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We’re passionate about people and culture. We believe it’s good for business and good for society.

Become a better organizational leader and more effective people manager when you join our journey to find the best of company culture, employee engagement, talent and human resource management.

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We’re on a mission to help you lead and manage your teams and organizations more effectively to create and develop healthy workforces and workplace culture.

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“People and Culture” might be in your job title, but even if it’s not: Our community exists to to help you become a better leader of people and catalyst for healthy company culture. If you are an owner, founder, “people and culture” person, or HR professional, this is your community: a place for you to share, learn, and grow. Learn how to join the community here
Our Community
Ben & Tim

Our Leadership Team

People Managing People was founded in 2019, by Ben Aston, founder of Black & White Zebra.

It is curated by Finn Bartram and our resident host and experts include Director of People & Culture, Tim Reitsma, and HR professional Michael Gibbons.

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We welcome editorial contributions for consideration. Pitches, synopses and speculative articles can be sent to the Editor finn@peoplemanagingpeople.com.

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In the buoyant HR tool marketplace People Managing People provides the most targeted and cost-effective media on the market equipping our advertisers to promote to senior decision makers involved in Human Resource Management tools and software.

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