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Tailoring the perfect team isn't easy—and neither is finding a software that's perfectly tailored to your team's needs. You might be considering Teamtailor as a recruitment tool or applicant tracking system (ATS) for your company. And if so, you might be wondering:

  • Does it have the features you need?
  • Will it integrate with your existing tech stack?
  • How does it stack up against the competition?

Lucky for you I've spent decades immersed in recruiting tech, navigating the intricacies of various software, and dissecting their utilities and flaws. And in this article I've provided a meticulous analysis of Teamtailor, shedding light on the essential details you require to make an informed decision. Keep reading to see if this is the right software for your business needs!

Teamtailor software review, a screenshot of the tool's analytics dashboard
I especially like Teamtailor's analytics tools, which break down your candidate pipeline and provide you with real-time insights.

Teamtailor Product Overview

Teamtailor is an all-in-one recruitment software that efficiently automates the hiring process, primarily focusing on enhancing candidate sourcing and engagement. Designed to cater to the varied needs of companies, it adjusts easily according to company size, proving to be a versatile tool for hiring managers and HR teams deeply entrenched in the human resources sector. Users, from verified user reviews, have touted Teamtailor for its comprehensive analytics dashboard, which provides insightful and actionable data, streamlining decision-making processes for recruiters.

This software alleviates common recruitment challenges such as disorganized applicant tracking and communication bottlenecks, through its integrated mobile app, ensuring that recruitment efforts are both organized and agile. Furthermore, Teamtailor is celebrated for delivering considerable value for money, demonstrating a balanced amalgamation of functionality and cost-effectiveness in its offering.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Teamtailor boasts a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring ease of use and minimal learning curves for recruiters and hiring teams.
  • Effective Collaboration: This software fosters collaboration by allowing teams to communicate, share insights, and make collective decisions within the platform.
  • Rich Integration Options: Teamtailor supports integrations with various tools and platforms, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to various recruitment workflows.


  • Limited Customization: Customization is somewhat limited, which could restrict some companies from tailoring the software entirely to their specific processes and needs.
  • Pricing Transparency: Teamtailor’s pricing model lacks clarity, making it challenging for businesses to gauge exact costs without engaging with sales representatives.
  • Customer Support: While generally helpful, the customer support team’s response times and issue resolution could be improved for a more efficient user experience.

Expert Opinion

In assessing Teamtailor against its competitors, it displays notable strengths and areas of improvement. When judging its features and functionality, it offers robust capabilities that facilitate a more streamlined and organized recruitment process. The interface is user-friendly, and the ease of onboarding is commendable. Comparatively, it stands out in integrations and collaborative features, which are pivotal in modern recruitment processes.

In terms of areas where it could enhance its offerings, clearer pricing and improved customization stand out. These areas, when compared to some competitors, place it at a slight disadvantage. In my opinion, Teamtailor shines in environments where collaboration and integration are highly valued and will particularly benefit those who prioritize a user-friendly experience in their tool selection process.

Teamtailor: The Bottom Line

Teamtailor carves its uniqueness in the recruitment software landscape through a user-centric approach, focusing on simplicity and collaboration. Its career site builder and a rich set of integration options are features that distinctly stand out, fostering an environment where companies can project a strong employer brand while maintaining efficient recruitment workflows.

The software manages to encapsulate essential features, focusing on what truly matters in recruitment, ultimately offering a tool that is both practical and aligned with modern recruitment needs.

Teamtailor Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - Yes
  2. Career Site Builder - Yes
  3. Custom Workflows - Yes
  4. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) - Yes
  5. Interview Scheduling - Yes
  6. Job Posting Distribution - Yes
  7. Employee Referral Program - No
  8. Reporting and Analytics - Yes
  9. Mobile Application - Yes
  10. Social Media Integration - Yes
  11. Onboarding - No
  12. Email Integration - Yes
  13. Calendar Integration - Yes
  14. Customizable Branding - Yes
  15. Multi-language Support - Yes
  16. GDPR Compliance - Yes
  17. API Access - Yes
  18. Roles and Permissions - Yes
  19. Integration with Job Boards - Yes
  20. Communication Templates - Yes
  21. Collaboration Tools - Yes
  22. Skills Assessment - No
  23. Video Interviewing - No
  24. Offer Management - Yes
  25. Internal HR Integrations - Yes

Teamtailor Feature Overview

  1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Teamtailor’s ATS ensures that every applicant's information is organized and easily accessible. It allows recruiters to manage candidates throughout the hiring process efficiently.
  2. Career Site Builder: This tool enables companies to create a customized career site. It allows for consistency in branding and messaging, thus enhancing the employer’s brand.
  3. Custom Workflows: Teamtailor allows for the creation of custom workflows to suit different recruitment processes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to various hiring needs.
  4. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): This feature maintains and nurtures relationships with potential candidates, ensuring a talent pool ready for future opportunities.
  5. Interview Scheduling: Scheduling interviews become more effortless, thanks to Teamtailor's calendar integrations and functionalities.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: Valuable insights and data are provided, enabling companies to make informed decisions based on their recruitment performance.
  7. Mobile Application: Accessibility is enhanced through a mobile application that allows for recruitment tasks to be managed on the go.
  8. Social Media Integration: Teamtailor ensures that jobs can be shared across various social media platforms, increasing visibility and reach.
  9. Email Integration: Email integration ensures that communication with candidates remains streamlined and organized within the platform.
  10. Collaboration Tools: The software enhances team collaboration by offering features that allow for easy communication and collective decision-making.

