10 Contractor Management Software For Scheduling & Paying Contractors [2022]

According to Forbes, the freelance workforce (including contractors) is expected to increase by up to 10 million in the coming years. For good reason: Being a contractor allows workers to be self-employed and all the freedom that comes with that and it’s often cheaper for companies to hire contractors, as they don’t have to pay for things like benefits or PTO.

Many companies rely heavily on contract workers or subcontractors to complete projects on time and on budget. But the use of this type of labor introduces many complexities which need to be managed effectively.

From safety issues to legal matters and beyond, there are a host of complications to consider. Thankfully, contractor management software can reduce the burden and help manage even the largest teams of contract workers. In this article, I’ll review the top contractor management software solutions on the market to help you choose the right platform for your specific needs.

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The Best Contractor Management Software Solutions

Here’s the list of the best contractor management apps that I’ll cover.

  1. monday.com logomonday.com

    Best for flexible tracking and time-saving automations

  2. Worksuite logoWorksuite

    Best for managing freelancers

  3. Papaya logoPapaya

    Best for one-stop contractor management

  4. Remote logoRemote

    Best for international compliance

  5. Deel logoDeel

    Best for fast onboarding

  6. Oyster logoOyster

    Best for fast, simple contractor payments

  7. Lano logoLano

    Best for smart contracts

  8. TalentDesk logoTalentDesk

    Best for faster work allocation

  9. ADP Workmarket logoADP Workmarket

    Best mobile app

  10. Velocity Global logoVelocity Global

    Best for cloud-based assessments

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best contractor management platforms? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I look for a design that’s easy to use even when working on-site with a mobile device.
  2. Usability: I expect non-technical users to be able to get to grips with the software easily.
  3. Integrations: I look for integrations with the most popular workforce platforms.
  4. Value for $: I’m seeking tools that are cost-effective even for small businesses that only hire one or two contractors.

Contractor Management System: Key Features

A good contractor management platform will typically offer:

  1. Easy onboarding: a simple process to gather basic information such as certifications, insurance, and tax information.
  2. On-site contractor tracking: using mobile devices with GPS tracking to track general contractors and match time worked to invoices.
  3. Compliance checks: matching contractors’ active compliance with work orders to ensure that qualifications and insurances are up to date.
  4. Contractor induction: ensuring that all workers are fully aware of site hazards, emergency contacts, job site policies, and contacts.
  5. Deployment management: dispatching the right contractor for each job, according to ranking, location, skills, and capacity.
  6. Mobile-first setup: on-site managers should be able to issue tasks, work orders, inductions, and compliance notices using tablets or phones.
  7. Accounting & Financials: built-in payment processing plus the gathering of data required for insurance, taxes, etc.
  8. End-user satisfaction: a design that makes it easy for all users to get the data they need quickly and easily. 

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Contractor Management Solutions

Here’s a brief description of each contractor management software to showcase each tool’s best use case and noteworthy features—plus screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface. 

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $8/user/month

monday.com - Best for flexible tracking and time-saving automations

monday.com’s flexible dashboards can be configured to track all elements of contractor management, from contract approval to final payments.

monday.com’s flexible Work OS system makes it easy for users to track any process through customized data dashboards, with built-in data visualization tools. With 200+ templates and 30 column types to choose from, it’s a straightforward and low-cost way to streamline your data and reduce manual processes by making use of their built-in automation for repeatable tasks, like flagging items for payment.

To support contractor management from start to finish, their “Forms” feature can collect basic information directly from contractors, which feeds results directly into monday’s dashboards in real-time. You can also use monday to track all other elements of working with contractors, such as their work status, insurance compliance, project timelines, project budgets, and payment status. Their automation tool is also a great time-saver. For example, it’s simple enough to embed automation that flags items for payment as soon as a key task is marked as complete.

Pricing for monday.com starts at $8/user/month. A 14-day free trial is also available. You can also access a free forever plan (with limited features) for a maximum of 2 users.

  • Pricing upon request

Worksuite - Best for managing freelancers

Worksuite makes it easy to manage your global freelance team.

Worksuite (formerly Shortlist) is a cloud-based platform that helps you source, onboard, manage, rate, and pay your freelance teams. Companies use the software for managing creative resources, editorial content, and live events. Features include performance tracking, document management, project assignments, contract management and metric tracking.

You can automate, customize and optimize the onboarding process, as well as track freelancers and prospective hires. Worksuite modules allow you to manage resources in real-time according to worker availability and skills. Additional features include invoice management, forecasting, reporting, and tax filing.

Worksuite offers customized pricing on request.

  • From $20/user/month

Papaya - Best for one-stop contractor management

Papaya gives you a single solution for managing all your contractors.

Papaya helps international organizations deal with the challenges of managing contractors and outsourced workers. These include misclassifying workers, managing large numbers of invoices, and staying compliant with local laws and regulations everywhere. The platform supports both comprehensive contractor management and limited use for approvals and cross-border payments.

With Papaya, you can collect invoices from all your specialty contractors and validate their accuracy. You can then make payments at the touch of a button. The software also integrates with HRIS, VMS, Quickbooks and many time and attendance platforms.

