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The 10 Best HR Software Companies 2023

New HR software companies are continuously springing up worldwide and competition has never been higher. However, in a congested market, some companies manage to stand out above the crowd.

Here’s our pick of the ten best HR software companies on the market today to help you with your HR tasks.


The mission of BambooHR software is to improve the lives of its users through its workforce management solutions. The company’s founders, Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders didn’t set out just to make money. Instead, they wanted to make a product that would improve their customers’ work lives and, by extension, their personal lives. 

BambooHR isn’t best suited for large companies, but this means they’re experts in their niche of small and mid-sized businesses. In particular, BambooHR is a great option for small companies concerned about performance management tracking. BambooHR software can track key metrics, measure performance, and even create custom reports for your small business.

What software does BambooHR offer?

BambooHR offers two human resource information system (HRIS) packages, Essentials, and Advantage. Both packages include core HR solutions like employee data processing, employee self-service tools, and customer support features. However, the Advantage package also includes hiring and onboarding tools like an applicant tracking system (ATS), data sharing capabilities, and other advanced components, including increased customization. Besides the two main packages, BambooHR offers add-ons like payroll processing, time tracking, and performance management software.


ZenPayroll launched in 2012 and later changed its name to Gusto. Today, they serve more than two hundred thousand businesses in the United States. Gusto HR software processes tens of billions of dollars of payroll every year, not to mention the other Gusto support features.

Gusto’s mission is driven by its values, which include having a customer service mindset, embracing the business owner mentality, and building with humility. 

What software does Gusto offer?

Gusto offers four different plans for different kinds of businesses. Their cheapest plan is oriented toward small businesses, but they offer more services to larger companies at a higher cost. 

One of the reasons Gusto stands out among HR software companies is their Select plan, which scales with growing companies over time. This advanced plan requires a minimum of twenty-five employees, but it includes every feature from their other plans, a full-service Gusto payroll solution, direct access to a dedicated customer success manager, waived fees, and health insurance broker integration. 


Zenefits, founded in 2013, understands the disproportionately large struggles that small and mid-sized companies face, and their mission is to level the playing field. In 2014 Zenefits was one of the fastest-growing software tech companies in history. In that year alone, they grew from 15 to more than 470 employees. They also received $15 million from venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Maverick, and Venrock.

Today, Zenefits software is used by more than 10,000 companies and 400,000 employees. As one of the fastest-growing and most promising HR technology companies, Zenefits delivers the complete HR management package.

What software does Zenefits offer?

Like most human resource software companies, Zenefits offers different levels of support. Their base package includes the essentials, like Zenefits payroll, onboarding, and employee scheduling software, but it also includes their benefits administration package. This is one of Zenefits' most distinct and popular features due to its accessible mobile app, automated system, and streamlined digital platform.


Unlike BambooHR, Zenefits, and Gusto, which target both small and mid-sized businesses, Namely specifically targets just mid-sized businesses. 

Founded in 2012, Namely has seen no shortage of awards. In 2021 they received three Comparably awards, for Diversity, Leadership, and Career Growth. The HR experts at Namely also launched an anonymous employee reporting solution to create a safer workplace.

What software does Namely offer?

Namely offers just two different HRIS plans, but they also provide several enhanced services that can be added to your company’s plan. Their HR Fundamentals package offers many of the core HR solutions that other software companies incorporate in their base plans. These include employee self-service, onboarding, direct deposit, employee engagement, labor cost, and HR analytics. However, Namely also includes unique features like a company news feed and their anonymous reporting tool.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP is one of the largest companies on this list. SAP was founded in 1972 by five German entrepreneurs who saw the business potential of the software. 

SAP ERP solutions are well known, but SAP SuccessFactors solutions are just as significant in the modern work world. The SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite was renamed the HXM (human experience management) Suite to reflect its focus on serving employees first.

What software does SAP SuccessFactors offer?

SAP SuccessFactors customers don’t have the choice of different plans, unlike with many other types of HCM and HRIS software. Instead, the SAP HCM includes a variety of services for purchase, ranging from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to Employee Experience Management.

Unlike some of the smaller HR tech start-ups on this list, SAP HR serves large companies with tens of thousands of employees, like American Airlines and EY. 


Founded in 1990, Paycor is one of the oldest human capital management (HCM) companies and one of the most well-known HR leaders on this list. Today, Paycor serves more than forty thousand small to mid-sized companies. One of Paycor’s largest priorities is improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within their customers’ businesses. They do this through transparency in Paycor analytics and Paycor payroll.

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What software does Paycor offer?

