, 2024
  3. i4cp 2024 Conference - March 25-28, 2024
  4. SHRM Talent Conference - April 14-17, 2024
  5. Elevating Employee Experience Conference - May 1-3, 2024
  6. CAHR Conference - May 20-22, 2024
  7.'s Future of Employee Well-being - June 12, 2024
  8. HR Technology Conference - June 12-13, 2024
  9. Employee Experience Summit Canada - June 18-19, 2024

Find more details about each conference below.

Best Virtual HR Conferences Of 2024

Download our 2024 Workplace Trends Report to stay ahead in a transforming HR landscape. Get insights from leaders on trends that will define your strategies in AI, talent dynamics, and DEI.

Download our 2024 Workplace Trends Report to stay ahead in a transforming HR landscape. Get insights from leaders on trends that will define your strategies in AI, talent dynamics, and DEI.

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1. Culture First Global (May 14-15, 2024)

Overview: Centered around building a culture-first company, this HR event offers insights into creating workplaces where employees thrive, emphasizing the latest trends in HR strategy. Sessions cover topics like fostering a culture of feedback, building resilience in teams, and the role of leadership in culture building.

Why You Should Attend: This is perfect for HR professionals focused on creating a positive, productive workplace culture. In today's work environment, culture is a key differentiator in attracting and retaining talent, making this conference incredibly relevant.

2. Future of HR (March 20, 2024)

Overview: Explore what the future holds for the HR profession, from HR tech advancements like AI in recruitment to evolving workforce dynamics, and understand the importance of people analytics in the world of work. This one-day event is packed with thought-provoking discussions and case studies.

Why You Should Attend: If you want to stay ahead of the curve in HR innovation and strategy, this conference offers a compact yet comprehensive look into the future.

3. i4cp 2024 Conference (March 25-28, 2024)

i4cp 2024 Conference virtual hr conferences
i4cp 2024 Conference

Overview: This event is known for its exclusivity, high-quality content, and keynote speakers such as Prasad Setty and Bob Sutton, focusing on the next practices in HR and HR topics rather than best practices, including high-performance organization strategies, talent optimization, and leadership development.

Why You Should Attend: It's ideal for senior HR executives and leaders looking for forward-thinking approaches rather than the status quo. The emphasis on next practices ensures you're getting the most progressive insights.

4. SHRM Talent Conference (April 14-17, 2024)

SHRM Talent Conference virtual hr conferences
SHRM Talent Conference

Overview: This conference zeroes in on talent management strategies, offering sessions on everything from sourcing and onboarding to talent retention and talent development, making it a great opportunity for HR certification knowledge. It's a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to improve their talent management practices.

Why You Should Attend: For HR professionals focused on the lifecycle of employee talent within their organization, this conference offers a treasure trove of resources and networking opportunities.

5. Elevating Employee Experience Conference (May 1-3, 2024)

Elevating Employee Experience Conference hr conferences
Elevating Employee Experience Conference

Overview: Dive deep into the strategies for creating a positive employee experience, from the impact of workspace design to the role of technology in facilitating a better work-life balance.

Why You Should Attend: If you're committed to improving how employees interact with their work environment and ensuring they have a fulfilling experience, this conference provides actionable insights and best practices.

6. CAHR Conference (May 20-22, 2024)

Overview: Focused on California's unique HR landscape, this conference offers insights into compliance, HR technology, and strategic leadership. It's a must-attend for HR professionals navigating the complexities of California's labor laws and workforce dynamics.

Why You Should Attend: Especially relevant for those in California or similarly regulated environments, this conference offers targeted solutions to regional challenges.

7.'s Future of Employee Well-being (June 12, 2024)'s Future of Employee Well being virtual hr conferences's Future of Employee Well-being

Overview: This conference focuses on the holistic well-being of employees, covering topics like mental health, financial wellness, and physical health initiatives within the workplace.

Why You Should Attend: With a growing emphasis on employee well-being as a driver of productivity and engagement, this conference offers crucial insights into creating supportive environments.

8. HR Technology Conference (June 12-13, 2024)

HR technology virtual hr conferences
HR Technology

Overview: Discover the latest innovations in HR technology, from data analytics and AI to learning management systems and HR software. This conference is a hotspot for anyone interested in the tech aspect of HR.

Why You Should Attend: It's perfect for HR professionals looking to leverage technology to streamline HR processes and enhance employee experiences.

9. Employee Experience Summit Canada (June 18-19, 2024)

Employee Experience Summit Canada virtual hr conferences
Employee Experience Summit Canada

Overview: This summit focuses on the Canadian context, offering insights into creating exceptional employee experiences with a keen understanding of the cultural and regulatory environment in Canada.

Why You Should Attend: Tailored for those in the Canadian HR sector or multinational companies with employees in Canada, this event provides targeted strategies for enhancing the employee journey.

Have Fun Learning And Connecting

In summary, the HR landscape in 2024 is vibrant and diverse, with a range of virtual conferences catering to every aspect of HR.

From talent management to employee well-being, and HR technology, there's an event for every HR professional looking to enhance their skills.

More interested in new tech specifically? Check out our shortlist of HR tech conferences.

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By David Rice

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.