Standout Functionality

Teamtailor distinguishes itself through a unique focus on a user-friendly interface, robust collaboration tools, and a versatile career site builder. The career site builder provides companies with the tools to effectively communicate their brand, culture, and values, allowing them to attract the right talent. Collaboration tools are deeply ingrained within the system, fostering a cohesive hiring team and more informed decision-making.


Teamtailor offers native integrations with various tools such as LinkedIn, Slack, and several popular job boards. These integrations aim to simplify and unify various aspects of the recruitment process. An API is available, opening a pathway for additional custom integrations to meet specific organizational needs. There are also add-ons available, such as video interview tools and assessment tools, to enhance the platform’s capabilities further.

Teamtailor Pricing

Pricing upon request

Ease of Use

Navigating Teamtailor feels intuitive, with a user interface that is straightforward and uncomplicated. The organization within the tool is logical, making the onboarding process simpler for new users. Some complexities arise when diving into more advanced features and customizations, but the majority of the user experience is streamlined and easily understandable.

Customer Support

Teamtailor provides a range of support options, including documentation and direct customer service channels. While the available resources are generally helpful, there can be instances where the response times from the support team are not as swift as one might expect, which could lead to slight delays in problem resolution.

Teamtailor Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Teamtailor?

Teamtailor thrives in environments where organizations prioritize brand representation and candidate experience in their recruitment process. Companies, primarily mid-sized to large enterprises, in industries where competition for top talent is fierce, find the platform incredibly valuable.

Sectors like tech, marketing, and creative agencies seem to make the most of Teamtailor’s features, leveraging the custom career sites and social media integrations to attract and engage potential candidates. Businesses with internal recruitment teams who value collaboration and streamlined communication also benefit significantly from what Teamtailor has to offer.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Teamtailor?

Smaller businesses or startups with limited recruitment needs might find Teamtailor somewhat overwhelming or not as cost-effective. Companies in industries where branding and candidate experience are not the top priorities may not fully utilize Teamtailor’s extensive feature set, particularly its branding tools and career site customizations.

Also, organizations looking for a more straightforward, no-frills ATS might feel that the platform offers more than what they need, making it less ideal for such environments.

Teamtailor FAQs

What integrations does Teamtailor offer?

Teamtailor provides integrations with LinkedIn, Slack, and various job boards, as well as an API for custom integrations.

Is Teamtailor mobile-friendly?

Yes, Teamtailor offers a mobile application for recruitment on the go.

Does Teamtailor comply with GDPR?

Yes, Teamtailor includes features that assist with GDPR compliance.

Can Teamtailor’s career sites be customized?

Yes, Teamtailor offers extensive customization options for career sites.

Does Teamtailor offer a candidate relationship management (CRM) system?

Yes, CRM features are included in Teamtailor’s offerings.

Is there an onboarding feature in Teamtailor?

No, Teamtailor does not have a specific onboarding feature.

Does Teamtailor support multi-language job postings?

Yes, multi-language support is available for job postings.

Can Teamtailor be used for internal job postings?

Yes, Teamtailor can manage and facilitate internal job applications.

Alternatives to Teamtailor

  • Lever: Suitable for companies seeking a more balanced approach between recruitment and candidate nurturing, with an emphasis on relationship building.
  • Greenhouse: A robust option for businesses focusing on structured hiring and interview processes, offering in-depth analytics and integration options.
  • Jobvite: Ideal for businesses that prioritize social recruitment, offering extensive features for sourcing candidates through various social media channels.

Teamtailor Company Overview & History

Teamtailor is a recruitment software company that focuses on helping businesses attract and manage candidates effectively. A variety of companies, ranging from startups to large enterprises, use it. The company operates as a private entity, with its headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden. Teamtailor doesn’t publicly list notable board members or advisors.

Their mission revolves around providing a platform that simplifies the recruitment process while enhancing the candidate’s experience and strengthening the employer’s brand. Since its inception, Teamtailor has focused on innovation and user experience, consistently adding features and integrations to meet the evolving needs of recruiters and hiring teams.


After a comprehensive review of Teamtailor, it stands out as a potent recruitment tool, especially for organizations that value employer branding and candidate engagement. It offers a suite of features aimed at simplifying the recruitment process, fostering collaboration, and enhancing overall productivity.

However, its effectiveness may vary based on the company's size, industry, and specific recruitment needs. I encourage potential users to consider their recruitment priorities and how Teamtailor’s features align with them. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts about Teamtailor in the comments.

By David Rice

David Rice is a long time journalist and editor who specializes in covering human resources and leadership topics. His career has seen him focus on a variety of industries for both print and digital publications in the United States and UK.