Papaya costs from $20/user/month. There is no free trial.

  • From $299/user/month

Remote - Best for international compliance

Remote.com allows you to manage employees and contractors through a single platform.

Remote is a platform for managing payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance. Features include self-serve onboarding and management tools for both employees and contractors. The software also facilitates one-click payments, enabling you to pay contractors in over 100 currencies.

Remote includes Contractor Management capabilities designed to reduce manual work and simplify the process of paying contractors in a compliant manner. The software offers customizable contracts localized in accordance with labor laws in each country. It also includes legal guides which explain local laws in simple language.

Pricing starts at $299/user/month. A free plan with limited features is also available.

  • From $49/user/month

Deel - Best for fast onboarding

With Deel, you can easily manage contractors, wherever they may be in the world.

Deel helps you hire and onboard contractors worldwide while complying with local rules and regulations. You can easily collect all the tax, permit, and compliance documents needed to get people to work. You can also generate W-9s, file 1099s, and file taxes.

The software is designed to get you from offer letter to onboarded employee within minutes. You can create a custom contract on the fly, send notifications for signing and get the new employee working immediately. Deel also creates airtight localized contracts and data processing agreements.

Deel costs from $49/user/month. A free trial is available.

  • From $399/user/month

Oyster - Best for fast, simple contractor payments

Oyster makes it easy to find the right contractor for a specific job.

Oyster HR is a human resources system that facilitates hiring, paying, and providing benefits to team members across borders. It manages payroll and compliance in over 180 countries through a single platform. The system includes contractor management tools for signing, onboarding, time tracking and payment.

This user-friendly platform offers fast, simple invoicing that helps managers save time spent on everyday workforce management. All invoices and payouts can be managed from a centralized dashboard. For international operations, contractors can receive payment in their local currency at no additional cost.

Oyster costs from $399/user/month. A free lite plan with limited features is also available.

  • From $16.91/user/month

Lano - Best for smart contracts

With Lano, you can create smart, compliant contracts.

Lano is a SaaS software suite that offers contractor management in over 150 countries. It aims to provide maximum flexibility combined with minimum risk. Payments can be made free of charge in over 50 currencies, with low exchange rates offered on all transfers.

This platform uses smart contracts to eliminate costly-compliance risks and simplify service management. For cross-border contracts, you can send payments in multiple currencies with a single click. You can also automate payments from your Lano wallet.

Pricing starts from $16.91/user/month. A free plan is also available.

  • From $50/user/month

TalentDesk - Best for faster work allocation

TalentDesk gives you quick insights into what is happening with contractor projects.

TalentDesk is a cloud-based solution that helps you manage contractors and freelancers effectively. Functionality includes a centralized dashboard where you can organize resources, send bulk invitations, and complete onboarding forms. Managers can create tasks within projects with dedicated teams.

With TalentDesk, you can allocate work to contractors faster. You can streamline the project lifecycle, from initial collaboration to tracking budgets and hitting deadlines.

TalentDesk costs from $50/user/month. There is no free trial.

  • Pricing upon request

ADP Workmarket - Best mobile app

Workmarket has a mobile app for contractors to accept assignments and get paid.

Workmarket helps you manage 1099 contractors, freelancers, and contingent workers. Designed for today’s mobile world, it organizes, verifies, and tracks all independent hires. The software keeps track of their rates, skill sets, and locations.

Thanks to Workmarket, you can have a single source of truth that eliminates errors and confusion. Contractors can be onboarded and organized into customizable groups, according to criteria you specify. The software integrates into your HCM system or any cloud-based enterprise app.

Workmarket offers customized pricing on request.

  • Pricing upon request

Velocity Global - Best for cloud-based assessments

Velocity Global empowers contractors to manage their contribution to projects.

Velocity Global helps businesses adhere to the different labor laws in each market. The Agent of Record solution handles invoices and ensures compliance for workers classed as independent contractors. By walking you through the nuances of classification, Velocity Global keeps you on the right side of the law.

Using a cloud-based technology platform, teams are properly classified with one quick, expert assessment that eliminates the risk of non-compliance. The system also protects against intellectual property theft and legal conflicts.

Velocity Global offers customized pricing on request.

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The 10 Best Contractor Management Solutions Summary

Other Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list. 

  1. Contractor Compliance – collects, tracks, and manages third-party contractor and vendor compliance requirements.
  2. Autodesk Construction Cloud – connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

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What Is Contractor Management Software?

Contractor management software helps organizations manage the work and performance of contract workers and subcontractors. Features typically include organizing and issuing work orders, managing compliance, and financial management.

With the help of contractor management tools, companies can ensure that tasks are completed to the required standards. They can also issue 1099s, track job completion and enforce adherence to safety regulations. These platforms are also used to collect, exchange and maintain contractor data, including insurance, W-9s, and licenses. 

Why Do I Need Contractor Management Software?

Contractor management software is important because it simplifies the complex task of managing multiple outsourced workers. It gives project managers critical insights and ensures efficient task management. 

Other benefits include enforcing compliance and improved record keeping. Contractor management software also ensures that health and safety standards are adhered to and eliminates many errors caused by manual processes.

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