Paycor HR software focuses on small and mid-sized businesses, and their HR services vary based on which kind of business you have. They offer four different packages for small businesses, ranging from their basic plan to the full Paycor HCM suite. 

The basic plan includes payroll tax services, their mobile app, online reporting, OnDemand pay, and HR and compliance services. The next three small business plans are pricier but include more features, like onboarding, a professional support center, and powerful analytics for business owners. 


Deputy’s mission is to streamline and simplify employee scheduling software. Today, they serve over 250,000 businesses worldwide.

Deputy specializes in shift scheduling software, and they offer some of the most affordable workforce management tools in this blog. They even have a completely free Starter plan with up to one hundred timesheets a month, and their Premium plan is as cheap as four dollars per user (billed annually). 

What software does Deputy offer?

Deputy offers two plans for small businesses, Starter and Premium. The Starter plan doesn’t include much compared to the other beginner plans in this blog, but it is free! The Premium plan offers many more features, like auto-scheduling and payroll integration. 

In addition to their small business plan, Deputy offers their Enterprise plan for businesses with more than 250 employees. This plan includes everything in the Premium plan along with advanced demand planning, reporting, and workforce analytics, and a variety of customizable features.

Oracle HR

Like SAP, Oracle is a large company that has a variety of human resources software and targets large global companies. They have well over one hundred thousand employees. The Oracle HCM Cloud includes some of the most advanced features of any HR platform to date.

The Oracle HCM Cloud serves companies like Adventist Health, illycaffè, and Baylor University. As a global HR software provider, their HCM is accessible in more than 190 countries and 26 languages. 

What software does Oracle HR offer?

Oracle HCM HR technology offers everything a global company needs to manage its employees. The Oracle HCM Cloud includes core HR software services, employee benefits integration, a networking directory, workforce predictions, security controls, and a unique experience design studio.

The Oracle Cloud HCM is the most competitive and enticing part of the Oracle HRMS. This cloud platform unifies Oracle Human Resources, Talent Management, Workforce Management, and Oracle HCM Payroll. Oracle claims businesses using their cloud have seen an overall 11 percent increase in workforce efficiency, a 29 percent decrease in legacy system costs, and a 62 percent increase in reporting productivity. 


ADP is another of the largest names on this list, serving over nine hundred thousand companies. ADP stands out as one of the most versatile HR software companies, providing options for small, medium, and large companies. They even offer ADP TotalSource, a PEO HR solution with all of the advantages of in-house HR manager services. 

ADP is more than seventy years old, and as of 2021, Fortune had named them one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” for fifteen years straight. Their mission is to provide solutions to human resource challenges and change the professional world, whether by adapting their software to specific industries’ issues or improving their popular ADP Workforce Now software.

What software does ADP offer?

ADP offers one of the largest varieties of core HR management services on this list. They have packages geared toward both small and medium companies. The most popular ADP payroll software for small companies is their Enhanced package, offering ADP payroll, ADP tax services, and HRM tools. ADP clients also get access to their own ADP agent, which essentially provides human resources concierge service.

ADP Workforce Now packages are available for any mid-sized company. The Hiring Advantage package is ADP’s most popular HR and ADP payroll service for mid-sized companies, and it includes onboarding, talent management, performance management, and other enhanced HR professional tools. ADP also offers optional add-ons for every ADP Workforce Now package.


Ultimate Kronos Group, or UKG, is all about serving people, and this couldn’t be better displayed than by their actions. In 2021 they started their Close the Gap Commitment, which dedicated $3 million to close the gender wage gap in the United States. 

If this commitment isn’t impressive enough, UKG was ranked sixteenth on Fortune magazine’s 2021 list of Best Workplaces for Women and named as one of’s Top Companies for Women Technologists. 

What software does UKG offer?

UKG’s HR service delivery is just as impressive as its philanthropy. Some of their clients include Tesla, Marriott, Yamaha, Samsung, and Peet’s. They offer HR software solutions for any size of the company, but their popular UKG Pro software is a full-service HCM package for global mid-sized and large companies. UKG Ready is a similar package, but it is designed for smaller companies focused on simplifying the efficiency of HR, talent, and payroll.

UKG specializes in performance management software, included in both their UKG Ready and UKG Dimensions packages. Oriented toward larger companies, UKG Workforce Dimensions includes timekeeping, employee scheduling software, PTO, and advanced analytics—all on a modern cloud-based platform.


No matter what size of business or sector, efficient HR software is essential in the modern workplace.

When you’re selecting an HR software solution, inquire whether the vendor has experience with your industry or can provide references from previous clients in your field or niche. Most importantly, make sure they offer support after you purchase their software. 

To help further, we've compiled some handy lists breaking down the best HR software by niche:

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